Last Chance Fit Macaroni!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder…the “Yellow Badge of Cowardge” Episode tie-in is sent to end tomorrow (5/20) at 3:59am EST (8:00 GMT).  So if you’re planning on, or on the fence about, purchasing Macaroni’s have until 3:59AM EST (5/20/14) to make your decision and final purchase.  This is also your LAST CHANCE to unlock Fit Milhouse, if you haven’t already done so.  You don’t have to complete the questline you just have to start it & get to the part where you’ll unlock him.    Tonight is when it’s scheduled to end.  Does that mean they’ll leave at exactly 4AM?  Not necessarily…but do you really want to take that chance?

     macaronisshed_menu unlock_milhouse_fitmilhouse

With YBOC ending tomorrow, does that mean we could see an update hit our games tomorrow?  We’ll have to wait and see just what EA has up their sleeves for us this week, but for now don’t miss out on picking up these items if you were thinking about it!

And…Yes, Cool Lisa will still be here after the update.  She’s a permanent addition to our games as a new Friendship Prize…so she’s not going anywhere!

Will YOU make the purchase?  What did you think of Sunday’s Episode?  Did you enjoy the episode tie-in?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

PS…a special note for those who are currently locked out of their games….If you are currently locked out of your TSTO game….MAKE SURE you contact EA and let them know ASAP…like RIGHT NOW.  Go do it!  Right now!  Seriously what are you waiting for?!

The reason you need to contact them (with your Origin ID and let them know you’re locked out) is so that when access is restored to your game EA knows you were locked out, as a result of the issues right now, and they can give you Fit Milhouse if you missed out.  So Contact EA, WRITE DOWN and SAVE your Case #, and when access is restored contact EA again and let them know you were locked out during the post Easter updates and missed out on Fit Milhouse as part of the Yellow Badge of Cowardge update.  Give them your case number, and they should be able to award your account with Fit Milhouse.

So it’s SUPER important that you contact EA if you’re locked out of your game!  

Contact EA

122 responses to “Last Chance Fit Macaroni!

  1. I missed macaroni’s shed and I wanted to put it next to the Dutchman like a fishing shack. 🙁 And I love how the Sunday night open thread leaked into the fit milhouse and macaroni shed thread! You guys crack me up .Granmamadar and Runi sittin in a tree… Alissa, I thought I saw you at my mall yesterday but it wasn’t you….that was almost awkward! Ryan, I missed the Maya show, I love her, maybe it will be on hulu? Runic, the man behind rune is out!

    • HAHAHAHAHA….what mall was that?

      • Quakerbridge

        • Nope, wasn’t me 😉 but I do pass by there often! I’m more Central Jersey (and YES Central Jersey DOES exist…) so up by Bridgewater Commons (fun fact the LEGO store there is where I got a bulk of the mini figs!) & Menlo Park. 🙂

      • I kind of thought that was your area! I pass through that way a lot on my way to meetings. and by a lot i really mean 2x a year hahaa. I saw that girl and instantly I was like, is that Alissa and did she get really tan in Vegas? luckily I figured out pretty quickly that it wasn’t you before I freaked out this girl!

  2. why are you encouraging that we contact EA .. I’ve been trying to make contact for issues over the past year and they’ve fallen on deaf ears

    trying to get a response is a lesson in futility .. I lost 120 donuts trying to purchase Otto .. the game took my hardly earned donuts and still no Otto or my currency returned

    I’ve given up … I’ve lost my hope and faith in EA and this game

    I used to love it and was greatly addicted .. now… nuh

    • Because if you’re currently locked out of your game letting EA know is the only way you can get items (like Fit Milhouse) that you might have missed as a result of the lock out. And I’d rather see people get the item they missed than sit by, do nothing and miss the chance.

  3. Granmamadar you should go back thru the post and see how things posted out. Amazing!!

    • I kinda saw part of it. I’ve been replying from my email inbox since WordPress is punishing me LOL


    I do like the shed as do the GP’s in their luxory accommodation.

  5. ok peeps, this is a G site! No hanky spanky and besides Granmamadar, this ole man was taken a long time ago, sorry! But i will say i love the attention 😉

  6. News is on be back in an hour.

  7. I have both. I put the shed next to Abe’s cabin bc it looked like an outhouse…..then I saw what it REALLY was Sunday night…lol……….(side note: You should have seen the look on Abe’s face the first time he opened the door to use it……..PRICELESS! LOL😜

    • Hiya Cyber! Would’ve loved to seen his face lol! Did you know your the only one so far that found my Frink’s Lab! i have not seen any handshakes but yours lol

      • Really!?! That’s cool! I’m really into science stuff so I try to tap the lab whenever I can. I put a shout out for you on your “B” town friend request you posted. Hopefully, it will help you fill the friend list. I’m just glad I made the “A-Team”…..LOL……….I’m about to do a little prank in your honor…..are you ready for it?

      • Thanks Cyber! Much appreciated! 🙂

  8. Thanks everyone, I guess EA fixed my fir Milhouse issue, I finally got him. Maybe they fixed it and didn’t tell me, oh well, thanks everyone for your help!

  9. Stored the Van Houten house, still no dialog for Fit Milhouse. I also tried to contact EA, waited to be put in touch with help, started the chat with Meetu, and no response other than my posts. It said ready to chat with Meetu, so I did, and nothing for over a half an hour.

    • You replaced it right? Are you sure you didn’t already get it? Did you check your full inventory? The brown box in the bottom left of the build menu.
      When it comes to EA chats..i have zero control on those. Not sure what’s going on with that one.

  10. I don’t have the macaroni shed but I have fit milhouse.

  11. Ok i got both!! My sincerest apologies to Bunny for having her wait sooooo long for this but work took precedence! AnyHoo, this is me!

  12. I opened a case with EA on Thursday about my game crashing and have yet to receive a response. Is there anything else I can do with EA, or should I just sit here and wait for Ned to show up at the fence, saying “Hi-diddly-ho neighbor”?

    • You can try following up with them if you’d like (they should have given you a case #), but beyond that there’s nothing more at this point but waiting.. 🙁

  13. Got both, love both 🙂
    If your town has an area with the farm & trees, I highly recommend Macaroni shed

  14. Should I log out of the game?

  15. I have the shed, Milhouse is free, but no conversation has been started for fit Milhouse. I do have some lagging problems, but game is working. Did I not get the update? I shut down my computer, then back up, still nothing?

  16. I can’t login to get anything 🙁 I reported it so hopefully EA will put it back in my game once they resolve the issue.

  17. I have the shed, but how do I unlock fit Milhouse?

  18. Bandango Phillips

    My game is having serious lagging and crashing issues but it is not locking me out. Should I contact EA for this or has someone else already reported a similar problem for samsung galaxy tab 3?

    • You should always report the issue. The more people that report it the better it is. But I can tell you the lagging issues have been reported.

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