NEW!! Town Hall Player Locator!

So much to see. So many new things. WOOHOO!! EA, yet again listening to the players requests, has now made it simpler to find those characters you have ON a task.



To trigger this task, you just need Marge available to start the dialog going.

Town Hall Census 1


Town Hall Census 2

A very simpler and streamlined feature. Just go to your Town Hall and tap on it. The Town Census option will pop up and you just select “GO”.

town hallTown Hall Census 3

Now you will see every single character listed alphabetically along with what they are doing. Like “Waiting for Something to Do.” or the actual name of the task they are on.Β All it takes now is a simple tap on “Go to” and you are taken immediately to them.

Town Hall Census 4


The really cool thing is this even applies to when the Characters are in Krustyland. It will show up as an orange instead of a blue colored “Go to” in the Town Census. Once you click on it, it will take you right to your Krustyland Shuttle to travel to KL. Once there, it will take you right to where your Character is at.

Town Hall Census 6


Town Hall Census 5

So another amazing change to our games to make Character Location a lot easier. What do you think of the Town Census? Did you notice it yet? Let us know YOUR thoughts on it.



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  1. Help!! Are we suppose to receive patches when we tap on our neighbors camera? I’m only receiving x points and money.

    • Look at my spy on neighbor post, much like all the other items and events (friend points, valentines, etc) you have a set limit to how many you can get per your 24 hour visits. For this event…it is 60. Thing is, if you already tapped before the spy option opened…you may have lost the 60 for the day already and have to wait for it to reset. Just use those taps wisely…ANY tap will count towards the 60 tap total. No matter if it is an Emblem or $$ or Vandalism.

  2. Love the idea, but I see no reason for the extra tap – i.e. no reason you have to goto Town Hall and then tap the only option within that to bring up the list – tapping town hall should just bring up the list. Alternatively, I like the idea, but it’s slightly annoying to have to go find my town hall to get to it – a button like the one in the top left for an idle character would be nice (though icons would start getting crowded).

    Finally, I would love to see some difference (color perhaps) in the icons for characters who are idle vs. in a task vs. completed a task – it would be great to have a list that tells me if there’s any characters waiting for me to take them to complete their task.

  3. I can not get the town cenceus from hitting town hall

    • Did you have Marge free and did she trigger the dialog already to start it? She has to go through the questline to open it for you.

  4. Ohhhh I LOVE this!!!! Esp having about 70+ characters… It makes it so much easier to find them… I had lost homer like a few days ago and thought I had to store the house luckily I just took my time and tapped on buildings that I’m sure he would be in…πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • It’s awesome isn’t it? I love that it’s a list too…and not like the other finder when you have to constantly tap to find the character. πŸ™‚

  5. Cool, yet another great addition to Tapped Out.

    And since we’re talking about new changes, I’ve noticed that now, if you scroll down a menu lightly, it will move further down. It’s hard to put into words, but if you try it you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    • Just found another great one; in our move menus, we can now hide roads and rivers. That makes character storing so much easier.

      EA is certainly listening to us with this update.

  6. You know what’s weird? When I use my “Town Census”, it not only allows me to view my characters, but also you three Addicts characters!?! Let’s just take a look-see ……😳…….OH……OH MY😱……THAT’S JUST “50 SHADES OF”…WRONG!!!…………Yeaaaah, I think I’ll just stick to the “old” task assignor.😁

  7. Thank you Jeebus

  8. I really like this new feature! When you start getting above 50 characters, it gets harder to keep track.

    One new feature I would like to have…It would be great to have a way to set all your characters to one time frame. For example, if I wanted all of my characters to go on 4-hour shifts, I could press one button and all characters with 4-hour options would be automatically start their jobs. If the character did not have a 4-hour option, then I do it the old-fashioned way. Special tasks would still come at the beginning so that I didn’t miss them.

  9. If I am playing level 17 and don’t have the Town Hall yet, is there another way to find my characters?

  10. ..mattbaines..

    When I try to locate Smithers using the new spying system, it shows *ERROR. Any ideas?

    • Store Burns Manor and then replace it. Should fix the issue.

    • I actually just lost Smithers for two days (checked every single building) and had to do the store thing thing this morning to get him back. I think maybe other people had the same issue and might not have even noticed, which may have resulted in the error message if he really was missing.

      • I lost Selma (but not Patty) a month ago and had to store/reset the DMV. Sometimes the game just gets a little wonky. I am just glad there is an easy fix.

  11. This is another great addition to TSTO, there won’t be any more things to improve on very soon if they keep this up. This is off topic but I’m wondering if the donuts are still popping up from visiting neighbor’s towns. I know that getting them is very random but it’s been a few days now since I’ve seen any and I’m curious if anyone has received any after todays update.

  12. I have a question that does and doesnt relate to the game. I went to download this to my buddys phone cause he plays too and I cant find it in the app store for android..
    Why? Just curious. I didnt know where to write this sorry lol πŸ™‚

    • Hmmmm… try typing in the full name of the game (The Simpsons Tapped Out). Also just tapped out or TSTO. I found it on my old LG Ally with just Simpsons but all those worked as well.

    • Hi samantha! You can try going to the games section of the store, and look in the most popular free games. It used to be near the top.

  13. IMO This is one of the best features EA has added to the game. I always wanted to work for the NSA. D’Ohhh that’s right I already do. πŸ™‚

  14. Great feature! With the other locator, you always have to click through everybody if you look for someone, now it is so much easier.

  15. Sweet!!!!

  16. I like and this will make things sooo much easier when i trying to find someone…. πŸ˜€ I also adore that we can block off roads and water now to when moving stuff!! EA is providing a lot of improved UI features with this update which makes me a very happy tapper πŸ™‚

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