Where Did THOSE Come From – Stonecutter Event Buildings

Hey Stonecuttereenos! “ a man who called himself ‘You Know Who’ just invited you to a secret ‘wink wink’ at the ‘you know what’.” How much cooler is life now that the “stupid idiots let (you) in their crappy club for jerks”? Of course, this means we all are Stonecutters now (I call dibs on number 504) and are willing participants in the “weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff” that may or may not be going on in our Springfields.

So, of course we got a really rad Stonecutters event for TSTO with lots of new bits and bobs for our games. This of course means it’s also time for more Where Did That/Those Come From posts from your resident furry companions here at TSTO Addicts. Problem is, most of it comes from the same dang episode.

Because I like y’all way too much to be glib and just say watch the episode for yourself, I thought it’d be nice to just bunch everything together by decorations/buildings/characters and show you what they look like in TV animated form. Of course, you could skip all my words and just spend 22 minutes of your own time… up to you.

The episode most of our new items come from is of course the legendary 12th episode from Season 6 entitled “Homer the Great”.  For this first edition of Stonecutters WDTCF goodness, we’ll be looking at BUILDINGS. For clarity, I’ll be showing them all as they appear in the episode.

Stonecutter Lodge Stonecutter Daycare Center Abandoned Store 1 All Seeing Eye

The first building we see in this episode is the Stonecutter Lodge (costs $2000, 16 hour build, earns $1500 & 150 XP every 7 days for “Keeping Secrets”)– Of course, this building is going to be shown a bunch, right? It is an episode all about the Stonecutters. I do laugh that Homer discovers where it is by putting a leaking can of yellow paint on Lenny and Carl’s towncar. Why those two have a trailer hitch on it is anybody’s guess. To get to the lodge just follow “the yellow drip road”.

Stonecutter Lodge

Up next comes the Stonecutter Day Care Center (costs $250,000, 24 hour build, earns $200 & 20 XP every 12 hours for “Teaching Children the Occult”). After Homer becomes the leader of the Stonecutters, he experiences spiritual ennui due to his sudden popularity in the club. After some discussion with Lisa, Homer realizes helping others is the key. One of the community projects is the Day Care.

Stonecutters Day Care Center

The Abandoned Store (cost 30 donuts, 6 second build, earns $500 and 45 XP every 24 hours for “Being Abandoned”) is the last building we see. The Stonecutters are not fans of Homer’s ideas about charity and community and decide to start up a new club, The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers. They basically change the sign on a Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors. Not sure how the ice cream is gonna go with all their beer chugging but oh well.

Abandoned Store

The last building to mention is the All Seeing Eye (100 donuts – earns 45 emblems every 8 hours for “Earning Emblems”). While the gigantic pyramid is actually more like a non-unique decoration, I decided to throw it into the buildings because after the event it will earn money and it feels like a building to me. This one is actually seen on the Stonecutters sacred parchment.

Sacred Parchment

The parchment has all kinds of symbols on it and the pyramid is the one on the top left. Neat that the EA designers would take it and make something new and cool looking. Another way to see this building in real life is to look on the back of a US one dollar bill.

Great Seal of the US

This pyramid is part of the Great Seal of the United States. The seal was approved in June 1782 and features a barren landscape dominated by an unfinished pyramid of 13 steps, topped by the Eye of Providence within a triangle. Underneath are the Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI (1776), the date of American independence from Britain. The Latin at the top means “He (God) favors our undertaking.” At the bottom is a banner with more Latin which means a “New Order of the Ages”. As for any connection to secret societies, I’ll just say that the only member of the committee who designed the seal that was a mason was Benjamin Franklin and any tenuous link to their “All-Seeing Eye” is bunk since that became uniquely Masonic in 1797. Regardless though, this new item made by Red, White and Blue blood very happy and I had to have it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chronological review of all the BUILDINGS in this amazing episode. I really think this one is worth a watch or re-watch for all you tappers. Until next time, remember that if you give away any of the secrets of this hallowed charter, we’ll hold you to the sacred oath. NOW LET’S ALL GET DRUNK AND PLAY PING PONG!

TTFN… Wookiee (Stonecutter 504) out!

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  1. Glib. I see what you did there.

  2. As a California Mason, I love the Stonecutters and MUST include everything in my town. I’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks, EA!!

  3. Not sure if you noticed – clicking the stars now show the total bonus you get to your XP and money (% added).

  4. I want to be Stonecutter 007, but I don’t suppose women are allowed!? I like beer!

  5. Look what came in the mail today!


    I had kind of a lousy day at work today and this little guy was waiting for me when I got home and it made my day 😀
    I got one of the blind bags and and I still ended up getting the one I wanted (how awesome is that?). I just want to give another huge thankyou to the addicts team, you guys are the best!

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    I got the Money Pool… it’s so big I had to remodel. I put the (ugly) Abandoned Store by the shelter LOL.
    Here’s my new Stonecutter’s area… I sure hope the Anvil & Table aren’t too big LOL


    • GDar, I have to say you will need room for that Anvil! I saw it on a neighbor’s town and was like OMG!

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Seriously? Ugh… LOL Better figure something else out, I’ve already got everything taking up quite a bit of space LOLT hanks for the heads up Runic “)

  7. 13 steps to symbolize the 13 states at the time! 😛
    I am Irish, how the hell can I know this lol! XD

  8. Thank you for posting this. . .all of this stonecutter talk. . i had to go back and rewatch this episode. Check it out at link below. I promise all its legit, if your unsure google ‘wtsof.tv’ . . it actually has all seasons.
    Happy tapping!


    • Thanks, and sorry…the site is actually not one we can post. Appreciate it. We here at Addicts have all the episodes ourselves to watch and rewatch and enjoy. 😉

      • ok, sorry about that, no links. . got it 😉

        anyway, so very happy i found this site. . .talk about all the info one would want!

      • You may have them, but what about the many followers you have that would like to watch them but can’t find a way how to?

        • We have posted legitimate links that are allowed to properly and legally monitor the episodes. As with “altered” games, we don’t promote the improper channels. It goes against policies and we kinda like our site up and running. 😉

          Here is their official site. The others…you can search for online, but you do so at your own risk from spam and other unauthorized access.


  9. does anyone know what catagory the Abandoned Store counts towards?
    Consumerism? Vanity?

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