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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick drop in to let you know, if you play TSTO on iOS there’s an App Store Update for you today. So make sure you head to your App Store and download the latest version of TSTO.

No new content.  Instead this looks like a patch update to fix some issues for iOS users that have been going on in various TSTO games.  So be sure to download the latest and greatest, iOS users!

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13 responses to “iOS App Store Update

  1. Anyone else having trouble with the update? After I updated I did the play while updating option and as soon as it finished updating the game crashed mid remodel and I haven’t been able to get past the login screen…I’ve talked to a couple of my friends that play and it seems that only people with iPhone 4 are having the issues, but I could be wrong…this just really sucks though because stonecutters is ending soon and I JUST bought like $100, probably more in doughnuts the other day before it went down…I’m going on like day 3-4 of no TSTO and I’m having some withdrawals lol

  2. FYI – IOS users are now being forced to the app store for the update. Not optional.

  3. My game now cuts out even more than before, making it impossible to complete the tasks. My town opens for about 20 seconds and closes again. It has been doing this since the update! Starting to get annoying now because I feel the game hasnt worked properly since the Easter event finished. Fingers crossed it sorts itself soon!

  4. Hey Wookiee, just wanted to give you a heads up- in case you’re having trouble with your game again: trying to visit your town causes my game to freeze (similar to when you were locked out before), but I got into Krustyland okay (also same as before). It’s possible it’s just a fluke, but if you are having problems again, any info should help 🙂

  5. thanks Alissa

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