Just jumping in here with the details and information I know you are all DYING to find out. Where do I need to be on Emblem count to collect ALL prizes by the end of the event. Well, here is my usual handy dandy Calendar to guide you along.

Stonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter Emblem

I broke every day down starting from the 5th of June. I stopped it at July 1st as the event ends on the 2nd, so I like to play it safe. As long as you are pretty close to these numbers by the end of each day…you will be on track to get all the goodies available on the Emblem Prize list.

Emblem Calendar

There is a Secret Bonus beyond the last prize, so if you are ahead of the count…it will be beneficial to you in the long run. Play, have fun, and enjoy this cool new event in our silly lil games. 😉



  1. Im skeptical about making it to catch up. Still going to be a day behind by the end of today and the neighboreenos ain’t tapping like they used to..

    • But yes, I must say thanks for said calendar. Very useful.

      I have a neighbor at 60k already. The mind boggles at the amount of donuts they must have spent.

      • I am around 7000 emblems. And I know I am not going to get the table or anything else! I can’t get anymore friends to get more help! Because I have tried it more. I am not going to spend on the game either because I don’t have it.

        • If the friends you have are of no help, then delete them and get new ones.

          • I don’t understand how to get more friends I only have 1 anyway. Plus I am playing on a iPod! I will never keep it, so I give up!

            • Do you see the Bart & Milhouse icon on the lower right side of your game? Tap on it. It will take you to the neighbor screen. From there, tap on Bart & Milhouse again. It will open up the friend screen. From there you can use the search feature (Looks like an hour glass) to look for names on the add friends lists we have here. Once you locate a name, Add them as a friend and a request will be sent to them.

              In the same neighbor area, as soon as you click on Milhouse and Bart again, you will see if any requests have been sent to you. If they have…all you have to do is tap on accept and you have a new friend you can go visit. I played on a 3rd gen iPod for a while. You can do it just fine. 😉

      • what is the person name?

    • There’s still a chance you can catch up. Still have 2 weeks left in the event, which means just more diligent tapping. 🙂

    • Click on the topic for adding neighbors and go through several days’ worth of posts, sending invitations to everyone who posted. Delete the invitations after a few days so that less-active players don’t get added to your list. Remove players who repeatedly don’t have anything to tap on. Rinse and repeat every few days.

      Post your own invitation as well. Check every few *hours* for invitations from other players.

      Meanwhile, be a good neighbor yourself and tap on three buildings for each of your neighbors, every day, even if they don’t pay off in emblems or FP. Also, if you are still fairly low level, build houses for your neighbors to click on. They will help you build up funds quickly, and ensure your neighbors don’t delete you because you don’t have anything available to click on.

  2. This calendar is so useful! Thanks!

  3. serpentor2000

    So since I’m at 22600 now its a good bet I’ll win them all?

  4. Man, I’m really late collecting the emblems, today I reached 8397 and I should be around 15.000! There’s no way I can catch up soon with the calendar, is there?

    • You’d be surprised. Just keep playing, collect all you can and see where you end up. Some readers have reported being days behind and catching right up in just a few days. I think you can do it as long as you’re diligent about playing and have good neighbors! 🙂

  5. Simpsonstapper

    I was behind 5 Days behind since i began the event but now i’m 2 days ahead so don’t worry people good neighbours and doing tasks daily will get you there easily

  6. how do you get that amount of emblems, i try play daily,am lvl 41 twice haha,have 3milion cash but have only 5k emblems,how are you getting 1,500 emblems a day??

    • Neighbor visits. If I catch each one quickly, it’s a lot plus my #1 tasks.

    • I agree with The Wookie. The #1 tasks make the largest chunk, even if you only get 3 of them in time, that’s 600. Visiting your neighbours, can get you a few, but when they visit you in turn, that’s when I can see the count really grow. Yup, if caught quickly that 5 emblems for each of their spy hits, rather than may be only one 5 emblem tap by you in their Springfield (if the lodge is available). Plus, there’s no limit in how many emblems you can harvest in your own Springfield.
      It does help to have a lot of neighbours, though.

      One extra tip: clear the spy pyramids in your town as often as possible. This way other neighbours have something to tap when they visit you. I love a seemingly chain-effect when I clear a series of buildings and then find out that the ones I just cleared a few minutes ago have been re-spyed by another. Easy Emblems!!!

  7. Little hint..I find most of the spies (guys in hoods) running around 9/10 in same road (centre left on map) maybe just wit my layout but worth a mention.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      LOL, mine are usually running around in the upper right part of my town, that’s a housing area, maybe that is part of why? Is yours a housing area for you?

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I had a feeling, because I have 2 separate housing areas split by the penitentiary, and those are it.

  8. Wow I am about 10 days ahead at 25603 as of today and just completed Sacred parchment 13. Should get third last emblem prize sometime tomorrow. Its all good.

  9. If you are a little behind on this, do you think I could still get all the prizes?

    • Depending on how far behind you are, it could be possible. Without any extras, it is completely possible to get 1500ish emblems a day with good neighbors and the #1 tasks. There’s 21 days left including today. That’s 31500 emblems… add to that the emblems for Daily Parchment Tasks plus emblems for completing questline stuff and it still looks completely possible.

  10. marlboromanmat

    I know this may seem out of left field, but once we collect enough tokens for satans anvil, can we then delete this from our inventory? I ask this because there are some things we are unable to delete, and I don’t feel comfortable having that in my Springfield (or inventory).
    Thanks for all your help.

    • EA has been making new event items unsellable (ie you can’t delete it). So if you don’t want it in your Springfield the only place for it is your inventory, unfortunately.

    • I don’t think the simpsons game is suitable for you.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Hide it behind something if you don’t feel comfortable with it is my suggestion 🙂

        On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 8:32 AM, The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts wrote:

        > Mike Edwards commented: “I don’t think the simpsons game is suitable > for you.”

      • I wouldn’t go that far. I could see someone being uncomfortable with something with the devil’s name in it and that is their right. My best advise for these people would be to not earn all 35000 emblems. You give up the possibility of extras but beliefs are beliefs.

  11. I’m at a bit more than 17500 right now and almost at the next unlock so at least I’m ahead for once.

    • I have a lot of friends; however, most of them stopped playing the game and never update to new quests so they are not even able to produce emblems or spy on me. Another issue is the fact that you only get rewarded with emblems for the first 57 spying actions and after that you only get friend points. Since friends are arranged alphabetically my name always comes up towards the end of everyone’s friends list (witebsk) so my friends don’t bother spying on me since they don’t get emblem rewards for that. How is that fair???? Guys, please add me and spy on me daily. Thanks.

      • Well, I usually visit all the towns I’m friended with, even when the spying is done, because you get XP to get doughnuts in your town when you max out your XP bar, and also when you visit other towns. You get a chance that a house will spit up free doughnuts and I get at least one or two daily,
        and You get 60 spying actions per day, if your getting 57 then so,thing is wrong, and I usually wait about a month before removing someone that stopped playing, I’ve had a few that only play when there are new events, though you sometimes get a new player that only plays for a few weeks and stops altogether.
        Is usually wait till all the towns are ready to visit and visit them all at once every day, that time right now is about 2am NY time when the 24 hour timer to visit resets. Though I sometimes with to visit to get the clock to start at an earlier time.
        I play about every 4 hours and if you have room I will add you.
        You will know it’s me because I use the same face icon in the game that I use here.

  12. I started 4 days late and I have 5,753 emblems… i have a lot of neighbors and i visit them daily, is there any way i could catch up and get on track with the emblems? thank you cx

  13. I’m wondering what is the maximum number of friends we can have. Does it make a difference if they’re hidden or showing? Is there a way to remove inactive friends? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!

  14. I only have 4119 embers and I only have one neighbor. There is no way I can enough for the table. Plus I can’t spend money on this game all the time. So how can I get ahead with everyone else? I love the game but to spend money on a game on which I can’t afford! Is pretty sorry if you ask me!

  15. I started a day late, and I’m surprisingly on track, with about 9100 emblems.

  16. How on earth does everyone have so many emblems? Am I missing something? I only have 4400.

    • It all depends on when you started. How many neighbors do you have? That really is the key to getting lots of emblems as each neighbor that visits you is 15 taps (1500 possible daily but more realistically like 1000 a day). I am over 14K with no rushing although I did purchase the pyramid (45 every 8 hrs).

    • I’m at almost 19k with no rushing and it’s probably due to a combination of having 100 friends, meaning I can get up to 1500 emblems a day from them spying on me as well as only tapping the Stonecutter Lodge when visiting neighbours. If you only tap the Stonecutter Lodge you can get 300 emblems a day from visiting neighbours, compared to 60 if you’re tapping anything else.
      Also, I tap a lot, so I’m getting a lot of emblems from Stonecutter tasks, Number 1’s tasks, tapping Robed Figures and the Sacred Parchment tasks. So if you can tap more frequently or at least complete the tasks you’ll earn more emblems. However, there’s lots of time to catch up. 🙂

  17. Congrats to all with lots of emblems! Can’t help but have a bit of the “green eyed monster”. I’m at 9700 emblems (still on track….I know) but feel I should be further along. I play many times a day, visit all of my friends, try to get to all of Number 1’s tasks but have been less than 30 mins behind getting the 400 three times so far. It’s not all bad of course. I have many great friends and still love the game. If you want a friend guaranteed to visit your town daily add me; spcoubrough. All I ask is you return the favor.

  18. Just like the Easter event, I’m still pretty mellow and relaxed with this event and am on track (according to the bunny schedule) to get all of the prizes. Good news is that I’m on vacation next week and should have no problem doing all of number one’s daily tasks for the big bucks

  19. Today im at 20k emblems thanks to all my good friends for spying on me 😛

  20. Have a question if i have 11600 emblems today (11/6) will i get all the prizes then? And everyone im aa dayly player play about 5-6 times a day 🙂 you guessed right im addicted :p my username is Nataliethy407 tap on ppl

  21. add me i’m a daily player. judithbm979

  22. I finished one of #1’s tasks
    and I got 20 free donuts!!!!! Granted it’s a drop in the bucket for what I’ve spent this event but what a nice gesture by EA!!!!! Really, this event is the best I’ve seen so far.

  23. So probably the wrong place to ask… But does anyone know why Bernice Hibberts’ 6 hour “Buy power suit” task would be promoted to the top? It doesn’t go away.

    Also why I’m asking random questions, can someone explain why everyone refers to “completest” rather than “completist”? Is it a spell check thing or some lingo idfk? .

    • It’s a weird glitch with her tasks. Eventually they’ll fix it. I think Bernice just REALLY wants a new suit 😉

      And either way is acceptable, both are words that pretty much have the same meaning. Here…Completest doesn’t kick out during spell check while completist does, so we like not seeing the red line before we post 😉

    • Likely because it is linked to the limited time building Banana Dictatorship that’s not ensured to be in every game. Though, with other similar job/building combos (e.g. CBG or SVT with Aztec Theater) it doesn’t cause similar ordering issues. Likely will be fixed in one of the next in-game updates.

  24. today I will have 11000 emblems 🙂

  25. Add us please! Daily (if not more) player! DredgeGal, arhillis83

  26. Just got Mr Burns and the Money pool. Ahead of schedule. Need to know this off by the end of the month as I am going to be out of phone range for a week

  27. Tapped out life

    Soo glad that I am ahead of schedule. Have early 11,000, so around 3 days ahead. I fell behind during easter so glad this event is going better. I am loving this whole “working towards goals” idea, it is much better than random mystery boxes 🙂

  28. add me: emerlin

  29. What is the decay rate on pyramids in my town. How long do I get 5 emblems

  30. Need good neighborinos for this event 🙂
    Add me Ungeddon

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