Glitch! Smithers ERROR!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just bouncing by with a recap on an ongoing glitch that keeps cycling around. Smithers gone missing and all you can see is an “ERROR” when seeking him out.



This usually happens when he is sent for a task to the Control Building of the Nuclear Power Plant (possibly a few other locations). It is a known issue, but there is no correction for it as of yet.

control building

There is a quick fix for this issue. You can pull him back out of the task that made him stuck. Just go to Mr. Burns Mansion (the building he came to the game with) and place it in your storage. This will pull him out of his task and the game. You can then go into your storage (lil brown cardboard box) and replace Mr. Burns Mansion and it will put him right back into the game in front of it. Just try not to send him again (this includes joint tasks like the Money Fight with Mr. Burns).Burns_Manor_Tapped_Out.


Right now the best thing to do is first to make EA aware you are having the issue so they can see what devices are impacted by it. You can Contact EA through the normal routes. Also, there is a thread on the forums you can add your name to as experiencing the issue.

So I hope this helps out with this glitch to at least get Smithers available for you to use again. Have you experienced this issue? Have you Contacted EA? Let us know.


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  1. Sadly this fix, which has worked with other missing characters, is not working for Smithers. When trying to place the mansion or rebuild it, a message comes up saying that you do not have enough resources and requests either a zero donut or zero dollar spend, neither option can actually be selected.

    Also affected are all other buildings and characters on that strip of map including the prison and Fat Tony, the prep school, monorail track and many others.

    The buildings are intermittently appearing and disappearing but regardless are not updating for cash.

  2. I wish I knew this during the StoneCutters update…….

  3. Awesome thank you

  4. Thank u so much!!!! It worked

  5. I had this “error” on Smithers and found that some how the burns mansion was in my storage. I placed it back in game and Smithers is working great.

  6. Pat Seidlinger

    I’m on level 27 and never got the prompt to get Smithers. Didn’t even know I was supposed to get him until I unlocked the sacred scroll about the whip. Also never got the “This Little Wiggie” quest prompt. What do I do?

    • Sometimes your XP level and your in game level vary. Your XP level is dictated by how many XP points you have & with all these events it’s easy to rack up XP points. However, your game level is dictated by where you are in the game. You have to build one thing to unlock another. What was the last building/character you built/unlocked?

  7. Thank You so much! I have been searching for smithers forever!

  8. It worked! Thanks so much!

  9. Thank you so much you help me so much I was traing to take him out from long time

  10. Thank you!😊 it worked

  11. Thank you. Now I got Smithers back.

  12. thnx very much……this is a great help

  13. Thanks! It worked perfectly.

  14. I had this happen about a week ago, and couldn’t do anything with Smithers until I put away Burns Manor and then brought it back out again.

  15. Had Smithers error after the Easter removal update. Quickly fixed, but wish I would get some of the glitches that give multi buildings 🙂

    My son informed me of the android update last night, but when I checked later in the evening it wasn’t available for me, thought the kid was crazy, but it’s on the store for me now. Gonna wait to see what everyone experiences with it first, my game is playing just fine and I don’t wanna mess with it.

  16. I had this the other day, I thought it was strange at the time and I hadn’t noticed it elsewhere, posted on a different thread about it and Wookie suggested exactly what you have and it worked fine.
    I don’t know of I’ve sent Smithers on the same task that made him go AWOL since but he hasn’t. Hopfully I’ll just have the one incidence 🙏

  17. All my brown, and blue house, SC daycare, characters on SC tasks, reset task times, or do multiple tasks. I’ve tried storing, reloading, logging off, and nothing helps. I’ve received 3 SC daycares, by moving the daycare over a spot. When I return I have the daycare I moved, and a new one is just completed building in the previous place. Very confused. EA hasn’t contacted me back, just sent a link to FAQ. Any ideas?

  18. I sent Mr. Burns and Smithers to Money Fight in the control building multiple times during the event and I never experienced this glitch… :/

    • As with ALL glitches, they won’t impact everyone…or even the same way. So we put out all the info for those that actually need it. 😉

  19. I have experienced the ERROR when I send various Springfielders to the Power Plant. Their tasks are finished, yet they there is no thumbs up. I fix this by storing that main building for a second and then place it again, and who ever was in there is released. I have not experienced this glitch when I have sent anyone else on a task to Burns Manor.

    • Burns Manor is only used to release Smithers. Not an Error there. It is just a way to get him out of the Error.

      And yes…you can store the Control Building if you know they are in there. If not, you have to go to the building they were released from. Smithers is Mr Burns Mansion. 😉

  20. Just got a minor update in playstore

  21. Um…sorry if this isn’t in the right place, but my game is giving me an error saying it has been logged into a different device. What the heck does that mean??

  22. oh I was wondering where he went!

  23. I’m really happy that we now have the town hall finder… Smithers could have been lost for days/weeks/months and I never would have released it! 🙂

  24. I experienced that for the first time today on my iPad mini. Didn’t think about putting the Byens Mansion in storage but I did out the Control Building in storage real quick and out he came. Thanks for the info. I thought it might have just been me since my B game was fine on the same device.

  25. Thank you so much!!!!

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