Nuclear Option PSA… (updated with results)

Update 6/26/14 (Alissa): The Gil deal has brought back the nuclear option.  It orginally disappeared due to issues of items disappearing from tapper’s inventories but now it’s back in your games!  Woo-hoo!  Go blow stuff up now!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just dropping in with a quick PSA on a NEW feature with the Stonecutters update…the Nuclear Option!

s25e1 cloud

That’s right Tappers…EA has FINALLY given those who want to completely redesign their Springfield the button they’ve all been most coveting….a STORE ALL button!

But we want to warn you…be careful!  If you Tap on this and go through with it…YOUR ENTIRE SPRINGFIELD WILL BE STORED.  Great tool if you want to rebuild your Springfield…bad tool if you’re aimlessly tapping.

Here’s how you access the Nuclear Option:

Go into your Move Menu (the one in the bottom right with the 4 way arrows)

From there you’ll see the a nuclear explosion button on your bottom left:

Photo Jun 03, 1 23 19 PM

Tap on that button to STORE YOUR ENTIRE SPRINGFIELD.  It will warn you just in case you hit it by mistake:

Photo Jun 03, 1 23 29 PM

So there you guys have it…your Nuclear Option PSA!  A long time request of Tappers is FINALLY here!  Just be care how you use this new power!

*******************  UPDATE FROM THE FUZZBALL *********************

Hey hey hey… Wookiee here to let you know just what happens if you push the button.

Dear Jebus!  The agony… the agony… the murderin and the scorchin and the flavorin and the glayvin…

Just kidding.  So I’ve always been that kid that pushed the button I was told not to.  Good news is I did it in my B town where I really haven’t done anything besides 2D.  Like Alissa said, to blow everything up (aka put it all in storage)… go to your move menu.

Nuclear Meltdown

Isn’t that town just ugly?  It’s been asking to be blown up for a long time if you ask me.  That mushroom cloud is all you need to tap.  Your game will then make you confirm your decision FOUR times.  That’s right tappers, there’s really no way to accidentally do this so don’t worry.  Here’s the warnings… they made me giggle because I knew I was gonna make my B town go kablooey.

Nuclear Meltdown 2

Your game will then take you to the load screen while it figures out what to do with all your irradiated bits and pieces.

Nuclear Meltdown 3

When you next get to see your town, all that’s left will be your Simpsons house and Krustyland Shuttle plus any rubbish you may have left in your town.  The rest of your schtuff, bits and bobs will be in storage.  This means any character tasks you had going are canceled and until you replace buildings, the only characters you’ll have will be Lisa and Homer just like the days when you were on Level 1.  It also means your conformometer will reset.

Nuclear Meltdown 4

Additionally, there’s been a lot of questions if this is isolated to just Springfield or Krustyland or effected both.  Well, after I atom bombed my Springfield, KL was fine and dandy.  Just because I have an appetite for destruction (and also was called a guinea Wookiee by reader dapimp), I put up buildings in my Springfield and then dropped the bomb on KL.  I can confirm the storage is specific to each area although my B town theme park is wrecked lol.

Hopefully that clears it all up for you.  As a note, I would advise waiting to do this option until after the Stonecutter Event is over.  In addition, there have been reports of decorations being placed in inventory that disappeared from the game with this event so I would hate for this to happen to anyone desiring to Nuke Their Springfield Til It Glowed.  I can tell you my decs weren’t effected but that’s just me.  I’ve always said I’d rather be lucky than S-M-R-T.

Hope everyone is loving this event as much as me.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

EA seems to giveth and then taketh away. It seems that possibly an issue with items NOT storing and going into outer space may have caused EA to disable the Nuclear option in both Springfield and Krustyland. It was a cool idea, just glad they know to pull a glitch before too much chaos is caused. Lol. I hope they bring it back. I liked it. 

The update also took away the option to store many items, like flowers, shrubs, trees (palm tree too), lamp posts…etc. These were the same items people were stating went missing when the Nuclear option was used.

Cant store items


157 responses to “Nuclear Option PSA… (updated with results)

  1. Wouldn´t it also be convenient to store stuff yourself? and just move stuff around?

  2. My son said there is a bonus decoration or character you get for doing this (nuking the town) . Is this true?

  3. My little niece was playing with my iPad and she pressed the bomb icon and stored my whole town. Is there a way to recover it?

  4. Tapped out needs to have an easier way to redo your layout besides nuking. Like on Clash of Clans. It gives you an empty layout with everything that you own so you can rebuild/rearrange everything, but you still have the original until you’re ready to permanently use the new one.

  5. Is there a way to undo this. My son took my phone and did it and over 8yrs of playing is gone im heartbroken plz help

    • Unfortunately not. But if it makes you feel any better, the game (as we know it now) has only been around for a little over 4 years, so you didn’t lose as much work as you originally thought….

  6. Admittedly, I’ve not read ALL the comments, since there’s so many of them, but I have a couple questions. Suggestions on “where to start” with rebuilding? And, even though the Conform-o-meter gets reset, will I still have all my money and remain on the level that I’m on?

  7. i am not worried about nuking the town, i have done it before. but i have one building that has 11 more hours to go till it is finished. what will happen to it if i nuke the town??

  8. I’m worried about nuking my town…but it’s in such a mess at the moment!

    Should I press the button!?

  9. Nuked my town and now my blast radious for money and finished jobs is gone! Anyone know how to get it back?

  10. I’ve been wanting to nuke my huge town and start over, but if I do, will it reset my Springfield Heights earnings (coffee cups, award statues, chairs, yoga mats, cell phones) because I have all those maxed out waiting for the next SH update to spend all the “money” on new stuff. Also, I max out my garbage and recycling each week after I earn my donuts and monorail pieces so I can start the next week with a full load. Will those also disappear if I nuke the town? Garbage and recycling is fairly easy to earn, but those award statues for Springfield Heights were a monster to earn.

    • It won’t let you store Heights Material making Buildings. Last time I nuked it didn’t store the Recycling ones, but I have not done it recently.

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