Addicts Want to Know: The Ultimate Easter Poll

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well you asked for it and here it is!  The ULTIMATE Easter Poll!  Because we’re all Addicts here, we know not just a simple yes or no would do for this Event, so we’ve created a very detailed break down of the ins and outs of Easter.

So here’s your chance to answer honestly about how YOU feel about Easter (don’t worry results are anonymous, even to us).  So take a moment to answer the questions, and we’ll share the results with everyone soon!

addicts want to know

Anything you want to add to the poll?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


Monday 3

248 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: The Ultimate Easter Poll

  1. I used 50 donuts on eggs (blue/golden) and 30 on baskets early on. Got everything but Shary and Hugs. It sucks balls not to be able to complete it after spending real money, but I mostly enjoyed the event, apart from that.

    Really good site, btw.

  2. I enjoyed this update, but being a player since October 2012 I noticed that at least for me this update was the hardest to get the unique items for free players. For this event I had significantly more neighbors than in previous events. It was mostly a bunch of ponds and fences for me, but still not enough to get the bonus donuts. I do want to thank TSTO addicts for the tips and to all the neighbors that added me through here 🙂

  3. So happy, haven’t updated my game and just opened what will probably be my last blue box before I’m forced to update and what do I win… Johnny Fiestas Woohoo!!! Still didn’t get egg guy, fr sean or scary but got the rest 🙂

  4. where are the results of the poll/when will you post them? thanks!

    • Results will be up either later this week or early next week. Every time I think about cutting it off another 10 results come in lol I guess you guys are eager to share your experience! Just waiting for the number of results to slow down a bit and then i’ll go through the numbers 🙂

  5. For free players its too hard, and the price you pay for it when using donuts is ridiculous. I like first commenter did EVERYTHING i could to get the eggs.
    And i spent donuts on them also. So im a paying player who didnt get much sleep tapping. And how do they reward me? NOT. they make it impossible even for small spending players. Do i have to spend 40+ euros to get a small chance on all items????? And then for each event???

    I also play dungeon keeper, and calculated that if you want premium account with all the daily boosts, then you need to spend 794 Euros a year.

    But somehow i keep playing TSTO and DK…

    I feel like a dumb@$$…
    one of many…

    • Had to edit this slightly…just in case something DID happen you wouldn’t be blamed 😉

      • Wheres my freedom of speech? Non-existent…
        I understand you, but i hate the censorship on the web.
        If i cant talk the way i did, and people accept the censoring, the next step of censoring would be more easy to implement.

        I feel like a “dumb@$$” You even censored this?
        I cant call myself a donkey? Or is the word donkey also offensive enough to be censored?

        You know what i mean 🙂
        Someone must be abled to say that he wishes bad things hapen to the bosses of EA. And without censoring.

        As long i dont ask people to do things i must be free of speech.
        According to my believes anyway…

        Spit Fire! 😛

        • It was more just in case something DID happen to the EA offices, I really didn’t want them blaming you or me! 😉
          Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to words of hate or threats.
          As far as the other language goes…well that’s just our own thing. We’ve got some young eyes reading this site and we like to keep it as family friendly as possible. 🙂

      • I understand.
        Dont wanna start a off topic discussion but..

        Freedom of speech without being abled to use words of “hate or threats” isnt freedom of speech. Its the illusion of freedom of speech.
        And the system controlling this, programs our mind through propaganda wich is forced through media and politics.

        I understand you so ill will su now. But freedom within a democration is a illusion maintained by egocentric kapitalists.

        • I understand what you’re saying, but limitations have to be made. Just because you have the freedom of speech does that give you the right to verbally abuse someone? Does it mean you can make threats on someone? Does it mean you can make hateful remarks towards someone? (not saying you did those things, just saying that’s the protection)
          I’m not here to say what’s right and what’s wrong I’m only here to provide advice about a game. We welcome everyone’s opinions here. However, when your comments become hateful against another person (or company) and wishes of bad things happening start to be implied…that’s where I have to draw the line. Comments should be respectful to a degree. You can say you hate EA, but don’t wish ill of the people that work there. It’s just not cool.

    • cloverdalegal

      I havre also spent over 200. In Canadian, converted to US was a bummer also, since I have started playing. My experience is NOT TOO impressed with EA lack of hel with my game when I had problems. But no glitch in accepting my money…lol. The Easter update was terrible, never got the egg and also key items. Play daily, did all the missions, have 100 friends which I tap daily and for what I git back in return…. really sucked.

  6. Long time reader, first time poster. My only real issue with the Easter event and the whole egg sharing thing was that I put out multiple baskets, thinking that it would insinuate that I was really looking hard to get me some pink eggs. And it did… kinda.. I had 1-3 eggs in each basket so I never got to collect. EA should have allowed anybody who gathered 5 eggs of the same color in however many baskets to collect on them. Not everybody reads blogs like this and it wasnt very clear when it was presented with the Easter update.
    Alas, I have not updated my app out of Easter yet so for only the 2nd time since I started playing in January 2014 I bought donuts to buy eggs trying to cash in on some last minute prizes. It failed. I got fences and a Kang topiary. Not complaining but all I wanted Blocko Store and Fr. Sean. Got everything else I wanted.
    Last thought, did anybody else notice eggs opposite of the color you were assigned came more easily when you tapped them opposed to zapping them? Being a math dork I certainly did.
    Thanks to everybody at TSTO Addicts for guiding me through this event. You have become a staple in my daily work downtime web content.

    • Yea the egg exchanges frustrated a lot of players (myself included). I agree, it should have been more like 100 at a time. If someone was willing to give you 100 eggs you should be able to collect on those as soon as they dropped. Oh well. Maybe next event.
      Sorry you missed out on Blocko and Fr. Sean! Hopefully they’ll make another appearance in TSTO down the road!
      And thank YOU for the kind words! 🙂

    • Hi S,
      this may not be the exact issue with you or your town re:baskets. BUT soooo many towns had all of these baskets clumped in a huge group. Both groups of like baskets and those of different. I can tell you 1) I did not leave eggs in baskets that were too close to the ones i did not need. (i.e. a pink basket sitting right nest to/on top of a blue one. I would not take the chance on leaving the wrong color. 2) trying to tap the nearly full basket in a group of 7 or 8- good luck to get the one you were aiming for ;-/ I tried a bunch of times- especially at the end to fill in the last egg for ppl. But they had 8 baskets 2 with 3 eggs, and 6 with none- I just tapped in the middle and crossed my fingers.
      I have heard reports of “shady” neighbors too- hiding baskets behind tappable buildings to claim eggs not intended from neighbors. Totally poor form imo.
      All in all the baskets- I think more than anything made this event really frustrating. From the lack of free ones to the glitch and mis-calculations, and the rumored code(still 2 sides to that one- I do not look at the code and Bunny said it was not true, I believe her over all others until proven otherwise) of none till you find the Fab egg, to people not knowing how to use them properly (or being devious on purpose), or them not collecting enough for one spin- the baskets were a great idea on paper- totally terrible in execution.

      Just glad it is all over and we can go back to normal tapping. I am so glad you got good stuff that you wanted!.


  7. While I know that there was a glitch with the baskets, does anyone know what the chances were to receive a basket from a tapped bunny? It felt to me that this was a part that EA got wrong and there should have been more available to enable swapping. I know it was the only way I was able to get enough eggs of my non-dominant colour. Very unscientific but I would say I saw baskets available to give eggs in less than 25% of my friend’s towns. I could have just timed it very badly and just missed being able to donate due to other friends donating but it did get a little frustrating. Also, there were times when I would not get a basket for days on end and then suddenly I would get 4 in 2 days. It just seemed a little odd to me.

  8. Hi all, long(ish) time reader, first time commenter here.
    I regrettably had to update this morning; since so many of my neighbors had updated, blue baskets were becoming increasingly rare. I held off as long as I could hoping maaaybe I could get enough pink eggs for one more spin and maaaaybe that’d be the one to get me Chirpy Boy & Bart, Jr. Sadly, it was not meant to be, and I will finish the event without them, Father Sean, and Shary Bobbins. I also didn’t get the Faberge Egg, which even though it’s just a decoration, still annoys me.

    I’m still new-ish to the game (just started in early December), but I enjoyed the event overall even though it drove me a bit mad. At first it was just fun tapping cute bunnies and collecting eggs, but then it devolved into excusing myself from work meetings to re-start Moe’s bunny hunting task and setting alarms to wake up at night to harvest and re-plant carrots exactly four hours after planting (I’m joking, of course…yeah, joking, heh heh. Heh.) I know the chance element is what makes it “fun,” but I felt I was very diligent in doing everything I could to collect eggs every day of the event. I even broke down and bought a couple of truckloads at the end, but I still didn’t get everything, and I’m a little disappointed that my hard work wasn’t rewarded.

    It’s not enough to keep me from playing; I still love The Simpsons and I love this game. However, I hope they bring back some of the prizes in the future for those of us who didn’t have luck on our side, so I will one day have the pleasure of seeing little Bolivian Tree Lizards roaming around my Springfield.

    I guess I’m making up for lost time with my ridiculously long comment, but to everyone at TSTO Addicts, thanks for making such a great site, you guys are part of the reason I find this game so much fun. 🙂

    • Well thanks for enjoying our silly lil blog. Glad to have you here. 😉

      Each event differs and varies in “flavor” so to speak. EA is continually trying new and different things. I liked the overall concept of this event. The lil touches with the spring sounds, birds, butterflies, and bees a buzzing. I like the humor in the dialog. Interesting items. Liked that no two games were a like.

      I honestly feel if the baskets had not glitched, the results for Freemiums would have been more beneficial then they were.

      Cool event, needed help on execution. All we can do now is provide our feedback to EA and hope that initiates and helps with change for the next one. They learn and grow from our feedback. Feel free to send yours on to them to. It helps to have as many voices heard as possible.

      I still will keep playing. I still am having fun. I came to terms long ago when I started during Whacking Day that as a Freemium, I won’t ever expect to get it all. Close enough will have to do. Lol. 😉

  9. I spent a lot of donuts (though admittedly not as many as some of you folks) and still didn’t get the one thing I wanted (the blocko store). I would gladly give back all the other things I won including the characters. Mostly because I love building blocks but also because it would have helped my consumerism get back to 5 stars. Boo on duplicate buildings.

  10. Unfortunately I was also a sucker for spending donuts just to get hugs. I finally managed to get him after spending 300 donuts (60 from mystery box homer Buddha and 15 from sucking out, so net 225 of what donuts I had saved)… but in the process I also did get blocko so I’m considering it a (slightly expensive) character combo deal. No buyers remorse (yet) for hugs. I love him! Still haven’t updated in hopes to get more stuff.. but otherwise if I don’t than shary can go to …..


    • P.S. 225 donuts is really steep for an event.. it took me 60 to win my snow monster during Christmas. I really hope they change these chance events to be more fair across the board where people who put work into it will have the same chance as people who buy out or rush the event. I agree with everything Miranda (comment below) said.

  11. I received 5 baskets (from rabbits) in the past 24 hours, equalling the number I’d received during the entirety of the event (ending yesterday). Hopefully we all spent enough (roughly $15 here) to keep having these sorry lessons on game theory thrust on us. Until then, to all my unupdated neighbours, I’m dropping off eggs until I can’t no more, I’d appreciate the return! Burritos and religion, every Springfield needs both!

    • luckydiplomaticgold

      So good to see one of my neighbours that I truly want to thank. I’ve been sending you eggs (from both games), trying to get Bloco (I’ve given up on father sean and Bobbins). I refuse to update until they make me. I too have gotten more baskets in these two days since the event ended, than I got during the whole thing. And like a lot of others I feel cheated because I worked so hard and broke my rule and bought 3 truckloads of gold eggs and more and now I all I have are ponds and fences.

      • Awesome, happy to help! Sorry it hasn’t panned out, it *was* a brutal amount of work! (and I bought 200 donuts worth, a barn full earlier on and last week two trucks of golden – the last batch of those netting me nothing I wanted, of course). If you share your in-game name(s), I’ll be sure to help you out even more on the next events!

        Long story but I’m pretty positive they don’t want the majority of players having all the items, for a variety of reasons – unless they’re willing to pay for it major. But the law of diminishing returns, returns. For example, I still need Sean. Would another 9 box plays (bringing me close to 50 total golden boxes) really help? Meh. I’d be interested to see the breakdown on how many received Shary vs Sean, what with the latter being more “attainable” at this dying stage of the game, perhaps leading players to consider it more worthwhile to spend toward getting him. For me Shary ended up costing about 100 donuts, I’d rather have spent it on Kearney or Duff Stadium. I feel fortunate though, considering how many others have popped up with stories similar to yours.

  12. I received 5 baskets (from rabbits) in the past 24 hours, equalling the number I’d received during the entirety of the event (ending yesterday). Hopefully we all spent enough (roughly $15 here) to keep having these sorry lessons on game theory thrust on us. Until then, to all my unupdated neighbours

  13. Well, it’s still easter in my Springfield. I just got just enough blue eggs to exchange with some neighbours for 150 pink eggs, which was enough to open a pink box. Netted me 300 gold eggs, which let me open a last gold box…. And I got the banana dictatorship. Yay, I suppose? At least it wasn’t more of those dang fences (I believe I have about 37 fences, so way too many but nowhere near enough to get the doughnuts). All I really wanted was the characters (especially ones that had actual quests) but only got bunny #whatever, and the egg council guy. And a stupid amount of decor. So. Many. Ponds.

    I wish more of the prizes had defaulted to eggs of the opposite color once won (how many easter ponds and egg piles do we really need??) because it was a really awful grind to finally get 500 gold eggs, just to get gates and fences out of it.

    • Gates and fences and trees are literally *ALL* I ever got out of the golden boxes. After all that work, only to amass a collection of decorations, I’m really disappointed.

      • cloverdalegal

        Same here, gates fences, beach towells, small little eggs… way too many. No real good items, not even the main egg. Yes it is frustrating. Now the update is not giving me the FP… anyone getting FP?

  14. Like many others, I have experienced plenty of ups and downs with this event. Despite being a freemium player, I have been relatively “lucky” and have gotten some pretty neat stuff (as well as waaay too many fences & umbrellas.. urghh).
    Anyways, with the end of this Easter event, I would just like to say THANK YOU to my fellow neighborinos and everyone running this awesome site for a truly unforgettable experience 😀

  15. Worst event ever – I’m sick of the gambling aspect of tsto now. I’m looking into complaining to the uk gambling commission as the game has no disclaimer on gambling. And I know we are guaranteed the prizes but I think I opened 80 boxes total! Not 80 of each and I definately won’t spend my hard earned money on chance – I always lose when I gamble!

    Still need Egg Council Guy, Shary Bobbins, Father Sean and Kang Topiary.
    Got everything else that’s free and I sucked out.

    But still the only item I have missed out on since I decided to get all freemium items was the Snow Monster because I updated before consulting TSTO Addicts lol so I blame myself for that. But to still have 4 items to get at the end sucks I much preferred the Halloween 2013 way

  16. I was going to update earlier than I did, but between the (albeit dwindling) neighbor baskets and bunnies, as well as a windfall of a well-timed pink basket collection in my town, I was tantalizingly close to another blue box so I held off until about 30min ago. I had 200 golden eggs too, so I had a chance at either Johnny Fiesta’s or Hugs Bunny. I got enough for the box and survey says!…250 more pink eggs. More pink eggs. Just like the ones I got from the other gold box the other day. Yay.

    I hope those who benefited from the remaining eggs I donated as a result have better luck than I did just now.

    • If you only get half amount of eggs from the basket, just go to krustyland or so and then back to springfield, the missing 200 eggs will magically appear to your egg counter. I’ve had this happen many many times… Hope this isn’t to late so you can get your last try.

  17. After the tears sweat and $ spent i finally got shary who i wanted since day 1. I really wanted fr.sean and the lizards.. oh well

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