Build Your Own Minifigs

Well hello tapperinos.  Our week of Simpsons minifig contests is over and a bunch of tappers got some cool Simpsons minfigs to enjoy.  Here at Addicts, we wish there was a way to give out even more than we did but money doesn’t grow on trees… not even in Springfield.

Bummer and bummer but I did find something pretty snazzy where you COULD make your own minifigs if you were so inclined.  I found this article online and laughed as I watched Chicago animator David Pickett create our favorite family from various blocks.  Click the link below the image to get to the article and video.  It’s over 30 minutes long but I was riveted.

Homemade Lego Minifigs

I have no clue what the cost of all these pieces would be if you had to buy them   (a complete set of the pre-made Simpsons family would be $19.95 US) but tell your Mom, tell your Dad, this is Super Rad.  Really makes me want to visit the Lego store to get Ralph and a bunch of random pieces for the project.  Seems like it truly would be a fun project.  One things for certain, this guy is a GENIUS.

Well, if any of you Addicts do build even one of these, please share with the group.  Until next time, I remain the resident fuzzball.  You stay you, classy as usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

10 responses to “Build Your Own Minifigs

  1. Hmm, I had a hard enough time putting on Lisa’s skirt on the official figure yesterday so I don’t think I’ll be attempting this – by the way, THANK YOU!!! 😀 I would’ve been happy with whatever, but I’m glad I went with my instinct for the grab bag as she was one of my top choices.

  2. Interesting. May too much effort for me though. I just want instructions on how to build a Marge torso. I dropped mine while building her and it apparently fell into a black hole because it is GONE.

    • Oh no! If it makes you feel better, my family somehow lost Marge’s magazine while I was sleeping. We must have the same black hole in our houses.

      • 3 of us have searched every possible (and some out right impossible spots) in the room I dropped it in. To make it worse Target is sold out and I don’t know when I will be able to get more.

  3. “but money doesn’t grow on trees… not even in Springfield.”

    Technically, money grows every 6hrs on the lemon tree.

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