My Eggs-perience: The Completest Vs. The Stubborn One

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the Easter Event is scheduled to end tomorrow.  As of right now we see no signs of it being extended.  That being said, there’s still a chance EA can extend it.  We never quite know what they have up their sleeves.   So if you’re trying to hold out for the last possible second, do so.  It’s still possible they can announce something tomorrow, you never know with EA.

So now I thought with just under 1 day left to go in the Easter Event I’d share with you my final tally for what I won during the Easter Event.  Now, I know not everyone will have a similar experience as mine.  Some might have fared better, others might have done worse.  The beauty of this event is…no two games are alike.  Everyone has done different Tapping methods to earn their boxes, and the results are usually different.

Now if you have some thoughts on the event as a whole, we encourage you to participate in our Ultimate Easter Poll to give us, and the community here at Addicts, feedback on what you’ve won, how you won it & the Easter Event as a whole.

Now let’s break down how the completest in me struggled against my stubborn Italian side MORE times than not during Easter 2014…


I’ve made no secret of my feelings about this event from the start.  I was initially a fan of Easter 2014.  I liked how they tweaked a lot of elements from past events for this one, in an attempt to make it better.   I like a lot of elements they added to this event, especially the Sucking Out (15 donuts) quest.  But, after constant glitches to tappers baskets and my own game constantly crashing on me (only on my phone, worked fine on my tablet.  Which tells me it’s an issue with TSTO and Android’s Jellybean platform on my GS4), I too have grown frustrated with this event.

My frustration lies more in the glitches than anything else.  I felt like this event had potential to be really great, but with the baskets freezing on players, not appearing for some and outright not giving you the appropriate amount of eggs that potential quickly turned into aggravation. Just this morning, I emptied a basket of pink 0 eggs from it.  Went to the neighbors screen and came back and it only added 200 eggs.  Somewhere along the way 200 of my eggs went missing.  Who knows how many times that’s happened to me over the last 4 weeks.

Of course my aggravation has been fueled slightly more by seeing the complaints in the comments.  With every comment set for moderation we see everything.   We see the great things you guys have to say, but we also see every complaint, every sour word, every lost basket, every miscounted egg and yes…every fence.  Now don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.  I absolutely love that you guys make your feelings known about this game here, the good the bad and the fugly.  So by all means keep commenting, keep venting…we want to know your thoughts, good, bad and fugly.  The great thing about this site is the community of Tappers here who all support each other, in good times and bad.  We loving being that place for you guys to vent. We know many of you still love TSTO, just need to have a moment to vent after getting your 10th Egg Pile.  My point in this is my aggravation over the event got fueled more by your aggravation over the event.  I genuinely felt annoyed for you guys.  Annoyed when you experienced a basket glitch, annoyed that the egg wouldn’t appear, annoyed that you weren’t winning any of the unique prizes (I’m looking at you Cguy!).


But this post isn’t about just the frustration of the event, no it’s about my Eggs-perience with Easter.  Throughout the event I never hid how I’d be playing or what I’ve won.  Each week I shared with you guys my prize list (week 1, week 2, week 3) and told you exactly what I spent donuts on that week when it came to the event.  Throughout the 4 weeks of this event I did not spend 1 donut on eggs.  I purchased the second Egg Generator (the one that gives you uncommon eggs) but that’s it.  This is where the Completest vs. the Stubborn Italian in me started their battle.

hugs and homer fight 2

I make no secret of the fact that I am a TSTO Completest.  Ever since I started using donuts more religiously, last June, I’ve wanted everything I could get my hands on.  But I’m also a “S-M-R-T” Completest.  I won’t spend Donuts on the Whale, I won’t be spending donuts on Mojo (I just don’t need another NPC in my town) & there are a few other items I won’t purchase (I always mention what I plan on doing in the Premium Should I Buy Posts).  I try to weigh each purchase out before I make it.  In other words I think before I spend.

I also make no secret of the fact that I am stubborn.  Just about as stubborn as they come.  If you don’t believe this ask Bunny or Wookiee, they’ll tell you just how stubborn I can be when it comes to certain things.  So when I said it’s possible to win all of the prizes by playing freemium I was hell bent on making sure it was true.

So here’s where the struggle between the Completest in me and the stubborn Italian in me begins….

At first I had no issues.  I went into the event bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and excited to see what I could win.  As a member of Team Pink I worked hard to unlock all of my pink prizes first, and in less than 1 week of playing I had all of my pink prizes (19 tries, got the lizards on the 13th shot and Blocko on the 19th).  Thus making both the stubborn side happy (I won them all playing freemium) and the Completest side happy (i got all the pink prizes).

bunny 2

At this point I set my sights on the Blue and Gold boxes.  I started to convert all of my Pink Eggs to Blue Eggs.  A logical decision, it would help my neighbors & gave me the best shot at getting the most Gold Eggs (since my Blue Box had the 300 Gold Egg option).  Having won Gold Eggs in both my Blue and Pink boxes I was able to open 2 Gold boxes during the first week of playing.  Those two boxes contained a Kodos Topiary & Hugs Bunny!  I was pretty stoked to get Hugs on the second Gold Box, since his guarantee unlock number was the highest of the gold prizes (81).


While, I still hadn’t unlocked anything decent in my Blue box, I knew I had to hit that magic number of 12 boxes to start to earn good prizes.  So at this point both the Completest and stubborn side were happy.  I was unlocking unique prizes quickly, and felt it could only continue.

During the second week my tapping was limited, as we embarked on the Addicts trip (which for me started a few days earlier than everyone else).  But I was still pleased as I manged to win Egg Council Guy (14th Blue Box) and Banana Dictatorship (5th Gold Box) prior to leaving.  And for 5 of the 7 days I collected limited eggs, opened 0 boxes and pretty much only checked my town to clear handshakes for neighbors, as we had a blast on our little trip.  Both sides were still happy, as Bunny and I sipped our frozen drinks by the pool the last thing on my mind was what prize I’d unlock next.  The perfect distraction from a hectic event!


Of course by the time we got back & week three rolled around I realized those 5 days of in-active bunny zapping would come back to haunt me.  As I was pretty behind on my egg collecting.  Over the course of week three I failed to unlock Johnny Fiestas, the only Blue Prize remaining, but still managed to unlock another Gold Prize, Bunny 24601 (9th Gold Box).  This is where the stubborn and the Completest started to disconnect.

The Completest in me was going nuts because I couldn’t win Johnny Fiestas or Fr. Sean (at this point, having seen both Fr. Sean and Shary in by B game…I resolved that I was ok not winning Shary…but really wanted Fr. Sean).  And I was trying to reason with myself…“just spend 25 donuts on eggs, it’ll be ok.  You spent more than that for CCL and Dewey.”  But the stubborn side refused to give in.  So at the end of week 3 the stubborn Italian was still winning.  I was content with the 6 prizes I had won, but was still searching for at least 2 of the other three.  I just kept telling myself “there’s still a week left.  There’s still a week left”.  

Then we entered week four.  By far the most frustrating week of this event for me, and many of you too it seems!  Every Blue Box I opened…no Johnny F’s.  Every Gold box I opened…no Fr. Sean or Shary.  The frustration was starting to mount, and the Completest in me was going crazy. I tried to reason with the game, “I don’t want frickin’ Shary, just GIVE ME FR.SEAN and Johnny’s…stupid Boxes!”  I even tried to have my husband take a turn at the boxes for me, he had luck with past events.  His luck must have run out tho with this, because all he won was more Gold Eggs and Fences.

YOU WON easter fence

Then the Gold Eggs were released.  That little completest voice in my head kept saying “just buy a truckload, it’s only 50 donuts.  You’ll save yourself so much aggravation.”  Still the stubborn side kept winning.  Until this morning….

It started out simple.  I earned about 25 donuts from this event, 15 from the Sucking Out Quest and another 10+ from tapping neighbors during Easter.  “Free donuts”, I told myself, “it’ll be ok.  You’re still playing freemium, you won them for free!”.  So after my 25th Gold try I broke down and purchased 1700 Gold Eggs, enough for 3 spins.  The Completest and the Stubborn sides agreed, 25 free donuts from the game it would be ok.  So, away to the Gold Box I went….

First attempt with the donuts….Kang Topiary.  Ah yes, another multiplier to add to my town.  Not the worst prize, but I was after something better.  My town is already 300% + in bonus multipliers, thanks to all the other premium items.  But I stored Kang anyway, just happy it wasn’t another pastel fence.  Second attempt….250 Blue eggs.  Well at least I can add that to the Johnny F attempts.  Still a positive win, but honestly I was a little ticked because I could buy 3 attempts in blue for the same amount of eggs spent.  So, now I was down to my final premium spin.  The 3rd attempt…the prizes go past Fr. Sean, then a fence..“Don’t give me another pastel fence you stupid Gold box” I told myself…as it slowed down it briefly stopped on Fr. Sean, for a split second I was elated.  That feeling disappeared quickly when it moved again.  As it stopped it landed on….Shary Bobbins?!  In my 28th overall try in my Gold Box I landed on the elusive Shary Bobbins.  You’d think I’d be happy, and I was.  But I still REALLY wanted Fr. Sean…

Of course winning Shary Bobbins only caused my Completest mentality to want more.  And after my 63rd attempt in the Blue Box with yet another Egg Pile to show for it the Stubborn side was getting weak.  “Spend another 50 donuts in each box.  Come on, you know you would spend 50 donuts for Fr. Sean or Johnny F’s at this point”  I tried to reason, “What’s 100 more donuts?  You’ve spent more on other crazy premium purchases before.  How’s that Museum of Natural History working out for you?”  So now, my Completest side was taunting me, and the reasoning was hard to resist.  That donut bank account of mine was becoming harder and harder not to dip into, thanks to the large amount from the Chirstmas Gil Deal & gift cards.  So, I gave in.  The Completest won.  I invested 50 donuts in a Truckload of Blue Eggs and a Truckload of Gold Eggs….so 100 total & 125 overall for the event.  (although 25 were earned for free in the game)

ico_stor_easter_4550blue ico_stor_easter_4550gold

I started with the Blue Box.  I just knew at 63 boxes, with these 9 glorious blue attempts Johnny’s would be mine!  First try…box number 64…3oo Gold Eggs.  “Ok, not the end of the world.  That’s good for part of another Gold attempt.  Still have 8 spins to go.  No big deal.”  Next spin…box number 65…it stopped on…Johnny Fiesta’s!  At first I felt elation, “Margarita’s for all!”  But then I felt annoyed, “Ugh 7 spins left in Blue.  Why did I spend 50 donuts, why not go with just 25?”

At this point I stopped in the Blue Box.  I had just won what I wanted, had 7 spins left but also purchased 9 Gold Spins too (which actually turned into 11 because I already had 950 eggs in there from previous attempts).  So I decided that if I won Fr. Sean in the Gold Boxes I would give all of my blue eggs to neighbors, no sense in wasting them on more fences, egg piles and ponds.  11 total spins, attempts 29-39.  What did I win?  Not Fr. Sean that’s for sure.  Nope instead I ended up with 2 more Gates, 2 Topiaries (although 1 Kodos and 1 Kang), a pink basket, 500 more pink eggs, 250 more blue eggs and 2 more fences (6 total).  But no Fr. Sean.  I’m beginning to think I need to spend a little more time in the confessional booth if I want to unlock him anytime soon.


So, at this point the stubborn side has taken control again.  No more donuts on eggs…although the completest in me is reminding me that in 11 more attempts I’m guaranteed to unlock him.  And with my 900 eggs I earned from the rest of the blue spins, plus anything additional I earn today it could be less than 11 spins for free.  And after all…what’s another 25-50 donuts for my little yellow friends?


We’ll see what I decide to do tomorrow morning, for now…NO MORE DONUTS.

What are YOUR thoughts on my donut purchases?  What do you think I should do?  Do you think I can earn Fr. Sean the freemium way still?  Or do you think I should wait to see how many I can open for free, and then spend 15-50 donuts (if necessary) in the final hour?   Do you have a similar story?  How are you doing 4 weeks in?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

P.S. As we’ve seen in your comments, and we’re seeing more and more in the poll question up now.  It IS possible to win everything with out spending donuts.  Quite a few people have done just that.  We’ll share the results with you in a few days.  🙂

Monday 4

205 responses to “My Eggs-perience: The Completest Vs. The Stubborn One

  1. This is a great post! Thanks for your review and listing of items you received. I went the impatient route and bought the 5700 eggs truckload a total of 3 times after the 1st 2 weeks. I also had the Day Old Donut Gil Promotion and haven’t bought the whale or a few other non-limited things. I have 5 of each Kang/Kodos Topiary, at least 25 Easter Trees, probably 100 Pastel fences (I have 30 in inventory) and almost 80 fences and 12 gates. My main issues is I really wanted Fr. Sean and Shary Bobbins, got Hugs after my 3rd spin I think. Now I have 5300 gold eggs and nothing else I need, what should I do? I have Blocko & Johnny F’s too….Thoughts? Maybe EA will offer donuts back? yea, right. 😛

    • haha wouldn’t that be nice?
      As far as what to do..i think you need to do an assessment of approx how many gold boxes you’ve opened. To see if it’s worth it for buying more eggs. If you’re close to the magic number for Fr. Sean it might be worth it, depending on how much you think he’s worth it. For Shary, my guess is her “magic” number is no where in reach because that’s at 80, while Fr. Sean is at 50.
      That’s for the kind words about that post! 🙂

  2. Hi Alissa, really enjoyed your the re cap of your experience with the event. I also find myself lacking Johnny’s, Sarry and the good Fr Sean. I probably opened 7 gold boxes in the last two days and will hopefully get a shot at 1 more without having to buy eggs. Is there any hope at this point? I would have to guess how many boxes total I opened, but are you saying your guaranteed to have everything in the gold boxes in 50 spins, or is that just wishful thinking?
    How can we stop now when we are this close????

    • Shary is guaranteed at 80, Fr. Sean at 50, Johnny’s at 80. There’s always hope, I say see what you can get for free until the 11th hour. Then evaluate what you haven’t won…and see how you feel about it (for a lot of people taking the Ultimate Easter Poll helped). If you think you can’t live with out what you’re missing & have the donuts to spend, then pull the trigger. But if there’s any doubt about it don’t do it. Also, ask yourself if you’d be ok with EA selling the items after the event after you spent donuts to win everything. Because that’s a chance you take as well.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Very much so! Thank you. I just figured I would need to buy 5 more truck loads of the gold eggs. I remember being so bummed out during the Hallowwen event when I didn’t get the Abominable snow man. Now when I see him in my friends towns I don’t care so much. Maybe next year or next event. All in all I had a pretty good experience.
        Thank you!

  3. One question – how are you all managing to open so many boxes when you’re playing freemium? Ive only managed to get enough eggs to complete blue (36 tries), pink (36 tries & still no Blocko) and gold (13 tries – no Shary or Fr Sean). I have 90+ neighbours (visit daily) & try to play every 4-8 hrs each day. I did notice that my max no of rabbits to click each morning (usually after 8 hrs sleep) was 30-35 each day – no where near the 40 +20 reserve you mentioned in your Easter posts. Not sure if anyone else experienced that?

    • Don’t forget I won all the pink after 19 boxes, so started converting ALL of my pink to blue at that point. I sent characters on tasks consistently, had both Egg Generators, got eggs from my neighbors daily, utilized baskets when I won them, grew carrots and zapped the bunnies when they popped out. I also utilized Witch Marge to cut the grow time for 4hrs to 2hrs. So I would get 24 bunnies every 4hrs, instead of 12 every 4 hrs. My bunnies always generated 12 eggs for me, not sure why. But the number was always 12 eggs. I know some people would get 10, but for me it was always 12 (not sure if it has to do with multipliers or not). I opened at least 3 blue boxes a day and usually 1 gold one a day.

  4. Just caved and bought dounts and then a truck load of gold donuts and guess what I got fences and topiary and blue and pink eggs and a basket. I am very disappointed with this Easter event:(. I played from day one collecting eggs. Still missing Blocko, Father Sean, Shary Bobbins

  5. I’ve no doubt it has been possible for the lucky few but not me. I managed to get all the blue prizes in the first week but still have not got all the pink prizes, I have the pointless bunny from the gold eggs that’ s it! Don’t even have 50 fences! Just a bunch of trees a couple shops and some npc’s! Halloween i had everything with time to spare which let me earn some free donuts. Christmas only thing I didn’t get was clause co, which I can live with. Honestly feel like Easter has been hard work for little reward.

  6. I’m straight freemium. Although I’m disappointed I won’t win all the prizes, I am content with what I won. I too was seeking the elusive Johnny Fiestas and I just won it today. Maybe I’ll win Hugs and Shary with less the 24 hrs. to go. Glitches aside, when I compare the events I’ve participated in, this has been the least enjoyable. Collecting enough pink eggs to turn them into blue eggs in hopes of winning sufficient gold eggs and finally seeing those gold eggs turn pack into pink eggs…NOT FUN. And not funny EA. I wonder if they were laughing when the programmed this in. But I reached what I hoped to get, all the building and at least one playable character (Fr. Sean). Easter event was a fail.

  7. 1KarlSanDiego

    If you really want Fr. Sean, get ready to pay for it.

    I am becoming a completist so I purchased gold boxes with donuts. I play thoroughly 3 times a day with several visits to tap bunnies and reset carrots (enhanced by Witch Marge) and clear all 100 friends daily. I did not count my spins, now I wish I had.

    Early on, I won Fr. Sean, Bunny 02641 and the Banana Dictatorship.

    In week 2, I purchased one truckload of pink and blue eggs and cleared the blue box and the pink box prizes.

    On Friday, I had to go through six purchases of 4550 gold eggs. Midway through the sixth set of 9 boxes, I hit Shary and Hugs back-to-back.

    I have 10 Kang topiaries, but no Kodos. I have 62 segments of pastel fence, 20 Easter Gates and over 80 pieces of Easter fence.

    I have received a total of only 8 baskets through tapping bunnies.

    I will leave the event with everything, but I definitely had to buy a lot of it (400+ donuts).

    My wife, my son and my b-game are all more representative of the average daily player who is not going to spend donuts. They are going to finish with very few of the gold box prizes. None of the characters.

  8. The compliatier in me took hold of my tapper, and yes, pink sprinkles were the casualties. But! On the positive side, I did it, everything, (still sounds like I’m rubbing it in, but trust me, I spent). I am just totally frustrated I cannot find any baskets to put the rest of my eggs in. I even hid my basket behind the Easter float to make sure nobody gave me any of their precious eggs. (I hope that was a good thing to do, if it wasn’t, dearest moderator in the cray cray room currently, please let me know). Off to get my grandson from school now, then visiting neighbors for at least 2 hours hoping to find baskets, already FILLED A FEW, BUT WOULD LIKE TO SPREAD THE JOY. oops… sorry about the caps, but gotta run… hugs

    • Aw I’m glad you cleared it! Even if sprinkles were involved! 🙂

      • Thank you Alissa, I couldn’t have done it without a generous donor 😉
        I still managed to hang onto about 375 pink sprinkles, considering my lack of self control, I figure I’m doing good. I’m now holding out for a dealaroonie, hopefully it wont be anything I already have 🙂

        • lol well hang onto them in case we see a Season 25 Yard Sale in the next couple of weeks! 🙂

          • That’s what I’m hoping for 🙂

            There are still so many premiums I want, but as long as they aren’t a limited edition item or part of a deal, I’ll hold off, or be extremely picky about which ones I choose. Still a bit bummed I didn’t start playing til after the falls, I would so throw pink sprinkles at that one. I feel so lucky after reading everyone elses stories. I was definitely one of the fortunate spenders. I didn’t realize there were so many who spent a lot of donuts & didn’t get anything decent 🙁

            • Some spenders fared better than others, that’s for sure! But I think in the end only the impatient ones who rushed through when the event first got got suckered out of most of their donuts.

              • granmamaDar

                I just wish they would have given everyone a non-dom basket this one last night, I’m already up to Cyber & there hasn’t been a single basket out 🙁

                I also wish they would have made the generators glow for the event (like some of the older electronic doohickeys I’ve seen from before I started), or made the game go to the gen’s like they’ve been doing w/SSB.

                I’m trying my best to find the gen’s to help, but it’s taking forever, it takes me a while anyway since I try to tap the higher income items. (I hate tapping brown houses!)

              • That’s been an issue most of the event. Too few baskets to give away eggs. I think the glitches really ruined a great and fun aspect of the update.

              • granmamaDar

                I feel the same, we really like our neighbors, or we would have gotten others, so we want to help them. Unfortunately that one blew up in EA’s face. Maybe it was just too much for their programming to handle, there was quite a bit of different aspects to this event, much more than any I’ve done since I started before Halloween.

  9. I am pretty much done, I do think I will have enough time to earn another spin. I will not waste my donuts on blind chance either. The last week and a half of the event I more or less won nothing. Overall as a pink player I won Block0, Banana Dictatorship, Hugs, Kodos Topiary and more pastel crap than my eyes can handle. I ended up with 31 fences, so I sucked, but just not enough to get anything from it.

    Not getting any baskets for the last 2 weeks really killed this event for me. I really wanted Shary as that is one of my favorite episodes ever, but I guess it was not to be.

  10. Did EA change the odds, or did good odds finally catch up with me?

    Baskets and good spins – finally got Chippy and Bart – FIRST PRIZE after more than 2 weeks. So, I threw caution to the wind and bought some gold donuts (I will be disappointed if I don’t get Blocko, but not devastated.)

    50 donuts at a time, I spun the golden wheel. Sure, among the many new pastel fences, and 6! Kang and Kodos topiaries, I got Fr. Sean, Shary Bobbin AND Hugs Bunny – and I only spent 200 donuts! I would call this a deal since I hadn’t spent any donuts since the CCL, and this was 200 donuts for 3 characters, an animal, and 8*3% boost.

    Oh, and I STILL have 629 Blue, 218 Pink and 2200 Gold Eggs – with 10 hours to go, and more collecting…. Will I spin? Probably – but once I get Blocko, it’s off to my neighbors to donut everything I have left.

    (donate donut – get it?)

    I take everything back that I said about EA (until the next time).

    • Woo-Hoo! Glad your luck has FINALLY changed in this game! Although I’ll miss the front lines reports…don’t be surprised if you see them on a From the Mouths of again btw. They’re just too great not to share 🙂

    • I agree, glad you won most of the good stuff, yet sad you’ll be sending the troops home, to fight another day. Your posts were one of the highlights of my day……..carry on soldier.😉

  11. Awesome ,Alissa!!! Hey when has a big event every ended when the counter stopped???…none that I recall…still after the blocko store…looking for baskets…

    • You’ll get there…took me a lot of boxes for Johnny’s! Frustrating but happy Margaritas will be flowing in Springfield! 🙂

    • Hey, where’s my dinner & what are you doing up this late 😉

      • Oh that was looong ago…lol…up late???…it’s just after 1 AM… 🙂

        • Almost midnight here, about a full moon & windy again just like last month (hopefully I’ll be able to sleep through it this time). Have to be up in 6 for work, just finished all my visiting, so I am passing out now LOL. Have a good night Freak 🙂

          • …nice moon…but it’s now 7:05 AM…and I scratched up enough for a pink box…scared to open it… 🙂

            • Good morning Freak! Yes, the moon was beautiful last night 🙂 I say don’t open it til the last minute, maybe you’ll get another one & back to back will be the trick?

      • Opened it…you don’t wanna know… so…monorail, anyone??? 🙂

        • 🙁

          • Don’t be sad… 😉 …this is just a money making ploy by a big company…lol… 🙂 …it’s awe guuuud!!!
            In case you didn’t see it already…
            Hi, I’m Gary… 🙂

            • I’m probably feeling so sad for all my neighbors, I visit their towns & don’t see a lot of the goodies. Keep holding out, I’m still zappin’ 😉

              Oh, and no, I didn’t see. Hi Gary 🙂 It’s nice to know your real name. I really am granmama Dar, or gramma Dar, or aunt Dar, or just Dar, or ma, or Darlene… You get the picture, but you can call me whatever you want, except late for dinner (by the way, where is my dinner?) LOL 😉

              • freaknstein8

                Lol…hey Darlene…thought that was what Dar was short for…didn’t cook tonight…went and saw “The Lego Movie”…found out I’m special…as are you, 😉
                Kinda scared to look at mah game…my son’s updated automatically…he got more stuff from the event than me and only played every other day…lol…hey, the big reason I’m telling everyone my name is I put my stuff on flicker and I couldn’t see a way to remove my name…so…there…lol
                So, yeah…we ate out tonight…don’t say it…lol… 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                As long as it wasn’t Chinese I’ll let you live for now 😉

                I need to find a way to easily post my IPhone screenshots, I probably have at least 100 LOL. Can’t help myself 🙂

                Also… are we “special” as in “short bus” special?

              • freaknstein8

                LOL@ shortbus…was referring to the movie…”everyone is special”…now in my case, I’m a little slower at comprehending the lecturing aspect of the typical classroom…I believe I have a slight case of autism…I am dyslexic, seeing words and numbers out of order…but there was no talk of it in the 60s or 70s…so I rode the long bus…
                Did you mean that you like chinese food??? I love certain dishes…let you in on a secret…they don’t use chopsticks over there…just for show…they use forks and spoons…so if you want to eat like them, use a fork!!! 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                It’s my favorite! I eat it with a fork, I want it “in ma bellay” LOL. Kinda funny, one of my annoyances about my sis was that she always had to eat with chopsticks to impress everyone. (never impressed me) LOL

              • freaknstein8

                You just made an “Austin Powers” joke!!! 🙂 LOL…now REAL chinese food is nothing like what we have here!!! I bet you like spicy foods as well…no?!?
                If I were on deathrow, I’d be happy with a big cheeseburger as my last meal…but love me some seafood… 🙂 …nice not being on deathrow though…the day is brighter already!!! 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                Yep, most love him or hate him, I know he’s a bit bawdy, but I love a good laugh 🙂

                Oh yes, a little bite is good 🙂 Like spicy but not too hot to eat. Your last meal would be a hamburger? No way for me, I want some of everything, then I can feel like I’m going to die I’m so stuffed. LOL

                I’ve had real homemade Tai, oh dear, soooo yummy! I would love to visit every country, just so I could try the “real stuff” 🙂

                Thanks for the morning smiles, was more than sad I woke up to the update.

              • freaknstein8

                …reply attempt #2… 🙂 …no, I’m happy with a burger most any day but I too would want a big sampler of food…lol
                Okay…now I want breakfast…if I just had some eggs… 🙁 🙁 🙁

              • granmamaDar

                Yes, I’m now hungry also…see what you did LOL
                I think I’ll stop at the local “closest to” Mexi stand for a breakfast burrito before work if time between dropping off grandson & work, (since I’m in AZ, we have a few more “real” Mexi cuisines 🙂
                As far as a good burger here. Meh

                LMBO @ just only had some eggs.

                My dismay over the end of all my pretties is slowly diminishing.

              • freaknstein8

                Cooking bacon…baking blueberry biscuits…found eggs, will fry… 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                Tease! I need to find another man who can cook, 3rd hubby was a great cook, but his cooking wasn’t worth the rest of it all. I did get my breakfast burrito, though 🙂
                MMMM MMM it was good 🙂

              • freaknstein8

                Check this out…I needed 7 eggs for my next box…found only six in the frig…lol 🙂

              • hahahahahahahaha Oh the irony!

              • freaknstein8

                Hey sweetie…sorry about the mess… 😉

              • granmamaDar

                LMBO! Always a day late & an egg short 😉

              • freaknstein8

                Yeah…bought me some eggs…chicken eggs… 🙂

                Teach you to two-step…lol…lol…lol…yeeeeeaaaahhh, right…lol…not going near another “honkytonk hoedown”… 🙂 …oh lord…you find yourself all the way over in my neck of the woods and we’ll go do something…shut up Alissa!!! 🙂
                Okay, back to TSTO…I’m itching to buy something to ease the pain of losing so much in this event…I’m thinking in lines of maybe…Frink, Otto, Stu, that volcano lair, or duffman…I want that waterfall…the mountain w/sign is cool but…big… 🙂 …I think I have 218 donuts…what’d you think?

              • I say save them to see what’s next but if you have to, Otto is the easy choice.

              • freaknstein8

                Wookieeeee!!! Thanks…I kinda do want to hold on to them…you didn’t wanna hear me gspot oneliner that I held back the other day, do ya? 🙂

              • If it’s PG

              • granmamaDar

                Don’t do it Wookiee LOL

              • freaknstein8

                Phooey…it’s PG to me… 😉 …I mean…I could “say” it and you not post it…??? 🙂 …no bad/naughty words…anymore than gspot… 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                I do love Otto, but I hate that he is too close to other stuff when he plays the guitar. It annoys me 🙁

              • granmamaDar

                Most definitely DUFF!
                Hmmm, something other than two step? SHUT UP ALISSA! 😉

              • granmamaDar

                Can we still get the waterfall? How? I’ve wanted it since day 1!

              • It was limited time but we all hope it comes back.

              • granmamaDar

                Thanks Wookiee, I hope they bring it back, I really like some of the things my neighbors have done with it 🙂

              • freaknstein8

                I have 491 pink eggs…swept my town twice… 🙂 …tapped my farm and got nothing… 🙁 …I have lots of blues coming but few people left to swap with…still gotta try… )

              • granmamaDar

                I have a blue basket out that needs 2 eggs, and a desperate neighbor for blue eggs. Still have them? you’ll get your pinks 🙂

              • freaknstein8

                Had 7 left to get…update just hit me…need a hug!!! 🙂
                However…my game is running fine…could be my device doesn’t start with an “i” , wink wink, nudge nudge!!!
                Oh but now with my ability to do my own screenshots and a better understanding of flicker…I have ideas for 2Ds and moreDs…lol 🙂 …just hate that I didn’t get screens of my earlier stuff when you became my neighbor and before then…oh, well…I may repeat some of them… 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                Can’t wait to see more of your work 😀

              • freaknstein8

                LOL… you will 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                I think EA took over my wifi. Maybe I need to uninstall PvsZ LOL

  12. First…Alissa, I REALLY love reading your posts.😉
    Second, like you, I am a COMPLETEST……there, I said it out loud.😆. Unlike you, I’m not a S M R T completest….I want EVERYTHING. I bought Mojo…..I didn’t buy one whale…I bought TWO…lol (saw CNN’s “Black Fish” and thought it would be lonely by itself😜). I’m still so envious when I see towns with the “cool brown house”, Springfield Falls, Fort Sensible, etc…etc. was soooo happy when “Abe” returned. I love how this game is many things to many players. You can play it completely for free or invest as much time or money as your little heart desires. One can build their town in any fashion that pleases THEM! From 3D extravaganzas or 2D art galleries to the Canals of Venice (my style😉). Luckily, I’m patient and will wait ’till the 11th hour to happily unlock my donut vaults to “buy out the store” (still trying to get as much free stuff as I can). And yes, (those that have read my earlier comments know how I feel about this stupid, little item), I will buy the Fabergé egg. Like my dad always told me, “Whatever floats YOUR boat!”

  13. toxicshark965

    Being a completist I was a bit annoyed at the withholding of gold box purchases till endof event, also even though I have the donuts to spare thd italian in me has drawn a line in the sand and notpurchase faberge of press timestill no luck thousands of bunny holes in my wake

  14. I’m still torn between if I even want this to be extended or not. I am on 45 fences so have actually been wishing for those for the last few boxes (how things change) but on the other hand I just want put out of my misery as this last week has become more of a chore but I can’t tear myself away 🙂

    • It’s that good vs. evil pull that’s going on. The flanders and homer on your shoulder so to speak. Frustrating, but you just can’t tear yourself away!

  15. The whole box spinning fiasco might go down easier if we could trade in all those extra fences, egg piles, ponds, and topiaries for extra spins.

  16. tapped out addicted

    I got all my pink prizes like you in the first week and swapped them for blue as often as i could but no luck from blues (only fences ponds and gold eggs oh! And egg piles) got banana dictatorship, bunny 25601 and father sean from golds would have liked the rest of the prizes but not willing to use donuts on them

  17. I got Fr Sean the other day. I caved and bought donuts. I wasn’t counting the attempts. All I need now is Sharry and the Egg Mascot

  18. wildthornberry88

    Spent 100 donuts on gold boxes. Got another kodos topiary – now have 4 and no kang, about 1000 pink eggs, 500 blue (I got an egg pile…), a blue basket, a gate and a lot of pastel fence. Fffffff.

  19. I’ve just opened 3 blue boxes, what did I get? A chance in the Golden box (fences😑) and another stupid egg pile. I was hoping to get at least all the prizes from the pink & blue boxes but right now I still need that egg council guy 🙁 & father Sean wouldn’t be that bad also (I’m not even considering shary, that’s just not gonna happen xD) I’m also 6 fences away from the 15 donuts prize, hopefully I’ll still get 2 spins and with a bit of luck I’ll win one of the prizes that I need.

    (Btw I’m a completely freemium player, I will not spend donuts on this event, I’ve never spent a single $$$ or donut in this game since I’ve been playing it as I prefer to save them for something that I really really want (currently I have 308 donuts 😉 all of them gotten for free!)

    • that’s a lotta dough-nuts! 😉

    • I have 212 donuts…and I spent no money…we are in similar boats…at least we all took this ride together…sorta…the temptation to spend donuts is great…but the sad faces tell me, no…sooo…this all started as a preparation for WHACKING Day…sooo…bring on them snakes!!! 🙂

  20. I’ve been waiting for Shary and Blocko for a few days, just won Blocko in the last 30 minutes but still waiting on Shary. I really don’t believe I’ll get her but I’ll try. The last few days I’ve tapped for the box to spin then looked away, hoping that would help with the winning of unique prizes. I guess I was thinking of the saying ‘a watched kettle never boils’ by doing that. I think it helped me get one, if not 2 unique items and possibly a Kang/Kodos topiary. I had 90 donuts saved up from god knows when and soon as I saw you’re post about being able to buy gold eggs I spent them with no second thoughts. And once I got 50 fences, bought more again. Kinda regret it as have been saying all the way up until that point I would buy a premium character or building with them soon. Oh well, the saving begins. Overall, my love for this event has been a bit up and down. Not really sure where I would rank it against other events, partly as my memory of previous events has dwindled a bit :/ (Maybe that would make a good poll, a recap on each event and seeing where people would rank them. If you use that, I want all the credit haha. And maybe even another poll ranking episode tie-ins. I’ll stop with the ideas now 😛 ) And looking forward to this summer, I guess a summer event is obviously on the cards, hopefully a bit of an update to Squidport as I think it is needed. Also, I would like to see some content from The Simpsons Movie make an appearance because (as far as I know/can tell) we haven’t had any yet. And, just to make this comment even longer, I’d just like to thank you all for the work you do on this site. I constantly check it through-out the day for posts and updates in the app even before I go to the app! So thank you and keep up the good work 🙂 (please say I take the record for longest comment 😛 )

    • Nope…not even close to the longest. Lol 😉

      • Damn it! Also, just thought I’d mention that so far I have missed the majority of the Whacking Day event (moved out to France at the time), the episode tie in that included a new costume for Moe and one building from Christmas 2013. Not bad going so far 🙂 all freemium too, unless I’ve spent donuts that I’ve won

      • Not even the longest on this post!

  21. stargazeruniverse1

    I was using the donuts (on the last day of the event) from Christmas to purchase the golden eggs until the 40-ish try for Father Sean and 60-ish try for Shary. Now I have tons of alien Topiaries (mostly Kang), fences, and baskets.

    • stargazeruniverse1

      I just hope the max try and odds for those ultimate prize will not be that low next time so that everyone can have easier time to obtain the prizes.

  22. I spent ~350 doughnuts for gold eggs (about 300 not counting doughnuts I’ve earned from the game itself). 81 spins later I got Hugs, doh! I at least got those doughnuts from Gil’s Christmas sale and gift cards. I still haven’t gotten the lizards and I refuse to spend more doughnuts. If I didn’t want Hugs, I would’ve spent zero doughnuts and not had lizards, Shary (80th spin) and Hugs. Oh well. It just feels cheated to work and work and work and not come close to getting enough gold boxes to be one of the few lucky ones to do it all freemium. I did however start a town B and all I did was dump eggs into the economy for Tapping friends. I used it to QA and see if I had basket glitches (I did!). Hooray (not)! Next time just let us buy it instead of hopes and tries and time wasted that well – guess it’s my fault I wanted Hugs that bad.

    Now what to do with 18 Easter gates? Hmmmm?

  23. Getting iTunes card tomorrow lets hope the update hasn’t finished by the time I’m home 🐽

    • depends on what time you get home. Odds are there will be an app store update around noon EST tomorrow. In the past players have been able to put off updating their games, but only for so long before they’re forced to update.

  24. I’m probably not the best person to advise you, as I just keep collecting and building up my free donut reservoir without purchasing any premium items. However, if I were in your position and was considering purchasing donuts, I’d wait until the last hour in hopes of landing it the free way first.

    • That’s my thought process. At this point i’m down to 10 more attempts (won 250 pink eggs in my 40th Gold box), so we’ll see what happens by the morning.

  25. I feel your pain. I am basically a completest, but this event really made me take a good hard look at this game. I spent donuts on eggs and got everything from all the boxes, and I tried to justify it by telling myself that it would have cost about the same amount of donuts to buy all the buildings and characters as I spent winning them, but I’m sure I spent more. Unfortunately, I am now starting to look at this game as an extension of any OCD tendencies I might possess. During this event, for the first time since I started playing this game, it really felt like a chore, possibly fueled by obsession, and I think that’s exactly what the makers of the game are banking on.
    If you sit and think about it a lot of us are all spending real money(and a good amount of it!) on virtual buildings and people in a game! I could only imagine what anyone from an older generation would think about that. And yes, I realize that no one is forcing me to spend the money, and as long as I get enjoyment out of it I am getting my moneys worth, but that’s the point: I don’t enjoy it that much anymore, not with events like this.
    I would rather have an event where you earn the rewards, by yourself or through community prizes, rather than spin wheels and hope you get lucky. It just encourages people like me to spend donuts, and I wouldn’t even mind that so much if they just gave you the option to spend x amount of donuts for the prizes from the get go. Instead you buy chances and could end up spending way more than the prizes are worth and still not get them. Waiting until the event is almost over to let you start buying gold eggs is really crappy too. If you were going to do that anyway, do it in the first place so I wouldn’t have to buy pink/blue eggs to try to win gold eggs.
    The only thing I don’t have is the Faberge egg, and I’m not spending another 100 donuts to get it. I’ve spent enough, and I’m single with no kids, and have disposable income, but it’s enough already. I’m not even going to get into all the problems and eggs I lost with the baskets. That was just a complete waste of time. I love the Simpsons, and I love your site, but I’m starting to lose my love for TSTO, and I wish I wasn’t. I’ll keep playing, because I’m stubborn (and a little stupid!), but I hope they can come up with something better for the next event.

    • I know the feeling. I try to liken it to spending money in the arcades down the shore. Any given summer it’s not uncommon for us to drop $100+ on the boardwalk to win cheap trinkets that we’ll never see again. But we keep doing it because it’s fun and entertaining. So I never mind spending the money for virtual items, because it’s one less thing to clutter up my house lol. But I do completely see your point.
      I have a feeling EA couldn’t fix all of the glitches properly, and instead of extending this event they’re just going to let it die out tomorrow. Hopefully, they’ll make some of the items available for players (but there’s no telling what they’ll do.). But I’m hoping that with the issues of this event they’ll have something great around the corner to help players like you fall back in love with TSTO. 🙂

  26. I feel your pain. I still don’t have Shary, Hugs or Father Sean. One of them would be nice. Finally succombed and spent 50 donuts on gold eggs. Did I get one of them, did I ****! However, I think I will try 50 more as if I get one of them, 100 donuts for a character is just about acceptable (but really have to convince myself). With your predicament Alissa, you spent donuts to get J Fiestas and Shary and so I think you could possibly justify a few more to try and get Father Sean. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    • Down to 10 Gold Spins now as I had enough Blue eggs for 2 more spins since writing (which awarded me 300 Gold and a pond). From the 1 gold spin (had 300 already) I won…250 pink eggs. lol At this point it’s just comical to me.
      I figure 100 donuts is totally acceptable to spend on a high quality character that’s limited time. But we’ll wait and see how many spins I can get it down to, before pulling that donut trigger.

  27. I still need shary bobbins, fr Sean, Johnny fiestas and there’s only 12 hours left

    • There’s a bit more than 12 hrs, if history repeats itself (which in TSTO it often does) it’ll take an App Store update to remove Easter. Which means you’ll have until about noon EST to get more eggs. As that’s usually when App Store updates hit.

  28. Yeah, so far I haven’t spend any donuts. But I’d love to have Shary Bobbins. And I’d love the little wanna-be-pigeons. I don’t care too much about Hugs Bunny, but the other two…so much want want want! 😛

    Probably will buy a these 4500 eggs 10mins before the end of the event. Just to make sure, I don’t get them any other way. 😉

    • lol I was contemplating that myself. But then when I got Johnny’s on the second attempt after the truckload i was minorly annoyed lol. But let us know what you decide to do either way. 🙂

      • Countdown done now…I went for it…fences eggs, fences, fences, eggs, which brought me golden eggs again, which brought me Kodos-bush…so much frustration…I won the 50 donuts since the beginning of the easter event (+ a handful more), so it doesn’t hurt too much, as I still can afford the cat lady.

        Well, despite this awful end (*still hope for another week 😛 *), it was a nice event. Many new characters, expecially the cat lady and Mrs. Hoover. A couple of new pets (okay, I don’t care too much about them, except for Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr. :P), a lovely main story line…can’t complain about it. Plus, I clearedout the last two events (Christmas and Valentine), so I guess it was about time that it hit me. 😉

        • Lol. Well glad you still see the good that came from it all. I still had fun and still will milk it out til the game forces me to update. Lol 😉

  29. EvilKitten812

    I have had the same argument all week with myself lol! I am waiting, I will do a final box count later and if I am anywhere close to the max # I may buy some gold eggs. All I have left is Shari, so I’m on the fence. (Sorry, horrible pun)

    • What fence would that be? Pastel or standard Easter? 😉

      • EvilKitten812

        Lol, I will go with Easter, as the pastel fences are more pointy and less comfortable on the tushy. 😛 Though, with the frustration this event has seemed to cause all, it feels like the pastel fence!

      • EvilKitten812

        I retract that. They are both kinda pointy :/

  30. I spent 50 donuts on gold boxes, but did not get either Sean or Shary. I have 444 donuts, but I’m n

    • Accidentally pressed submit.

      Continued from last post: but I’m not going to try. Hugs bunny is underwhelming. I may have enough left for one more gold spin. Well, I’ll see what happens, but I am quite content with what I have.

      • To me Hugs was a better prize than Shary, but Fr. Sean is by far the best. We’ll have to see what happens. So far since writing this post I earned another 2 blue spins (i won a blue basket from Zapping bunnies). With it I got 300 Gold eggs and another pond. But the 300 gold gave me another Gold Spin…which lead to…250 pink eggs. But now it’s only 10 more spins lol

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