Where Did THAT Come From? Bunny #24601

Hey there Hoppereenos, figured since all of you miss the Easter Event soooo much (LOL, OK maybe just me) that it was time to finally put up a post that has been sitting in the wings for a while. That elusive and oddly named fuzzy flying animal.

Bunny 24601

So everyone continually questioned as to where this lil animal came from. Why was it added to our games? What was so significant about the name?

Well, there is a bit of a back story on this one. One that I think many of you may know but not realize. Something that is more Geek Mythology and representation than anything. A simple story that was taken and turned into a statement used by many now, just by using a series of numbers.

It all started with a book by Victor Hugo called Les Misérables. The main charcacter, Jean Valjean, wore prisoner #24601. He was a simple man that was only trying to help his starving family and ended up a prisoner of 19 years for it. He eventually gets let go, but not free. He finds himself hiding from the law and his identity while struggling to survive. He in turn becomes a wealthy business man. (The book was loosely based on the life of a real man by the name of Eugene Vidocq. He was a prisoner turned successful businessman.) The interesting part in all of this is  number, prisoner #24601, was hardly spoken of at all in the book. It was also never spoken by Javert in the book, the Police Inspector that hunts him down. It was not until the musical adaptation took hold that the focus on the number really began. The adaptation had Javert calling Valjean only by his Prisoner #24601. The story hit very close to home with many as it is more about a struggle of poor vs wealthy. Those that had a good life vs those that were given a title of shame they could never shake. A story of the underdogs fighting for what is right. 

So why Simpsons? Well for years now more of the community has embraced the idea of the struggle of prisoner #24601. It is used to portray someone that is being overly punished for innocence or something simple. Someone being repressed. Someone fighting “the man” to get recognition. It has been embraced so deeply by the “Geek Community” that it has made its way into the very characters of the Simpsons TV Series.

Sideshow Bob: The ever punished man. Pushed to the edge by a lil boy named Bart. He tries and tries to catch a break, but never seems to be able to. He just can never shake his past. Much like Valjean. So, the writers found it quite fitting to tag many of his prison uniforms with the number #24601 throughout the series. They even went as far as in Season 17, Episode 8: The Italian Bob, to mention Les Misérables. Lisa is pleading with the rest of the Simpsons for Bart to give Sideshow another chance. She points out many books have characters that made something better of themselves, examples of redemption…like Jean Valjean.

Principal Skinner: The secretive man that hid his real name and identity for year from Springfield. Portraying someone he wasn’t. Sound like Valjean? In one episode, Season 5, Episode 1: Homer’s Barbershop Quartet, we see him find the metal helmet he wore as a Prisoner of War. The number inscribed, #24601

24601 Skinner

Marge Simpson: Season 4, Episode 21: Marge In Chains. When sickness overtakes Springfield, a weak and weary Marge makes her way to the Kwik-E-Mart for supplies for the family.  She somehow ends up with a flask of whiskey in her pocket. After being found guilty, she is sent to prison, where she is Prisoner #24601.

24601 Marge

So to add to all this mix of things Prisoner #24601, they introduced a Fuzzy Flying Bunny into our game. As with the dialog for the events, I think this is another jab at the game itself. The poor Easter Bunny is just a lil animal trying to fit in in the big Holiday Events. Portraying someone highly important when in fact, it is just a cute lil bunny and the holiday…made up. Nothing important. (Though I don’t mind it. Lol.) I also look at it as the programmers and coders way of saying they are all prisoners of the game itself. Constantly creating and changing to please the world, when all they want to do is be free to create what they love. (My thoughts anyway. Lol.)



There you have it. A simple number that started in a simple book in the 1800’s that has spanned the world and now used in everyday life.

Did YOU win Bunny#24601? What do YOU think of it? How many times have YOU seen #24601 in the Simpsons TV Series? Sound off in the comments below.


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18 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From? Bunny #24601

  1. Bunny may I add you on tapped out?

  2. Wow i had no idea that there were so much references to victor hugo in the series..

    I won rhe bunny but just like the egg man they are mere decorations without earnings:(

    Add me as RockerMarie. Im level 33

  3. I knew the number had to have had some significance to it! I just never connected it.That is totally kewl thanks for the post oh furry one 🙂 I don’t care much for modern musicals, much newer than the 80’s, but I highly recommend Les Mis, . My son’s gf begged me to watch it with her, she said it wasn’t like all the other modern musicals. She was right!

    BTW, no making fun of me tonight for grammer, etc, I’m heavily sedated, 3rd back injection today, nor a happy camper

    • So…what is the excuse for the grammar all the OTHER nights. BWAHAHAHAHAH 😛

      You are welcome. I was most impressed by the new Les Mis musical. Very much so. Loved the raw feel to it all. Like you were there, live, watching it. Amazing! 😉

  4. One of my favorite NPCs…. I must admit I’m partial to Snowball II, just because I love cats and I love the alternate hairball horking and meow snuggle.

    But… I also love to tap this friend and see a little take fly/flap.

  5. Who are you guys trying to kid? This message s clearly what happens when you splice bunny and wookie DNA..??

  6. Can’t wait for the lag to be fixed so I can take my bunny out of inventory. I’m a fan of musical theater and I LOVE Les Mis. I didn’t place #24601 and also didn’t know all of that background on the number. Thanks for a great post, Bunny! I bet it’s one of those things that now that I know I’ll be seeing it everywhere.

  7. This is why I love this site! Thanks Bunny, I am now in geek heaven, swept up in the thrill of trivial knowledge and minutiae that I love so much. Seriously, I live for stuff like this! I wonder if the bunny is meant to represent test animals from laboratories, seeing as he has obviously been experimented on, hence the wings. At any rate, I know have something new to keep an eye peeled for as I watch the Simpsons. Speaking of which, I was shocked to notice in Sundays season finale that as they panned down from Barts room to the living room that the floorboards were empty. Was that the joke, that they purposely and quite noticeably bailed on a running gag? Okay, I’m over stimulated. Beer and bed for me.

  8. Despite of the fact of annoying random box system (it also force me to use my hard earned donuts as im a freemium side to get the JF) well i think i really miss that event

    The hatred feeling when you got more and more fences or eggpiles, collecting and zapping bunnies every 4 hours like it’s a must, the “Joyfull” feeling when you got 250 your common color eggs from the gold box *sigh lol

    I hope the next big event will be much better than the previoUs one

    Anyway got the bunny whatever # on the first week of the event

    • I know that feeling… i also used donuts butto get father sean… fortunately i did aftr all… add me as RockerMarie

  9. Thank you Bunny! i had been waiting for this post! 😉

  10. I was lucky enough to get him. I am crazy about him and love to tap him, just to see him fly! And if I come across him in a neighbours town I tap him just for fun. Thanks for the background and episode tie-in info. I am not a very big follower of the tv series (in South Africa we are always a season or two behind) but love the game. So, sometimes none of what happens in the game makes sense. Luckily there are people like you and the other writer’s that takes the time to keep us informed.

  11. Yep, I won him, he’s pretty cute to have hopping around. Though the sound effect is out of synch with the flying animation; the flapping sound starts before he’s even extended his wings.

  12. Thanks Bunny! I’ve been patiently waiting for this post! 😉

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