My Eggs-perience Part 2: Who Prevailed the Completest or the Stubborn One?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, here we are on the morning of the end of the Easter Event.  Will it finally be over today?  Or will EA extend it, with out letting anyone know?  Will the items be up for sale after the event is over?  Only EA knows the answers…but we should all know in a few hours.

In the meantime…have you been following the advice for the end of Easter?  Are you ready for what comes next?  Or do you still want to stay in Easter mode for a bit longer?  Have you made one last push to get those last eggs and see if you’ve won what you most wanted?  Or have you completely given up?  And the final, and most important question, did you break down and spend donuts in the 11th hour?

When I last left off my Eggs-perience tale I had detailed my adventures in egg-getting during this Easter Event, and broke down the struggle I was having between the Completest in me and the stubborn side…who did not want to spend a single donut on eggs.  The Stubborn side was winning…up until yesterday morning, when the Completest took charge.  I managed to acquire all of the items, while spending a few donuts, except for the one I coveted the most….Father Sean.  Which is ironic because pretty sure the 10 Commandments say “thou shall not covet thy neighbor”.  But as a Catholic AND a Completest how could I not covet Father Sean?!

I left it yesterday morning with the stubborn side regaining control, and the refusal to spend anymore donuts on eggs….for now.  So what did I do?  How did I fare in the final hours?  With just 11 Gold Boxes till the magic guarantee number, would I break down and spend just a few more donuts?  Let’s see who won in the end the Completest or the stubborn one….

Father Seanico_mystery_yelloweggsl

After my post yesterday I had just ELEVEN boxes to go until that magic number of 50, when Father Sean is guaranteed to unlock.  ELEVEN Boxes!  How could I just walk away from that?  From the start of the event Father Sean was the one character I really wanted in my Springfield.  As a Catholic how could I not want a Priest roaming my streets?  And now to come so close, how could I just stop?

I couldn’t…..

So I continued to play the update, as I had been playing from the start.  Trying to zap as many bunnies as I could, collect from my characters, grow carrots & collect from neighbors.  From this method I was able to earn enough Blue eggs for 2 more tries yesterday morning, which promptly yielded 300 more Gold Eggs and a pond.  I had already had 300 Gold Eggs so this gave me enough for 1 more Gold Spin, which yielded…..a Fence.  But that was ok, because now I only needed 10 more till the magic number.

So throughout the day I continued to tap & zap, and sometime last night I realized that I only had 100 Gold Eggs left in my bank.  I realized that even if I generated enough blue eggs to earn another chance and won Gold Eggs, that would still leave me 100 Eggs short of another try.  So, I gave up on the collecting, kind of.

Normalcy started to return to my Springfield.  When Ralph was finished collecting his latest batch of Eggs I decided it was time to finally send him on his field trip with Lisa to the Fudge Factory.  He worked hard over the last four weeks, he deserved a little fun.  And Crazy Cat Lady…well I figured it was time for her to stop throwing bunnies and start throwing some cats!  As I finally got her questline going.  But I still reset Homer’s task.  Since it’s only 12hrs, I knew I could collect from it in the morning and still have a shot at something.  It was kind of my just in case task reset.

So this morning I went into my Springfield, finished out any tasks that were still open, zapped more bunnies, harvested carrots for the last time, relieved Witch Marge of her duties, collected from my MK machines and have enough for another go at a blue box.  Knowing a gold egg win wouldn’t be enough for me to get an extra spin in Gold I decided to wait a bit on it.

Then I had a very detailed conversation with Bunny.  Going back and forth on if I should or shouldn’t spend the 50 donuts on 9 attempts (10 was the magic number) or just let it go.  We went back and forth on it…well I should say I went back and forth on it, Bunny just listened.  Then she finally said “You’ve been talking about Fr. Sean since the update hit.  I know you, you’re going to go insane if you don’t get him.  Just spend the 50 donuts and go for it, otherwise you won’t shut up about him.”  I agreed.  At this point I already spent 50 donuts trying to get him, those 50 donuts I won’t get back.  Even if they made him for sale after the update, as a premium character, he’s going to cost way more than then 50 additional donuts I’d need to get him now.  So to the premium store I went.

I purchased one final truckload of Gold Eggs.  50 donuts for 9 spins.  Saying to myself, “I’ll be really ticked if I get him on the first try.  But I’ll also be really ticked if I don’t get him during these 9 spins.”  

First attempt….Pastel Fence.  “Whew, ok.” I thought ” Not on the first spin.”

Second attempt….250 pink eggs.  “Still good” I told myself.  

Third attempt….Kang Topiary.  I was starting to get a little nervous.

Fourth, fifth and sixth attempts….250 Blue Eggs, Kodos topiary & a Pink Basket.  “Oh the irony of getting a pink basket NOW.  Where the heck is Fr. Sean?!  Only 3 more chances!”  I was getting worried I’d need to figure out a way to get that 10th try.

Seventh attempt…Easter Gate.  “Why don’t I go to church more?!  Is this my punishment for missing Church on Sunday?!”  

Eighth attempt….Pastel Fence.  “What the heck do I need another fence for?!   48 flipping Gold Boxes and NO FATHER SEAN?!  What gives?!”

Finally, my ninth and final attempt.  I tapped the 500 egg button and watched the items rotate through.  Slowing down…heading towards another flipping Gate and then it happened.  The prize box stopped on…Father Sean!  After 49 attempts and 175 donuts (50 on blue eggs,  125 on Gold) Father Sean was mine!


It was as if the clouds parted and angels sang.

Ok maybe not quite that experience…but I was still thrilled nonetheless!  Now I just need a Catholic Church in my Springfield to complete the look! 😉 11

So here’s my final haul from ALL of the boxes:

-22 Easter Fences (x3 so 66 total)
-11 Pastel Fences (x2 so 22 total)
-5 Easter Gates
-2 Beach Umbrella and Towels
-2 Easter Trees
-12 Easter Ponds
-10 Egg Piles
-6 Kodos Topiaries
-5 Kang Topiaries
-Egg Council Guy
-Johnny Fiestas
-Chirpy & Bart
-Banana Dictatorship
-Bunny 24601
-Hugs Bunny
-Shary Bobbins
-Fr. Sean

Now my Easter is complete!  And yes in the end…the Completest won.  Did you really expect anything less? 😉

How about YOU?  What was your overall Easter haul?  How many ponds, fences, piles etc did you end up with?  Any last minute donut stories to share?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

And don’t forget…if you haven’t already done so…make sure you share your Easter results in our Ultimate Easter Poll!  We’ll be sharing the results with everyone in the next couple of days!

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61 responses to “My Eggs-perience Part 2: Who Prevailed the Completest or the Stubborn One?

  1. Fr. Sean on first gold spin. Late in the event, I noticed that Easter fences were dropping three at a time and pastel fences were dropping two at a time. Still didn’t end with enough fences to suck out, though. I put most of the stationary Easter prizes and purchases on one Island with the fence around it and think of it as “Easter Island.” Two lizards are keeping the bird population down in my Springfield. The egg generator is on display in front of the church; and three people can hang out at the beach and not get skin cancer since I put the umbrellas there.

    Didn’t get a topiary, a building, or Shari. Really wanted the Blocko store; I hope it becomes available again in the future.

    Late to work due to TSTO only three times during the event, so that was OK.

  2. I have not given up yet, and I have a handful of friends with a similar gung-ho attitude. One of them filled one of my baskets as late as last night, but has no baskets of his own so I cannot reciprocate at this time.

    That said… One of the players on my friend list has 208067 pink eggs, 82910 blue eggs and 400 golden eggs. Inside his city I spotted no less than 17 FULL baskets. That player was active less than two hours ago.

    I wish I knew what was going on there… He/she was overflowing with eggs from the start of the event. (unfortunately he/she rarely, if ever, visits my little hamlet)

    Oh, and I wish EA would put in more stats-screens. I would love to know how many eggs was donated by each of my neighbors (and how many I gave in return).

  3. Oh! I forgot – to my total list of stuff won add:
    5 Easter trees
    5 Egg piles

    It’s funny, I won 5 ponds too (which I mentioned on my other post.)

    I pretty much figured out a plan where all my fences, the trees, egg piles and one pond worked into the landscape around the fireworks store (I succumbed because it belonged with the Oh Fudge factory!) I got a bonus gift box of fireworks related to the 4th of July event last year, so I put that with the decor too. Someone up thread mentioned making a personal memorial to all the frustration and excess items of this event – I like that idea 🙂 My little scene is definitely an ode to excess 😀

    • Very cool! And I loved your story about the Faberge Egg and the Ultrahouse! Always so nice when it pays out for you like that! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  4. By last evening I was still missing:
    Chirpy & Bart
    Kang Topiary
    Fr Sean
    She who must not be named
    Faberge Egg

    I play about 95% freemium overall.
    A while ago, when I was pulling in only multiple decorations (after getting Egg Guy and Johnny Fiesta’s early on) I got discouraged (bad memories of gift wheel odds past.) I still don’t really play with Tapped Out friends, buy many donuts, and figured my game odds were pretty low.

    I pretty much told myself to not covet anything and just be creative with what I got. I had been really frustrated and wasn’t enjoying the game very much so I had to do something different.

    After I changed my attitude (it wasn’t easy to do!) I got Banana Dictatorship, Hugs, Bunny # whatever, the Easter Gate, and finished Suck Out in a fairly short time. I asked myself of EVERYTHING left what did I really want versus simply wanting to win it all.

    All I really wanted was Blocko and the Faberge Egg. And I refused to consider ever spending so many donuts for that egg.

    By last evening I’d kind of forgotten to watch for the bejeweled egg each time I zapped a bunny – since I knew the game was almost over I was just mindlessly tapping. In a tastefully understated way, a brown bunny pooped out the desired treasure! Yay!

    The best part of it was that the bunny pooped out the rare and dazzling Faberge egg in the front yard of Ultrahouse.

    My Ultrahouse is really the showpiece of Springfield. It has many acres of tastefully landscaped gardens, orchards, etc, palm tree lined beaches and the most coveted beachfront location. It’s much too avant garde for Mr Burns’ taste, and though he mocks it openly he secretly covets it in the worst way!

    So in my highly insane fantasy Springfield drama-filled plot line, my Easter game had a hilariously funny grand finale. The Ultrahouse residents display the egg treasure in an understated display, on the spot where it pooped out onto their front lawn.

    To sum up, I got:
    56 fences (total) – 8 were pastel
    1 Easter Gate
    5 ponds
    4 umbrella towels
    2 Kang Topiaries
    Bunny #whatever
    Egg Council Guy
    Hugs Bunny
    Johnny Fiesta’s
    Banana Dictatorship

    AND I got a BONUS – Extrapolopokettle , the Olmec Head! Which is nicely displayed next to Banana Dictatorship. (Their corporate motto is ‘If We Can Steal It and Usurp It We WILL!’)

    Did I forget something else that I won? Anyway, the only things I didn’t get were the characters mentioned at the beginning.

    Did I spend donuts in a mostly freemium game? Yes.

    After I started to spend donuts on pink eggs (I was blue team) I bought the Frink generator II. I got a lot of gold eggs on both blue and pink spins earlier in the game, but I did buy a small number of gold eggs – which gave me the last 2 fences to finish Suck Out and also gave me the last building I needed (gold box yielded pink eggs to spin for my Blocko prize.)

    I still haven’t updated, and have about 2/3 each of blue and pink boxes. 50 gold eggs left (from a pink box win) but doubt I’ll get another crack at gold prizes.

  5. I ended up spending donuts for 2 sets of 5 spins (different days) and just got more topiarys, gates, pink eggs, etc. I didn’t get either father Sean or shary bobbins.

    Insult to injury, I was about 10 fences from the donut prize

  6. I had the same feelings towards the end, only with Hugs Bunny. I broke down and bought a truck load and got Hugs on the last spin, too.

  7. Hip hip hooray, I’m glad you got him! Now he can be making Catholicism cool in your town forever. 😉

  8. My first Easter item was Hugs Bunny :0 My REAL goal for this even was to grab both the Kang and Kodos topiarys as I thought they were the real gems 🙂 I didn’t even care much for the houses and the characters but those topiarys HAD TO BE MINE! I got Kang midway through the event and yesterday I put $25 on my google play account (I was doing this anyways, regardless of Easter) and was going to just buy the Kodos. Right before I paid for it though, I grabbed it with a spin. I was so psyched, you don’t even know. My end haul ended being something like 30 easter fences, 10 pastel fences, 2 easter gates, 4 ponds, 6 trees, Hugs and the 2 topiaries, chirpy, Banana Dicatatorship (which is hard to fit in to my scheme, it’s just such an awkward looking building) and Bunny #24601. Pretty nice for not buying a single egg 🙂

  9. Haven’t touched the eggs in my B game besides the ones required for the questline and beefing up my A games pink count, and have just spun them all out, and after collecting 1600 gold eggs, what was my first gold prize? Fr. Sean. Couldn’t believe it. Least one of my games has a bit of luck. 🙂

  10. I KNEW you would break down and get it😉…..soooooo glad it worked out the way it did, made it feel like an epic drama and I’m sure made it just that more satisfying in the end. I too, as earlier advertised, bought gold eggs in the last hours (I’m a Proud Premium Player…..or PPP as we are called in the support group😜). I won all the prizes still missing from my trophy shelf and….YESSSS…..I bought the item whose name-we-do-not-speak.🍳

    P.s. Only wish I would have had someone to share this with when it all went down…EARLY….this morning…..😋

  11. I was really down when I first read this article. Then end of the update and I still didn’t have Sharri Bobbins. I was so diligent with my egg collecting too. Sleepily zapping bunnies and visiting neighbors in the middle of the night. About a week and half ago I hit a patch of terrible luck. My bunnies just REFUSED to drop baskets for a week straight and my daily number of boxes plummeted. I was disheartened by it, it became clear to me that my diligence alone wouldn’t get me my washed up nanny. So last night I used my precious donuts that I was saving up to buy finks lab with on golden eggs. While it did get me hugs bunny (and several blue baskets a week too late -.-) it did not get me Sherri Bobbins. I was crushed. But after reading this and all the success stories, I decided on one last valiant effort. I bought my donuts for one last fateful truckload of golden eggs. First spin: a blue basket (of course -.-). Then a series of pastel fences and Easter gates to add to my large collection. And then, when I was starting to really panic, the second to last roll won me my prize! I was sitting in a waiting room and nearly whooped out loud!
    Sharri Bobbins at last!!!!!!!
    Happy Easter!

  12. Congrats Alissa on getting Father Sean. I can imagine the relief! Invested 100 donuts in the end on gold boxes and managed to get him too (and lots of things I didn’t really want!). Still left with Hugs and Shary to get but I don’t think it is worth the risk of another 50 donuts (nowhere near 80 openings). Time to update I think.

  13. The temptation to buy is almost overwhelming but the chances of winning prizes you want are so randomn.

    I managed 3 extra boxes today got one beach umbrella a load of golden eggs and ……a bascket. now surely that is the worse prize ever 11 hours after the event has finished why give out a basket!!!!!!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 manic laughter.

    I am still 2 fences short of sucking out as well.

    My gripes are that being more active or even spending money does not give you a better chance of winning. This is unfair on those active players and doesn’t reward those who spend cash. I think EA missed a trick here.

    Next the egg basket thing I never got it swapping 100 eggs for 50. But the neighbour had to have enough eggs.This meant I wasn’t able to help my friends and neighbours as I wasn’t sure that taking 50 pink eggs helped them! By the way thank you all who dropped eggs I left baskets out strategically.

    Next why could you only collect eggs when the basket is full. I have a neighbour who has 500 eggs over 3baskets.

    Why were the eggs sold in odd numbers and not as batches of 500?

    Finally we were promised 15 doughnuts as a consolation for the fences but I’m 2 short and collected 3 fences over the last 2 weeks. People would have been happier if they got the doughnuts.

    I liked this update Easter was good I got all the prizes I wanted and lots I didn’t. Overall 7 outof 10 could do better.

  14. 1KarlSanDiego

    I posted yesterday about my experience, so I won’t do it again. I got them all and it cost me about 350 donuts.
    Now I have 10 Kang Topiaries. My question is will they have a multiplying effect if they are in my inventory or do they have to be place in my Springfield?

  15. Easter made me convert from fremium to premium lol!! So I did end up getting all the prizes! With the cost of 325 donuts! 75 from MK II and 250 from 5 truckloads of golden eggs! With a total of 175 boxes opened (24 Blue boxes: dominant egg color, 74 Pink boxes and 77 Gold Boxes) Here’s my final haul:

    24 Blue Boxes
    – 4 Easter Ponds
    – 4 Easter egg decorations
    – 3 Easter Fences
    – 11 100 golden eggs
    – Johnny Fiestas (20th blue box)
    – Egg Council Guy (24th blue box)

    77 Pink Boxes
    – Blocko Store (24th pink box)
    – Chirpy and Bart Jr (58th pink box)
    – 35 300 golden eggs
    – 10 Easter Trees
    – 12 Umbrella and Beach towel
    – 1 250 Blue Eggs
    – 15 Easter Fences

    77 Gold Boxes (46 boxes bought from 250 donuts)
    – 24 sets of Pastel fences
    – 5 Kodos Topiary’s
    – 6 Kang Topiary’s
    – 12 Easter Gates
    – 7 250 Blue Eggs
    – 13 250 Pink Eggs
    – 4 300 Gold eggs
    – 1 Blue basket
    now for the coveted prices:
    – Banana Dictatorship (2nd Gold Box)
    – Bunny #24601 (6th Gold Box)
    – Father Sean (27th Gold Box)
    – Hugs Bunny (55th Gold Box)
    – Sharri Bobbins (77th Box)

    As you can see if I played fremium this whole event I would not have been able to avail all the prices unlike Halloween and Christmas events, where if you played daily it is achievable to obtain all the items! But in the end I am happy that I did spend money and it only cost me 325 donuts for the whole event! Now back to partying it up in DC and regaining my social life!!! happy tapping!!!!!

  16. Glad you finally got what you wanted. I feel like all I have done this update is whine all over the site so I will spare you the details of my haul.

    • We don’t mind the venting 🙂

      • So after hearing about the issues I decided to wait until they forced my Kindle to update. Kept collecting eggs. I had long ago given up my pink boxes and were converting to blue. Unfortunately those neighbors who had not yet done the update either had 0 or the wrong baskets. Ended up with 500 pink eggs and no way to cash them in. Went for one last box. Scored Chirpy Boy and Bart JR, one of the major items I have been wanting. 🙂

  17. I hate you! :p You jinxed!

    After spending 165 donuts on gold eggs, including breaking down & spending my first $4.99 on donuts (Do’h! I’m no longer purely freemium! >_< ;_; ), I had no luck with winning Father Sean. I read your article, and upon calculating that I was at 40 or 41+ gold box attempts, I decided I had better BUY (<—evil evil!) another 60 donuts for more gold eggs.

    Well guess what!?!? I won Father Sean on my first attempt!!! I blame this bad/strange luck all on you!!! :p (<—the above is riddled in sarcasm, but I still blame you for the irony 😉 )

  18. I have given up playing fremium. I really want the Blocko store and Fr. Sean so I was going to buy donuts this morning to buy eggs but stupid play store says I can’t. I have already used 80+ donuts(that i have won in the game) on eggs and speeding up Homer when he would get off the 12hr rotation I had so I wouldn’t miss a collection time. The update isn’t available for me yet so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get some donuts and then some eggs before it ends. If not I really hope EA either puts them in another event ir makes them available for purchase after the event. I also hope they go back to the earn prizes way like the Halloween 2013 event was I don’t like being teased with what I might win. Thanks for helping me feel less crazy knowing others are addicted to TSTO makes me feel better.

  19. Well Alissa, I was inspired by your success to take one more shot at the gold eggs. Cashed in my last 25 donuts on 1700 Golden Eggs. Added to my 350 it was enough for four spins: 1 pastel picket fence, 1 Easter gate, 250 blue eggs, and then on the last remaining spin: Shary Bobbins!!! Couldn’t believe it, even took a screen capture to savor the moment. Thanks for your post!

  20. I’m glad Easter is over, really. You finally got Father Sean though Alissa! I lucked out & got him on my first gold box. No Shary for me, which doesn’t disappoint me but I am bummed out that I didn’t get the Blocko store 🙁

  21. I gave in and bought a truckload of golden eggs. Ended up getting Shary on my first spin. It made me laugh, I know if I had bought one spin she wouldn’t have shown up. Now, I’m stuck with a load of gold eggs. Would I be better converting them to spins, or will we be able to trade them in at the update?

    • No information anywhere showing a “trade” system. I say spin them out. At least if you get topiaries, they are worth multipliers in your town. 😉

    • Convert them into spins! You’ll get more prizes!:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. I spent 50 donuts this morning after completing the sucked out quest, thinking I’d get one of the characters, but no just some stupid topiary, fences and gates. Thinking I’ll probably give up playing after the update tbh…..

  23. 200 donuts for barns and another 125 for gold eggs and still missing Father Sean. I gave up trying any more.

  24. It feels great doesn’t it! The completist winning out over the rational, donut hoarder. I finally caved and bought one last truckful of gold to try and get Shary Bobbins…and it worked!!! I’m in completist heaven 🙂 It was a nail biter though, I got her on the 7th spin, after 4 fences, a kong topiary, pink eggs and a gate…

    It was dramatic, but I’m super excited that I got her!! and I’m super happy for you that you finally got Father Sean 🙂

    • It is a nice feeling! Glad you had similar luck with Shary! Nail biter for sure, but that’s what keeps us on our toes right? 😉

  25. As a fellow Catholic, I have also been coveting Fr. Sean. I was sitting on the fence, trying to decide if I should buy my 4th truck of golden eggs and after reading your post I decided to go for it. Woo Hoo, 3rd try I got him! Still don’t have chirpy boy bart jr or Johnny Fiestas but that’s ok.
    I figured it was 100 donuts for Shary Bobbins and 100 for Fr. Sean which I would gladly have spent outright, and in addition got 6 more topiary and 2 baskets(110 donut value if I bought) and numerous fence(earning my 15 donuts). I feel much better about the event now than last night.
    Thanks for the work that all of you put into this site, I always enjoy reading posts for your opinions and game info.

    • Sweet! Glad you finally got him!
      I had the same thought process. I’d pay 100 donuts for him if he was in the store…it worked out for me thankfully. Because I don’t know if I would have been able throw down more donuts on a stand-alone character. Just thrilled he’s in Springfield now!

  26. Congrats in getting the item(s) that you really wanted. I just did some last minute juggling to try and get another spin of blue eggs for Johnny Fiestas. I had already given up on Fr Sean & Sherry. After zap-sweeping the town. I had barely enough for one more blue box attempt.
    Alright, At least I get one more chance for Johnny Fiestas.
    …And what did I win? 300 GOLD EGGS?!!! C’MON!
    There was almost a iPad shaped hole in my wall.

    GAHHH! I have about 10 minutes before I have to leave or I’ll be late for work. Then I remembered that I had requested to add a couple of neighbours [desperate for pink eggs] late last night, and I found out they had accepted my neighbour request this morning. After tapping the floating “kinder suprises” and filling their baskets, the result was ONE MORE CHANCE!!! ONE MORE CHANCE!!! ONE MORE CHANCE!!!

    Maybe Johnny?
    Maybe Gold?
    Maybe Sean?

    … NO!!! @!&&!!! EGG PILE!!!!!!!!
    put me out of my misery and dump this update.

    • Ouch those egg piles! I know that pain…
      Don’t worry the end is very near. Onto better things in Springfield. 1 Bunny in my life is enough 😉

  27. philipstarkes

    Probably the thing that ticked me off the most about this update, with me too being a completist, was that I got 9 Kang topiaries and 0 Kodos from the gold boxes.. infuriating! At least we had the option of buying each for 15 donuts; if not for that, I’d probably still be spinning..=/

  28. CapCityGoofball

    Hooray! Glad to hear you got him at 49, mine took all 50. I’m sure our mothers can also rest easy now that we have a Catholic priest in our towns. I can only imagine what mine would say if I didn’t get him. Especially if she found out that I would have refused to spend 200 donuts to get him! No Shari Bobbins or Blocko yet….

    • lol I was thinking the same thing…

      • The Same thing happened to me! I just spent 50 more donuts in the hopes of getting him before a forced update….The first eight spins were junk, sometimes landing at Shary or Sean for a split second before landing on an Easter basket or fence….finally got father sean and it was pretty near my 50th spin, too! I would have been POed if my last spin didn’t pay off. All in all I spent 200 donuts on this event, more than I would have liked as I don’t shell out cash often, but man was I frustrated with this event!! Glad to have all the items but one (Shary) and I live seeing Father Sean ride around my town!

  29. My final haul:

    I opened 109 boxes during the event; 63 pink, 31 blue and 15 gold (I didn’t open a pink box after box number 95)
    15 gold yielded 1 300 Golden Eggs, 1 250 Pink Eggs, 4 Easter Gates (1st gold box/13th box overall, 4th gold box/37th box overall, 8th gold box/75th box overall, 11th gold box/93rd box overall), 4 Pastel Easter Fence x 2pcs (3rd gold box/31st box overall, 6th gold box/60th box overall, 10th gold box/88th box overall, 14th gold box/102nd box overall), 2 Kang Topiaries (7th gold box/67th box overall, 15th gold box/107th box overall), unique Bunny #24601 (2nd gold box/25th box overall), unique Banana Dictatorship (5th gold box/51st box overall), and unique Father Sean (9th gold box/83rd box overall).
    31 blue yielded 13 300 Golden Eggs, 6 Easter Ponds, 6 Easter Fence x 3pcs, 5 Easter Egg Piles and unique Johnny Fiestas (24th blue box/100th box overall).
    63 pink yielded 29 100 Golden Eggs, 3 250 Blue Eggs, 15 Easter Fence x 3pcs, 7 Easter Trees, 7 Beach Towels with Umbrella, unique Bart Jr and Chirpy (24th pink box/29th box overall), and unique Blocko Store (39th pink box/48th box overall).

    I finished with 5 of the 6 items I really wanted: Blocko Store (48th box), Banana Dictatorship (51st box), the 15 donuts for 50 fence pieces (78th box), Father Sean (83rd box) and Johnny Fiestas (100th box). While Shari Bobbins was the 6th item I wanted, with only 15 golden boxes opened, I didn’t get the opportunity to win her, but I’m quite happy with my haul. Wasn’t disappointed at all not getting Kodos Topiary, Hugs Bunny or Egg Council Guy, as they were not even included in my items I really want list. I just hope we can eventually sell our egg piles, Easter ponds and Easter gates.

  30. Congratulations!!! That was suspenseful just reading it, can’t imagine what you were actually going through as the 7th, 8th, and 9th spins were approaching.

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