My Eggs-perience: The Completest Vs. The Stubborn One

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the Easter Event is scheduled to end tomorrow.  As of right now we see no signs of it being extended.  That being said, there’s still a chance EA can extend it.  We never quite know what they have up their sleeves.   So if you’re trying to hold out for the last possible second, do so.  It’s still possible they can announce something tomorrow, you never know with EA.

So now I thought with just under 1 day left to go in the Easter Event I’d share with you my final tally for what I won during the Easter Event.  Now, I know not everyone will have a similar experience as mine.  Some might have fared better, others might have done worse.  The beauty of this event is…no two games are alike.  Everyone has done different Tapping methods to earn their boxes, and the results are usually different.

Now if you have some thoughts on the event as a whole, we encourage you to participate in our Ultimate Easter Poll to give us, and the community here at Addicts, feedback on what you’ve won, how you won it & the Easter Event as a whole.

Now let’s break down how the completest in me struggled against my stubborn Italian side MORE times than not during Easter 2014…


I’ve made no secret of my feelings about this event from the start.  I was initially a fan of Easter 2014.  I liked how they tweaked a lot of elements from past events for this one, in an attempt to make it better.   I like a lot of elements they added to this event, especially the Sucking Out (15 donuts) quest.  But, after constant glitches to tappers baskets and my own game constantly crashing on me (only on my phone, worked fine on my tablet.  Which tells me it’s an issue with TSTO and Android’s Jellybean platform on my GS4), I too have grown frustrated with this event.

My frustration lies more in the glitches than anything else.  I felt like this event had potential to be really great, but with the baskets freezing on players, not appearing for some and outright not giving you the appropriate amount of eggs that potential quickly turned into aggravation. Just this morning, I emptied a basket of pink 0 eggs from it.  Went to the neighbors screen and came back and it only added 200 eggs.  Somewhere along the way 200 of my eggs went missing.  Who knows how many times that’s happened to me over the last 4 weeks.

Of course my aggravation has been fueled slightly more by seeing the complaints in the comments.  With every comment set for moderation we see everything.   We see the great things you guys have to say, but we also see every complaint, every sour word, every lost basket, every miscounted egg and yes…every fence.  Now don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.  I absolutely love that you guys make your feelings known about this game here, the good the bad and the fugly.  So by all means keep commenting, keep venting…we want to know your thoughts, good, bad and fugly.  The great thing about this site is the community of Tappers here who all support each other, in good times and bad.  We loving being that place for you guys to vent. We know many of you still love TSTO, just need to have a moment to vent after getting your 10th Egg Pile.  My point in this is my aggravation over the event got fueled more by your aggravation over the event.  I genuinely felt annoyed for you guys.  Annoyed when you experienced a basket glitch, annoyed that the egg wouldn’t appear, annoyed that you weren’t winning any of the unique prizes (I’m looking at you Cguy!).


But this post isn’t about just the frustration of the event, no it’s about my Eggs-perience with Easter.  Throughout the event I never hid how I’d be playing or what I’ve won.  Each week I shared with you guys my prize list (week 1, week 2, week 3) and told you exactly what I spent donuts on that week when it came to the event.  Throughout the 4 weeks of this event I did not spend 1 donut on eggs.  I purchased the second Egg Generator (the one that gives you uncommon eggs) but that’s it.  This is where the Completest vs. the Stubborn Italian in me started their battle.

hugs and homer fight 2

I make no secret of the fact that I am a TSTO Completest.  Ever since I started using donuts more religiously, last June, I’ve wanted everything I could get my hands on.  But I’m also a “S-M-R-T” Completest.  I won’t spend Donuts on the Whale, I won’t be spending donuts on Mojo (I just don’t need another NPC in my town) & there are a few other items I won’t purchase (I always mention what I plan on doing in the Premium Should I Buy Posts).  I try to weigh each purchase out before I make it.  In other words I think before I spend.

I also make no secret of the fact that I am stubborn.  Just about as stubborn as they come.  If you don’t believe this ask Bunny or Wookiee, they’ll tell you just how stubborn I can be when it comes to certain things.  So when I said it’s possible to win all of the prizes by playing freemium I was hell bent on making sure it was true.

So here’s where the struggle between the Completest in me and the stubborn Italian in me begins….

At first I had no issues.  I went into the event bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and excited to see what I could win.  As a member of Team Pink I worked hard to unlock all of my pink prizes first, and in less than 1 week of playing I had all of my pink prizes (19 tries, got the lizards on the 13th shot and Blocko on the 19th).  Thus making both the stubborn side happy (I won them all playing freemium) and the Completest side happy (i got all the pink prizes).

bunny 2

At this point I set my sights on the Blue and Gold boxes.  I started to convert all of my Pink Eggs to Blue Eggs.  A logical decision, it would help my neighbors & gave me the best shot at getting the most Gold Eggs (since my Blue Box had the 300 Gold Egg option).  Having won Gold Eggs in both my Blue and Pink boxes I was able to open 2 Gold boxes during the first week of playing.  Those two boxes contained a Kodos Topiary & Hugs Bunny!  I was pretty stoked to get Hugs on the second Gold Box, since his guarantee unlock number was the highest of the gold prizes (81).


While, I still hadn’t unlocked anything decent in my Blue box, I knew I had to hit that magic number of 12 boxes to start to earn good prizes.  So at this point both the Completest and stubborn side were happy.  I was unlocking unique prizes quickly, and felt it could only continue.

During the second week my tapping was limited, as we embarked on the Addicts trip (which for me started a few days earlier than everyone else).  But I was still pleased as I manged to win Egg Council Guy (14th Blue Box) and Banana Dictatorship (5th Gold Box) prior to leaving.  And for 5 of the 7 days I collected limited eggs, opened 0 boxes and pretty much only checked my town to clear handshakes for neighbors, as we had a blast on our little trip.  Both sides were still happy, as Bunny and I sipped our frozen drinks by the pool the last thing on my mind was what prize I’d unlock next.  The perfect distraction from a hectic event!


Of course by the time we got back & week three rolled around I realized those 5 days of in-active bunny zapping would come back to haunt me.  As I was pretty behind on my egg collecting.  Over the course of week three I failed to unlock Johnny Fiestas, the only Blue Prize remaining, but still managed to unlock another Gold Prize, Bunny 24601 (9th Gold Box).  This is where the stubborn and the Completest started to disconnect.

The Completest in me was going nuts because I couldn’t win Johnny Fiestas or Fr. Sean (at this point, having seen both Fr. Sean and Shary in by B game…I resolved that I was ok not winning Shary…but really wanted Fr. Sean).  And I was trying to reason with myself…“just spend 25 donuts on eggs, it’ll be ok.  You spent more than that for CCL and Dewey.”  But the stubborn side refused to give in.  So at the end of week 3 the stubborn Italian was still winning.  I was content with the 6 prizes I had won, but was still searching for at least 2 of the other three.  I just kept telling myself “there’s still a week left.  There’s still a week left”.  

Then we entered week four.  By far the most frustrating week of this event for me, and many of you too it seems!  Every Blue Box I opened…no Johnny F’s.  Every Gold box I opened…no Fr. Sean or Shary.  The frustration was starting to mount, and the Completest in me was going crazy. I tried to reason with the game, “I don’t want frickin’ Shary, just GIVE ME FR.SEAN and Johnny’s…stupid Boxes!”  I even tried to have my husband take a turn at the boxes for me, he had luck with past events.  His luck must have run out tho with this, because all he won was more Gold Eggs and Fences.

YOU WON easter fence

Then the Gold Eggs were released.  That little completest voice in my head kept saying “just buy a truckload, it’s only 50 donuts.  You’ll save yourself so much aggravation.”  Still the stubborn side kept winning.  Until this morning….

It started out simple.  I earned about 25 donuts from this event, 15 from the Sucking Out Quest and another 10+ from tapping neighbors during Easter.  “Free donuts”, I told myself, “it’ll be ok.  You’re still playing freemium, you won them for free!”.  So after my 25th Gold try I broke down and purchased 1700 Gold Eggs, enough for 3 spins.  The Completest and the Stubborn sides agreed, 25 free donuts from the game it would be ok.  So, away to the Gold Box I went….

First attempt with the donuts….Kang Topiary.  Ah yes, another multiplier to add to my town.  Not the worst prize, but I was after something better.  My town is already 300% + in bonus multipliers, thanks to all the other premium items.  But I stored Kang anyway, just happy it wasn’t another pastel fence.  Second attempt….250 Blue eggs.  Well at least I can add that to the Johnny F attempts.  Still a positive win, but honestly I was a little ticked because I could buy 3 attempts in blue for the same amount of eggs spent.  So, now I was down to my final premium spin.  The 3rd attempt…the prizes go past Fr. Sean, then a fence..“Don’t give me another pastel fence you stupid Gold box” I told myself…as it slowed down it briefly stopped on Fr. Sean, for a split second I was elated.  That feeling disappeared quickly when it moved again.  As it stopped it landed on….Shary Bobbins?!  In my 28th overall try in my Gold Box I landed on the elusive Shary Bobbins.  You’d think I’d be happy, and I was.  But I still REALLY wanted Fr. Sean…

Of course winning Shary Bobbins only caused my Completest mentality to want more.  And after my 63rd attempt in the Blue Box with yet another Egg Pile to show for it the Stubborn side was getting weak.  “Spend another 50 donuts in each box.  Come on, you know you would spend 50 donuts for Fr. Sean or Johnny F’s at this point”  I tried to reason, “What’s 100 more donuts?  You’ve spent more on other crazy premium purchases before.  How’s that Museum of Natural History working out for you?”  So now, my Completest side was taunting me, and the reasoning was hard to resist.  That donut bank account of mine was becoming harder and harder not to dip into, thanks to the large amount from the Chirstmas Gil Deal & gift cards.  So, I gave in.  The Completest won.  I invested 50 donuts in a Truckload of Blue Eggs and a Truckload of Gold Eggs….so 100 total & 125 overall for the event.  (although 25 were earned for free in the game)

ico_stor_easter_4550blue ico_stor_easter_4550gold

I started with the Blue Box.  I just knew at 63 boxes, with these 9 glorious blue attempts Johnny’s would be mine!  First try…box number 64…3oo Gold Eggs.  “Ok, not the end of the world.  That’s good for part of another Gold attempt.  Still have 8 spins to go.  No big deal.”  Next spin…box number 65…it stopped on…Johnny Fiesta’s!  At first I felt elation, “Margarita’s for all!”  But then I felt annoyed, “Ugh 7 spins left in Blue.  Why did I spend 50 donuts, why not go with just 25?”

At this point I stopped in the Blue Box.  I had just won what I wanted, had 7 spins left but also purchased 9 Gold Spins too (which actually turned into 11 because I already had 950 eggs in there from previous attempts).  So I decided that if I won Fr. Sean in the Gold Boxes I would give all of my blue eggs to neighbors, no sense in wasting them on more fences, egg piles and ponds.  11 total spins, attempts 29-39.  What did I win?  Not Fr. Sean that’s for sure.  Nope instead I ended up with 2 more Gates, 2 Topiaries (although 1 Kodos and 1 Kang), a pink basket, 500 more pink eggs, 250 more blue eggs and 2 more fences (6 total).  But no Fr. Sean.  I’m beginning to think I need to spend a little more time in the confessional booth if I want to unlock him anytime soon.


So, at this point the stubborn side has taken control again.  No more donuts on eggs…although the completest in me is reminding me that in 11 more attempts I’m guaranteed to unlock him.  And with my 900 eggs I earned from the rest of the blue spins, plus anything additional I earn today it could be less than 11 spins for free.  And after all…what’s another 25-50 donuts for my little yellow friends?


We’ll see what I decide to do tomorrow morning, for now…NO MORE DONUTS.

What are YOUR thoughts on my donut purchases?  What do you think I should do?  Do you think I can earn Fr. Sean the freemium way still?  Or do you think I should wait to see how many I can open for free, and then spend 15-50 donuts (if necessary) in the final hour?   Do you have a similar story?  How are you doing 4 weeks in?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

P.S. As we’ve seen in your comments, and we’re seeing more and more in the poll question up now.  It IS possible to win everything with out spending donuts.  Quite a few people have done just that.  We’ll share the results with you in a few days.  🙂

Monday 4

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  1. Safi, hit me up, the spot & pinkies are waiting for you 🙂

  2. Getting frustrated now. First I realize EA has decided that we will not get 5 donuts for each neighbor action, just 3, then my wifi keeps going up & down, in & out… drives me cray cray sometimes. It only does it once in a while, but it sure picks the wrong time to do it! At least I can use my 4,3, whatever G on my phone LOL

    • 5 donuts per…hello???…you mean eggs, I believe!!! 🙂 …it’d take me 10 miutes to find my last comment…We lost Alissa…must be time for night night…not buying anything just yet…if they turn the lights out…see ya tomorrow!!! 🙂

      • You knew what meant smartypants LOL. I was frustrated at the time of the post 🙂

        Oh, and good morning, got a sick baby here (my baby, he’s 29 on the 27th, but men are such babies when sick). So, nausea med is being bought after dropping grandson off at school, at least I have over an hour before work after that. See you after work 🙂

        • Been cutting grass again…just as sick as last week…we all can be babies to a degree… 🙂
          Morn’n… 😉

          • Yes, all men can be babies when they’re sick, but it’s the women who still have to take care of the day to day LOL

            I worked through it all last week, so I don’t have… ok maybe a little momma bit… of sympathy for him.

            Why do you put up with your allergies? You can get shots for it you know 😉 I’m not a phlebotomist, but I play one on TV, so I’ll stick ya ;P

            • First of all…I could not say what you said without being quickly labeled a sexist!!! 🙂 LOL…I used to take something years ago when this first started to hit me…but it’s just me getting used to the spring season…hate needles!!! 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                Aren’t you? Oh, you said **sexist** 😉

                I’ve been poked more times than you can count (no comment from the peanut gallery), needles don’t bother me a bit. Sissy 😉

              • freaknstein8

                …yeah…needles, bees, and women are my fears…lol…throw in some purple and voila, Le Freak… 🙂

                But with my sensitive side comes flowers, an occasional poem, and breakfast…lol…I think that’s a line I may have used before…lol 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                LOL needles, bees, & women
                Your one redeeming thing… purple 🙂

                Ahhh, how sweet, flowers, poems, and…. wait a stinkin minute, don’t even be promising food again!


              • freaknstein8

                🙂 …mmmmm…foooood…oh yeah, I have pecan pie!!! 🙂

              • granmamaDar



              • freaknstein8

                Had defrosted old freezer earlier…found an Edwards Georgia Pecan Pie…left over from Christmas… 🙂

                …yeah, I’m a tease…but I don’t give lap dances… 😉

              • granmamaDar

                OK, as long as it wasn’t homemade, I’ll forgive you ‘)

                !!!@lap dances LOL
                Wookiee must have let that slip through after Alissa told on him @ Monty Python… I don’t think that was pg Wookie (SMH)

                LMBO 😉

              • granmamaDar

                Now I’m off to work, HAGD all of you who are (trying not to) listen 😉

                YAYYY! it’s Friday!

        • Oh, sorry bout your sick “baby”…mine are 22 and 17, boy and girl…they are okay…it’s pouring rain here…heading your way, Alissa… 🙁

          • ODL, he thinks he’s dying, he’s never really been sick a day in his life, poor thing ralphed all over the bathroom wall & his gf had to clean it up… my bad, but snicker, snicker. I got him everything he needs & told her he’s just going to have to ride it out. Does anyone listen to me? Nope… I specifically bought liquid meds knowing they’d absorb & work faster, now that I’m home she’s using my car to go to the store & buy the pill form & maybe he’ll keep that down… HELLLOOOOO!

            Can ya’ll send some rain here? It was freak’in HOT in my car this afternoon, & I parked right where I knew it would be shaded most of the afternoon.

            • Hey…just started getting FPs..going visiting!!! 🙂 wish you could have some of our rain!!!

              • granmamaDar

                It’s a little weird, I’m getting FP’s from some visiting tappers, but not all. Also say I’m maxeded out on visiting my neighboreenos for FP’s for today, but that might change in 4 hrs when I start visiting. Not gonna worry, just glad they added another level 😀

              • granmamaDar

                Ya, you know that my bad comment, I take that back LOL, she’s only 25, but knows more than I do. Grrr whatever! She fed him after I told her not to, sure, he felt better at first, now… well, I hope she likes cleaning the bathroom wall again LOL

                She has the best of intentions, but unfortunately she doesn’t know how to take advice because she is smarter than everyone else :/

  3. I have enjoyed this event. I have had no glitches as such but found it hard to get into my game at certain times which was quite annoying. I am team pink and have done extremely well, although the last 2 weeks I have been waiting on the same four prizes with no luck (Council Egg Guy, Kodo, Hugs and my ultimate prize Shary). I’ve Spent 80 donuts on gold but no more though just going to keep on tapping and fingers crossed I will achieve one of them at least. Would be quite happy for a little extension. X

  4. I am 2 fences away from 50! Obviously I am not going to spend donuts to get free donuts…soo frustrating! I don’t see myself getting enough eggs to open another box today.

    • You can wait to download the update and keep on playing as long as you can just to see if you get them. Doesn’t hurt to try …but only if you want to. 😉

    • I’m stuck at 48 fences too and can’t justify the expense. Ugh.

  5. Btw I loved reading this post. It’s like you got in my head about this event. And a thousand thanks to you guys for listening to our complaints. I was among them, tried to throw in some humor but just ask my partner, I was quite frustrated. Yet now I love having my game back, doing the Sherry, Fr Sean and level 40 quests plus it’s nice to give eggs to those who need them, I was feeling selfish for hoarding. The eggs seen to work like the in game cash. When you need it there’s none but once you have everything they just fall in yr lap. I’ve gotten 4 baskets already today and it’s 8:30am

  6. Sherry, Fr Sean, Bart Jr/Chirpy and the Kang topiary were eluding me. Also a stubborn completeist I realized I was giving this game too much of my energy so I caved. I ended up spending $17 in scratchers but ended up with enough doughnuts for 4 trucks of gold and 1 pink. I finally got everything and sad as it sounds I felt like I could breathe again. Ironically the Kang topiary was the only thing I didn’t unlock so I paid the 15 doughnuts just to make the voices stop. I think it was worth it but then again I tap my whale everytime I see it just trying to convince myself it was worth it.

  7. thelittleprince

    I hope EA will get rid of these chance based events. It’s frustrating and annoying. Before they decided to sell gold eggs, you can only win them from blue and pink boxes and many times, instead of winning the much needed gold eggs, you get more fences, egg piles, Easter trees, etc. Prior to the sale of gold eggs, I only bought the MK II, just because it gives me more uncommon eggs to win the prizes for that box including the 300 gold eggs. Also, the MK I looks pathetic next to Frink lab, plus it will earn cash once the event is over. I, did buy some gold eggs because it was aggravating to rely on winning them from the blue and pink boxes, and manage to win all the prizes with a few days left before the event is over and can relax. I hope we go back to the quota based system– like last year’s Whacking Day– where you know how many snakes you need to win each prize.

    • But Whacking Day had worse odds then this. You still had no idea how many eggs vs snakes you would get. Most the time it was hardly any eggs at all. All the good stuff to add to the event cost donuts. You could not earn them, so that frustrated me as a Freemium player. I wanted Ninja Homer, the snake rocks and logs and extra stumps. This way…you get a chance at winning it ALL for free with only limited donut buying items. So Freemiums got more of a chance to win the cool stuff then Whacking Day ever provided.

      Fun event…but WD broke a LOT of players away from the game due to frustration of how few eggs.

      • thelittleprince

        I got all the prizes for WD last year– which gave us some cool buildings and characters– the Coliseum, motel, and Duff stadium– without logs, visiting my neighbors regularly and having feeder towns. Ninja Homer is a premium costume, of course, and cost donuts, which I love btw. At least we know from last year how many we needed to attain the prizes unlike this year which is a guessing game as to how many boxes you have opened– and 3 different boxes to open– with the gold box only to be opened by winning gold eggs from the other two boxes– and the chance of winning 2 pastel fences which should not have been in a gold box. Those pastel fences, which don’t even have multiplier like the white fences should have been offered for sale for in-game cash. I think more players were frustrated this year than last year. I have a lot of neighbors this year that abandoned the game.

  8. So….Very irritated. Of course I want to have all of the exclusive prizes from this event.That said, I still do not have blocko from the pink box and hugs bunny and shary bobbins from the gold box, also no faberge egg. So, bought a truck load of gold eggs determined to win my prizes. 9 spins and no luck. So I bought the truck load of gold eggs again, then again, then again and again. 7 truck loads and 350 donuts later, still no hugs bunny and no shary bobbins!!!!! And with all the pink eggs I had won I did get to spin the pink box a handfull of times and still no blocko!!! My bf is going totally crazy on me for all the donuts I have bought. Is anyone having the same experience as me?

    • That to me sounds like you really have not opened that many boxes. The guaranteed max is 80/81 boxes. Which translates to 9 truckloads. So…essentially…if you haven’t opened a single box, 50 to 100 more donuts will get you those prizes. Keep in mind this is in EACH box. So if you bought OTHER colored eggs, that will not count to the gold boxes opened.

      So you need to weigh out what you HAVE opened in it each color of box and REALLY see how many you have left to open in each one to get what you want. Then from there determine what it is worth to you to get these prizes if you MUST have them. If they are no big deal, just tap til the update hits and move on…or if you REALLY REALLY must have them…see what it will take if you buy the boxes out.

      It all comes down to what YOU feel you want to pay into the game and will be ok with later.

    • I am in the same boat as you. My bf is going crazy on me cos I’ve spent around 250 donuts on this event alone. Used it for gold eggs and all I got were fences and more coloured eggs from that. Ugh…

  9. Ever since Whacking Day when I didn’t manage to get the top two prizes, something that still haunts me now when I see them in other peoples towns, I’ve vowed to never let it happen again, and till now it hasn’t, but this event has me beat, after tapping pretty much every four hours for four weeks, daily neighbour visits, and the constant churning of bunny carrots and easter tasks, I’ve yet to get Chirpy & Bart Jr, Hugs Bunny, Fr. Sean or Shary, and as a freemium tapper there’s simple no more I can do. 🙁 Oh well, I’ll just have to quell my OCD and tell myself I’m not bothered about getting them. Didn’t even get enough fences for sucking out! But on the plus side I have scored 30 + doughnuts from neighbour visits over the past four weeks. 🙂

    And Alissa, there’s nothing wrong with being stubborn, I’m the ultimate immovable object over some things, sure the Mr and step kids will agree with that 😉

    • This event will definitely rival Whacking Day. People complained events got too easy. That they were bored. I do not think that will be the case anymore after EA reminded them what a hard event is like. Lots of work for a Freemium. That is for sure.

  10. Is there a way to destroy or sell the Easter fences, egg piles or other items? I ended up with so many and none of the items I really wanted
    I was team pink and got The Blocko Store and Chirpy Boy and Bart Junior. But nothing good from the gold boxes. Just fences 😑

    • No… it will sit in inventory unless you use it for designs in your town. Most of us hope EA finally lets us sell event stuff in the future or that it becomes available for use in Krustyland.

  11. I’m sad… I don’t want the ribbons on the trees & hedges & flowers on the small bushes to go away. I really liked them 🙂

    • Awwww… something that will be missed. This comment made my day. Wookieemama is gonna miss zapping the bunnies. She cracks me up when I catch her doing it.

      • Thank you Wookiee

        I know a lot of players are upset, but hopefully they’ll be able to look back & get something positive out of it.

        • I so feel for all the upset folks and people hit by glitches, bad luck, etc. In a while, Easter will just be a four letter word I suppose. Let’s call it EAST. Now it’s time for west lol.

    • Ribbon Recycling…there’s always another holiday that could use those ribbons, dear… 🙂

    • Me too… I loved seeing the the birds, bees and butterflies flying around.

  12. my experience was super diligent and frequent bunny tapping for all the weeks, and crazy excitement at the outset that the content looked fab and seemed attainable through social play. Then reality set in. I’m happy about the buildings (BD & BS) I collected and the characters (BJ&CB, winged bunny, Hugs Bunny) – but I am sick about not getting Johnny Fiesta. I’m a Texas girl and I so badly wanted that for my Squidport… I had already redesigned it and made a spot that is still empty. Sad Clown about that 8oc So today I bought one truckload of blue eggs (rationalizing away my *never spend donuts on chances* policy into “well, 50 donuts is totally reasonable for a building) thinking surely I’d get it: nope. not even enough fences to recoup 15 donuts (I am short :::one:::). I still badly want it, but if I spend 100 donuts and don’t get it, that’ll send me to Shelbyville. and I don’t want to get so angry that I quit. That might be the best thing for me, but I so love the game, even though this event was such a let down…
    I’ve gotten to the end and I find myself wondering what the developers’ thought process was… it seems bizarre to me that so much great content was made so unfairly difficult to obtain. I’d have spent much more pastry on items than I broke down and spent (against my better judgement. headdesk) on eggs.

    • 🙁

    • ….”ALL ABOARD!……Last call for SHELBYVILLE”…..😜

      • I absolutely LOVE Family Guy, but I tried for about a little over a week or more, and just couldn’t get into it. I already have too much time invested in TSTO to play both & enjoy them both like I would want to. My town is still there, and I’ve got several characters & buildings, but it just doesn’t do it for me :/

        • it’s not as linear as TSTO, so it’s a little harder to get into if you’re used to TSTO.

          • I guess I’m just a tad used to TSTO (like a junkie on crack LOL)

            I’m sure I’ll visit my town there again, but I think it’s just not my cup of tea. Besides, I prefer donuts to clams 😉

  13. I’m Team Pink. I have loads of baskets in storage because it usually takes 3 days or so for one to get filled (My user name is ‘S’ – maybe most friends have tapped 55 people already and don’t need to trade? Who knows…). And half those boxes I have filled give 200 eggs, though I try to re sync now before hitting a full box now hoping to avoid that (thank you to whoever it was who discovered that fix). So far gotten neither Pink or Blue buildings, though I did get the Banana Dictatorship from Gold, and got lucky enough to score Fr Sean, and I also got the lizards. Got 250 eggs twice – a prize I consider to be an insult. 1/10 of another gold spin, nothing else? Bleah! I haven’t spent any donuts except for a Mk II, which looks nice enough so I don’t mind. Probably I won’t bother with spending donuts on spins – too much chance of getting those 250 pink egg prizes. I’m putting off the survey until the official end – who knows, may still get lucky enough to get something more in the day we have left,

    These Spinners Of Pain don’t make me want to spend donuts when there are prizes that make me feel like getting I’m raspberries from the developers. Honestly, although the bunnies are lots of fun to zap and whack, the bad spinner prizes and broken baskets left a bad taste for this event. It’s would have been much better to have the option to spend some donuts for the characters at the end of the event for those who can’t get any luck on the spins, or had glitches.

    • So that’s why there’s no baskets!!! Mine were always filled in minutes!

      • I have 4 baskets sitting in my town, only one of which is partially full after 3 days. And I have plenty of friends. It isn’t 100, but it’s over 50, so that isn’t it. I really do think it’s the alphabet order thing.

        • It might be, depending on how your friends play, but with 100, I have tried since the beginning of the event to make sure I helped each neighbor that had a basket at least once. Some of my neighbors had at least 6-8 of each color out sometimes! I usually gave them 100, but sometimes went back & gave them more because nobody else had baskets out.

        • You may be right…that’s a bit sad…but in my experience here, I talk to many readers/neighbors and get to know them better…in turn making the whole egg swap deal sweeter…knowing that I can still visit anyone at anytime to swap eggs allowed me to rush straight to that person rather than when it’s time to visit…of course this is basically over now…I need 9 pink eggs for one more try at the blocko store…yep, got 491 pink eggs, waiting for a miracle… 🙂

  14. p.s. what is is your tablet running? Because both my tablet and phone are running the latest version of kitkat and I crash out on average 6-10 times every time I run through friends. it’s gul-durned frustrating! it seems like it’s a combo of big towns, sideshow Bob, and the way android is caching data.

    • My phone is on Kit Kat. So if I said jellybean (which I tend to do) I apologize. Brain is fried lol
      My tablet is on Jellybean. Issues with kit Kat not jellybean.

    • I see crashes on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 (Huawei Ascend Y201 Pro), Jelly Bean 4.3 (Galaxy Nexus) and Kit Kat 4.4.2 (Nexus 7 and Nexus 4).

      IMHO it’s quite certainly not the underlying client operating system as there are days without a single crash (sometimes even several in a row) and then there are days where it crashes six times during a single round of assigning jobs or simply crolling around. If at all dependent on the client device, I’d rather suspect the number of cores and/or processor speed as it happens to crash more frequently on higher powered devices than it does on the lower end ones.

      • For my GS4 and Alissa’s with Jelly Bean…daily. Ever since the launch of Jelly Bean updates won’t load without a cache and data clear and sometimes going a step more to uninstall. Otherwise you get the “device full” pop up. But crashes…daily since. Multiple times. I am seeing it geared toward more specific devices too.

      • Sounds to me like your devices are all jammed up with sugar 😉

        Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  15. I decided in in my premium town that once I decided to buy eggs I would be a completist (but not a gold completist), because spending a little and getting nothing was worse than spending what it took and getting what I wanted. I got very few baskets in any of my towns, and this one was the worst, so i couldn’t count on that.

    I didn’t spend any donuts until I got everything out of blue, which for me was open 26 or so. I didn’t get the blocko store until open 62, at which point I stopped buying eggs because I figured out it would take about 900 donuts for me to open enough pink boxes to get 80 gold opens, and I wasn’t willing to spend that much. When the gold eggs opened up I figured 100 donuts would get me close enough to 80 that I would get hugs and sharry before the end of the event, and they opened up at around the 75 mark.

    I was glad y’all had frakked the files and knew what the “guarantees” were, as this both allowed me to make these decisions as well as feel more reconciled to not winning in my other towns. Because of no baskets, even though I played fairly diligently with no witch marge to help in any towns, I only got around 35-38 pinks, and 11-13 gold opens. I got Fr Sean free level in 2 of my 3 towns. I have 100 neighbors in all 3 towns I visited every day, and I gave away eggs galore. I must admit that due to my basket drought in all my towns, it did make me crabby to come across towns with many (yesterday i counted 14 in one place) baskets out and nothing for me to tap!

    I don’t think I would spend as much (or any) on a future event on a game of chance. So ea might have learned thes wrong lesson from what I spent this time–this was more of a one and done for me than a way for them to look at guarantee earnings. It actually might have hurt them for me to have put out the level 40 update in the middle. Largo’s quest line was one of my favorites for a premium character/building, and I also thought the oh fudge factory quest line and characters were top notch. The contrast of being able to buy the content I wanted and also get the great free content over the slog of every 5 hours for questionable rewards was highlighted with the update release.

    Ah live and learn!

  16. So my husband and I have played a little differently. I have spent donuts in the last 7-10days while he has refused to spend any. Today he finally got Johnny Fiestas (he is team pink) the second prize he really wanted. He only got the Blocko store 2 days ago which was his #1 prize as a big lego fan. He plays multiple times a day and has almost 70 friends and didn’t spend a single donut. He also got Bunny #24…, Banana Dictatorship, and Hugs Bunny (an early prize for him too). He did not get Egg Council Guy, Father Sean, or Shary Bobbins but he’s ok with that as he wants to save those donuts for the Sleep Easy Motel (he is two fences away from completing the Sucking Out task – I think that is his biggest frustration with the event).

    I bought Crazy Cat Lady right away and while that wasn’t a direct egg purchase it has helped as I have sent her on the 24 hour quest constantly. A little into week 2 I did buy the MKII generator feeling like I would never get enough pink eggs (team blue here) and justified that as it would give cash later. I won Johnny Fiestas and Egg Council guy fairly early on, Hugs Bunny was my 1st gold box prize! Bunny #24…, banana dictatorship, Bart & Chirpy, and Blocko store came much more slowly and I even gave in and bought the farm of eggs over the weekend trying to get the Blocko store and as many gold eggs as possible. I did get the Blocko store, but using 500 gold eggs to get my 78th fence or 250 blue eggs or a blue basket was getting old. A couple days later the gold eggs were released and I was glad and mad because I wanted Shary so bad, but I really didn’t want to give into EA any more (I won’t buy the Sleep Easy Motel because I can’t part with that many donuts at one time, but 50 here and there is apparently ok) I bought one dump truck of gold eggs and got a Kang topiary finally (I had 3 of Kodos) and lots of redundant prizes. Today I bought another 50 in gold eggs and I got Father Sean and more redundancy. I played the rest of the day normal, checking every 4 hours and checking all 100 friends. Finally tonight I bought another dump truck of gold eggs and nothing, then I bought the crate because I won 300 gold eggs and I didn’t want to be left with extra egg (an excuse to go for Shary) and nothing. At this point I only had 105 donuts left and I thought Shary couldn’t be that far away so another dump truck and nothing. Then I thought what the hell I’ve blown all my rules out the window just one more dump truck and I got Shary on the first gold box…
    My Completist is happy. My mor rational side is bothered that I now have 4400 gold eggs and nothing to shoot for and no way to share. I want to use them, but sure as I do gold baskets will be released tomorrow and I could have given them to my husband. EA won, I started out thinking this event was manageable even playing freemium and got my heart set on Shary and in the finally hours sanity left me and I gave EA all but my last 5 donuts. I did complete sucking out once for credit and at least once more for nothing and I had several days of 3+ donuts from friends during the event.
    I only noticed the basket glitch not counting all my eggs and I think going to Krustyland always fixed it. I loved the bunny zapping. I’ve said it over and over but I hated trading 1000 blue eggs to get 500 pink eggs to get 300 gold eggs then combined that with other gold eggs to get 250 gold eggs… Or more pastel fences… I wish egg sharing trading could be done more easily with friends. I do like having clear goals like gather x goo and get this prize, all chance makes me stupid apparently and I will not fall for a set up like this event again. In lots of ways I liked the even, but I’ll cry a little if it gets extended.

  17. EvilKitten812

    I did it!! I spent a total of 115 donuts and I won Shary. It was my 31st gold box opened. I am not totally pleased with having used up those donuts, but 115 donuts is somewhat fair when I divide up all that I have won. A total rundown:
    Pink boxes (dominant):
    27 Easter Fences (total)
    7 Trees
    7 Towels
    Chirpy & Bart Jr. (18th box)
    Blocko Store (33rd box)
    Blue Boxes:
    33 Easter fences (total)
    5 Egg Piles
    5 Ponds
    Johnny’s (20th box)
    Egg Council (29th box)
    Gold boxes:
    4 Gates
    12 Pastel Fences (total)
    3 Kang Top.
    3 Kodos Top.
    Bunny (2nd box)
    Banana Dictatorship (5th box)
    F. Sean (6th box)
    Hugs (13th box)
    Shary (31st box)

    • AWESOME! Although somewhat jealous that you won Fr. Sean on your 6th Gold Box! 🙂

      • EvilKitten812

        I couldn’t believe it! It seems like its wrong, but I have a notebook that I was keeping track in, so it must be right lol. (Addict much?) I feel more upset than happy about having the “luck” that I have had. Looking over the numbers, I could have won Shary freemium if I had more access to get my carrots regularly. But most of all I am upset for my fellow tappers. The game may have shone brightly on me, not too much ‘junk’ and I managed the final prize (technically 100 donuts later as I did suck out) but what about those who diligently tapped night and day? Or those who have spent 2-300 donuts? I feel terrible that they are left without the things they really wanted. I sincerely hope EA can work towards a better event for those so frustrated with this one.

  18. I still have yet to get Egg Council Guy, Johnny Fiesta’s, Father Sean and Shary Bobbins. I want Shary the most out of them all because that episode has always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. I am on team pink and I unfortunately opened 14 pink boxes too many after getting the Blocko Store and Chripy Boy & Bart Jr. when I should have started converting to blue eggs. I have been saving up my blue eggs for a while now and have about 10 boxes worth stored which I’m going to open a few hours before the event ends to maximize my amount of eggs before opening. I’ve only opened 27 blue boxes and 10 gold boxes so I’m not sure if I have very good odds of getting the remaining prizes and I’m considering spending donuts on a truckload each of the blue and gold if I don’t get them after opening my 10 stored blue boxes (even though I would prefer to not spend any donuts). I liked the event but kinda wished there was more of a guarantee to get all the prizes if you put in the time like I have.

  19. No luck with me.. 150 donuts and all I got to show for it were easter gates, fences, kangs, eggs in blue and pink and gold…. but it lead to me getting blocko.


    Goodbye hugs dream 🙁

    • Hey, you got the only thing I want, the blocko store!!! All I really got was that Banana Dictatorship…and npcs, fences…but that really sucks that you didn’t get what you wanted…gonna hold on to my donuts…

      • Thanks for the optimism freak… hahaha.. oh well. I’m tempted to spend the rest of my donuts on otto so that I won’t have enough to tempt me with these evil evil evvvviiiilllllll eggs.

  20. CentralCali559

    I feel your frustration! I spent over 200 doughnuts on eggs. With previous events it felt like if you had enough friends then you were almost guaranteed to win all the prizes. I don’t like how few eggs you earned after the main storyline ended. Maybe EA could’ve dropped the price for all boxes after the storyline ended from 500 eggs to 250. I get that EA has to keep coming up with new ideas but I hope they get it right cuz if they don’t then I will refuse to spend anymore $ on doughnuts.

  21. So caved in and bought a truckload of gold eggs since I said why not I have everything except for Shari Bobbins = bad idea! Let’s just say 200 donuts and 4 golden truckload of eggs and 36 tries later, still no Shari Bobbins!!! So I am officially frustrated lol

  22. CapCityGoofball

    Similar story to yours, except I am team blue. I cleared the blue in week one, got hugs and Kodos with first two gold boxes. Converted all blues to pink after that (thanks for the advice!). Got Chirpy and Bart JR plus several of everything else in the pink boxes, but no Blocko store yet. Got BD pretty quickly and Bunny 24601 before the max numbers. Still no Sean or Shari yet, really want them (every Catholic needs a priest, even ex or non practicing!). I did suck out at least, and have collected several donuts from friends visits. Broke down and spent 150 on gold boxes, but mainly won topuaries, fences, and more eggs. Definitely not as lucky as I was for Christmas and V Day, where I won everything. I’m not holding out hope that missed items will be available after, especially since every other event has not given us that opportunity since Whacking Day. Even though the wheel was still luck based, I felt like I had more control by setting the start position or holding on to gift cards or hearts in order to spin multiple times in one sitting. The box is much more about chance. Might as well be “pick a card, any card” or 3 cups with a ball! 😝. Thanks again for sharing your stories, and for all the advice!

    • You’re absolutely welcome! I think we can all benefit from the battlestories of TSTO experiences of others! And very happy that my advice, as crazy as it can be at times, helped you! 🙂

      And yes, I agree…every Catholic needs a priest…

      • CapCityGoofball

        50 donuts later, and still no priest, just a lot more pastel fences, eggs boxes, a blue basket, and another set of topiaries. 200 gold eggs left, but enough pink eggs for two spins. First spin – Easter tree. Last spin 300 gold eggs. One more gold box – Father Sean! Doesn’t really feel like a victory, since it was box 50, but at least I have him rapping in my town before I went to bed last night! Based on my luck, I don’t think I will see Sharri, and I don’t want to spend any more donuts on boxes. (At least part of me doesn’t 😜) Looking back at past events, I did buy an extra tree and elf house for Christmas and both cemeteries and two masoleums for Halloween, so 200 donuts isn’t that bad. If I had liked the look of the egg generators I probably would have bought one more mk1 and one mk2, but I didn’t want them around my town after the event.

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