Addicts Want To Know: Easter Survey Results

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last Monday we posted our Ultimate Easter Survey.  The Addicts wanted to know all about your Easter experience.  And now the results are in…and they may surprise you!  (I know they shocked me in a few areas!)

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to you guys for your participation in this one!  Obviously Easter was a “hot button” issue for everyone.  We had over 13,000 responses to this one…and in the first day of posting we had over 5,000 responses.  You guys obviously wanted your voices heard when it came to this update…and we loved being able to provide you all with a way to get your opinions out!

So now let’s break down the results of YOUR Easter Experience…

addicts want to know

The Ultimate Easter Survey consisted of 22 questions…still in shock that over 13,00o of you took the time to answer those questions!

Did You Enjoy The Easter Event?
Yes 43%
No 29%
Nothing, Special But I didn’t hate it 27%
No Answer 1%

Through ALL the complaints….it’s a bit surprising that the majority of you actually enjoyed the Easter update!

What “Team” Were You On?
Pink 48%
Blue 52%

A good mix of Team Blue and Team Pink!

Did You Win ALL of the Unique Easter Items?
Yes 11%
No 89%
Did You Win Everything
And Spend Donuts?
Yes 94%
No 6%

So 6% of our readers here that won everything did so with out spending donuts….of that 6%….

Win Everything no Donuts and
No Glitchs?
Yes 90%
No 10%

So out of those who won everything with out spending donuts.  Almost ALL of them experienced ZERO glitchs. (just wait till we get to those glitch numbers)…

Those That Won Everything
What Team Were You on?
Pink 49%
Blue 51%

Pretty even split once again!

Did You Spend Donuts
On Eggs?
Yes 43%
No 57%

THESE numbers surprised me.  I was actually surprised how many people spent donuts on eggs…

About How Many Donuts
Did You Spend on Eggs?
1-15 4%
16-50 28%
51-100 21%
101-150 12%
151-200 9%
201-300 11%
301-400 5%
401-500 3%
500+ 7%

So it looks like the majority of those that spent donuts were willing to invest a small amount on eggs….but very few of you went donut/egg crazy!  (which makes me happy…cause you were listening! 😀 )

Did You Spend Donuts On
Additional Egg Generators
Yes 18%
No 82%

This one also surprised me.  Thought the number of you that purchased an additional MK machine would be higher.  But this shows that you were happy with your free one 🙂

Did You Experience
the Basket Glitch?
Yes 51%
No 49%

This one STUNNED me!  More than HALF of you guys experienced the basket glitch.  Just imagine how much higher that all unique items with no donuts total would be if there was no glitch!   Absolutely FLOORS me!

Did You Experience
Issues w/ Your Zapper?
Yes 26%
No 74%

Another number that surprised me.  Was surprised how many of you had issues with the Zapper!

Did You Report 1 or
More Glitchs to EA?
Yes 11%
No 89%

Here’s another one that kind of made my jaw drop a bit.  Out of those of you that experienced a glitch…only 11% actually reported it to EA.  That shocks me!  Perhaps this could explain why they move slower on glitch fixes?  Not enough reports of them?  This is why we encourage you to report your issues to EA, so they’re aware.  The more Tappers “storming the castle” the quicker they’ll be to respond (look how fast they fixed Friend Points) …

Did EA Resolve
The Issue For You?
Yes 23%
No 68%

My assumption on this one is that the majority of the reports were basket or zapper glitches….

Did You Exchange
Eggs w/ Neighbors?
Yes 95%
No 5%

This one made me smile 🙂  Truly a social update…and you guys certainly took advantage of it!

Did You Win 15 Donuts
For the Sucking Out Task?
Yes 43%
No 57%

Guess this update didn’t have as many fences in it as we thought!

Did You Win the
Faberge Egg?
Yes 76%
No 24%

Looks like as difficulty of finding the egg eventually paid out…as most of you  found that Faberge Egg!

Did You Want Easter
Yes 53%
No 31%
Meh 16%
What Are Your Thoughts
On the Wheel/Box Element?
Hate them! 46%
Love them! 10%
Meh 44%

This one surprised me as well.  Not so much the Love vs. Hate…more so the number of you that really don’t mind the Wheel!  You can take it or leave it!

Overall Rate TSTO
Easter 2014
1 (Worst Update) 10%
2 5%
3 10%
4 11%
5 15%
6 15%
7 20%
8 10%
9 2%
10 (Best Update) 2%

WOW!  The breakdown of this surprised me!

Now that you guys have some of the basic breakdowns let’s get into the actual prizes.  We’re going to do these by box color:

Let’s start with what you DID NOT win: (sorry guys…initial numbers on the prizes won were not correct.  Had the wrong column in the data spreadsheet indicated for calculating…sorry about that!  Corrected now..checked and triple checked.  Thanks to Grectile for calling out the weird results to me! 🙂 )  

What Items from the BLUE Box Did You NOT Win?
Item Pink Blue
Egg Council Guy 45% 11%
Johnny Fiestas 34% 11%
What Items from the PINK Box Did You NOT Win?
Item Pink Blue
Chirpy & Bart Jr 10% 41%
Blocko Store 12% 31%
What Items from the GOLD Box Did You NOT Win?
Item Pink Blue
Banana Dictaorship 7% 8%
Bunny 24601 12% 14%
Fr. Sean 49% 47%
Hugs Bunny 42% 45%
Shary Bobbins 84% 81%

Now let’s see what you won!

What Items from the BLUE Box Did You Win?
Item Pink Blue
Egg Council Guy 55% 89%
Johnny Fiestas 66% 89%
What Items from the PINK Box Did You Win?
Item Pink Blue
Chirpy & Bart Jr 90% 59%
Blocko Store 88% 69%
What Items from the GOLD Box Did You Win?
Item Pink Blue
Banana Dictaorship 93% 92%
Bunny 24601 88% 86%
Fr. Sean 51% 53%
Hugs Bunny 58% 55%
Shary Bobbins 16% 19%

W-O-W!  Look at those splits!  Basically about even in a lot of ways, and you can definitely see how many cleared their main box & it looks as though the Gold Box Odds were pretty close to even for both colors!

So there you have it my friends!  The complete Easter breakdown!  What do YOU think of the results?  Anything jump out at you?  Anything surprise you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

For now…remember Easter is over.  Time to put all those feelings behind us and move onto bigger and better things! 🙂

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120 responses to “Addicts Want To Know: Easter Survey Results

  1. Great work on this poll! I did report to EA and also post to EA forum alk the time. I shared your poll to my gaming facebook account. Thanks for all the great work you do here for us. 🙂

  2. The reason I bought blur eggs was because I couldn’t get them through my baskets which didn’t work. I did report thr glitch to EA and I did get them collected all in one swoop once with blue eggs added to my total. They were very apologetic etc. but didn’t make any difference to my baskets being able to collect eggs. Was left with 16 pink baskets, 8 blue out and several more in my inventory. Hence had to buy blue eggs or would never have had a chance to open any blue boxes.

  3. It’s a little comforting to see that the one I’m most annoyed about not getting (Shary Bobbins) is the one only a few players got.

  4. I have never reported a glitch to EA because I always assume im not the only one and others probably already notified them of the issue and theyre probably already working on it so why bother. And my guess is most people think the same way according to the poll results! Id contact EA only if there was something wrong that is specific to my town.

  5. Well, I have to say half the joy from the event came from the joint griping about it here on this blog 😉

  6. Felt ok with what I got, but wish that buying eggs with donuts would had bettered your odds since you spent real money. Also, not sure if anyone else has the login problem? I still can’t log in since the post Easter update. It kicks me out of the app before my town gets to load up. Tried my girlfriends account on the same devices and it works fine? Not sure why and EA seems to blame it on the update? Anyone else can chime in or help ?

    • Never heard them blame it on the Update? I know it got worse for a lot after the newest one. Have you contacted EA about your device specifically? Some towns are completely locked out vs the lagging. Two separate issues that need separate attention. I would suggest contact them if you have not already.

      • Yes, contacted them told them what was happening. They said a large volume of similar complaint was coming from people’s post Easter updates. They were looking into it I was told, saying they are trying to resolve the update issue.

  7. Looks like in general people didn’t hate the event, but no one really loved it either. I hope they do better next time.

  8. Did anyone else realise that if u switched eggs with someone else that u were taking eggs off yourself?

    • We posted about it in the description for the baskets.

    • Yep, you gave them 100 of the color of the basket, & you got 50 of the other color. They didn’t give you the 50, though, it was just “given” to you, kinda like EA should have just “given” everyone 500 golden eggs to use the day before the event was over.

  9. Barely anybody got sharry bobbins, I only got two thing from gold boxes. Easter fence and banana dictatorship very upset I didn’t get father Séan. :(:(:(:(:(:( not too bummed I didn’t get sharry bobbins.

  10. I saw that there was 5% of us that didn’t share eggs and it was such a vital part of the game but I can understand why they didn’t, I found it really hard to get my egg numbers up so most of the time I only had enough to open a box and not share any. In the end I added more friends to try and get my numbers up but it just seemed like I was getting nowhere. It took me all month to do the whole questline because the tasks weren’t starting even when I had all my characters available, they didn’t auto start, I’d have to put them onto a different task and then they would kick start the next Easter task after that. I did enjoy it but it just seemed to take forever for me and i reached levels 37-38-39 and 40 during the quest! Xx

    • Some couldn’t. Basket glitches prevented it for a lot.

      • I know, what a pain that was! When I found I had some eggs left over to swap I would try to swap them but most of my neighbours had the basket glitch, it weird how it only effected certain players. My hubby and I both play, both on iphone4s’s, both on the same level. I had the zapper glitch and trouble with my baskets and he didn’t get any glitches. Same as now with the lag I’ve got it, he hasn’t lol! Alright for some hey!

  11. I was only 3 fences off the 50 fence mark, which I would have gotten if I’d know the event was going to end (I hadn’t been tapping in a couple of days due to study). Pretty mad!

    • Also, did anyone else have lots of half full egg baskets? I thought that was a bit of a fail for the event (possibly my fault too for putting all the baskets out before I realized they only got filled individually). I was hoping that EA would at least fill the baskets up at the end of the update, or give us a surprise prize at the end, like they did with the Valentine’s Day update

    • Almost there! But well done for getting that far I only got 23 out of 50. So very well done

  12. I had to spend donuts on golden eggs, Sharry Bobbins was still missing, but I waited the very last day to do so. I only got one try per day for the golden box, so after this one also failed I gave up and bought some with donuts.

  13. 49 fences. Forty. Nine. Fences.

    • Ouch! Makes me want to send you a few donuts 🙁

    • me too. X^\

    • I feel your pain! I was two away myself. I hated the randomness of this event and not getting those free donuts was further insult to injury! I think the “sucking out” criteria should have been ANY worthless decorations, not just fences. Each time I got another useless egg pile or another pond, everyone around me knew it! I hope EA will at least re-consider and allow us the option to sell all these crappy decorations! I’m so annoyed by them that I can’t even stand seeing them in my inventory!

  14. Surprised I was able to suck out, as the majority of people did not!

  15. i did get everything and then some. spent donuts on gold boxes to get Hugs and Shary at last moment. Gave Easter event a 7 but i did enjoy it with the obvious exceptions!

  16. Won johnnycake fiestas just after I voted in this 😉

  17. There was so much negativity surrounding this event, but I’m glad this blog tried to stay positive during the whole thing (unlike some other blogs… yikes)! This is half the fun.

    • Agreed!!! This lovely lil site is truly amazing with an AWESOME STAFF!!! Yes i am kissing butt and yes its true you gals and guy are awrsome!!

    • That’s so true! Lots of blogs tried to get people down but you guys kept our spirits high!

      • It is a game…games are full of winners and losers. Thus is life. It’s more the company surrounding you while playing and if you are having lots of fun that counts and matters.

      • Bunny, I really appreciate everything you do and post for us but the “it’s a game” comment really bothers me. I understand this if someone is playing freemium. However, as soon as donuts are spent, the randomness needs to be taken out. That’s what frustrated me the most about this update. Spent over 200 donuts on baskets (because of glitches), golden eggs and the extra Frink Generator and I still missed out on Shary and Sean.

        • I understand your frustration with the game. The glitches did impact the outcome sadly. Had the baskets worked as intended, I honestly feel that it would have been a more successful event. There was a major glitch. No one saw it coming. No one.

          That being said, I also know that donuts were used by many towards the end. Playing freemium from day one I know how precious they are. My A game still is freemium to this day. That’s why I pushed for people to hang on to them til the last bit. That way when all possible was got for free THEN you can spend donuts, but wisely as more boxes would’ve been opened.

          I understand many were upset they didn’t get what they want. I call it a game because that is what it is. EA is trying new things. They added a whole mix of odds the event. They were not known to any general user, not until we put all the data out there. I look at this event as many others described and as we pointed out…a game of chance. Much like thousands of arcade games worldwide for ages. You put a coin in and chance a prize. Ticket machines are like that. Claw machines. Token machines. All just a game.

          Difference was if you DID want all the items in this game you could get them by buying them out right. For example… 450 donuts bought 9 truckloads of gold eggs. 9 truckloads gave you 9 spins each for a total of 81 spins in the gold box. 81 spins equals all gold prizes unlocked in the gold box. That was worst case scenario for that box. Some opened items much sooner.

          The event is over. We can pick n pull it apart but why? Why create more anger on something gone. I honestly think best thing to do is to give EA our feedback. Use your experience and passion with what happened in the event for good. To better it. Let EA know. They’ve changed the game a lot from feedback since it started. Enough voices heard on this past event will help impact that change. Many listened to our prompts to contact EA during the event due to issues and were compensated. Maybe you could still give it a try? Never know.

          In the end, we are just here to help all we can. But we are just players too. I myself…I’m just trying to play a game and enjoy the good of it. If I have issue…I let EA know. Make my voice heard. Always. 🙂

          As for my comment about games above…I stand by it. It was a generalization of ANY game around. From simple tag, to board games, to card games, to sports games. Its all about enjoyment. Friends. Surroundings. Good company. THAT is what makes it worth while. 🙂

  18. 5 percent did not share eggs…sharing eggs was a major point in the event…you actually needed to…I did like that aspect… BUT I DIDN’T WIN DIDDLY!!!…oh, sorry…did I spit at anyone…here’s a kleenex… 🙂

  19. I’m pretty sure there were others like me who did the survey, then ended up winning more premiums. I know I got Shary & Hugs after I did it.

    • I only got the 15 donuts for S O…and that feb egg…after the survey.

      • Well good mornin sunshine 🙂
        I know… it’s noon there LOL.

        I like where you put your egg & the nutcrackers were a nice touch 🙂

        (attempt #2 to post LOL… WordPress started acting weird last night)

      • Oh you saw the egg…lol…I didn’t think anybody would see it… 🙂 …yep, 1:45 now…just replaced the storm door to the back of our house…gotta help dye my mom’s hair for church tomorrow… 🙂

        …happy happy, joy joy…*does a little old school tap dance, w/slide*
        😉 🙂 😉

        • Sounds like you need some Freak time 😉
          Used to dye moms hair all the time. Why don’t you get someone to help you with everything? You could pay her in donuts 😉 (or that cooking you always talk about, but I never get any of) :p

          • Just want some happy pills… 🙂 …I have a woman that wants to help but she wants strings…lol… )

            • Those darn strings… they are always attached to something that you don’t want :/

              My son & I had a discussion about the exact same thing earlier. Everyone wants to “fix me up”… well, I don’t need fixing LOL

              • freaknstein8

                No this woman has had the bad road with men…as many have had…I fear being the next bad man…not that I am bad, but…lol…I don’t wanna hurt her…nothing in common, no real chemistry…mostly just see her at church…every girl I ever dated from church ended up being baaad girls…lol 😉

              • granmamaDar

                Meh @ you being the next bad experience for her. I do understand the chemistry part, there has to be something there, or forget it. Feels like kissing your sibling (Yechhhh!).

                Funny that you say women you’ve seen in church have been bad, when I was young my experiences (what little as my age), was that the boys from my bible study class were the naughtiest LOL (ESPECIALLY the pastors son hahaha)

              • freaknstein8

                🙂 …went to the store to get the dye for my mom…got back to see she found some she already had…said she’d do it herself…went to work…came back to find she used both kits and now has reddish hair…not her intention…in a moment of clarity, she hugged me and apologized…so, I love her… 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                Awww, how cute. See, there’s always something to be happy about in your situation! 😀

          • I fixed MandarinOrange chicken tonight…mmmmm!!! 🙂

            • Yummmm! I couldn’t help myself yesterday & got the closest thing to Chinese food in this one horse town…Panda Express LOL! I didn’t bother correcting the young lady behind the counter who asked me if I meant chop suey when I asked for the lo mein.

              • freaknstein8

                …this one horse town…I may have passed your town on Oct. 20th, 1983…was the day that I woke up in downtown LA…passed through AZ on highway 40 in a greyhound bus headed to SC…I had just become a civilian… 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                Our little town is booming, but still not there yet. I’m already itching to move farther west… or maybe to the east coast 😉 , never been east of OK LOL.
                I-40 is a bit from me, but you were still in my neck of the woods, why didn’t you stop in? 😉

              • freaknstein8

                Oh you were prolly with hubby #1… 😉

              • granmamaDar

                1978? LOL

              • freaknstein8

                1983…#2??? 🙂

              • psst…she’s looking for you over on the Open Thread 🙂

              • freaknstein8

                Hey Alissa…not used to open thread working til later 🙂

              • lol no worries my friend…just saw her commenting for you there 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                Thanks Alissa, I can always count on you to have my back 😉

              • freaknstein8

                Oh Alissa, are you okay today??? 🙂

              • Meh…little chaotic around here today trying to get some Spring Cleaning done. Always more that could be done…

              • freaknstein8

                🙂 hope things wind down for you…uh…I wish you ALL a good evening… 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                You make it sound like you are leaving Freak?!? The party is just getting started!

              • granmamaDar

                LOL, about 😛

      • So tired from tapping last nite, never paid attention. Gonna go check out the egg now!

      • Now that is Awesome Freak! Nice work with the concrete and love the new message lmao!

  20. Easter was my worst experience with this game ever. I’m a freemium player but in the past, Whacking Day for example, I’ve been able to get everything. Not this time around. I played every 4 hours during the time I was awake as not to miss out on my carrots rotting. I did NOT get, the Blocko store, 50 fences (I got 41), Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr, Bunny 24601, Fr. Sean, Shary Bobbins, etc. I do have a ton of egg collections. Grrr. Anyway, I will not let this game suck me in like that again. What a waste of time.

  21. So, just to clarify, of the 13,000+ people who answered your poll, approximately 90 of them cleared all the prizes without using donuts, or less than one percent (0.66% to be exact).

    Those are brutal odds, and possibly within the margin of error.

    • I think what’s more telling is how many had a glitch. I’ll have to rerun the percentages tomorrow with those no glitch and that won everything number.
      No telling what would have happened if the baskets worked at as should.

  22. …”13,000 responses”…..sorry about that….I thought this was a contest and entered 12,900 times…..LOL.😜 But all kidding aside, I am also a little shocked by the results. It is clear the basket glitch (and a few more I think that were happening unbeknownst to most) killed the chances for so many to reach their goals. Thank you soooo much for posting the survey and the results…..I just love that kind of stuff.👍😊

  23. Im mad that they took my extra baskets away after the event. I stashed them hoping to use as decorations for my easter area. After the Easter Removal Update they vanished.

  24. You know, I’m not actually as disappointed now that I know that a heck of a lot of people got the stuff I didn’t. I guess I just had really bad luck to not even get the Blocko store from my secondary colour, even though I was tapping away several times a day and visiting 100 friends every day. Also missed out on Father Sean and Shary Bobbins.

    • The initial results were off. I had the wrong column calculating the percentages for the actual prizes won. If you look again, it should look a lot better as far as the actual prize results..

  25. I still keep forgetting and find myself looking for bunnies to zap! I guess it’s good it’s over.

  26. the reason I don’t report problems to ea is when I have in the past they have been pretty rude and rarely resolve the issue so why bother wasting my time. this game is starting to feel a bit like mafia wars did when it got too big and the developers tried to do too much at once and pretty much everything fell flat

    • Make sense. I’m not a fan of their new Customer Service system. They used to be so much better…then they outsourced the chat. And it’s basically just AWFUL. Sometimes you’ll get a rep that’s good and knows his stuff…but most of the time you’ll get someone who just doesn’t have a clue.

    • I second this. There’s no point in contacting customer service… which is why I stopped playing anything by Zynga.

      • SSSShhhh!!!! Don’t say the “Z” word Chris, I played FV, CV & one other I can’t remember when I was on FB, they are very popular when watering the putting green with a hose LOL

    • I contacted EA shortly after Easter event started about issues with my game crashing collecting eggs from my neighbours so I waited and waited and waited some more for a response which I got today nearly four weeks later! In the end I worked out it was one neighbour it was crashing on which I’ve again detailed to them today! So will report back in 4 weeks! Not impressed with their customer service!

  27. So… 89% of responders DID NOT win all the prizes, but 72-76% DID win Shary Bobbins?

    (scratches head)

    If that really is the case, then I’m super bummed that after playing all day everyday throughout the event, with 100 friends, I still ended up in the 25% minority that didn’t get her. Lame!

    • Hmmm you know…let me double check the numbers. I just pulled them from the spreadsheet they went in, it’s possible something’s off. (it might have calculated from the wrong column) Let me double check them….going to pull the won items for now

    • Yea had a wrong column in there. Thanks for point out the weird numbers! 🙂

      • Not to sound like a hater, but good. I’m glad I wasn’t alone in not getting Shary. Lol.

        Of course, now this opens another gripe:

        Why would EA set up an event where 80+% of the more hardcore, socially active players didn’t win her? :-\

        OK. I’m done griping. What I really wanted was the Blocko store and the Egg guy and I got them both. 🙂

        • As the post says, we think if the baskets had not glitched…the results would have been far different than they are. These results are based on glitches throughout the game preventing proper play. I do not think EA intended it that difficult at all. My opinion anyway. 😉

  28. An overwhelming majority enjoyed this farce we call the Easter event, yet more than 80% did not get everything… C’mon people! We deserve better than this. This chance based crap has gotsta go. Bring back the community/ personal prizes. EA, simplicity is a good thing. I like my steak with just salt and pepper. I know how I like my steak, and I don’t have wheels or boxes next to my grill telling me what seasoning I may win.

  29. 51% gave it 1-5 while 49% gave it 6-10.

    Didn’t I say those would be even, LOL:

    “‘A statistician will say that a person with his head in the freezer and his feet in the oven is on average feeling fine.’
    With general comments in previous posts being that people either hate this event (1-3) or really enjoy it (8-10), I’m curious to see if the net sentiment is near a 5, lol.”

    Guess I was right!

  30. Do you send these results to the guys at EA? Let em know how the addicts feel!!!

    • That’s the plan. 🙂

    • But what is troubling is that when asked if like wheel of chance concept… most people neither hated nor loved it… 44% voted meh…. they could swing it the way of change.. SO EA would just think its ok…. Nooooooo!! I love collecting personal prizes And love that feeling that EVERYONE has been collecting And jointly claim a community prize!

      • I agree with you, however seeing on other blogs, most think they do not like the games of luck and chance, so there is equilibrated balance …
        in my opinion I think it’s unfair an event based on luck …
        Because someone win all the awards and there are others who can not win, it’s aceptable.
        But even spend donuts and of course money to win prizes and finally not win .. seems very unfair ..

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