Capture The Robed Order

Hey there Hoppereenos. Back for some more information on this really cool event. The Hooded Order Characters that randomly show up in your town. Robed figure 2

After you have completed at least one of #1 Tasks in the main questline, this quest (along with many others) will be open to be triggered too. Homer will kick it off. Robed Order 1

Robed Order 2

Robed Order 3

(SIDE NOTE: The 10 donuts you see are NOT a payout. They are the cost to speed up this particular task. Same as any other. Just wanted to clarify.)

You will start out with 6 Robed Order Characters running around your Springfield. They are quite quick, and much like Sideshow Bob, they will disappear in and out of buildings and areas. They will even run along the very edges of your Springfield. Robed Order 4 Robed figure run   As you tap on them, they disappear and the robe drops empty the ground and disappears too. You are then rewarded with 4 emblems (+3/+1).

Robed figure Robed figure 1


Robed Order 5

Task complete, and you will start to see Robed Order running around now and then in your town. Now the question I know you are going to ask… How many? How often? Well these Members of the Order will pop up in your town 1 every hour for a max total of 6 Robed Order. There is no “bank” on them, so no more will be kept in wait. You have to clear them for more to show up. Each will continue to give you 4 emblems.

So there you go. Just another fun way to add to your emblem count for the event. Do they make you giggle when you tap them? Or is that just crazy lil me? Lol.


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  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    Does anyone else feel like a dork when they try to tap on the zippy little robed ones in their neighbor’s towns? Well I do LOL 🙂

  2. They seem to love the moneyfarm-houses. Hard to tap em there as u can’t get them in the ‘move’ menu. As a result, some of the houses got their christmas-decoration up now. Bit early, but better be prepared I guess.

  3. What kickstarts this event? I can’t visit my friend’s Springfields because I haven’t updated. What is keeping me from this update?

  4. Help! Sorry, don’t know where else to post this! I bought 300 donuts today and immediately got the 100 donut pyramid. I signed in later and the pyramid AND my 100 donuts are gone! I can’t figure out how to contact ea!

    • Did you double check your inventory? (Lil brown cardboard box off to the lower left hand side while in the menus.) It may have accidentally got stored there.

  5. Does the robed men collapsing remind anyone of a scene from a classic movie? “Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”

    • Good catch! I thought I was the only one who noticed the ode to Obi Wan death scene!

      • OH…I caught it right away. So I went in the files and captured the image of the robe dropping so I could use it for this post. It’s the geek girl in me that giggles each time I see it…and does a Luke “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo” yell. Lol.

      • Lots of fanboys noticed it I’m sure. Actually have a post written in drafts about that and more.

  6. The task came up for me once Lisa went to spy…

  7. It will trigger at a random point after finishing some #1 Tasks right? Finished all four tasks for today, and nothing yet.. Waiting impatiently and sending Homer to short tasks and getting in and out of krustyland and my friends to synchronise! I want to tap robed men 🙁

  8. I’ve completed 3 of Number 1′s tasks, visited friends, visited KL, shut down, updated, set everything transparent, and still no robed men in my town??? I can imagine 1 robed man eluding me, but not 6!

    • They spawn every hr…and only 1 per hour (max of 6 in your town at once). Did you complete that part of the questline when it popped up?

      • Sorry for the duplicate post! The questline above has not happened. Homer is walking around free right now even! Do I need someone else free as well?

        • Number 1 triggers it. It should pop up. Try hard closing the app, if that doesn’t work try storing and replacing the Lodge.

      • I just had a similar situation. I have completed the first task of having Homer be the chosen one and sent a kid to drink an extra cold squishee, but I have not had any robed men appear at all. Not even the first six. How do they show up?

      • Closed the app and restarted it, and then stored the stonecutter lodge and reopened and still no robed men anywhere. Any other suggestion?

      • No. She is spending the night in the Knowledgeum. Probably thats the issue. I will let you know if starts when she is free.

  9. I’ve completed 3 of Number 1’s tasks, visited friends, visited KL, shut down, updated, set everything transparent, and still no robed men in my town??? I can imagine 1 robed man eluding me, but not 6!

    • So you never completed the first 6 capturing?

      • Nope, haven’t seen a single one, much less six! Just completed my four tasks even, and Homer has been free quite a bit… I’m only 15 emblems away from the sacred parchment, so things are ‘moving’… Nobody else seems to have the problem, so figured I was missing something! Please oh please, not another glitch!!!

        • Did Number 1 trigger the quest yet? That’s how they start, by the quest triggered by him. If they haven’t try hard closing your app and restarting. If that doesn’t work try storing the lodge and placing it again.

  10. Man! I tapped the first 5 and then it took nearly an hour to find the 6th and tap him. Set the buildings to transparent and that just made the figure untappable once I spotted him. I had to turn it off and by then he had run off screen and I had to search again. Very annoying!

  11. After I’ve completed the first quest and tapped the first 6 members order they stopped showing up in my town. Are they supossed to Spawn 1 every hour? Must be a bug… Anyone know how to fix this?

    • The first 6 will appear all at once so you can complete the quest and continue to move. Once you clear those 6 they’ll start the 1 every hour spawn time. They’re also REALLY hard to find sometimes, especially if you have a large town. They run all over the place and go in and out of buildings.

  12. Liking this event so far, It is better than the Easter event. When I taped the running robes this morning I think I heard one say — I’m melting…

  13. Kevin McConnell

    , So far I am really liking what has come and what is coming in this event. I really did not care for the Easter event, (Sorry Bunny), but , as they say “Hope springs eternal”, Thanks for everything you all do.

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