The Final Countdown: End of Easter is Near!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…the end is near!  Tomorrow (May 13th) the Easter Event will officially end and the bunnies will burrow back into the ground, with no return in site.  (Don’t worry our own Bunny will reemerge from the Basement still!)  As of right now, we see no signs of this event being extended.  In the past, if an event was going to be extended, EA would make an announcement several days before  it was initially scheduled to end.  As of now, no announcement & no changes to the files.  So I think it’s a safe bet to assume Easter will be gone tomorrow.

As far as the Easter items becoming available after the event…we don’t know if this will or won’t happen.  It’s possible, given what happened after Whacking Day last year, BUT based on the majority of past Events this won’t happen.  At this point I’d say it’s a 60-40 against.

So beyond the items what else do you need to know for the end of the Easter Event?  Let’s take a look at some of the steps you should know to finish out the event and get ready for some kind of update.


Based on previous events this is what we can expect to happen tomorrow:

-The set end time for the event is 8:00 GMT (4am EST).  However, based on past events, the update won’t end at that point.  It will take the update to remove it from your game.  So all that will happen at 8:00 GMT (based on past events) is the counter in the Easter Info box will stop counting down.  So you should still be able to play your game first time tomorrow morning.

-Some kind of update will hit our games tomorrow.  This will be an App Store (or Google Play Store) update, where you will need to actually go in and update your game.

Usually, and again I say this because it’s based on what’s happened in the past, the update will hit sometime between 12PM EST and 2PM EST.  

-The update may contain a new level (like what happened after Halloween) or it could just be an update to remove Easter with nothing new in the game (like what happened after Christmas).  Right now we’re not seeing anything in the files to indicate anything.  So we’re all flying blind & at the mercy of EA.

As always if we see anything in the files…we’ll let you know.  Usually if something is going to appear in the files before the update hits it’s a 2-4 hr window before it actually hits.

What you can do to get ready if you’re on Level 40:

-Do not send your characters on 24hr tasks.  Whatever task you send them on tonight into tomorrow morning make sure they’ll be free after 10AM EST (just to be on the safe side).

-Ignore all of the random quests the game will try to send you on between today and tomorrow, unless they’re short quests.  Just because they’re telling you to Send Bart and Milhouse for a 24hr Sleepover doesn’t mean you have to.  So hold off on those quests until you know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

-Check your App Store tomorrow, again this will be an App Store update.  So you will need to download and update TSTO for it to work.

Finishing Out Easter:

-If you haven’t yet cleared all of the boxes…keep trying.  You still have time.  Also, just because an update is here doesn’t mean you have to update your game.  Because this will be an App Store update, if you haven’t yet cleared your boxes you don’t have to update your game.  You can keep playing in Easter and earn more Eggs (usually 2-3 days after the update hits, although in the recent past they’ve forced Tappers to update hours after the update hit the App Store).  Just keep in mind if your neighbors have updated it makes it that much more difficult to earn Eggs, since you won’t be able to tap their buildings.

-Make sure you purchase all of those limited-time items before they’re gone, if you want them.  They won’t be here late tomorrow for you to make a decision on.  If you’ve already purchased the Easter items, they’re yours forever and will remain in your Springfield (or storage) unless you sell them or delete your game (via origin ID…not uninstalling from your phone).  This also applies to items won in the boxes.  If you’ve won them, they’re yours.

So just what are the limited time Easter items? Well here’s a complete list of everything that you will no longer be able to purchase (with think) after May 13th:


happy easter signEaster Banner– $12,500

Easter Float Easter Float– $15,000


easter machine 2Frink Egg Generator Mkii– 75 donuts

easter machine 1Frink Egg Generator Mki– 40 donuts

mojo monkeyMojo Helper Monkey– 65 Donuts

faberge egg –Natural Faberge Egg– 100 donuts

That’s it for limited-time items.  Everything else (Crazy Cat Lady, Fireworks Candy & Puppy Dogs, Kodos and Kang Topiaries & the Sumatran Flower) will still be available after the event is over.

For the complete TSTO Addicts Guide to Easter check out our Easter Event Page.

Confused about what you should purchase before it’s gone? Well here’s my advice. If you have the in game cash buy everything,  you can add a few of each (you can also store them). I’m not saying run out and spend all of your game cash on the few Easter decorations, but be sure you buy them before they’re gone. Trust me you’ll regret it in a few months if you didn’t purchase them. Plus, it’s part of your “battle scars” for playing TSTO. So next summer when new Tappers are coming into the game they’ll covet those banners and floats.

As far as premium items go, check out our Should I Buy Guide (just click on the link under the premium item) to see if it’s something worth your hard earned donuts!

Remember the event ends tomorrow so be sure to purchase everything you need by tonight before it’s all gone!

What did YOU think of the Easter update?  Which premium items did you purchase?  Did you finally clear out the boxes?  Will you be updating tomorrow when the App store update hits?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

84 responses to “The Final Countdown: End of Easter is Near!

  1. I love this app…however…I tapped every hour during Easter….(I wish I saw this post earlier) I had 47 Easter Fences and tapped my way up to close to 900 blue eggs…would have been 100 and 400 Gold eggs…I thought I was gonna wake up to 2 more chances at luck to get 15 Doughnuts (Easter Fences being the things I won the most of). But i’m being forced to update it took me 3 days to accumulate those eggs! #verydisheartened ShaNotik538

  2. I got all I could get from Easter update. But now, a lot of ppl are having problems after the new update. ..including myself😟
    Can only visit two towns b4 getting booted outta game. Tried everything I can think of: reboot ph,logged in/out…etc. I really feel bad cuz I was trying to help my friends still doing Easter. And now it’s over, can’t even visit them. Is anyone else here having this same problem?-lunasaxton8

  3. Very happy, got everything that I needed. Got Shary Poppins was the last thing I needed to get.

  4. I did the App Store update and now my game is glitchy as hell. what’s up with that?

  5. Nearlytwenty or thirty baskets I need to still fill… Maybe some help? joshuarl91

  6. I accidently updated…lost all my eggs, full baskets and chance at getting blocko. Very sad.

    But on a positive note I have lots of new friends. 🙂

  7. Keenyada Roddy

    Very disappointed. Only good prize I won was the egg counsel guy. No blocko store, no priest, no sherry bobbins. Im just disgusted. Oh and I went against what you guys said about buying eggs and it still was a bust. I think I’m done.

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