Should I Spend Donuts on Stonecutter #51?

The Stonecutters Event has arrived. With all of the new Stonecutter Premium Items that are Limited Time ,it may be overwhelming trying to decide which items to buy and what to pass on. With that Limited Time label on items I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. But, have no fear! That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth your donuts & what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Stonecutter #51 to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this Stonecutter to YOUR Springfield!

#51 phone home 1

Character: Number 51
Donut Price: 100 Donuts

-Comes with a quest line
-Premium character earns 50% more on all cash and xp than a freemium character
-Hilarious outdoor animation (phone home)
-A real playable character, comes with a complete set of tasks.  Not just another NPC
-A fun LGM (Little Green Martian) to add to your Springfield that’s not Kodos or Kang

-Pricey.  100 donuts is pricey for a stand alone character, that does not come with buildings.  Most others are below 100 donuts.
-Questline does not award emblems.
– Very minor role in the Stonecutter episode, only seen for a brief second.

Final Thought:
Personally, this is one I grabbed because I like the idea of having the LGM in my town (remember tin foil hats?! 😉 )  but I also like that he has a full questline (7 parts) and comes with a complete set of tasks.  However, at 100 donuts he is pretty pricey for a pint-sized green man so it’s not for everyone.  If you’re on the fence, this may be one you want to hold of on until the event gets closer to the end (especially since you don’t earn extra emblems for having him).
Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you #51 was a purchase I made right away!  However, whatever you decide to do remember #51 IS Limited-Time and will disappear from the store as soon as the event ends.  So make sure you make your final decision before July 2nd if you want this little guy in YOUR Springfield.

Stonecutter #51 (Alien) Permanent Tasks:

Task Task Length Payout Location
Consume Engineered “Meat” Product 1 hr $115/ 26XP Krusty Burger
Run the Stonecutter Daycare 2hr $190/ 40XP Stonecutter Daycare
Phone Home 4 hr $275/ 70XP Outside
Drink Fungal Excrement 8 hr $445/ 105XP Stonecutter Lodge
Sing Stonecutter Song 12 hr $675/ 150XP Outside w/Stonecutter Table
Watch Daytime TV 24 hr $1100/ 225XP Brown House

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What are YOUR thoughts on Stonecutter #51?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring this unique character to your Springfield? Think our lil towns are starting to get invaded by too many aliens now?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you! 

40 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Stonecutter #51?

  1. He’s back for 2018 mini event and for only 10 donuts. Yes, please! Happy new year everybody!

  2. Hello! I’m checking him out now that he’s returned for the 2016 space event, and I was wondering if anyone knows if he will perform the outdoor “Sing Stonecutter Song” task somewhere else for those of us who missed the Stonecutters event and don’t have the table? I love the idea of having him in my town (and know the words to the Stonecutter Song, heh), but 100 donuts seems a lot for a standalone character if he is only going to have one visual task available. :/ Thank you!

    • He does if you have the table…they don’t actually sing it though just the action at the table

      • Thanks for the quick response! I am constantly amazed at how you all keep up with this site. Superwomen.

        Also, I think I was unclear – I was thinking I could sing the song while watching #51 so the visual (pretty sure this makes me the dorkiest woman on the planet), but since I don’t have the table I’m thinking he just won’t do the task at all? I wish they were bundling it with him, or at least offering it as an extra premium purchase. So basically… Please let me know if I am wrong and he will sing the task at another location and/or if there’s any other way to get the table. 🙂 And if you don’t have time to respond, I totally understand and will just assume I should hold off. Thank you so much again!

        P.S. I am compiling a list of characters and their visual tasks because I can never remember. If that would be useful to you in some way, please let me know where I can send it to you when it’s done. I’m so far only doing characters I have (I’m up to 115 so far, I think? Wish I had more donuts to get some more of the premiums!), and I’m including the skins I have, too. I couldn’t find a list like it anywhere, so I thought I would offer it as a thank you for all the work you do here. Please let me know where to send it if you are interested!

  3. I just bought him in the Martian tied in episode event! Almost two years later!

  4. Friend me and my family:

  5. This was a no-brainer- snapped him up! I love his “phone home” task 😀

  6. Greetings everyone, who can help me to be my neighbour..

  7. As soon as the event opened, I bought #51, #2, the pyramid, and the treasure chest. I had to have all the premium items ASAP. After the wheel of misfortune from Easter, I wanted something I knew what I was getting. Didn’t mind spending the sprinklies in the least, and I have some very nice additions to my Springfield. Now I just need enough in-game dollars for the Daycare!

  8. He was an instabuy for me, love having the odd balls, and Kang & Kudous needed a friend.

  9. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’ve pretty much decided I’ll buy him, he’s a cool addition to the game. Who couldn’t love a little green alien? LOL

  10. I saw him at the Stonecutter’s table in Bunny’s B town and now I want him! Gotta save up some donuts. Got three today visiting neighbors, a record, and waiting to heat about this mystery ten donut thing. And maybe I’ll get some after finishing the quest. Then #51 shall be mine muahahaha

  11. I am so tempted with him. I have just over 100 donuts so that will wipe me out. I am always to purchase premium items in games like this though. I keep thinking as soon as I do something even more awesome will show up. So I never end up spending anything.

  12. Tapped out life

    Still haven’t decided whether to get the all seeing eye or this little guy. They are both cool, and both will give me money, the eye will after the event I’m sure. I will just wait til later in the event and see whether I want a decoration or a character

  13. He has the funiest name…….he is also retro sci-fi

    I bought him.

  14. HoneyBadgerSpy

    Sorry, had no idea where to post this! Is the homer easter egg with the stonecutter table genuine? I have heard very little other than from a few friends and I was wondering if you really do get 10 free donuts?

    • We have info coming on it. We wanted to wait til everyone got closer to unlocking it, but others are pushing it out already…so we will go ahead and release the details on it tomorrow. 😉

  15. I got him and the Abandoned Store yesterday and didn’t know what to expect. Personally, I think he is a must-buy because he has a questline (It’s Just Swamp Gas) and he is a Little Green Martian. I started playing too late so I didn’t get Kodos or Kang, but this pays off for it.

  16. I wanted to buy him the second he was released, but since I only a couple donuts away from 100 I decided to wait a few days instead of buying them. Finally bought him yesterday and I think he is awesome. Can never have to many awesome aliens!

  17. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place but please can you answer this….I try to be a good neighbour and with only 60 taps it’s impossible to cover them all. What I want to know is … After the 60 taps, if I go onto another town and tap them will they still get tokens whilst I get money. I am happy to do that as long as they are getting tokens and I get my 60 again 24 hours later. Thank you. Debby

    • Yes. Your neighbor will always get tokens for unspying buildings you spied on in their town, whether you get them or not. 🙂

    • Debby, if possible, avoid tapping your neighbors’ lodges after you have reached your 60 taps, because they earn 5 emblems for other neighbors while the other buildings earn only 1 emblem. But feel free to tap the lodges when you are still earning emblems since you will get the bonus!

      (State Farm theme music goes here…) “Like a good neighboreeno, Sky Finger is here….” (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  18. I’m on the fence, so I’ll wait. I did buy the costume for Frink, but i’m waiting for your article on Hibbard before pulling the trigger. 60 donuts seems a bit high unless it pays premium rates on tasks (or generates emblems).

  19. cant get hints on projects ! any news ?

  20. After the event what will the benefit be? I guess what will he do next minth? lol

  21. I.. NEED Limited time items… But I do not get them until a few days or so lol. He is a awesome character! I would really recomend that you purchase him. Great questline aswell! 🙂

  22. I didn’t blink an (all seeing) eye for #51 personally I want ALL the stone cutters so I guess at some point I’ll have to plunk down for Disco Stu & Jasper. Plus he’s a martian that looks suspiciously like futurama’s Kif ( might he be moonlighting?) Hmmmmmm

    • Man he does look like Kif. Which bring up the fact that I would absolutely love a Futurama game on par with TSTO. Man,,,,that would be awesome.

      • Agree 110% a Futurama game with it’s retro sci fi themes , the rocketships , robots , aliens , planet landscapes & humorous dialogue of the Professor , Frye , Leela , Zoidberg etc would be ” good news indeed”

    • I have been so tempted to get him but was going to wait until closer to the end. Now that all I can see is Kif when I look at him I want him even more 🙂

    • I also got him for the Kif resemblance. Plus the quest line is great. Most definitely worth it to me.

  23. I think he’s awesome! I’m just waiting for payday to buy him…this is what I like about long events: having time to have the $$$ to buy the cool stuff! Seeing eye pyramid, #51, and Abandoned Store, I will have you yet!

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