Turbo Tappin’ Stonecutters: Game of Stones & The Secret of the Cut Stone

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the Stonecutters Secret Society (which is not so secret anymore) has FINALLY arrived in Springfield!  Yes, yes EA has brought back another AMAZING event to our little Tapping Devices!  (anyone else having fond memories of Halloween??)

So now we all know what a new Awesome event means…time for an all new Turbo Tappin’ the Stonecutters Event!  This is the main walkthrough you’ll encounter with the update.  Keep in mind that Game of Stones and The Secret of the Cut Stone will intertwine with each other throughout the event.

Game of Stones is what gets things going, and right around Part 4 you’ll start The Secret of the Cut Stone questline.  From there, the Secret of the Cut Stone will be your main questline, with Game of Stones popping up when you win new prizes.

In addition to the two main questlines I’ve covered here, there will also be smaller side quests that will popup at various points when you unlock new characters (they start with Welcome to the Stonecutters, Number ….), I’ll cover these in a separate post.  This post is just the walkthrough for the two main questlines (Game of Stones & The Secret of the Cut Stone).


Game of Stones Pt.1
Homer autostarts

Build the Stonecutter Lodge- $2,000, 16hr build
Goal Complete Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

Game of Stones Pt.2
Homer starts

At this point you’ll unlock number 908 Homer…for free
Make Number 908 Be the Chosen One– 4hrs earns $190, 45xp
Goal Complete Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

Game of Stones Pt.3
Number 1 starts

Collect from 5 houses (must be houses)
Goal Complete Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

Game of Stones Pt. 4
Number 1 starts

Solve Number 1’s Task
#1’s tasks will vary day to day, person to person.  We’ll have details about these up shortly and when we do I’ll link it back here
Goal Complete Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

At this point two other quests will launch.  The Robed Figures Quest and the Spying on your Neighbors quests.  You can find out more about those questlines by clicking on the links.  This is also the point where The Secret of the Cut Stone questline will start.  Those quests are after Game of Stones here.  

Game of Stones Pt. 5
Number 1 Auto-starts after you’ve won the parchment 

Place the Sacred Parchment
Details about the Sacred Parchment can be found here
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems 10xp

Game of Stones Pt. 6
Auto-starts after you’ve won the Chest of Sacred Artifacts 

Place the Chest of Sacred Artifacts (chest will earn you 20 Emblems every 8hrs)
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems 10xp

Game of Stones Pt. 7
#600 Skinner starts after you’ve won him from the Prize list

Reach Level 10 and Build Willie’s Shack
Make Number 908 Attend a Secret Meeting
(Homer) 8hrs, Earns $300, 70xp
Make Number 36 Attend a Secret Meeting (Krusty)– 8hrs, Earns $300, 70xp
Make Number 600 Attend a Secret Meeting (Skinner)– 8hrs, Earns $300, 70xp
Make Number 85 Attend a Secret Meeting (Willie)– 8hrs, Earns $300, 70xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

Game of Stones Pt. 8
#29, Mr. Burns starts when won from Prize List

Place the Money Pool
Make Number 29 Take a Dip in the Money Pool (Mr. Burns)– 4hrs, Earns $190, 45xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

Game of Stones Pt. 9
#908, Homer, starts when Stone of Trimph Won from Prize List

Make Number 908 Wear the Stone of Triumph (Homer)– 10hrs, Earns $400, 90xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

Game of Stones Pt. 10
#908, Homer, Starts 

Make Number 908 Steal Liquor from Shelbyville Stonecutters- 10hrs Earns $400, 90xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

Game of Stones Pt. 11
Auto-start after Stonecutter Table is Won

Make Number 908 Sing the Stonecutter Song (Homer)- 12hrs, Earns
Make Number 36 Sing the Stonecutter Song (Krusty)– 12hrs, Earns
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

Game of Stones Pt. 12
Auto-starts when you’ve won the final Prize Satan’s Anvil 

Place Satan’s Anvil 
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

When complete you’ll unlock the Super Secret Bonus. We’ll have a post all about this up soon…but here’s a hint think GOO and Halloween 🙂

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Look for Clues- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Reach Level 12 and Build the Springfield Library
Make Lisa Research the Symbol– 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Reach Level 12 and Build Bart’s Treehouse
Make Bart Steal Stonecutter Documents- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Lisa Steal Stonecutter Documents- 12hrs, Earns $420,
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems 10xp

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Deduce the Stonecutter Plot– 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Bart “Help” Lisa- 24hrs, Earns $600,
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems 10xp

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt 5
Bart starts

Make Bart Spy on Lisa– 24hrs, $600, 150xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 6
Bart starts

Make Bart Sabotage Lisa’s Plan– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems 10xp 

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 7
Bart starts

Make Bart Plot Revenge on Stonecutters– 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems 10xp

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 8
Lisa starts

Make Bart Share Plans with Lisa– 24hrs, $1200, 300xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems 10xp

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 9
Lisa starts

Reach Level 20 and Build the Town Hall
Make Women and Children Vote Against Stonecutter Law
– x20, 8hrs.  Non-Premium Earns $275, 70xp, Premium Earns $420, 105xp.
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems 10xp

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 10
Lisa starts
2014-06-03 22.36.23

2014-06-03 22.37.05

And there you have it my friends…the quick walkthrough version of the Stonecutters update!

All in all it’s a fun questline that heavily involves Lisa, rewards you with donuts & makes you laugh along the way!  EA threw in a lot of fun bonuses for us with this one!

So have fun, take your time and most importantly…DON’T SPEND DONUTS TO RUSH QUESTS!  You have until July 2nd to complete the main questline…TAKE. YOUR. TIME 🙂

What do YOU think of the main questline?  What are your feelings about free donuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Happy Tapping My Friends!


70 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Stonecutters: Game of Stones & The Secret of the Cut Stone

  1. Curiosity question… I’m in Part 9 and have sent at least 25 women and children on the task. I notice that it said it would take 4 donuts to complete the task (right after I started out) – does that really mean 4 donuts would complete the whole task or 4 donuts for each of the required 20 characters? I’m not going to rush it either way, but I’m really curious to know the answer for the future, in case I was ever tempted to do it for some reason.

    • 4 for each character

      • Thanks – that’s what I thought. But, the way EA presents it, I’ll bet that some folks have lost precious donuts thinking it would complete the whole task!

        Oh, and I just got to the end of this questline and hadn’t read ahead in the walkthrough, so I was very happy about the gift I got! Hadn’t even factored that in when I made my purchase, so now I think it was an even better deal!! (The one thing that I wasn’t sure of whether it would happen that would have made me even happier would have been if I had also gotten that parchment thing that looks like a door/gate…. My Stonecutters compound looks unfinished without it, especially compared to others that have it.)

  2. Crap… It is July 2nd and I am still on part 9….darn not getting the donuts…. William Whiteside (username)

  3. Uhm, Task #10 is wrong. You have:

    “Make Number 908 Steal Liquor from Shelbyville Stonecutters”

    and it’s really:

    “Make Number 908 Steal Steal Liquor from Shelbyville Stonecutters”

    I think this means he has to do it twice.

  4. Maybe this type of thing will work for the character errors other tappers mentioned: my Smithers sort of disappeared. When we got the list of characters by tapping on City Hall (love that BTW) he was there but it said “ERROR” next to him. So I put the Burns mannor in storage then put it back and Smithers appeared with no more error.
    addicted – mybse3

  5. Finished the quest line still waiting for daily sacred parchment and collecting emblems any other tasks on the way?

  6. In need of help…I unlocked Willie and Skinner’s outfits and had started the Game of Stones pt. 7 quest. Next time I loaded the game, it had reset to the previous time, and told me I unlocked them. Only now, they don’t have their outfits and can’t do the quest, even though my prize screen says they are unlocked. I can’t complete the full quest unless I fix it. They’re not in my inventory – suggestions?

  7. Whoo just finished The Secret of the Cut Stone quest! I’m totally loving these free donuts EA has sent our way! 😀 I’m trying to decide between getting Stonecutter #51 or the All-Seeing Eye now that I’ve got the donuts to spend 😉 I want to say thanks to you guys, Alissa, Wookie and Bunny for this great site. It’s been super helpful and great fun in feeding this addiction 😉 lol.

  8. I am stuck on The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 2. I have already completed part 1 and I am level 12. Why can’t I build the library?

  9. I Have lost a few friends over time. I play daily and was wondering if you could please add me my name is browndodger. Thank you

  10. Add me jonboutin858 play over 10 times a day

  11. Nils Shiflett

    I can’t find the quest descriptions that include the dialogue. Am I missing something, or has that just not gone up.
    I have missed multiple bits of character conversation due to how completing Number 1’s tasks will whisk you across your town to wherever he is.
    Oh, and my stupid, flailing tap-happy fingers are also slightly to blame.

  12. I got the puzzle quest where it gives me a hint by a picture and it says feed 8 hungry child I assume that’s Cletus so i make him delouse the youngens and nothing happens? Should I be doing something different?

  13. Curious if anyone else is having this happen. When I visit neighbors and spy on them, I don’t always get emblems. Is there a limit on how many you get from neighbors in a day?

  14. Keep calm and tap on

  15. Any reason why Homer hasn’t autostarted this update yet?

  16. I got my first 100 emblems after completing game of stones pt 3, pt 1&2 only xp-points.

  17. Is the super secret bonus about emblems and donuts? If collect 2000 emblems you get a free donut

  18. Heya, loving this update so far. I got 20 doughnuts apology from EA, and then 12 doughnuts randomly the other day, no fanfare, just there.

    Anyway, my question, I don’t have Jasper (yet) will I still be able to get his skin? Will it be like Barneys Plow king and go in my inventory?


  19. Anyone else getting login errors? I keep getting “an unexpected error occurred please try again.” When I go to origin to try and see if I have a password problem I get “experiencing technical difficulties. ” ugh…makes it hard when trying to complete number 1 tasks in 24 hours!

  20. How do you get the chest of sacred artifacts? Sorry…but there is a lot happening at once on this update (so far I am loving it) so I am confused on this one! Appreciate all your details you all post!

  21. one question, do i have to have skinner 600 to continue the story quest?
    cause he is only won once you collect 10000 emblem

  22. Was wondering if anyone else has this small problem. My homer doesn’t wear a hat! I see all these other homers in towns with a hat and I’m a little jealous. Thanks

    • It depends on what task he is on. Once you have won his Stonecutters #908 “skin”, it will unlock his tasks. The first one he is sent on for his quest line is “Be The Chosen One”. He wanders around in the hat for 4 hours. 😉

  23. I’ve got to say I am loving this event so far and also feel like my luck has come back with donuts too. I thought they had stopped giving donuts for visiting neighbours as I didn’t get any for almost a week then all of a sudden I got 30 out of a mystery box (probably because I have moleman and SVT) then I got 6 in the past couple of days from visiting. No sign of these mystery 20 yet but you never know.
    Now just to decide if I should use any of them on the new premium items but I’m sure you guys will be able to help with that decision as usual too 🙂

  24. Just wondering how two of my neighbours are already above 36000+ Emblems and have all the items including satans anvil? The only way I can think of is spending donuts to rush everything through.

    • Donuts. Didn’t really take too much. Once you open the Emblem task list…it is a matter of speeding them all through. We did it for the blog and it didn’t take too much out of our Donut Budget.

    • Well either they rushed everything by paying with donuts, or they got their games were hacked purposely. *******

      • As you can see…we will not push any content relating to or mentioning locations for “altered games”. It goes against EA standards & policies and we will not allow it on our site at all. (We prefer the Blue Haired Lawyer to stay in the game and not knock on our door.) So in the future, please leave that information out of comments so it doesn’t send you to the Spam filters. Thanks. 😉

  25. I also got free,doughnuts 40 in both towns……

  26. Hi Alissa, sorry I had to jump in and say that I miss you!

  27. Is the emblem count cumulative, so after winning a prize it can continue to increase of does it start back to zero?

  28. I need to send a kook to pick up a package for Number 1. I looked through and cannot find any with that as a task. I thought Ralph, Cletus, Herman and CBG would be kooks. Ipad2

    • A kook is a character group. My post on Number 1s tasks will be up in the morning.

      Kook Krusty, Moleman, Otto, Rodd, Todd, Willie, Kang, Disco Stu, Crazy Cat Lady, Bumblebeeman, Herman, Apu, Ralph, Brandine, Cletus, Yes Guy, Hugs, Kodos, Sea Captain, Shary Bobbins, Frink

  29. Really looking forward to the 20 donuts at the end of the quest!

    While I’ve only been playing ten months, this is by far my favourite event!

    Has anybody received 10 free donuts anywhere along the early parts of the new event? And if so, when and where? Between last night and visiting neighbours this afternoon, I went up 15 donuts. On a previous post, it was suggested I may have won 10 from completing something in the event, while the other 5 from visiting neighbours. I’m really curious so if you get any donuts from early in the event questline, please let me know when and where. Thanks.

    • I am going through the entire quest…again…right now…Will let you know. I don’t remember 10.

    • Safi, I too obtained free donuts along the way. I was at 2 just prior to the update (just bought barney and bowl-a-rama… finally earned enough free donuts woo-hoo!). Then right before new update I re-leveled up and got my 3 free donuts so should have 5 total. Somewhere along the line I got bumped up to 20 with zero notification or fanfare. Maybe a gift from the Stonecutters. Does this mean I’m in their inner circle?

      • So you went up by 15 too. I know I definitely got at least 1 donut visiting neighbours as I recall collecting it. Not sure where the other 14 came from.

        Congrats on your premium purchase. I’m waiting on a Gil Deal for my first premium purchase. Had saved up 403 donuts last night, which unexplainable jumped up to 418 this afternoon. Hope the Bowlarama is involved in the next Gil Deal. Though I’d be happy with any premium building. I was really hoping for a Gil discount donut deal last week as they have had those at Christmas 2012, last week of May 2013, and Christmas 2013. Figured last week of May 2014 would be the most natural time for a fourth Gil discount donut deal.

    • Hi Safi,

      I got donuts too. 12 in both my A and B towns, the funny thing being I think got them before I updated. It could have happened with the update, but I think it happened in the morning and the stone cutters came to our SP in the afternoon. I have been reading the forums to see if it happened to anyone else.

    • So….guess what I JUST NOW got in my A game. I had Bart screen. Restarted…BAM…20 extra free donuts in my game. Lol. Now I am REALLY curious as to why? But hey…FREE DONUTS!!! WOOHOO!!

    • I went up 14 donuts somewhere yesterday and also don’t really know why.

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