TSTO Emblem Prize Glitches

Missing items? Missing skins? Losing your mind yet? I know mine is gone, but had to have one first to lose it, right? Lol.



Well we are here to try and help. As with most glitches, you try the Basic Troubleshooting first to see if you can bring it back to normal. Beyond that, Contacting EA is your next step to alert them of the issue and open a ticket to help you with correcting it and getting your rightful compensation.

We also know they will send you to the forums. So to help out there too, here are some links to some known issues going on. Add your name to the list, get the “FIRE” lit up on them. Get EA’s attention. GET THEM FIXED! Lol.

Addict Tech Support



Smithers “ERROR” Glitch (you can get the fix HERE)


Missing Jasper, Lenny, Carl Skins


Missing Stone of Triumph


Missing Krusty Skin


Missing Skinner & Willie Skins


Missing Money Pool & Mr. Burns Skin



Pretty much just go to the forum for our silly lil game specifically and see if there is a post there already for your issue. If not, make a new one. You sign into the site the same way you do the game. With your Origin ID and password.


Hope this has helped out a few of you. Hang in there. If we work together, light up the issues…it forces EA to pay attention, put them on high alert, and get the problems resolved as fast as they can get to them.

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28 responses to “TSTO Emblem Prize Glitches

  1. Just won 30 donuts in a weekly mystery box. Game disconnects moments later in the middle of assigning tasks and now the donuts are gone. Will EA be able to do something about this? I actually run the game through origin if that helps.

  2. Help! My table has gone!

  3. Hi there, still having trouble with getting the Stone of Triumph.
    Have posted on EA and logged
    Out and uninstalled the app, still no good.

    Would love to have it before the next update.



  4. Anyone having an issue with level 42? I need to send Milhouse to court with Krusty but I can only send Krusty. Milhouse isn’t doing anything but only his regular task options appear.

  5. Is anyone else have really severe glitches the last few days? I can barely keep my game open long enough to click a couple of things or visit a neighbor two before I get the boot. It’s preventing me essentially from collecting emblems the last few days as well. How do I contact EA?

  6. Yesterday I got the Stonecutters Table. I place it and sent Homer on his task. Today my prize screen shows that I still need the table and I can buy it for -140 donuts (yup minus donuts). My emblem counter is still going up and the number of donuts required keeps dropping into the negative numbers. Hoping this won’t impact the final prize and wondering if I will be given donuts if I rush the task? Anyone else come across this issue?

  7. I noticed a curious thing. The Stonecutter Brockman skin doesn’t seem to earn more than a standard character. Or, at least, his 4h “Crackpot Theories” job earns less than his regular Viewtube video job. All other Stonecutter skins seem to earn more then standard characters.

  8. I hope thats all it is. Didnt know there was a limit. I will keep an eye on it an pay attention to make sure. Thanks for the insight

    • You’re most welcome. Just tap on the lil ? next to the Emblem count while in a neighbor. It will tell you how many taps you have left before you have to wait for the reset. 😉

  9. Anybody else not getting emblems when spying on friends houses?
    just started a couple of days ago

  10. I definitely thought this was worth sharing. I recently earned Satan’s Anvil; however, the BONUS counter began keeping track BEFORE I had earned the requisite number of emblems. I did the math, and here is how it panned out:
    I have 35,539 emblems.
    The Bonus counter says that I have earned 1458/3000 toward the Bonus Prize.
    35,539-1,458 = 34,081.
    Conclusion: EA has set it up so that we start earning toward the Bonus Prizes WHILE we are earning toward Satan’s Anvil.
    Thank you, EA, for consolidating the prize structure.
    And thank you, bloggers at TSTOAddicts, for all that you do!

    • Heard of a couple tappers counting early. Definitely not a bad glitch.

    • I experienced the same thing, my bonus counter started around 34037. I thought it was weird, but in my favor so no complaints. I previously had the money pool glitch so I figured the early bonus counter made up for it.

    • My bonus counter started at 34,037! I’m still working towards Satan’s Anvil.

      • Looks like many are getting that cool glitch. Love it when they are in our favor. 😉

      • Mine started early, too – so I came back to this post and am relieved to hear it hasn’t affected getting Satan’s Anvil. Thanks for always keeping us in the know!!

  11. Yeah, my 2 favorite unlock screens so far have been for Grandpa Simpson and Herman, but the dialogue boxes have been pretty good too.

    Now one of my biggest glitches that I’m still dealing with is the one with Dr. Hibbert not prompting for the General Hospital. Unfortunately, after over a week of back and forth with EA, the only solution they’ve come up with is the idea of rolling my game back to before the issue started.

    That’s over 3 weeks of gameplay that will go down the drain. I don’t know if it will include my friendship levels, but I know that definitely includes all the Stonecutter event, a bunch of levels (33-40 for sure), and my first ever win on the Springfield Downs after at least 50 bets.

    If they do end up rolling me back, I think I’m going to have to insist on some extra compensation, but maybe they’ll just offer something that I can’t refuse. I don’t know. I’m very conflicted about losing all that progress I’ve made.

    • I can understand. For some reason the hospital can delay but I know of a whole slew of folks where all of a sudden, it just prompted. Ultimately up to you but I certainly would not blame you for asking for the compensation. Good luck!

    • Make sure that you’ve sent homer to work on his plant shift and keep going with the Smithers plot line. At some point they merged the quest lines. I hit that at Easter and wasn’t going to send homer on the 16 hour plant shift when I wanted him getting eggs, but I found out on another site that burns triggers something about the healthcare plan.

  12. Awesome use of the Homer screencap, Bunny. It’s interesting to see it here after I just started the Patty and Selma questline in my game.

    • HEHHEEH. There are SO many SS of dialog that I have. Thousands upon thousands. They crack me up so much. Lol. The creators really put a LOT into the dialog that sometimes people just don’t catch as they tap through it madly. 😉

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