Episode Reminder: Yellow Badge of Cowardge

Hey there Hoppereenos. The 25th Season of the Simpsons is winding down this Sunday with the final Episode: Yellow Badge of Cowardge. You will get to see what all the interesting dialog and new items have to do with the show. We of course will have an Open Thread to talk about it, or anything else you want.

As for Yellow Badge of Cowardge, here is a lil breakdown:

Bart wins the annual “last day of school” race – with a little help from Nelson – and Homer attempts to bring back 4th of July fireworks, which have been canceled due to low budget cuts.


Here are some clips…



So tune in on Sunday or set your recording devices. This one looks interesting.

Til Next Time…

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6 responses to “Episode Reminder: Yellow Badge of Cowardge

  1. Ouuuuuuh, R.I.P Spider Pig.

  2. Does anyone else still have lagging issues? My game has been a pain to play after the post easter uptade. Im on an ipad

    • Yup quite a few people actually. It’s a known issue that they’re trying to fix. They’ve released 2 HotFix’s since (plus the yellow badge of cowardge update…so 3) and it’s still not 100% fixed. Better for some, worse for others.

  3. Those were cool! thanks for sharing! 🙂 hope i get to watch it tomorrow!

  4. Looking forward to it. Glenn Close is set to reprise her role as Mona Simpson, Homer’s mother. I wonder how she will contribute to this episode…

  5. So today is Alissa’s LEGO word day😉…..let me try to guess the next contest word….um……”smartass”…….or…..”incorigable”……or…..”co-conspiritor”……….but the one that I feel it should be!……..”thiswonderfulsitewouldtrulysuckwithoutyou”😉

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