Eye Spy! Peeking On Your Neighbors

Hey they all you voyeurs. Lol. So now EA has decided to add a fun lil element into the event for us to “Spy” on our neighbors. Why on earth would we do that? Well, other than the obvious reasons….

Eye Spy Eye Spy 2

After completing the Quash Those Who Trespass Against Us questline to seek out and tap on Robed Order characters running around your Springfield, you will see a new quest appear for Trust No One, started by #1, for you to now spy on your neighbors.

Trust No One


Trust No One 1

(SIDE NOTE: The donuts you see are NOT a payout. They are the amount it will take to speed up and avoid this task…it is there more for those that still play with no neighbors.)

In order for this to work, your neighbors had to have completed to that same part of the questline (a good hint they are collecting is the emblems on their counts are above zero).

Spy neighbot visit

You will also notice it is activated in their town due to how it will look when you enter. If you just see the standard $$$, menus, etc…they are not to the point to be spied on just yet. What you want to look for is surveillance cameras and the All Seeing Eye Pyramids.

eye spy 2


By clicking on the Surveillance cameras, you will see an All Seeing Eye Pyramid appear over the building. You will be rewarded with $$, XP, and Emblems. (You can go in both Springfield and Krustyland to do this.)


eye spy 1

(You will know just how many you will get by clicking on the italic “i” next to YOUR Emblem count in the lower left side. If you can, click on your neighbors Stonecutter Lodge as it pays out 5 Emblems.) Keep in mind you only have 60 actions total per 24 hours window in neighbor visits. If you use any of the 60 to tag or collect just money/tickets you lose that option to get the full 60 emblems per day. So use those first 60 taps wisely.

eye spy emblem count 1

eye spy emblem count 2


Now comes the tricky part. As soon as you start “spying” on a neighbor a timer is set. They now have a window of time to clear out the “All Seeing Eye Pyramid Spy” to get the most Emblems payout.

HieroglyphsEye Spy 2Hieroglyphs

This is what your building will look like if a neighbor is spying on you. The All Seeing Eye Pyramid will be moving and hieroglyphics will be scrolling on by over a building. As soon as you see one pop up in your town, tap it right away so you get the most Emblems from it as possible.

Eye Spy

Krustyland Spy


Trust No One 2

Trust No One 4


The amount you can get for “Stop Spying” starts at 5 Emblems and goes down 1 Emblem from there every 2 hours.

Stonecutter Emblem

1-2 hours: 5 Emblems

2-4 hours: 4 Emblems

4-6 hours: 3 Emblems

6-8 hours: 2 Emblems

Over 8 hours: 1 Emblem

If you have your notifications are on, you will be alerted when someone “Spies” on a building in your town.

Spy neighbot visit 1

Once you go to at least one neighbor and “Spy” on 3 buildings the Trust No One mini quest will be cleared. You can continue the fun of “Spying” throughout the even on all your neighboreenos. Lol.

Trust No One 5




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  1. Hey TSTO lovers, add me on juwipop83, I’m a frequent player

  2. I just read further down. Tapping a neighbors stonecutter lodge is 5? Well…… that changes everything. Lol.

  3. Just curious. Some of my neighbors are only tapping one building when visiting my town. Why? I don’t know. This makes no sense to me. There is no benefit. Even if you run out of your 60 actions, you can still help your friends out. I cant figure it out, and one neighbor visits and taps one building only to come back later in the same day and tap one again. Am I missing something?

    • It’s simple, actually. Only the first 60 friends taps count for us and only the lodges count for 5 emblems. When I do my 99 friends, I tap 1 item in each town, (I still do 1 tap if the lodge is already spied on, as I don’t want my friend visit clock to get screwed up, but a lodge is best,) until I no longer get emblems for each tap. At that point, I do the full 3 per town until my friend list is complete. Then, I go back to the last friend with 2 actions left, tap for them and work my way back to the start of my friend list. This means, for some friends, they see me do 1 tap and then they see me tap twice more some time later. That way, I get the maximum emblems I can get and none of my friends will get shorted.

  4. I’m being a little sneaky by taking advantage of the 5x payout for the Stonecutter Lodge…I’m going through all my friends every day and tapping 60 lodges for 300 emblems before spying up everyone else’s towns. If you have enough friends, it’s something I’d recommend doing, because the payoff is quite handsome. I started doing that today (6/10), and it should help me get those precious bonus donuts toward the end of the update. Wish I discovered this neat little trick sooner.

  5. Ahem, *missing
    Mousing 🙂

  6. I didn’t get any of those speech bubbles but I can visit and spy?
    Does the timer reset the same time as the daily number 1 tasks for visiting friends?
    I’m uber kerfuffled with this update :'( waaaa, waaaa, waaaa :'(
    Ooooh, aaannnnddd, anybody else mousing Smithers?? He’s gone from my tsto!?

    • SO you haven’t squashed the 6 hooded figures yet? That task is supposed to be the one you finish to trigger the spying. As long as your getting emblems from giving and receiving, you’re probably good. Otherwise, look out for that task prompted by #1. As for timers… #1’s tasks reset based on your time zone (midnight PST for me). The friend timer is based off of your first visit for the day. As for Smithers, store Burns Manor and then replace it. Hope that all makes sense.

      • Thanks Wookie, I’ll do that now.

        I hadn’t done the 6 hooded figures when I posted the question but I have now, I did collect emblems for the ones that I spied on before tapping those figures so all is good, now though When I click on number 1 in the right upper corner, his little task thingy won’t open, it like flickers onto my screen so I don’t actually have a chance to see anything?
        This been happening elsewhere? I’m sure the timer has reset for today too, roughly 11pm and it’s 12.31am now so I should have the next set for today but can’t see anything.
        I have had to put lisa onto 24hr investigation task, wasn’t sure I couldn’t open number1’s tasks until she’s finished?
        Sorry for the essay!
        (Holiday was Amaze btw lol)

  7. Josephine Kick@$$

    One other question I have, how can neighbor’s have cameras, but no lodge?

    • The taps ALL look like cameras once they update. The difference is you may not get Emblems from those taps. You instead my only get $$$ & XP. Just watch your counts. You will notice when you switch from the All Seeing Eye replacement to just money & XP.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Then it’s good that I fell asleep before finishing my rounds, because the only thing I was tapping on were lodges. I would have wasted the rest of my taps & not gotten the emblems

  8. Bandango Phillips

    I wonder what intel we will be receiving from our spying actions. I’m expecting something along the lines of “this player plays an average of 1.7 times per day, they spend an average of 28 minutes per day in the build menu, they spend an average of 49 minutes per day in the move mode and they have purchased a total of 600 donuts.” That would be pretty cool.

  9. I have to say I like the event overall, but I don’t care for the emblem timer. Apparently, most of my friends are from either Europe or Asia (perhaps because I always hit the add friends list early in the am and people who added most recently were those people). As a result, they all tap 3, 4 or 5 am and when I get up at 8, my anti spy emblems have all degraded to low numbers. I’m not about to get up every day for the next month at 4am to clear out my town. There was no way to know way back when that this would be an issue, so I didn’t know to be selective in this way.

  10. Perfect explanation

  11. Not sure if this is the right place for this question but need some help. I updated my game 2 days ago when the update was released. I assumed that any neighbours who hadn’t updated would be stopped from visiting my town (as I was stopped at the end of Easter when I was still desperately trying to get eggs but my neighbours had updated to remove the event), but I’m still getting visitors to my town leaving handshakes and not pyramids. Is this a glitch in my game, or can neighbours still visit us without updating their version??? I could really do with emblems rather than handshakes. Thanks

    • Yes, neighbors can still visit you with or without update. Also once they do update…they can still visit up til they get the spy feature.

      • So will they be forced to update soon? If so, do you know when? I don’t like removing neighbours, but I don’t want to keep getting handshakes when I could be getting emblems. I’m a freemium player so every emblem counts

        • Remember…they may be updated and just not done with the tasks to unlock the spy feature. It is up to you on how you manage yoru friends.

  12. While I appreciate that they are trying to balance the playing field (essentially requiring you to have only a minimum of 10 friends to get the maximum benefit from friend tapping), but it’s also discouraging people from tapping their neighbours – I’m about to hit my last Friend Point (FP) prize, so I’m still tapping all my neighbours, but once I get that prize (in about 30 seconds), I don’t know if I would go through 100 towns a day to tap when the first 10 will do.

    Having more friends hypothetically helps you on the other side when they come to your town to spy, and you get as many as 5 emblems for each one – way better than going out and spying yourself (which earns you 1). That’s a double edged sword obviously, because if no-one is selfless, no one gets the benefit of being spyed on.

    One other comment, if tapping stonecutter HQ is worth 5 (as opposed to 1), Would I not do best by going through every town and tapping as many stonecutter HQs as I can and only THEN going back to other towns and tapping other cameras, if I still have some of my 60 taps? That becomes tedious as well… I have to them re-visit every town taking twice as long.

  13. Just to be clear, I have the note that says 0 emblems. So I have to wait until my furthest friend counter resets–not visiting friends until the latest one resets?

  14. Hey Fellow Tappereenos, here is a strategy tip for collecting Emblems during this event. This is based on 3 things. 1) You have 100 neighbor-eenos (it will still work with at least 20, but tougher)…2) Your 24hr visit clock has reset for ALL friends and….. 3) You have the time during that 24hr period, to employ these tips. As most of you know by now, with this event you only get 60 friend actions per each 24hr period to claim Emblems (you still get your 303 total actions, but first 60 count towards event). You get 5 for tapping the Stonecutter Lodge and 1 for tapping ANY other object with a camera hovering above it. Your FIRST friend actions count toward that 60 count, so you want to “make them count”! The most Emblems you can collect is 300 (5 x 60). The least is 60 (not tapping a single lodge) per a 24h span.

    When you start your visits, only tap lodges, if not available, move on to the next town. Do this until you have moved thru your entire friends list. Now if you still have not used up your first 60 actions (which is most likely the case) wait an hour or two, then repeat the process. Do this until your Emblem icon reads that you are now at zero. Next, just visit your friends as normal and tap any camera to be a GOOD neighbor-eeno and help your friends out (they will still collect 5 emblems if cleared in time) until you have used up ALL your actions for the day. Speaking of which, during this event, STAY OUT OF KRUSTYLAND. Although YOU still get your 1 emblem per tap, your friends are stuck constantly going back and forth between the two sites, checking for “spying eyes”. Most will arrive too late to get their full 5 Emblem potential.

    Hope this helps out…..Together we can ALL win this time around. (I’m looking at you “E” Event)…LOL👍

  15. Are you tired of repeating yourself yet? LOL. Thanks for your patience. Even the great dummy (me) get it. And Silly, quit being so silly!!

  16. Eu não estou conseguindo jogar minha springfield não abre

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