In-Game Update: Live on your Favorite Tapping Devices…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

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Looks like we got ourselves a little in-game update going on…

Milhouse kicks it off…

Looks like this is an episode-tie in my friends.  For this Sunday’s Season Finale of The Simpsons! (Yellow Badge of Cowardage).

UPDATE: Ok so it looks like, from the files anyway, they attempted to fix the lagging issue (the file is a “hotfix”.  Some are reporting their games are still lagging.  On my Tablet, at least, i’m not noticing the lag anymore.  BUT I will check out my phone and iPad here shortly.
For those that were locked out, can you get in now?  Or are you still getting the spinning donut of death?

Note on Friendship Points: It looks like they’re not working (as in I’m not being awarded any at the moment).  BEST thing to do in this situation…is contact EA, using the same methods in the Lag post.  The more people that let them know there’s an issue the more they’ll be on it.  I will be contacting them myself here shortly…..
IF you are at a lower FP level (still working towards Goofball or lower) let us know if your FP’s are working for you.  

New skin, new Friendship Prize (!) & a new premium item.  As always more details below the fold for those who don’t like Spoilers! 

As I said above Milhouse kicks it off with some dialogue and then a 6hr task…here are the details for the initial in-game dialogue:

Milhouse FTW! Pt. 1
Milhouse starts

Milhouse: *sigh*
Homer: Hey, it’s what’s-his-name….Glasses McBluehair?
Milhouse: No, Mr. Simpson.  My name is–
Homer: Wait, don’t tell me! I totally know you — you’re Lisa’s boyfriend, or girlfriend, or something.  Uhhh….Martin?
Milhouse: No, close though.
Homer: Okay, think, Homer.  Not Nelson, because he’s cool.  God, I wish I was Nelson.  Okay, gotta focus….close to Martin…Comic Book Guy?
Milhouse: That’s not a good guess at all.
Homer: Principal Skinner?  Duffman?  Lard Lad?  The Kwik-E-Mart?
Milhouse: My last name is Van Houten.
Homer: ….
Are you sure I know you?
Milhouse: *sigh*
Lenny: Hey Homer!  Whatcha doin’?
Homer: Just messing with Milhouse to cheer him up.  He seemed kind of down.
Carl: Sorry to hear that.  What’s up kid?  Did future Lisa future divorce future you again?
Milhouse: No, field day is coming up at school and I’ve already go a closet full of last-place trophies in one of those.  I don’t know what to do
Lenny: You could rent a storage unit!
Carl: Yea, I bet you could fit a crapload of last-place trophies in one of those.
Lenny: It’s fun solving people’s problems!
Homer: I think Milhouse actually wants to NOT lose.
Lenny: Oh, like win?  That’s super-hard.
Carl: I’d seriously give the storage unit some thought.
Homer: Come on, guys – let’s help him win!
Milhouse: Do you guys actually know anything about fitness?
Homer: I know “feel the burn” is a thing.  And there’s something called cardio, which is either good or bad.  Also electrolytes, maybe?
Carl: Listen to Professor Jack Lalanne over here!
Milhouse: Maybe I should just look up fitness on the internet.
Carl: The inter-what-now?
Milhouse: The internet.  It’s where I learned about the civil war, dinosaurs, my parent’s getting divorce, my parents getting back together…the tidal wave approaching Springfield, the assassination of Trotsky–
Homer: They assassinated Trotsky?!
Lenny: There were dinosaurs?!
Milhouse: I’m going to go do an internet search for “rock-hard male bodies”
Carl: Just make sure safe search is on with that one.
Make Milhouse Research Fitness on the Internet– 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

More to come on his quest line later…

Keep Homer available for Part 2 as he kicks it off, then Milhouse does the 4hr task that will result in the pop up to get his new skin. Once placed on, he will start Part 3 for 12hrs.

New Stuff!


Fit-Milhouse Skin..Awarded for FREE as part of the main questline (End of Part 2)

NEW Friendship Prize:
unlock_lisa_coollisa Cool Lisa!  Awarded at 5,000 FP..and AFTER you’ve reached Level 8 (ah a reason to Tag again!)

Premium Stuff:

macaronisshed_menuMacaroni’s Shed- 30 Donuts


That’s it for the new stuff at the moment my friends.  Will be back with the full walkthrough and more details a little later on today!

Happy Tapping!





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191 responses to “In-Game Update: Live on your Favorite Tapping Devices…

  1. Ever since the forced update the game won’t play on either my iPhone, iPad, and android tablet. The problem seems to be with connecting to Origin as the game works fine playing anonymously, but it will crash every time it try to log into my Origin account.

    I have done everything from restarting, resetting, removing/reinstalling and even attempted downloading it on an android device for the very first time, with the same result. It looks as though this is a common problem with other users since the update, and I am worried that I will miss out on the episode tie-in. I contacted EA, but got the the “it’s a known issue and we’re working on it. It’s almost Sunday!

    • As long as you’ve reported your town to EA, with your Origin ID, they should be able to get you the missing items from this update (Fit Milhouse).

  2. I’ve finished part 1 & 2 of Milhouse’s FTW quest line and nothing happened. I didn’t get his new skin and no new quest lines have appeared. I’m not sure what to do.

  3. Paid for cool Lisa, and its not showing up in my game 🙁

    • You need to first go into your inventory storage (lil brown box) and put the skin into the game. It’s usually at the end of the items. Then you’ll see her in Lisa’s menu.

  4. There’s also a 4 part side quest that unlocks after the main freemium quest that involves fit millhouse an lugash that can only be unlocked if you buy lugashs gym 😀 finally a new quest for a premium character!

  5. TheRealestSitek

    So, how do I prompt part two of the Milhouse quest? I received another update and it put him at the end of part one. Weird…

  6. Not sure if this was posted before but at the end of one of the DVDs for season 16 there was an ad saying tap Homer 10 times and you get Jebedia Springfield and I got 10 donuts!!!

  7. Hey, can you guys fix my lagging & FP, I also keep getting kicked out of my game, I’m having nightmares of donuts rolling over me, spinning & spinning, hmmmm… actually I just want to know more about Macaroni’s Shed, I would love to put it out where the farm & Nelson’s place is 🙂

  8. Panic! I cannot even access my game (app just shuts down). Please my neighbourinos, do NOT drop me from your friends list. I will be back, hopefully soon. Last time it took two weeks to resolve and I lost about half my friends list.
    Thanks to all the Addicterino team for keeping our spirits up during the Easter event (I love to gamble so I didn’t have much issue with it but I completely sympathize with those who did). Alissa, Wookiee and hoppity Bunny: you guys are the best. Always helpful, cheerful and funny and I love this site because of that! Ok I’m off to obsessively check my email hoping EA contacts me soon and bake in this SoCal heat. Stay chilly my fellow addicterino Angelenos!

    • Sliqstream — I’m in the exact same boat. If your neighbors drop you, I promise to add you — well, if I am ever able to get back into my game.

      • Pickles! I empathize! I’m writing down your name and when we both get back into our games (soon!) (hopefully!) I’ll add you. I’m certain I’ll get dropped by at least a handful of people. I sure hope you’re not baking in this heat though 🙂

    • Excellent. I look forward to having you as a neighbor. I was totally melting in the heat until it started to cool down a bit late this afternoon. Are you in California too?

    • Drrrr. You said in your post that you’re an Angeleno. So is my brother. I’m up I SF. Hang in in that heat! Btw, my origin ID is pickles210p. I hope you’re able to access your game soon!

      • Funny! My brother is in Oakland. Small world 🙂 yep I’m melting here in LA. It’ll get better by Sunday luckily. Alas, I still have had no luck getting into my game. I’m crossing fingers for tomorrow. Hope a fix comes soon!

  9. HandsomeHank8

    Was able (finally) post with EA. Guess I will watch Big Bang Theory since can’t play properly

  10. I’M GETTING FP! Still getting lag, though.

  11. Game is lagging so bad I can barely do anything in friends’ towns.
    My friendship points are working though (think I’m level 5, the one that requires 5000 points).

    Strangely enough I don’t lag at all in Krustyland, just Springfield.

  12. HandsomeHank8

    I’m having same problem no friend points and get kicked out of game in some friends’ towns argh !
    Sure wish EA would test before releasing updates.
    Didn’t get what I wanted in Easter event & now this! I tried posting on link but when I put my problem in it bounces me out!!
    Extremely frustrated 🙁

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