Just a quick note to let y’all know your Friend Points may be working again.  Had a couple reports from readers here and checked the MyPhone and they worked right as rain.  You get them from visiting neighbors on the graduated scale and also for every building a neighboreeno taps.


Chime in below if you’re fixed or still having problems.  My game still has some of the lag stuff but this fix gives me hope EA is gonna get that fixed soon too.  Cool Lisa, here I come!  Hope she likes cheetos.

TTFN… Wookiee Out!



UPDATE 9:00PM EST Bunny:
Still double checking files to see if anything else has changed with the Hotfix 1. I will update at any further findings. FP are returning, so you will need to max out again before you get those extra bonus multipliers back for friend visits or donuts again. Also, the lag is still hitting a majority of our games so I say still make sure EA is aware of this. Continue to keep adding names to the forum thread that was created until a change is made. Keep it a hot issue!!


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  1. still lagging here, ios7 iphone 4s. Really want to get on those friend points, but lagging is worse in neighboreenos towns than my own. Well, good thing theres no rush with those friend prizes 😉

  2. can’t log in since the easter removal update and this fix did not help either, when loading my profile application closes.. i was a daily player for a year or so now i’m experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms:(

  3. EvilKitten812

    Still a Lil lagey, no biggie though. Nothing too extreme.
    Off topic:
    Runi, Saramary, Granmamadar, Alissa- I got my first Spuckler last night!! Whitney 🙂

  4. I still can’t play my game on my ipad. I get as far as origin log in and tap to continue and it crashes! Reported to EA and they say they’re working on it. I don’t know if it’s bc my town is huge and filled with too much or what but it’s so frustrating!!

    • I have that happen from time to time on my GS4. When it does I hard close the app and restart it. Sometimes it takes several tries but eventually it goes again for me (until the next crash). See if that helps for you.

  5. All lag and no FP makes Gin go something something.

    It boots me out of my neighbors Springfields when I try to visit.

  6. I haven’t had an issue with friend points that I’ve noticed, but in the days since the Easter update ended, my game regularly crashes when I visit friends’ towns. Annoying to have to re-start the game and flip through pages of towns each time it crashes!

  7. I can noy log in to my account. Every time I try the app closes. I have tried fore stopping the app, deleting and reinstalling the app. I am using a galaxy 2 tablet (android), does any one have any thing else I could try? This has happened since the last update.

    • If you can try on another device give that a shot. If you know someone that’s your friend see if they can get into your town from their friend screen (visit you). If they can it’s an issue with your device and TSTO (my GS4 phone is on Kit-Kat and constantly crashes. It’s an android issue). If they can’t it’s possible it’s a larger issue with your account. If that’s the case contact EA right away and let them know you’re locked out of your account.
      Hope that helps!


    • I sometimes have to force stop the app from the phone’s app manager then reopen it… but I’ve heard lots of people having trouble getting into their game…. feeling your pain… hope you sort it soon!! 🙂

  8. I am getting Friend Points now, but I did not get the ones from earlier this afternoon.

    • Glad they’re back!

    • I’m getting my points now too (I was pleasantly surprised to see that you now get points for clearing your handshakes…. think others knew this though). I too, didn’t get the points that wasn’t collecting earlier but at least it’s been fixed early on and we’ve not lost out too much.

      The animation lag is still furiatingly sore for be though, especially when I’m visiting fiends

  9. Often your terminology flies over my head. What means “friends points”?

  10. That last response should have been a reply to Martin who posted his town name.. But all replys to other players seem to be going to the main post today..

  11. Just added you, you will eventually notice (when ea is working) that I use the same icon here I do in the game.

  12. I just noticed all Handshakes are giving FP too, not just vandalized buildings!

    • It was doing that just before the update. It started with the Easter Event, so hopefully that sticks around. It makes earning go a lot quicker. 😉

    • I noticed this for the first time too… this is And will contribute to saving 5000 pts quicker!! If only it was this simple with Easter haha.

      Looking forward to getting settled back into the pleasant side of tsto!!

      Happy tapping!!

  13. Wow 1FP for my next 162 taps. Soooo generous!

    • Just because the FP level changed does not mean it reset your neighbor visit clock. If you still have been visiting, that 24 hours is still ticking away. When it resets, it will go back to the top FP collection again and move down just as it always has with the 24 hour clock and visits. You can wait, and save the rest for when it resets. Or visit them now as is. 😉

  14. FPs are up and running for me 🙂

  15. My game still crashes when I click “continue” on the login screen. 🙁

    • Let EA know. Sorry.

      • Bunny — sorry to ask this and I did try to find this info here because I’m pretty sure one of you has posted it, but…
        What’s the best way to contact EA for this crashing/locked out issue? The online feedback/issue reporting form is so outdated that my device and OS aren’t options, and I have contacted the online chat help twice, but both times have been useless. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I haven’t been able to visit my SF since the update that removed the Easter event. Fwiw, I’m on an iPad mini with the latest iOS. Thanks for your (and Alissa’s and Wookie’s and anyone I’m accidentally spacing’s) help!

        • Don’t use live chat if it is no help. Try email instead. Sometimes you just have to find a decent rep to help.

          For the lag issue, putting your info in the forums is the only other way to get attention brought to it now. Sorry. I’m checking a few other things too.

      • Thanks Bunny. I had already added myself to that thread you mentioned in the forum. I’ll give email a try. The first chat rep was decent (pre-hotfix), but the one yesterday was awful.

  16. Yay! Rejoice! The 2nd update has indeed fixed the Friend Points glitch and now we get FP from tapping this that our neighboreenos tapped, so more FP.

  17. Waaaa its still broken! I just don’t understandddddddd!?! lol… Its so unfair when my husband has the same phone & his works fine but mines still garbage… I talked to EA this morning & they said it could take 24 hours… I dunno if I should wait it out till morning to let them know this update still didn’t fix the problem or just try live chat again lol…

    • You can try again. It really is up to you. Honestly though…most take 24 to 72 hours to respond. Check your spam email too.

  18. I downloaded the newest in-game update just now (literally a minute ago) and friendship points are indeed working for me again, though the lag problem is still a problem. There’s no lag in Krustyland, oddly, just Springfield. (And neighbors’ towns as well.)

    • Yup, same here…I’ve taken to tapping in neighboring Krustylands myself. I did notice that it was slightly less painful in the neighboring main towns, but not by much. At this rate most of my peeps will never leave my Kwik-E-Mart unless I want to spend forever getting them back in again. 😐

    • Same for me 🙂

  19. whoop whoop

  20. I just a two second update and I knew somthing was fixed.. Good thing I only visited a few towns or I would have had to wait till tomorrow to get any FP

  21. I’m still locked out 😕

  22. Sweet! Every handshake in my Springfield now gives out FPs when cleared.

  23. Hey there Wookster!!! Love the “Bart” look. 🙂 Anyway, i did the update a few hours ago and yes the FP works for me! i am really ecstatic that you get them from friends tapping buildings instead of just vandalizing! i find the lag when visiting certain friends but not all and not in my own town!

  24. Friendship points work for us.
    Lag issue is still occurring on the iPad.
    Husbands iPhone 5 has a bit of a lag when visiting neighbors with a lot of activity. My iPhone 5s still works great.
    Hopefully ea gets this fixed soon!

  25. spoonfedkitty

    Mine are working again, but the 300+ I should have gotten from my actions earlier were never awarded…

  26. FP working again 7:45 EST! Glad you all had a great vay cay in Vegas! It’s on my bucket list! I will do it just like you guys!!!

  27. This is correct got cool Lisa after 5000 fp points. Already completed quests. If you need a good neighbor add me always on
    Add mfcordova271

    • Just added you, you will eventually notice (when ea is working) that I use the same icon here I do in the game.

      I hope this post doesn’t go to the main board again.

  28. Yeah FP is working now but still laggy in game and when visiting friends. iOS 7 iPhone 4s

  29. Wohoo! Updating right now!

  30. I’m seeing friend points, but the lagging is more pronounced when i visit neighbors that it seems the screen is having a hard time being responsive to taps and all animation looks like its going at 1/10x speed which is kinda frustrating.

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