Free Donuts in Stonecutters Table!

Hey there hoppereenos. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on another lil treat EA tossed into the game. MORE FREE DONUTS!!!

3 donuts3 donuts3 donuts1 donut Stonecutter table


We wanted to wait til everyone was getting closer to unlocking the Stonecutters Table to release this info, but many are now asking for it…so we just wanted to clarify what needs to be done to take advantage of this AWESOME Easter Egg in the Event.

First of all, you need to reach 31,500 Emblems to unlock the Stonecutter Table.

Stonecutter table 31500 Emblems

Once you have it, you need to locate Homer and put him in his #908 Skin. Then send him on his 12 hour task to “Sing the Stonecutter Song.” (It will actually be part of the mini quest associated with unlocking the table. So you can do this at the same time.)

#908 Sing stonecutter song 1

As soon as he sits down at the table and starts singing, tap Homer.

908 Sing Stonecutter Table

This will cause the timer box to pop up. LEAVE IT OPEN!

#908 Homer Sing Stonecutter Song

While it is open, start tapping on Homer (he will be off to the side of the timer box.) At the 10th tap, you will get this pop up…and 10 FREE DONUTS!! WOOHOO!!! (They will be added right to your total.)

Stonecutter Table Secret Bonus free donuts

This is very similar to the Jebediah Statue Easter Egg (for those that don’t know about that one, click here.)

So there you go…ANOTHER way to get free donuts just for playing your silly lil game. Don’t stress on speeding through to do this. Kinda pointless to waste donuts just to win some. Lol. Just sit back, play, have fun, and enjoy this amazing silly lil game.


100 responses to “Free Donuts in Stonecutters Table!

  1. ooooh missed this first time around… thanks for the easter egg!

    • But if you don’t have the 908 skin, you are SOL. Any idea how to get it? Other than a time machine to complete the Stonecutters event? And if I have a time machine, this will be waaaaaaaaaaaayy down on the list of things I’d do.

  2. Still works. Just got my ten donuts. Thank you!!!

  3. dd_fromtlanta

    I TOTALLY missed this post during the stone cutters event… just happened to see the link for this while reading through another thread. I tried it and it STILL WORKS!! YAY!! 10 BONUTS!!!

  4. WOW. Thanks for that donut-hint! Got all the stonecutters stuff during that event months ago but didn’t know about that easter egg. just tried it out – still worked!
    So I just guess this will stay working for everybody who got all the required stuff during the stonecutters event and not knowing yet about this easter egg.

  5. I missed the post about free donuts for tapping Homer Whilst he was singing the Stonecutter song! I didn’t think it would work now the event’s over but it did. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Yow !!!
    I almost missed this tip !


  7. Thanks so much! This worked for me I just finished it. First I got a statue and then tem free donuts!

  8. 🙂

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