Stonecutters Random Changes

WOOHOO! Another cool event with lots of cool stuff going on. Sometimes there is just TOO much happening that we may miss or forget things going on in the game. I am here to help out with a few of those items within our game that the new Event brought. So come along as I drag you through the event.


Homer pulling stone


First up, the cool animations you get to see with the “Spy” on neighbors feature. This has brought a LOT of dormant buildings back to life that you may have never seen animated before or only one and done. I for one am loving seeing the Bad Dream House come back to Life. (Notice the muffins steaming on the ledge?) We will have more on these in a later post.

Hieroglyphs Eye Spy 2 camera

Eye Spy Much Ado About Muffins



Now to the Menus and the changes there. First up, the Nuclear option. Sadly, this was short lived as glitches creating items to just vanish caused EA to send a Hotfix and shut it right back down. Now, many items can no longer be stored (most were the ones disappearing with the Nuclear option.)

Nuclear Meltdown

Cant store items

Krusty & Kwik E cant store

Next up in the menus is the feature in the “Edit” Menu that now allows you to hide all Roads and Waterways around your town along with the original 3: Characters, Buildings, and Decorations.

water rode edit screen



This next item has to do with the menus in a round about way. The Edit Menu. This is a lil tricky and takes getting used to (much like the Bunny Zapper). If you tap and hold on a building and don’t let go…it will automatically kick you into edit mode to move or store it. Give it a few tries to see how your device reacts to your tap to see what you need to do to trigger it.


Now for the items that we have been requesting EA to put into our game to make it a lil bit easier on us. I will start with the Town Hall Census aka Character Locator. This is really cool and streamlined to make finding Characters (NPC not included) so much easier. In or not in a task. Just a quick tap on Town Hall and an alphabetized list is there.

town hall

Town Hall Census 4


When we tap around we don’t like to wait for the game to gather it all. This seems to have been cut in half too. 10 seconds to 5.


A lot of us were going MAD trying to figure out our % rate for the Conform-O-Meter and Krust-O-Meter. EA listened and VOILA…% is listed right there within them now. Just a simple tap on the stars or bouncing balls and you can see just how much MORE you are making.

Conform O meter

Krust O Meter


Speaking of Krustyland, it seems EA removed the option to be able to store the Krustyland Entrance away in your inventory. The side effect of this was some players were no longer able to trade in their tickets for cash in the exchange that pops up when the Entrance is tapped (and you built all rides and completed tasks.)

TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance

Krustyland Ticket Exchange



Now for the one you KNOW I am gonna point out (cuz so many still are commenting they forgot or don’t know how)…

If you have to Uninstall/Reinstall, Clear Cache & Data, etc…do NOT forget to check the Confirm Donut Spend. It will reset. For the rest, just make sure all your settings are still where you want them to be. (Items Menu, lil Italic “i” in top left corner of menu next to vid camera) Those pink sprinklies are precious and it sucks when you lose them.


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume

Confirm Donut Spend


So that is about all of it for now. I am continuing to pick and pull and frak the files to see what else is going on (didn’t help the Hotfix made me start again. LOL)

Any of these changes make YOU happy? Been waiting patiently for some of them? Hate them? Let us know. Lol.


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  1. debbie hudson

    Father Sean is missing in my game how do I get him back?

  2. I found another random (AWESOME!) change. When you visited neighbors and you use the town scroll buttons at the top left, but wanted to stop that and go back to the big overview (say you wanted to hit a friend’s KL, or you hit a bunch that had not yet rolled the 24 hour clock) it put you back to the place you where when you started using the scroll. So, to get back to the place you wanted to be, you had to swipe…and swipe and swipe. NOW, woohoo, when you hit the Milhouse/Bart button to go back to the overview it is right at the place you should be.

    I am not sure I am explaining that well- but if you are at the last alphabetical town, and you hit the next town button you go to Other Springfield same as always- but now when you hit the Milhouse/Bart button from there, you are at the beginning of the alpha list instead of at the end. When you have 100 neighbors who you visit everyday no matter what 😉 and have to swipe back 32 pages or try and find your place again, this is such a great time saver!.
    Thank you to EA.

  3. Ever since I updated I can’t get back into my Springfield. The game keeps cutting me out. If I uninstall and reinstall will I lose my progress?

  4. Is the knowledgeum one of the buildings that gets animated? I see a double helix thing popping out of other knowledgeums but have never seen that on mine.

  5. Hey bunny thanxs for the advice yesterday i hit up ea about my disappearance of my donuts n they emailed me back today n i woke up to my 100 donuts …i was so upset dat i lost my donuts yesterday durning a golden tickdt purchase i thought i would never see them again 🙂 but i got em back 🙂 i respect ea for that lets me know they not all bad lol

    Thanxs again bunny

  6. That did It ! Thank You Wookie, You guys Rock !

  7. Hi, this page is so great , I really enjoy the info and event breakdowns .I have a question, has anyone else lost Smithers?
    He is listed as “error” in the listing. Thanks very much for all the info and fun!

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