5/20/14: Google Play Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Little update in the Google Play Store (sorry iOS nothing out for you just yet).  So go on and download it now.  It’s another attempt to fix the lag issue.

For me on my GS4, I’m noticing some drastic improvement.  Although still spotty at points.  Much better than it was last night.

Let us know how YOUR game looks.  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

PS Don’t forget to check out Bunny’s post if you’re still experiencing the lag issues.

67 responses to “5/20/14: Google Play Update

  1. If you’re on ipad or iphone, there’s no need to store all your NPCs, just zoom in on your town.

    • Storing my NPC’s helped! I have uninstalled, installed, visited Krustyland, visited neighbors… nothing is helping the lag…
      In fact I almost think it’s hilarious during the lag that I get a second voice, an echo so to speak…

  2. It’s fine on my S3 mini, still won’t run on my Tab 3 🙁

  3. Still very lagging on all my Nexcus devices (Galaxy, 4 and 7). At least I got through all 100 friends without a single crash. But that may just as well have been luck. Friend visits on the Nexus 7 were almost unbearably slow.

  4. IOS just crashes. Haven’t seen my game since the Easter removal. 🙁

  5. I don’t even know how to do an update on this tablet… I don’t even know how to uninstall/install the game….I dislike Droids very much right now. My son just went to work, & he’s the one that installed it on the dumb thing for me. There is no “settings” like my IPhone, there is arrrggghhhh I’m gonna go cray cray with this lag!

  6. Hey bunny did you get my message

  7. My lag had improved a lot since the post Easter update but with the new update it’s worse than it ever was!

    I’m also noticing with the last few updates that my game will suddenly not open but Google Play doesn’t show updates available. I’ve had to uninstall/reinstall the game with each update!

  8. Hello on this beautiful LA day. Just a reminder to my awesome neighbours:
    Please don’t drop me from your friends list! I can actually enter my town now but, alas alas, cannot yet visit my neighbours!

    I’m working with two amazing EA specialists to fix this (thank you Steven and Wayne!).
    I suggest opening an EA ticket if you’re having issues. The crappy part is not knowing if you’ll get a person who loves and plays the game or somebody who doesn’t give a hoot. So far it’s been halfsies; some horrible, some absolutely wonderful.
    Hopefully soon I can give FP’s to my neighbours! Thanks for understanding! 😉 sliqstream

  9. still laggy at times on my Samsung galaxy s3, but not as bad as before, but noticing it get a bit more laggy as time passes….

    • I notice on my S4 that it gets laggy around the moving characters I have secluded to one corner, but if I go to an area where none are…it moves around fine.

  10. I think I might experiment with sending a few more people on outdoor tasks after I post this (assuming the wifi didn’t kick me off the update, heh). The lag was pretty bad in my game – it improved a lot with the last update, but I still can’t have more than 2 characters on outdoor tasks without rendering the game unplayable – a real bummer since so many of those tasks are hilarious, and in some cases my only options are one hour tasks and 24hr tasks if I avoid the outdoor ones (I’m looking at you Father Sean). We’ll see what happens…

    • Well, poop.

      Scrolling is worse, the lag is the same and I already have two characters out. I’m posting here while I wait for my game to reconnect. So much for that. 😐

    • I removed all my roads and have my characters all in one area. If I go to that area it slows WAAAAY down, but once past it…it picks up and moves better. So I have them kinda in an open field so to speak away from buildings.

      • That’s a good idea, I’ve noticed that too – luckily my town is such that there is a lot of open space so I could probably pull something similar off. I haven’t had the heart to remove the roads or store the NPCs, but it does almost act normally otherwise, provided I don’t click on those thumbs all at once, and only when necessary for the most part. I might try a modified version of what you’re doing though – besides, it’d be funny to see Legs & Louie dunking the hapless victim while the Sea Captain tries out his latest joke as Patty hula dances, among other sights in close proximity. 😀 This reminds me, I have a couple of screenshots to send for your amusement if no one else’s – were it not for this site, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to look up how to take one on my phone.

        If I haven’t said it before, thank you all for everything you do, this site has been a wonderful resource to me for a little while now. 🙂

  11. I tried my iPhone and iPad but still nothing. Then I decided to give Bluestacks a try on my son’s PC…. TADA!!!!

    I was able to login and clean up my town with all the handshakes. Of course Milhouse and the weekend stuff is gone before I got in but at least I could get in. I put a ticket in this past weekend, but I am not sure EA will do anything since they keep closing them.

    Hopefully they fix iOS in the next day or two. Then at least I can feed my daily habit of tending to my neighbor-eenos.

  12. Am I the only one who still can’t even get into my game? Crashes every time. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. A brand new game works just fine but when I use my origin ID it’s crash city. Ughhhhhhhhh

  13. The lag continues for me, but it’s definitely better. The remaining lag could very well be the graphics card on my computer.

  14. Still awful. It took me 2 1/2+ to do my town and visit all 100 neighbors. I lost count of how many I was kicked off and had to restart my phone. I accidentally hit the back button once and the confirm message popped up “Do You Want To Quit Playing?” I seriously thought about it…

  15. Just cleared out my Springfield and had no lag issues! To be fair, my lag wasn’t too bad to start with, but I’m glad they are working on ithe for those that it is.

  16. Does any one know of any stores that sell lego figure bags besides online websites? Thanks

    • Toys R Us and the LEGO Store is where we got them.

      • Quick story: BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER…………Mom took me to Toys R Us …put me in front of a shopping cart……said “Today is your Magic Day” ……”You have a $100 limit…go nuts” (to a 10 year old this felt like a million bucks)…….I was in there for HOURS!

        • sweet!
          Have a similar experience. Only it was a you can get everything you can carry..and I was 5. Needless to say I didn’t figure out you could just pull the little paper things for a new bike and power wheels cars….still got some cool stuff tho!

      • Thanks I’m defiantly considering buying a few bags

    • Doughnut if it’s a classic toy bag try Love Saves the Day in New Hope, PA

  17. So I was tapping all my hand shakes when all of a sudden the Bart screen of death popped up. At first I thought it was a hiccup with my wi-fi but it said my account had been logged into on another device. This has happend once before and I changed my password in my origin account but now its happening again and I’m wondering whats going on and if there are other things I can do to stop it.

    • No worries on the “Other device” pop up. I get them all the time. It happens in cases like this where you suddenly are out of your game without it getting a chance to sync up. So it thinks that YOU are still in the game playing. Not kicked out. So the pop up appears. “Other device” is just a generic line. You can try restarting to see if it goes away, if not…just play on. No big deal.


    • This happens to me every time I log out of my account and back in again, even if it is on the same device within seconds – I usually just ignore it, and so far I havn’t lost anything.
      Or at least nothing I noticed… 😉

  18. Lag still seems to be there. Still having problems visiting neighbors as well.

  19. I’m waiting for Apple to approve the update for the iOS fix. My iPad4 works almost normally (from the earlier hot fix in-app update) when moving around my town or when visiting some fellow iOS users. Only really slow when I visit friends using Android…(like a certain “bum” and “Hare Head” I know) or folks assigning EVERY character to an “outside” task.😉

  20. Lag seems to be gone after downloading this! Though the lag was never that bad on my phone – it was there and a bit annoying, but still playable.

  21. Before this update, I had removed all NPCs and extra items. High lag areas had items moved to unused spots. I also moved almost all characters into indoor tasks. By doing this my lag was under control.

    After the update, I have a few characters on outside tasks. The lag seems to be controlled but scrolling is not as smooth. A swipe only gets a third to a half the scrolling distance as before.

    I visited a neighbour who had a moderate amount of lag. While the animation is a bit choppy, it is responsive enough for play. I have not visited a neighbour who has heavy lag to test this update.

    • After rechecking my game, I need to make a correction to my earlier post.

      Lag in high lag areas are still problematic. The overall responsiveness is lower than before. Scroll lag/stutter is now present even in previously unaffected areas. Krustyland is now suffering the same problems as Springfield.

      Basically, I got more response in areas that were previously unresponsive but I lost a bit of responsiveness in areas that were already responsive.

  22. I hope iOS get the update my world is okayish on my iPad but visiting friends is a nightmare still no update yet!

  23. Received the update, but unfortunately no noticeable difference. Still lagtastic.

  24. Bomb, didn’t even notice it updated itself while I was visiting my friends Springfield’s–I mean working. Working very diligently.

  25. Ugh, well this is weird. Just updated my phone and my tablet (both on Kitkat). The Tablet is no better at all, not in the slightest, but my phone is actually smooth as butter now. WHY?! So frustrating as I bought the tablet mainly to play Tapped Out, but now I’m stuck on the 5 inch screen 🙁
    Something is better than nothing I guess…

  26. This update has made a huge difference (so far, will know better with longer play). My iOS game has been fairly okay since the patch from the other day.

  27. Minimal improvement in my own town – still plenty of lag. No improvement for visiting.

  28. Still terrible lag for me. But it doesn’t crash on one neighbor anymore whose town reliably sent it to hell last week.

  29. Still experiencing lag but better since downloading update

  30. Oh no does that mean iOS aren’t getting one? 🙁

    • iOS takes a little longer to release these types of updates. Might be trying to find the solution. One will be out soon I’m sure.

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