Sacred Parchment Puzzle Hints #14

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing by to help out those that are struggling with the Daily Sacred Parchment tasks. Be warned…


Sacred Parchment open


Reminder, I have all of the answers listed in my Sacred Parchment Calendar, so if you want the actual task you will need to go there. The entire 24 will be listed on the days they open. The clues are very specific to the characters, their tasks, and your knowledge of the Simpsons. Think even of last names or things that have to do with them alone. I am having a lot of fun with them myself.

Now for today’s New Puzzle

Parchment Puzzle #14 (June 16th): 

SP dog race

2014-06-16 04.41.06

Dogs and Money. Someone with VERY big feet.

krustyspringfield downs


There you go. To not spoil them completely (even though they are pretty obvious) you still need to go to the Sacred Parchment Calendar to get the tasks that complete these. Gotta keep some of it a lil mysterious still. Lol. Keep in mind you do NOT have to finish these in order and they are NOT timed. So you have til end of the event to complete them however you see fit.

As you can see on each one, it tells you the Game Play Level you need to have done in order to see and/or complete the task. Not sure where you are in Game Play Level? Check our Walkthroughs. If you don’t want to try and complete levels or even do the task at hand, you can also opt for the donut pay out to bypass it.

Do you have any favorite tasks yet? Are you guessing them no problem? Like the subtle lil hints they have? Let us know.


17 responses to “Sacred Parchment Puzzle Hints #14

  1. Tanscrazydaisy

    Krusty does not have big feet.

    Sideshow Bob does.

    See episode that sideshow Bob frames Krusty

  2. I was soooo sure that this task was for Mr. Burns to walk the hounds… damn… now the 12 hour is over and I just realized how wrong I was! Even though now I see it too how obvious it is! 🙂 Next time I guess I should double check if I’m not sure! :))

  3. Homer Simpson and the blue haired lawyer

    Damn I don’t have the springfeild downs even though i’m on level 41 it’s because I sold it

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    My server has been up & down a few times, since I’m multi-tasking, I just do something else, then it’s usually back up.

  5. Anyone else unable to connect to server this morning? I’ve tried everything up to un-installing so far. Just thought I’d check.

  6. Why did EA put “Daddy” in there when Krusty’s not a dad?

  7. I thought this was Krusty but the big feet I was unsure about cause Krusty’s feet aren’t actually big!

    • Yeah, same here. To be on the safe side I sent everyone to the track that could go there with the exception of Homer who won’t be available for another 10hrs so I’m glad it’s not him.

      • Oh yeah, I also bet money before sending anyone anywhere in case the task really wanted me to gamble instead, hehe.

      • ?? Don’t you send everyone to a (different) task if it’s listed? I go thru each person’s list and click on the unusual. Tedious but effective.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      All clowns have big shoes though 🙂

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