Emblem Prizes (Shhhh Secret Bonus)

Hoppin on in to annoy the frak outta you all… errrr… I mean… help…yes that’s it…I am here to help you all with more info on this event.

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Don’t journey further if you do NOT want spoilers in the game! 😉

I am sure by now you have all seen the cool prizes you can win by earning the emblems. A lot of neat new skins for characters along with new tasks for them included. WOOHOO!!

Emblem Prizes

Well once you complete collecting all Emblem Prizes, there is a Secret Bonus at the end. WOOHOO!! (See, it even says it is a Secret. Lol. Did you expect anything less?)

Secret Bonus Donuts

So what exactly happens once you earn an additional 3000 Emblems beyond the intial 35, 000? Well…

Membership Bonus Free Donuts

1 donut Stonecutters secret bonus donut prize box 1 2 donuts Stonecutters secret bonus donut prize box 3 donuts

FREE DONUTS!!! WOOHOO!! Look familiar? Of course, it is the basic pick a box and earn up to 3 free sprinklies. You can buy another box for the cost of $150,000 each extra if you didn’t get 3 right away (so keep a lil cash aside when it comes close to time to hit).

UPDATE: For whatever reason, my test towns showed the standard $50,000 extra a box for the Secret Bonus Rounds. I just retested them again thanks to our reader Neglecterino. It seems it is set at $150,000 a box instead for most players. Let me know if anyone else still gets it for the $50,000 (man, gotta love those glitches. Lol.) 

FYI, there is a shortcut I use for these and the Level Up Bonus boxes you can try in your games. I seem to get 3 donuts pretty much every time on the first box with it. Just press and hold down on the box on the far right. Watch the lights. They will cycle through around, back and forth, and flashing. Once they cycle all the way through one time, let go. It is how I have usually avoided paying any extra cash for my 3 Donuts. 

This will continue to happen over and over and over until the event ends once you pass the initial Emblems. So, something sweet to look forward to, right?


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  1. This tip/trick should be in the Premium Guide under the Donut refresher list of tips. I had forgotten the details of the tip, so had continued to choose randomly, and then only spend $$ for a second chance if I only got 1 donut on the first try. I tried this tonight, and it worked perfectly, got 3 on the first try. I was also pushing it a bit – was trying to reach the 3,000 carbon rods before the Issue 2 started and the counter reset to 0. I made it with about 1 hour to spare, mostly by tapping crooks. Thanks Bunny!

    • Yea the problem is, while it works, the details of the post are about the Stonecutter event. I’ll have to get Bunny to rework it for all boxes and then add it 🙂

  2. Anyone notice tomacco only takes 30 minutes to grow now?

  3. this sucks! i lost my phone and i cant finish the stonecutter update or even try the 4th of july event 🙁 🙁

  4. Tapped out addicted

    Just got the secret bonus quest pop up still 600 short of the last prize hope it doesn’t force me to update until I get it this time

    • Make sure it is not turned to ON within your device settings for apps to auto update. Also, it is now borrowed time…EA can force it at anytime.

  5. Don’t know if you already know this or not but I’m still trying to get enough points for the last prize but today I got the serect bonus thing telling me to get 3000. So maybe Ea is being really nice and giving everyone who haven’t reach the end a chance to get free extra donuts since the event is ending soon. But anyway just thought you guys would be interested in this since I’m guessing you guys are way ahead of me lol. Ps love your website!

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