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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well now that we’re in a bit of a TSTO lull I figured now would be the perfect time for us to fill you all in on our super secret Addicts Vacation!  (of course now that I said that a massive update will hit lol…that was a joke by the way…I have no idea if a massive update will hit or not)  The cat was let out of the bag (don’t worry it was one CCL threw at us first) a little earlier than we planned back when Level 40 hit…you should KNOW something is up if an update hits and we’re not on top of it right away!  But I PROMISE we had planned to post about this the entire time…..

So, back at the end of April the Addicts team met up for a fun little mini vacation out in….Las Vegas, Nevada!  I know the audacity of us leaving right in the middle of a major TSTO Event, but let’s be honest you didn’t even know we were gone! 😉  So we decided Vegas would be a good meet up spot because well…I’m the only one on the East Coast.  With Bunny and Wookiee both living on the Western side of the US we figured it’d be much easier for me to go to them, than for them to come to me.  That and well…it’s VEGAS!  My husband and I were planning a trip out that way anyway…so perfect timing all around!2014-04-29 21.15.36

Now, now before you start your gambling talk…YES we went to Vegas.  No we didn’t gamble.  Well my husband did a few times at the buffet, but that’s a different story! lol  We actually took in much of what the city had to offer outside of gambling…we did however partake in Bunny “Water” a time or two…or 40… 😉

So what was it like when all the Addicts got together???? You know I’m going to make you click Continue Reading to find out 🙂


Hey look at that you guys followed directions! 😉

So anyway…as I was saying…my husband and I were planning a little mini-vacation to Vegas and Bunny and Wookiee decided to crash join our fun!  However, we did manage to get a couple of days of quality husband and wife time in before the two furry ones joined us!

2014-04-25 19.07.21

We arrived in Vegas late Friday night, just enough time to argue with the car rental place for telling us our reservation meant nothing and they didn’t have a car for us.  (they later “found” one)  So not much to do that night but get to our hotel and crash for the night, at this point it was about 2am Vegas time so 5am Jersey time…we were pretty beat!

Saturday morning (unusually cold and rainy for Vegas) we did a little walking around the city and had lunch at one of our favorite places.  Ramsey’s Pub and Grill at Caesar’s (we’re both HUGE Hell’s Kitchen fans…and have been to the Pub a few times in the past).  And that night we went to see Penn and Teller, at the Rio.  An AMAZING show.  Highly recommend it!
2014-04-26 12.19.48 2014-04-26 12.23.54

Sunday was when the fury ones were slated to arrive!  With arrival times set for later in the afternoon…the hubs and I took in the Breakfast buffet at our hotel (the Flamingo…or as Wookiee calls it the Flaming-O).  Complete with mimosas and….cotton candy! (what?  I was ON vacation!  Why can’t I have sugar with breakfast?!)
2014-04-27 11.10.492014-04-27 11.32.10

Flash forward to later that night.  Wookiee had arrived, as he and his car emerged from the desert…and Bunny’s flight somehow safely landed and found the runway in all that sand!  After everyone got checked in and settled, we decided a fun casual Vegas night was in order.  We had dinner at a buffet (complete with crab legs and sushi!  Talk about a Swanky Fish!), then walked the strip a bit to take in the “free shows” and the sights.  Stopping at the Eiffel Tower (Paris hotel) for a quick photo and then we watched the fountains at Bellagio and walked down to the volcano at the Mirage.
2014-04-28 19.34.1420140428_2118522014-04-27 21.03.2020140427_195104We followed this up with a search for Bunny “Water” and a Piano Bar.  We succeeded!  Partook in a few glasses of “water”…although Wookiee’s water kept changing colors (at one point it was as blue as the eggs that were in Springfield!)..and sang along to…the Canadian National Anthem?!  Yes, yes Las Vegas IS in America but at a piano bar they’ll play whatever you pay for! (this was followed up by the US and Australian National Anthems as well)  Wookiee even paid to have “Sit on my Face” from Monty Python sang….WELL worth it!  Especially when the pianists would break into a rendition of this song after singing a very serious song for another patron!
20140427_213132 20140427_213208So after a LATE night, we all decided to call it a night and head to bed….

Monday was a bit of a whirlwind for us!  With so many reality shows set in Vegas these days we decided to set out on our very own, self-guided, reality tour!  (after a breakfast of $7.99 Steak and Eggs of course…ah Vegas!) We made stops at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (Pawn Stars), Rick’s Restorations (American Restoration), the Toy Shack (Pawn Stars) & even found the Brown houses (Sister Wives…and yes they were gated).
20140428_134636 20140428_134837(0) 2014-04-28 13.59.24IMG_9394[1]2014-04-28 15.08.05 2014-04-28 13.09.42After our reality tour, we toured Downtown Las Vegas and Freemont street.  (one place in Vegas Wookiee had never been!)  We saw the Giant Cowboy and his gal, as well as some interesting street performers!
IMG_9396[1]IMG_9398[1]IMG_9399[1]After the trip downtown we decided to head out to Red Rock and see some…well Red Rocks! 😉  THIS is where hilarity ensued!  Let’s just say if you’re in Vegas make sure you Vote for Bernice, don’t randomly press buttons in a rental car thus opening your truck while you drive down a highway at 60mph, and don’t scare the homeless by suddenly jumping out of your car and running to close said trunk!  Oh and make sure you take fun guy…aka Wookiee with you!
2014-04-28 16.33.04IMG_9430[1]IMG_9411[1]
IMG_9432[1]20140428_161212That night we all took in a hilarious hypnosis show by Marc Savard, where my husband decided he wanted to get hypnotized.  Let’s just say he was hypnotized and I was traumatized….nah I’m just kidding it wasn’t THAT bad.  But seriously Marc Savard puts on a GREAT show, so if you’re ever in Vegas and looking for a great show to see check it out.  You’ll laugh hysterically

20140428_21384920140428_21522520140428_233344After that we had a few more laughs, a few more drinks, some pizza & called it a night.

Tuesday morning Wookiee left bright and early to head back to school…he had a midterm THAT morning!  And Bunny, my husband and I headed to the pool!  We enjoyed a few hours in the sun then took in some more Vegas sights & walked the strip again.  This time we headed towards Downtown and took in the sights of the Venetian (and partaking in a dessert from Carlo’s Bakery…yes yes yes I KNOW it’s IN Jersey, but hey don’t make me go to Hoboken!).
2014-04-29 13.27.3020140429_1337262014-04-29 16.58.24We ended our Vegas trip with a ride on the High Roller…The World’s Largest Observation Wheel…and took in the sights of the Vegas Strip at night!  Some really great views!
20140429_20462920140429_20495520140429_20530720140429_211157Wednesday we awoke a little frantically as we got the news from Wookiee that an update hit…and we were THREE hours behind!  And I think you guys know the rest of the story from there 😉

All in all a GREAT trip with a couple of my best friends!  Lots of laughs, LOTS of inside jokes, plenty of Bunny “water” flowing…and the PERFECT distraction from the chaos of our everyday lives!

So to sum up…
-Vote for Bernice
-Don’t randomly push buttons in a rental car and accidentally open your truck while driving 60 mph down the highway
-Don’t trip to kidnap Homeless men and throw them in said trunk
-Don’t brag about your rock climbing skills…unless you also brag about your rock climbing falls too!
-Red Rocks are awesome…way to go God!
-Fun guy!


-And when Addicts get together…chaos and laughs start and DON’T stop! 🙂

You can check out all the photos from our Vegas Adventure in our dropbox here…
Addicts Vacation Album

Hope you guys enjoyed our little Vegas Vacation recap!  And more importantly we hope you didn’t mind us being away…kinda…for a few days!

Let us know what YOU think, sound off in the comments below.  You know we LOVE hearing from you!

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188 responses to “Addicts Vegas Vacation

  1. Wow! What a trip… Hopefully you found the Irish pub near that very insane piano bar — I’ve had many a drink at each over the years…

  2. Can we have an awesome TSTO get together at some point, pretty please?

  3. Wow I just realized how wordpress was posting on here from my phone. It is horrible, I am glad you are keeping up with the conversation! I hit reply to your comment and it puts it like ten tabs back! LOL Oh WELL, Harder for everyone else to understand I guess.

    • HAHAHAHA…yah, worpress is a crazy lil thing at times. If you reply directly on site it is so different then if you reply via the apps. Comments all sorts of jumbled.

    • I like WordPress, but won’t use it on my phone. Too confusing.

  4. Next time we all get to go 😉

  5. Vegas is probably my favorite city to go to for vacation. Which is fortunate, since I live in Los Angeles, which is a 3-4 hour drive from Vegas.

    Looks like you guys had a great time! I’m going to Vegas myself in a couple of weeks.

  6. Knowing you guys had such a blast, I guess we can forgive you for abandoning us 😉

    You know, I was less than 6 hours away & could have gotten you free copter tours if I decided to re-sis my un-sis LOL!

    Loved the pics! I had quite a few that were my favorites, but the best was the one with the Wookiees, followed by the ones of the 3 of you together 🙂

  7. Looks like fun! Glad y’all got a vacation 🙂
    I only knew something was up because certain towns had nothing to tap 😉

  8. Sounds…..and looks… a well deserved fun trip. But now I’m completely confused!?! I thought Bunny lived with you and Wookiee lived in a “galaxy far far away”! LOL

  9. Considering how much TSTO resembles a casino these days, Las Vegas seems a poetically appropriate place for an Addicts meet-up. 🙂

  10. Suzanne McClurkin-Nelson

    Thats my kind of Vegas vacation! Gawk at all the cheesy excess and fantastic kistch, take in the amazing shows, then head out to the gorgeous terrain that many folks have no clue exists right out of Vegas! One of my favorite trips my honey and I rented a Fat Boy and rode up into the hills (its always fun to have a park ranger warn you about splinters while making out on a picnic table). The gambling, well I respectfully leave that to the non-scientists who are guided by their inner woo-woo rather than the physical laws of ‘odds’… Thanks for the update and fun pics, glad you guys got to play together for real instead of just virtually!

    • I am not your standard tourist. Just ask Alissa. Lol. I always try to go where everyone else is NOT at. Have fun without spending a fortune. It is more about the company that surrounds you than where you are. With the right people, anywhere is a blast. 😉

  11. It doesn’t look like you all had a blast LOL pretty evident by the pics! Never been to Vegas! Happy you all went! With all the hard work you do, a vaca was prolly needed! Love the bikini pics and also love the pic with Wookie’s brother! Such beautiful pics of Vegas too!!! 😉

  12. Yaaaayyyyy!!!! You guys musta had a blast! That’s awesome!!!

  13. 🙂 …glad y’all had fun…lol…I guess the super top secret part was the pictures since only the top two loaded…lol… 🙂

  14. Awwww what a great read!!! 🙂 gonna look at your album now…

  15. Be blessed always guys, nice photo. i wish i had a chance to go to USA *finger crossed

  16. Not only are you guys on top of everything TSTO, you also seem like a fun group to hang out with. This is why I love visiting your site! 🙂

  17. Looks super fun! Went to Vegas for the first time two years ago for my honeymoon/actual wedding. We had a wedding at home but our officiant wasn’t ordained in Pa so we made it legal with Elvis! Followed by the best meal I’ve ever eaten at Gordon Ramsay steak. Yes, I had the Wellington nom nom.

  18. Coming from someone who has had pizza, ice cream, chocalate, etc, for breakfast I say that cotton candy would not be the worst thing you could have had.

    Also hope all of you had fun on vacation, but obviously you wouldn’t need me to point that out. 🙂

  19. Wait I thought bunny live near you?

  20. Is it bad that the swimsuit picture was my favorite?

  21. @TappedOutKing

    Looked like u guys had a ball.. Ill b in Vegas myself in late June 4 the WSOP. Can’t wait 2 eat IN N OUT again.

  22. Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! Always to get away for awhile and enjoy yourself! Nice Photos!!!!!!

  23. It looks like you had a great time!

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