Stonecutter #908… The Chosen One

Well hello there fellow Stonecutters!

Wookiee aka Stonecutter #504 chiming in to talk about yet another skin EA gave us with this amazing event.  Anyone who took a couple days to play this event got the skin and I think that’s pretty dang sweet.  I’m of course talking about Stonecutter #908, Homer Simpson.

Homer Chosen one 1

The Stonecutter episode (“Homer the Great”, S6:E12), is one of the fan favorites from the 552 episodes that have been made to date.  I revolves around a secret society and is full of great gags, jokes and puns.  Anyone who’s ever read anything about societies like the Elks or Masons or even read fiction about the Illuminati or Knights Templar would probably enjoy this one.  Even if you have no clue about any of that, it is a hilarious 22 minutes.

Short summation of the episode (because Jebus knows I’ve said enough in other posts) is (SPOILER ALERT… cast your eyes elsewhere if you don’t like those)….

Homer finds out about a secret club in Springfield, initially is cast out, finds a way in, messes up and is cast out again only for the club to find out he is the propesied “Chosen One”.  He takes his seat a rightful leader of all Stonecutters (not just the Springfield Chapter) and without messing up, gets cast out again this time in the form of abandonement.

But why was Homer the Chosen One?

It has been foretold on the Sacred Parchment that someday a Chosen One would arrive to lead the Stonecutters to glory. He would be identified by “The Mark”, a distinct birthmark which is basically the Stonecutter emblem which Homer has on his behind. I know this predates Tenacious D by forever but I can’t help laughing at yet another a**mark.

Chosen One

I don’t know about all of you, but the term Chosen One really makes me think about things other than The Simpsons though. Just for fun, I thought I’d list a few others:

You know I have to start off this list with Star Wars, right? The prophecy of the Chosen One was an ancient Jedi legend that foretold the coming of a being who would restore balance to the Force. The prophecy detailed the birth of one strong in the Force, conceived by the midi-chlorians themselves and an agent of the Force in its purest form. This being would bring balance to the Force by vanquishing the Sith. Think of the Force as a healthy symbiotic relationship and the Dark Side as a cancer. For anyone unfamiliar with the Epic Saga that is Star Wars, the Chosen One was Anakin Skywalker aka Luke’s father.  I also did a 2D and Simpsons references if you’re interested.

Vader Simpsons 5

The other big Chosen One who always comes to mind is Chandler Jarell (played by Eddie Murphy) in the 1986 film The Golden Child. That movie still is so entertaining for me.

Of course, biblically, there are Chosen Ones and Chosen People. King David was always one of my favorites even if he wasn’t completely perfect. I also really loved the story of Joseph but that might have more to do with my first name.  In fairness, other religions besides Judaism and Christianity to include Mormonism, Rastafarianism and the Unification Church of Korea believe in “Chosen People” but I’m straying from my point.

While we talk about the Chosen One, I have to ask, was Harry Potter really the one or did anyone besides me root for Neville Longbottom? I think he had the most growth in the series but I do always root for the awkward nerds.

There also was a The Chosen One movie in 2010 starring Rob Schneider but I gave up on his comedies a while ago. Him being any sort of Chosen One makes as much sense as Tim Tebow and Lebron James being nicknamed this. Lots of Chosen Ones to pick from besides Homer J. To keep this short I’ll just add Neo in The Matrix and Po from Kung Fu Panda to the list.

Regardless, now you know a little bit more about Homer as The Chosen One. To point out a crucial fact, no matter whether your special or not, you have to have others around who care, otherwise you’re just re-enacting the Civil War all alone with a pack of Globus Monkeys.

Chosen One 2

Of all the Stonecutter skins, this one is by far the most fun with THREE great outdoor animations (four if you have Jasper).  Here’s the list cuz I know how some of you love them.

Homer pulling stone

Task Task Length Payout Location
Quick Drink at the Stonecutter Lodge 1 hr $80/ 17XP Stonecutter Lodge
Run the Stonecutter Daycare 2hr $125/ 27XP Stonecutter Daycare
Be the Chosen One 4 hr $190/ 45XP Outside
Attend a Secret Meeting 8 hr $300/ 70XP Stonecutter Lodge
Wear the Stone of Triumph 10hr $400/ 90XP Outside w/Stone of Triumph
Sing the Stonecutter Song 12 hr $495/ 100XP Outside w/Stonecutter Table
Get Paddled 16hr $1400/ 325XP Outside w/#5 aka Jasper
Feast at the Stonecutter Lodge 24 hr $700/ 150XP Stonecutter Lodge

908 Sing Stonecutter Table Homer get paddled by Jasper


That about sums up this new skin and some other random thoughts from the fuzzball.  Keep on collecting them emblems like the classy tappers I know you to be.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

22 responses to “Stonecutter #908… The Chosen One

  1. I have been playing the game nonstop and finished the quest (but still working on the emblem items) and i didn’t get this outfit for Homer. Am i missing something?? Do i need to have Homer do something to get it??

    • The Number 908 Costume should unlock for you after you’ve built the Stonecutters Lodge. Seems like you’re way past that step. It’s supposed to auto unlock once the Lodge is built and a little prompt from number 1. Try tapping on Homer and see if the little toggle screen comes up. You should have the option to switch between multiple outfits for Homer, just have to find 908.

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    Thank you Stonecutter #504, one of my favorite movies is (I I I want the knife) 😉
    Great distraction tonight, getting bored, looking at dots on the wall & changing them into constellations LOL (found some planets, but not Uranus)


  3. I really like game images like the one of Homer trying to pull the Stone of Triumph, which appears on this post in a transparent png. You guys sometimes post images like that on the posts for each character or sking, and my guess is that you get them directly from the files, but maybe I’m wrong. I wanted to ask you, have you considered making a gallery to make it easy for us to find images like that?

    • It’s possible it’s something we can do. We’ll look into seeing if we can set that up but for now we like using them sporadically throughout posts 🙂

  4. I got 20 donuts today for completing a quest! Pretty happy about that because I also had my 5 from krustyland yesterday lol!
    Woohoo xx

  5. Didn’t know where to post this but just had an App Store update on my ipad 4 (iOS), guess it’s probably for the server issues??!!

  6. I got donuts on side show you I got 5

  7. I’ve won 30+ since crustyland started (must be v.Lucky). I won 5 on Monday & 5 on my 3rd go. I do visit twice a day though min.

  8. Its also worth mentioning that homers chosen One costume is from the Martin scorcese movie about the Dalailama and the whole scene when he giggles and goes through those sheets is a spoof of the same scene in the movie.if you haven’t seen it you should definitely check it out

    • Sorry I posted the coment before I used my brain:-)the scene was from the movie The last emperor from 1987 not the movie Kundun.also a great movie but about the last chinese emperor not the Dalai lama;-)

  9. Get Paddled is an awesome task. Homer gets all the fun jobs 😉

  10. Howdy all you tappers out there , it’s ok….. I know most of you forgot that you had Krustyland right …. Just like the Halloween/ Christmas event last year you can once again win doughnuts in krustyland on the balloon pop, and this time it even says it ….. Not sure if that is permanent are or just for the event …. Wookie … Bunny …. Alissa …. Any follow up ?

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