Math Of Stonecutters

Going mad trying to make sure you get every single possible Emblem? Not sure if there is a way to get it all? No worries, we are here to help you break down the math of the event so you can keep on track to get all those goodies in the Emblem Prizes.

Stonecutter Completed Emblem Prizes

Now you are wondering…can this be done WITHOUT spending precious pink sprinklies? Well, let’s see just where you can get Emblems without sacrificing the sweets to the Stonecutters alter. Lol.

Stonecutter Emblem

To give you a good idea, this WILL require interaction with neighbors from you and them in return to get the most benefits. I listed an idea of the basics for an ADDICTED player and a here n there tapper so you have an idea what to expect with how YOU play the game. (I figured it for a total of 28 days to give room for the build and the event current end date of July 2nd. Calendar for totals is HERE.)

First up, the benefits of being a “Great Neighboreeno“. (This does not factor the 5 Emblems for Spying on the Lodge if you get that instead of 1 for other spy cams.) Don’t forget to check Krustyland. You can “Spy” there too. Don’t waste those first 60 taps on $, Menus, or spray cans…ONLY Spy Cameras.

camera ned


60 Neighbor Daily Visit Emblem

You visiting neighbors
Daily Neighbor visit 60 Emblems (more if you tap the Lodge for 5 Emblems) = 60 Emblems a day. This will give you 1680 Emblems total for the Event.
Daily Neighbor Visit 30 Emblems = 30 Emblems a day. This will give you 840 Emblems total for the Event.


Eye Spy 2Eye Spy

Neighbors visiting you
1 Emblem from 300 “spies” (100 neighbors times 3 taps) = 300 Emblems a day. This will give you 8,400 Emblems for the Event.
1 Emblem from 150 “spies (50 neighbors times 3 taps) = 150 Emblems a day. This will give you 4,200 Emblems for the Event.

2 Emblems from 300 “spies” (100 neighbors times 3 taps) = 600 Emblems a day. This will give you 16,800 Emblems for the Event.
2 Emblems from 150 “spies (50 neighbors times 3 taps) = 300 Emblems a day. This will give you 8,400 Emblems for the Event.

3 Emblems from 300 “spies” (100 neighbors times 3 taps) = 900 Emblems a day. This will give you 25,200 Emblems for the Event.
3 Emblems from 150 “spies (50 neighbors times 3 taps) = 450 Emblems a day. This will give you 12,600 Emblems for the Event.

4 Emblems from 300 “spies” (100 neighbors times 3 taps) = 1200 Emblems a day. This will give you 33,600 Emblems for the Event.
4 Emblems from 150 “spies (50 neighbors times 3 taps) = 600 Emblems a day. This will give you 16,800 Emblems for the Event. 

5 Emblems from 300 “spies” (100 neighbors times 3 taps) = 1500 a day. This will give you 42,000 Emblems for the event. 
5 Emblems from 150 “spies (50 neighbors times 3 taps) = 750 a day. This will give you 21,000 Emblems for the event. 

So you can clearly see it really does pay off for you to have and to visit those 100 neighbors and they to return the favor and “Spy” on you as many times as they can too. Keep clearing all those All Seeing Eye Pyramids as fast as you can.

#1 section

Next, those daily Tasks courtesy of #1.

Number 1 Tasks (Again, I factored in for 28 days of tapping.)
1 task (150) = 150 a day. This will give you 4,200 Emblems for the event. 
2 tasks (150 + 200) = 350 a day. This will give you 9,800 Emblems for the event. 
3 tasks  (150 + 200 + 250) = 600 a day. This will give you 16,800 Emblems for the event. 
4 tasks (150 + 200 + 250 + 400)  = 1000 a day. This will give you 28,000 Emblems for the event. 

Ark of the Stonecovenant/ Sacred Parchment Tasks (50 Emblems a task times 24 total tasks. You can complete these at anytime once unlocked.) This will give you 12,00 Emblems for the event. 

So it will payoff in the long run to get as many of the four “hidden” tasks done as possible to better Emblem earning.

Robed figure run

Now for the constant characters running around in our game. (28 tapping days again to give room for unlocking the option itself and playing daily from then on.)

Robed Order (Again, I factored in for 28 days of tapping.)
6 Robed figures tapped (4 Emblems each) = 24 Emblems a day. This will give you 672 Emblems for the event. 
12 Robed figures tapped (4 Emblems each) = 48 Emblems a day. This will give you 1,344 Emblems for the event. 
18 Robed figures tapped (4 Emblems each) = 72 Emblems a day. This will give you 2,016 Emblems for the event. 
24 Robed figures tapped (4 Emblems each) = 96 Emblems a day. This will give you 2,688 Emblems for the event. 

Again, another item that pays if you check back only 4 times a day (every 6 hours) to clear out the 6 Robed Order each time.

Secret of the Cut Stone Emblems Trust No One Emblems Ark of the Stonecovenant Emblems

Now on to the Emblem generating tasks that you get extra for just completing the job itself.

Emblems from Tasks/Questlines Completed (100 Emblems each)
Game of Stones (7 Completions times 100 Emblems). This will give you 700 Emblems for the event.

Secret of the Cut Stone (9 Completions times 100 Emblems). This will give you 900 Emblems for the event.

Ark of the Stonecovenant (100 Emblems for Completion)
Trust No One (100 Emblems for Completion)
Quash Those Who Trespass Against Us (100 for Completion)
This will give you 300 Emblems for the event.

So you earn many just from finishing the event story lines. WOOHOO!!

Welcome to the Stonecutters Emblems

Then there are the Emblems you can acquire from…acquiring Emblems. Lol. These are basically things you win by completing the Regular Event, Number 1, And Sacred Parchment tasks.

Emblems from Stonecutters Skins
Welcome to the Stonecutters # …(100 Emblems each one, 17 total)
#36 / #600/ #85/ #21/ #50/ #111/ #5
#22/ #66/ #59/ #12/ #14/ #79/ #67
This will give you 1,400 Emblems for the event.

Chest of Sacred Artifacts (1)

Emblem from items won in the Emblem Prizes list  (Again, I factored in for 28 days of tapping.)
Chest of Sacred Artifacts. (20 Emblems every 8 hours)
Collect 1 time = 20 a day. This will give you 560 Emblems for the event.
Collect 2 times = 40 a day. This will give you 1,120 Emblems for the event.
Collect 3 times = 60 a day. This will give you 1,680 Emblems for the event.

Overall, as you can see, there are a LOT of ways for you to easily acquire those 35,000 Emblems by just being a daily tapper. The more active you are…the higher payout of Emblems (and sweet treats at the end. FYI…this is how I got a TON of donuts during Halloween as a FREEMIUM tapper. Those bonus donuts add up fast). I have not even included the 5 Emblem Lodge taps that you can get and the extras you get from placing items in your town, like the daycare.

Again, this also relies on neighbor participation…so don’t just stop tappin due to you got your 60 Emblems. Give to your neighbors and in return they should give to you. Pay it forward in a way. Lol.

Let me know if this has helped you out. Any thoughts?


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  1. I need more friends on my simpsons tapped out. I’ve been playing this game for almost 5 months now. I’m level 39 and I have 21,183 emblems and I only have 4 friends and that’s killing my emblem payout. The end of this update is now almost over and I really want to know what the last emblem prize is. If you and all the other fellow simpsons tapped out players would be generous enough to add me it’d be much appreciated. My origin name is coreypipes. Add me and help me out and I will always return the favor. I’m a constant player.

  2. Whats the best way to speed the process of getting emblems with dohnuts? skipping quests?

    • Without donuts? Maxed on friends and constant tapping to get 5 Emblems from spying when a neighbor taps in your town.

      • Nope. I mean with dohnuts. I didnt get the update the first few days on my android and I didnt really catch on to the emblems till a couple days into that. I really love the stonecutters event and want everything. Most events I just pass by. When I notice an event i like,I try to get everything. So Im willing to spend dohnuts to catch up on emblems(if i can)I seen a couple websites that show aprox or exactly how many dohnuts you should have. So I’m curious if there are any ways to speed up the process with dohnuts.

        • Well if you really want to spend those pink sprinklies…you can buy the pyramid for 100 donuts and speed up the 45 Emblem count for 4 donuts each time (Normally takes 8hrs). The Number 1 tasks are REALLY pricey so I would highly recommend to NOT speed those up. 180 donuts for 1000 Emblems seems steep to me. You can buy extra Chest of Sacred Artifacts for 55 donuts but they only payout 20 every 8 hours and cost 4 donuts to speed through.

          You can speed through the emblems themselves, but again…can get very costly up in the 1000’s of donuts.

          Those are the main ways to do it. Speeding through the tasks.

      • Sweet Thanks for the info Bunny. Really appreciate it.

        I’m not a millionaire so I’ll see how much it will cost. I just need to catch up to where im supposed to be. So hopefully … *crosses fingers* I can “Buy it now” and get where I need to be. Any idea if there is a site with info on how much each item costs for Buy it now. No need to reply if not … and Thanks again & a ton for your information and quick responses!

        • So if I understand you correctly, you just want to know what it will cost you in donuts to “BUY OUT” the Emblem Prizes? If so, here are your breakdowns.

          Sacred Parchment: 100 Donuts
          #36 Krusty: 100
          Chest of Sacred Artifacts 125 Donuts
          #85 (Willie) & #600 (Skinner): 200 Donuts
          Money Pool & #29 (Mr Burns): 225
          #50 (Wiggum) & #79 (Disco Stu): 250 Donuts
          Stone of Triumph: 300 Donuts
          #5 (Jasper) #12 (Carl) #14 (Lenny): 350 Donuts
          Stonecutters Table: 425 Donuts
          Satan’s Anvil: 375 Donuts

          That is a grand total of 2,450 Donuts or a Boatload of Donuts to outright get all the Emblem Prizes.

      • Oh, Wow. Your super sweet, lol. Exactly what I’m after. Tomorrow I think I will drop 50$ on the game and catch my self up. It should give me “Money Pool & #29” and next 2 items with a few dohnuts left over.

        Muhahaha. Thanks so much. You just helped me go from 🙁 to 🙂 … Sites bookmarked and I play often so I’m sure I’ll be back.

        Bah … THanks again! TY TY TY

  3. Hey. I’ve been playing tapped out as just got to the bit in the Stonecutter quest when you get 20 donuts. After this number 1 is supposed tell you to get rid of the order and then stop ppl spying on your town. No quest has come from him for over 24 hours??!! It did this to me on the Easter quest when Frink was supposed to come and give you the egg generator and quite frankly it is really annoying me!!
    Can anyone tell me how to get quests to start again? I’ve tried uninstalling and then reinstalling again but doesn’t work?? Please help as I think I will delete if I can’t do it as it’s the second time it’s just halted my quests for no reason. Thanks. Kat 🙂

  4. I use my 60 actions to tap Lodges onl,y to get 5 emblems a time as opposed to 1 per action, that way I get a 300 emblems a day, it takes a lot longer but worth it. Then I go back in and tap neighbours till I have cleared it out.

  5. Why is it that when some neighbor’s spy in my town, I only get a single emblem but for others I receive up to 5? What determines how many emblems I get from a neighbor’s tapping, and how can I maximize this?

  6. No offense meant, oh furry-faced one – but this is hardly math…

    More like arithmetic. Math would involve something like PDEs.

    (yes, I am always an intelligent donkey).

  7. Looking at my friends numbers of emblems, a lot are getting close to 20,000, but I see two that are near 40,000. How are they so far ahead.

    • Probably donut use. It really doesn’t take much to earn a lot if you are willing to use the sprinklies. I used them for our test game as we normally do each event.

  8. First time poster. TSTO Addicts are the BEST and I get such helpful and thorough info here! I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have 38 friends right now and yet after maybe a dozen neighbor visits,(I’m not sure the exact number), I only receive cash and XP, I’m confused because it seems to me I should be receiving emblems from all of the active neighbors that I visit each day. Aren’t you supposed to get emblems for up to 60 neighbors? Have I misunderstood how this works?

  9. Is it me or does everyone need to zoom in their screen to tap on a robed character. If I don’t then the nearest object to the robed character is selected and pops up the dialog for that object instead… This is very frustrating!

  10. Trying to figure out how I’m expected to complete two 6 hour tasks, a 4 hour, and one more multi-hour (can’t remember this morning, lol) before the timer is up for the day. A person has to sleep…

    • I feel ya… I have one that ends 15 minutes before my cutoff. My philosophy though is if I have to sleep, oh well… 3 for today… hopefully 4 the next day.

    • I have the same problem! I try to stay awake the most I can… because once I fall asleep I don’t wake up in at least 8 hours (can be 12 sometimes)…
      Also I hate to wake up and see lots of pyramids that will only give me 1 or 2 emblems!

  11. Help please! Ok, I’m a bit confused. Can anyone help me out and tell me is it better for a person to not get caught spying on their neighbors town? Or that you want that person to catch you spying on their town? I’m not sure if your friends don’t catch you spying on them if you will earn more emblems. Someone please explain. THANXZ. PCANAMAR2301

    • No impact for your friend. If you unspy one of your buildings it benefits you and has no impact on your neighbors. They only earn 1 emblem from tapping neighbors (unless you tap the Stonecutters Lodge), whether you upspy or leave it won’t matter. They’ll still get what they already earned from tapping it.

  12. I think I have a bad glitch but I’m not sure.. I just recently completed the spy on three neighbors task, and when I visit friends it hasn’t given me any emblems. It still says 0 emblems for the next 0 friend visits. Help!!!

  13. Has anyone else noticed the slowdown returning on the Android version since this update? Its not as bad as it was but still a bit annoying 🙁

    • I’m a fallen fruit tapper but haven’t seen too many people report this.

    • I noticed, it and crashed on me too this morning. Right when they had it working, the crashes return. Before the update I could place multiple tasks at once and people could visit my town also, but after this update its returned to the old unstable version.

      • I do see a slight lag here and there in areas with a LOT of activity, but that was the norm for me last year as events got really busy to have that “catch” of play here n there. Overall…mine is still playing pretty smooth. We will monitor it though.

  14. King_Bellyzard

    I just started on this event due to reliably fast internet not being available to me and my wife, so we’re a little behind. We both started two days ago. Do you think this will hinder us in reaching the end and acquiring everything?

    • Event started on Wed for me and I already got to 10K, my family is about 9K… that’s in 5 days. Event goes until July so as long as you tap regularly and have good neighbors who visit, I think you still have a good shot.

  15. BTW I’m a daily player and will b deleating a lot of inactive players from my friends list for those of u who need friends my tag is knightmare569 I’ll gladly accept all request as they become available

    • I’m still on there nightmare, pcanamar2301 hopefully haven’t deleted me. I play daily but stopped visiting towns since I was maxed out FP’s, and was waiting for an update were we could get interactive again so see u soon.

      • Please don’t stop visiting friends just because you’ve max’d out on FP. Each friend you visit can get 15 Emblems from your visit. Be a good neighbor, visit your friends today.

    • Try to keep the friend request to the proper page so it does not bog up the comments for the information on the post itself. 😉

  16. I was wondering if any of the new skins brought by this new event carry tasks that earn emblems as well or r they just for cash only

  17. Not sure where to post this but I had a pretty sweet glitch happen this morning. I logged into my town on my second device and it showed me the prize 3 screen (again) for the chest of ancient artifacts. I checked my inventory and sure enough there was another one, I now have 2! I am a complete freemium player so it was a nice bonus. I actually had the same glitch during whacking day event a year ago. I was given a second whacking day statue. (I have pictures to prove that it happened and I still have the second item for both!)

  18. Just a heads up… after I stayed up till 11:45 last night just to tap #1’s 4th daily task, I somehow lost all 400 emblems. It happened because I accidentally clicked on a building just as the screen started to zoom across town to #1. As I clicked out of that building menu, all 8 emblems got sucked up and displayed the 50 emblems each, however they did not go into my account. I thought a quick visit to KL would update my total but no luck. I will now be waiting until the screen zooms to #1 before tapping anything. Hope that all made sense to others. 😉

    • That is very strange. As soon as the game starts to gather them…the count should be there. I have stopped it from going to #1 before, but it still collected. Keep an eye on it. If it happens again, alert EA and let us know.

      • I had the same thing happen to me tonight. I was trying to collect the emblems and accidentally hit a building. Only got 50 emblems instead of 400.

  19. Does anyone know why they make it so expensive (in donuts) to rush Number 1’s tasks? I don’t particularly want to rush them, but it just seems odd as usually the game encourages you to spend donuts but here they make it prohibitive.

    • It is to STOP those that fly through events like mad and complain they are bored. This is forcing people to actually play and enjoy the game…you know…like it is intended. Lol.

      Also why I think they are only releasing items on a day to day basis in the Ark. Make it level playing field for ALL. No one has it all from day one. Gotta work for it. Lol.

  20. Any thoughts on deleting people who aren’t playing the event (they’re active but they’ve not gotten to the part with the spy cameras yet)? I’ve got enough friends to get my 60 emblems from tapping on their buildings, but if they’re not tapping my buildings, I’m missing a lot of emblems. I’m hesitant to do it as they are all quite active neighbours and they were great during easter and still active after, but I’m wondering if they were disappointed by easter and aren’t playing this event because of it.

    • It was just launched. I always give people at least 5 days before dropping. That should be more than enough to get to that point. But also, it is summer…people may be on vacation. I guess if anything…you can take down their names and send them a request again in the future if you want them back that bad.

      • Yeah, I definitely didn’t want to drop them if they hadn’t even had the chance to actually get to the spy camera point yet. I’ll probably wait a few extra days to give them the chance. I’m pretty far ahead at the moment anyway, so I might not need to drop them.
        Ah, I didn’t even think of it being summer for most of them. It’s winter here in Australia, so no one is on holidays haha.

        Yeah, that’s a good idea. I try not to delete friends because then I have to go find new ones and so do the people that I’ve unfriended when they come back to play.

  21. When I see a pyramid on my stonecutter lodge, I clear it and I sync my town. That makes it ready immediately for the next neighbor, even if it is the same person that just clicked it. That is how my neighbors and I are getting way more emblems from visiting than the minimum of 60 emblems for 60 actions. Of course it takes longer, but I’m willing to put in the time on a nonchance reward.

    The info on addicts is a fantastic help! Thanks much!

    • Yah…I did not factor in the 5 Emblem tap, just to keep it simplistic for those that don’t play as much or on a time crunch. That and not all neighbors have ability to clear and allow another tap right away. Not really a way to communicate that via the game unless you are in contact with the other player outside the game.

  22. boywithnoname

    Hi, sorry if this has been explained or discussed but regarding the 60 limit for spying, when i tap the spy cams after collecting 60 emblems, will my friends still get emblems once they clear their seeing eye or will they only get handshakes. I wouldnt mind tapping if they still can score emblems

  23. thanks bunny for taking the pressure off the event, now its not a question of ” oh god will i get all the stuff >_< " but more like " i wonder how many free doughnuts imma gonna get ^_^ "

    BUNNY&WOOKIE for 2016

  24. I don’t mind losing out on the last task for Number 1 if it means being able to get them all done the next day. I will have all 4 tasks done for today by noon because I started pretty much right at midnight when it resets.

  25. What extras do you get 4 placing the daycare centre?

    • A few of the Stonecutters will have tasks there once they are unlocked. More info coming on them.

      Payout of $200 & 20 XP every 12 hours

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