GLITCH!! Stonecutter #85 & 600 Skins

Hey there hoppereenos. Bouncing by with some information on the glitch we are starting to see trend more and more. The sudden missing skins for Willie #85 & Skinner # 600.

#85 Willie #600 Skinner


Normally what SHOULD happen is after you win a skin for your character, it is placed into your inventory (the lil brown cardboard box in the lower left side of your menu screens). They are located all the way to the end. However, with these skins something unusual seems to be happening to some of the players out there.

Character Group Stonecutters 85 & 600

For myself in my A game (I play slow and Freemium in that one), I just got these two skins, got the pop up I won them, but I did not have to go to the inventory and place them into play…it was done automatically and the dialog started right off for their quest line, Game of Stones Part 7. (This can be common for these skins though.)

Skinner tasks

This is where it starts to get a lil odd for some players. For whatever reason they get everything the same up to the point of starting the new Stonecutter Characters on the quest, leave the game, but when they return… Willie’s & Skinners Stonecutter Skins are completely gone. No where to be found. It still shows them as being won in the Emblem Prizes, still shows the quest line activated for Game of Stones Part 7 that requires them unlocked, but the skins have vanished. They are unable to complete the tasks now. For some, even the Character group no longer shows them as even being awarded and instead back to transparent images.

This is what the task SHOULD look like with the characters won and completing Part 7 of the Game of Stones.

Game of Stones part 7

This is what it ends up looking like for some of the players that #85 & #600 vanish for. The task started, the other characters completed, but no sign of the two new won skins and now no way to progress any further on the main quest line. (Thanks to reader Marieke for their images.)

Marieke Game of Stones pt 7

This is what any character with skins task bar SHOULD look like when you click on them. Notice the option to scroll left and right through the skin images and the plus and minus +/- to show and hide those images.

willie tasks




This is what the impacted players characters task lists look like after winning the skins. No sign of them even existing.

Marieke Willie

Marieke Skinner

This is the impacted players Emblem Prize list. Notice that #85 & #600 still show as won. The Emblem count is still MORE than enough. But still no skins in play. (Again, thanks Marieke.)

Marieke Emblem Prizes

I am in contact with EA on this matter and waiting for word back. In the meantime, I checked the forums and sure enough others are reporting the same issue. So what to do? First and foremost is Contact EA and open a ticket so they are aware who and how many are impacted by this glitch. Also, this impacts your game play and you may need compensation depending on how long the issue takes to resolve. (I am hoping once you hit the next prize level it will auto correct, or after collecting more Emblems…we will see.)

In the meantime, light up the EA forum boards with your information and push this issue to a priority. Add your name, device, etc to the list of others that are also impacted there. (You can log in using same email and password as you do the game. It is all still Origin linked.)

We will update if anything else comes in the meantime. Hang in there.

Are you having this issue? Have you reported it to EA yet? Did you post on the forums? Let us know.


51 responses to “GLITCH!! Stonecutter #85 & 600 Skins

  1. What about the buildings in stone cutters up date … u think they will make another stone cutters update?

  2. This glitch just happened to me when I reached 28,000 emblems. I received Jasper, Carl and Lenny’s skin’s. However they are now missing after I returned to the game. I checked the inventory and nothing there and now the skins show greyed out.

    • I see you posted it on the EA forum already too. That is good. We will watch to see if this trends like the others. Hopefully EA will fix these issues of missing skins soon. Make sure you open a ticket with them too.

    • Just sent a ticket to EA.

  3. I am having a similar problem but with Wiggum. I received the stone cutter skin, completed his task, but then the skin vanished! It is no longer an option :(. I have reported it to EA. Hopefully there will be some sort of resolution soon.

  4. ChrisesMissus

    Yeah, I’ve just got back after the wagon after an exam related absence and was stoked to at least collect some prizes for the stonecutter a thing. However, it’s not working. I take it there’s supposed to be a task thing when you click on No.1 icon? A panel flashes up for about half a second then disappears. Aaagh

  5. Hi Team, I have another glitch (or perhaps two) that don’t appear to be affecting game play yet. The first is where I have an extra Stone in my inventory that obviously can’t be placed. The second popped up yesterday where I have won the Stonecutters table, placed it and have Homer and Krusty merrily singing, but I am still getting the message that I have won it and the prize register shows it as not won. I still have a few hours before the task is finished so it may clear itself. Has anyone else reported this?

  6. Recently I noticed that Smithers is missing from my game, I went to the Town Hall to look for him and it says ” error ” what can I do to get him back ??

  7. No wiggum and disco stu. Reached 18000 and nothing. Any fix?

    • Assuming you double checked your inventory and the skins didn’t automatically go on the character …check your prize list make sure it’s filled showing you won it. If it’s filled in try going to Krustyland and also visiting a neighbor or two. If that still doesn’t trigger it (or if it’s showing not filled in), your next step is to contact EA and let them know it’s missing from your Springfield.

  8. Happened to me with Disco Stu and Wiggum too

  9. I hope I don’t get this. I’m close to getting those two. If this happens, is there a way to fix it? Please reply if someone can. Thanks😀

  10. Are you supposed to get new scrolls at nine o clock? Or ten?

  11. This is my next prize to get….. What’s gonna happen! Should I be worried or will it be fixed by then?

    • I don’t have an issue with them in my town, which tells me it’s specific to a few towns. So I honestly wouldn’t worry about it until you get there & see what happens. We’re seeing plenty of players have 0 issues with this skins. 🙂

  12. Reporting a different glitch here. I’m on gmt time, so daily tasks should be resetting at 12 (or o.oo), but it’s not resetting until 1.00, also the scroll tasks are being set back by an hour. System time is right tho! Any one else have this problem?

    • Mine are supposed to be 8GMT which is 4am EST in the U.S. Mine are opening 2hours ahead of time and it is throwing the times off. My best suggestions is just pay attention to what the game gives you as it is, for the most part, following the calendar.

    • Hi Claire

      I have the same issue. My clock also resets at 1am but I think it’s because we are on BST, not GMT and therefore an hour behind. You should still get 24hrs to complete your tasks.

      Hope this helps.

    • Well, I don’t stay up till then, but usually for me it’s 8:00.

    • 666darkking666

      Although you know your timezone; maybe the game or platform on which you play this awesome game, has had its timezone changed. It’s the only thing I can think of.

    • I have no idea where to post this but it’s 100% accurate, lol. I really wanted you guys to know about it:)

    • Does this mean our addiction is legit because it’s on buzzfeed?

    • #59. Why can’t I tap the robed figures (bunnies, other frustrating characters from events) in my friends’ Springfields?
      #60. Why don’t I get emblems for ALL my friend taps?
      #61. If I got emblems like I got Easter eggs for Easter, I would have like 50 extra donuts by now! (only 2 weeks into the update)
      #62. I wish it didn’t take me over 2 hours to tap all my friends.
      #63. Where are my free donuts? I used to get 3 donuts a day with friend taps, now I don’t get any…
      #64. When is the nuclear option coming back? I want to be able to reorganize my Springfield.
      #65. Dang, some friends need the nuclear option. Can I just nuke it for them?
      #66. Why do my friendship timers all start with the first tap of each town? Can’t I just have one timer for the entire day?
      #67. Why are some of the normally untappable buildings (Cooling towers, Control Building) spyable in friends’ towns?
      #68. Why are some other normally tappable buildings (Vulgari store) NOT spyable in friends’ towns?
      #69. Why do we have to tap buildings more than once to collect money/clear completed tasks/unspy the building?
      #70. Why do so many people have house farms? That’s so boring…
      #71. Why do so many people tap on my house farms? I have plenty of original buildings. Stay out of my farms, you kids!
      #72. Why do some house farmers have nothing but farms as far as the eye can see as soon as you tap in? Can’t they at least put their regular buildings in the middle?
      #72. I hope after this event they keep it where tapping friends’ buildings doesn’t affect the harvest timers. I’m tired of having different timers on my house farms.
      #73. All my friends have the same buildings. Why can’t there be some variety?
      #74. Oooooh, my friend has __________ building/skin/character. I want that, too!
      #75. No graffiti! Yayyyy!
      #76. No graffiti! Booooo!

      I’m sure y’all can come up with many more, but those were some of the ones I thought of after reading the blog.
      Of the existing ones, my favorites are:
      10 and 11…
      17 and 18 (omg, how many times have I done this exact thing?)
      22 (or just plain nothing to tap!)
      25 (hasn’t happened to me, but I realized in horror the other day that it certainly could)
      27.. (nuff said)
      31 (thank God!)
      35 (except it’s more the opposite for me. I’m annoyed that it takes such a long time for people to do tasks that don’t take normal people that long. Ned goes Power Walking for 4 hours?? Lisa spends 24 hours doing next week’s homework?? It takes the Sea Captain 12 hours to pray to Poseidon???)
      43. Yes, thank you! Springfield: Land of the Eternal Sun.
      49. The entire reason I listed numbers on this rather than quoting what was said, because of the profanity in this one.
      53 and 55

      Another thought:
      *Why did the blogger post a screenshot for the “made a baby cry” message and not say anything about it? that’s one of my least favorite parts of the game.*

      And here I have proven once again that I am an insomniac of the highest order.

  13. Got my 20 donuts from Lisa’s dialogue, and went to plant some crops. Then the dreaded retry screen popped up, went back to my town and they were gone. Doh

    • Oh no! Make sure that last task is definitely complete and if it is and you’re still missing those donuts contact EA and let them know the game crashed and you lost them. That’s the worst!

  14. I wonder if those “free random donuts” that people got a bit ago have anything to do with this. I never gotthe random ones, but got the 20 donuts for finishing the Stonecutter’s main quest line and had no issues whatsoever.
    Maybe the “random” donuts were actually for finishing the quest, but since tge quest was never actually properly finished, the save is confused and doesn’t know what to do, aka glitching.

  15. I had the same thing happen once… I uninstalled the game from my phone, reinstalled it from the play store, logged with with my Origin account and poof, everything was back to normal.

  16. BUNNY OR SOMEONE HELP ME!!! Im getting ready to either cry or break my tablet. I was in the middle of playing TO and it force closed or crashed or whatever like it always does. When I triedd to play again it said my account was logged in on another device, not saved, and I LOST MY WHOLE SPRINGFIELD. :'( I have played religiously for 7 months I was on level 40 with sooo many earrned and saved items and characters. Im strange but im in tears im so frustrated. I dont play on any other device and ive already tried the log out and log back in thing. Please help me….

  17. I really hope they let us store trees, bushes, benches, etc soon becuase I need to rekocate my forest.

  18. I lost wiggum and disco stus costumes on mine it says I won them on the prize chart but I don’t have them. I contacted ea but no response to it yet besides the confirmation email they send about opening a claim.

  19. My B town on the android seems to have part of this issue, I just finished part 7 of the game of stones, and Bart & Lisa are on part 8. But Skinner and Willie don’t have the stonecutter skins available.
    My A town on the Kindle is finished with that questline and has the money pool, and those 2 characters have their stonecutter selves. Not sure if they ever lost them.

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