Where Did THOSE Come From – Stonecutter Event Decorations

Hey Stonecuttereenos! “ a man who called himself ‘You Know Who’ just invited you to a secret ‘wink wink’ at the ‘you know what’.” How much cooler is life now that the “stupid idiots let (you) in their crappy club for jerks”? Of course, this means we all are Stonecutters now (I call dibs on number 504) and are willing participants in the “weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff” that may or may not be going on in our Springfields.

So, of course we got a really rad Stonecutters event for TSTO with lots of new bits and bobs for our games. This of course means it’s also time for more Where Did That/Those Come From posts from your resident furry companions here at TSTO Addicts. Problem is, most of it comes from the same dang episode.

Because I like y’all way too much to be glib and just say watch the episode for yourself, I thought it’d be nice to just bunch everything together by decorations/buildings/characters and show you what they look like in TV animated form. Of course, you could skip all my words and just spend 22 minutes of your own time… up to you.

The episode most of our new items come from is of course the legendary 12th episode from Season 6 entitled “Homer the Great”.  For this first edition of Stonecutters WDTCF goodness, we’ll be looking at DECORATIONS.  For clarity, I’ll be showing them all as they appear in the episode.

Sacred Parchment Stonecutter tableark-of-the-stonecovenant                                            Stone of Triumph Tube Slide

The first decoration we see in this episode appears after Homer has passed his initiation to be a Stonecutter. He takes the sacred oath right in front of the Sacred Parchment (first emblem prize – 1,450 emblems).

Stonecutters Sacred Parchment

Next, during the great scene where we hear the funny Stonecutter song is the Stonecutters Table (9th emblem prize – 31,500 emblems). Gotta have a table to eat ribs on, right?

Stonecutters Table

It’s these sloppy ribs which bring us to the next decoration. Homer should have never used the Sacred Parchment as a bib, Q-tip and snotrag. For his misactions, he is kicked out of the Stonecutters. All his ceremonial garments, including the official Stonecutter underwear, is cast into the Ark of the Stonecovenant (prize for completing 24 Sacred Parchment clues) which is a great Indiana Jones gag and also a biblical reference.

Ark of the Stonecovenant

Poor Homer… he gets linked with the Stone of Shame and banished. But wait, due to a prophesied birthmark, Homie is actually the long-awaited leader of the Stonecutters. In another great gag… this means he doesn’t have to be shamed anymore and instead gets to drag the Stone of Triumph (7th emblem prize – 22,500 emblems), a much bigger rock and chain.

Stone of Triumph

Just gotta say the decoration we got in game makes me think more of the Stone of Shame but oh well… semantics I suppose.

You’d think being the chosen one and having all his friends and acquaintances bow to his every whim would make Homer happy but you’d be wrong. Power only creates spiritual emptiness and isolation according to zen master Lisa. Homer decides to use his new power for the greater good. When he has the club do charity, they build the Stonecutter Day Care Center and we see the Tube Slide ($2500). Moe getting stuck in it should totally be a TSTO task.

Tube Slide

It needs to be said that both the Hieroglyph Wall ($500) and the Chest of Sacred Artifacts (3rd emblem prize – 6500 emblems or 55 donuts) were designed for our games. Definitely cool looking though.

Hieroglyph Wall 3 Chest of Sacred Artifacts

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chronological review of all the DECORATIONS in this amazing episode. I really think this one is worth a watch or re-watch for all you tappers. Until next time, remember that if you give away any of the secrets of this hallowed charter, we’ll hold you to the sacred oath. NOW LET’S ALL GET DRUNK AND PLAY PING PONG!

TTFN… Wookiee (Stonecutter 504) out!

31 responses to “Where Did THOSE Come From – Stonecutter Event Decorations

  1. HEY DAD’S…….This Father’s Day Weekend bring the kids to Cyber’s “new” Springfield Park. Let them ride the “TripleDareU” slide. 😀


    • lol that looks awesome!

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Love it Silly! I’d take that dare 🙂

      I can’t wait to see what other designs everyone comes up with the fences and slides, that’s why I know I’ll regret it later if I don’t hoard them LOL!

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    I remodeled my stonecutter’s area again today… I can’t wait to get the table 😀

    • I love how you keep changing it…lol…looks great! I made some changes also on the upper right side of my town. Check them out on your next visit. 😉

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thank you Silly 🙂 I figured I’d better start making room for the other decorations now, I should be getting The Stone Of Shame this morning 🙂

  3. What about the money pool? Where did that come from?

  4. I wish that they would have also given us Stonecutter skins for Herman, Barney and Egg Council Guy.

  5. Mighty66mikey

    Add me for daily taps during event and after! Lvl 40 player. Add: Mighty66mikey

  6. I’m curious if others have experienced this – yesterday my Number 1 daily prophesies were a 6 hour task, then 4 hour, 6 hour, and ANOTHER 6 hour. In other words, I had to be awake for 22 hours during the day to complete all of these tasks. I started at 5:30 in the morning, and still couldn’t finish in time. Can this happen again? It strikes me as totally unfair.

    • Yup mine was like that too….
      The trick is to set the first task at midnight when they clock resets. Then you can sleep and it’ll still be working. I set the first one at midnight (a 6hr) set the 4 hr when I woke up at 6:45. Then another 6 at 11am, then the last 6 at 5pm so it was done at 11pm.

      It’s painfully annoying, but workable while still sleeping. However, if you miss a few you’re still ok with the Calendar. 🙂

      • “Annoying” is right! Unfortunately, I need to beat the calendar, as I’ll be out of the country without Internet access the last week of the event. I just find it totally uncool by EA to force people to stay up all night if they want to get all of the daily rewards. I enjoy the game and am willing to spend a good chunk of my waking hours playing it, but changing my life to that degree is a bridge too far.

    • Yeah. There is a lot to like about this event, but the long task durations within a midnight-to-midnight window are a challenge if you need to be asleep before midnight (for work, perhaps) or if you travel across time zones regularly.

  7. I’m really digging this fence, especially the brown side. I can see some future design potential in it. Although I haven’t figured out how many to buy and hoard… what’s a good rule of thumb? It combines with the large hedge to make a cool-looking layer glitch. I kind of hope they don’t fix this one.

    I wonder if the way i’m liking these fences is just about psychology–when I get one it’s by choice, instead of “… ugh another fence! but I wanted xyz.” I did like the Easter fence when introduced, but getting so many instead of other things made it more sour.

    The slide makes me really long for a way to make a poolside at the Krustyland hotel. What luxury hotel doesn’t have a big pool? With a cool slide and beach chairs? Those beach chairs would be perfect poolside.They look a bit like a Nellie Olson ringlet, if she wasn’t so blonde 😉

  8. Classic episode and a good precedent basing a whole event on a single classic episode……….

  9. i can’t wait to get the table!

    and a little off topic but i really love the sound design in this game, overall. but especially for this event – the “plink” when you tap a spied building, or the “oof” when you tape a robed guy in your town. it’s so good! 😀

    • There are so many nice little touches to this event. If I didn’t love Halloween as a holiday so much and treasure all the TOH episodes, this would be my favorite of all time.

  10. Is the money pool from the episode? I have it in my Stonecutters compound for now, but debating moving it to Burns Manor.

  11. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’m hoarding the slides & walls for later use since they are going to be limited items 🙂

    • HOARDER!!!!! 😉

    • I usually never hoard limited time stuff, well maybe a few pumpkins at Halloween.. But i definitely want more of the wall in case I extend my stonecutters compound in the future..

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Definitely Samba, and if you turn them around where the emblem doesn’t show, they make a nice plain wall 🙂

    • Yeah, I am a hoarder too – you never know, maybe for some reason you need 50 slides in the future… 😉 And what else are you gonna do with 16 million in the bank and counting? Started that the first Valentine event in 2013, more because you couldn’t really do much with all the excess hearts you collected from your neighbors. Paid off, though, because I used a lot of those trees and rosebushes over time, and now they are usable in KL as well. Plus, the Hammocks and Ponds were changed to premium and give me a nices bonus multiplier, without spending a single donut on them 🙂

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I wasn’t going to buy so many slides until I saw them stacked on top of each other in a neighbor’s town & that that they might make something cool later. The fences are a given 🙂

  12. I just received 5 donuts by popping a balloon in krustyland? I just had to mention this to everyone. Lol

    Also can someone tell me if this is a glitch or not: when I visit friends Springfield and if that friend happens to have that little leaprechun, you can click him endless amounts of times for XP and Money. He runs away dropping them and you just chase him for more and more! Lol

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