A Gil of a Deal! Add a Little Bling to Your Springfield (Updated and Complete)

Update: Looks like they released another in-game update…in an effort i’m sure to fix the Gil glitch…HOWEVER…it looks like right now the servers are down as a result.  Just be patient, take a deep breath…they’ll come back up.  They always do 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like EA has listened to ALL of our complaints about not including the Solid Gold House with Chester (although I still think the Rocket Car is pretty freakin sweet) and added a little bling to our Springfields!

Oh and Gil’s back in town to offer you the special deal!

gil gold

Psst…the nuclear option is back too!

Details below the fold…

So here are the basics of this Gil Deal.  It ends on 7/1.  The mansion costs 250 donuts.  It does come with a small questline involving Homer, so you don’t need Chester to get the house.

Solid Gold House
House Earns $135, 15xp/ 4hrs.  7×10 in size
Unlocks another task for Chester Lampwick.

Other important info:

This update has brought back…THE NUCLEAR OPTION!!!  That’s right my friends, now you can completely blow up your town and redesign from a blank slate, once again!  Make sure you check out this post for the details BEFORE you do anything!  The little blast button next to your inventory in your move menu is the nuclear option:


A few other things….You do NOT need to have Chester to get this deal.  Gil will appear in your town, even if you don’t have Chester (he’s in my C game and that’s lower than Level 10 & I do not have Chester).  If you don’t see Gil in your town (your screen will jump to him on his knees with a Gold Mansion image over his head…see image below) hard close your App, restart your device & try again.  Sometimes it needs a little jump start to get going…



When you tap on Gil this conversation (rather amusing too!) will appear:

Gil: Check it out, players!  For a limited time, you can get Springfield’s famous Mansion of Solid Gold!
Homer: Mansion of Solid Gold?  I don’t remember that ever being in our town.
Lisa: Maybe it was the place Kent Brockman moved into when he won the lottery.
Homer: No, that was just a normal mansion…although he wore a lot of gold in that episode.
Gil: Actually it belonged to Chester Lampwick, the original creator of Itchy & Scratchy.  Be he fell on hard times… just like Ol’ Gil here does constantly.
Lisa: Oh, right.  Now I remember this house!  But I didn’t think it was canonical — I thought it was just a throw-away joke.
Homer: What’s that?  A joke the writers should have thrown away?
Lisa: Exactly.  Kind of like this bit we’re doing now.

Then you’ll get the promo pop up.  WARNING Confirm Donut Spend DOES NOT apply on this.  So be careful where you tap!

If you make the purchase the following dialogue will appear before you place it:

Gil: Congratulations on the purchase of your new home!  Now let’s see, sixty day escrow, seventeen day inspection period… you’ve got your loan and appraisal contingencies…disclosures…termites…Oh wait, that’s just real life stuff.  This is a game.  Just take it–it’s yours!

At this point the Mansion will be in your inventory.  You’ll have to go into it to place it.  Once placed Homer will start a small questline for it:

Solid Gold Pt. 1
Homer starts

Homer: Ooh, look at that shiny gold mansion!
Lisa: Yeah, it’s nice.  A little flashy… but nice.
Homer: I’m so happy the person playing this game is a gemmer….I maen, donuter.  Just think of all the poor Homers in all the other towns controlled by more frugal and/or less impulsive players.
Lisa: Yeah, I suppose.  There’s something to be said for good money management, though.
Homer: Pfft, please.  Those Homers would be lucky just to have a Burns’s mansion in their town.  But I’ve got the best mansion in the game!  A mansion of solid gold!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go peel the gold foil off and eat the chocolate underneath.
Lisa: What?!
Make Homer Try to Eat the Mansion of Solid– 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Solid Gold Pt. 2
Homer starts

Homer: Ow, dear God!  I think I chipped a tooth!  Why did I do that for four hours?!
Lisa: What were you thinking, Dad?  It’s a Mansion of Solid Gold!  What part of that don’t you understand?
Homer: The “solid” part apparently.  Also why’d I do that for four hours?
Lisa: That tooth looks bad.  You should probably go see a doctor, or dentist, or veterinarian or something.
Homer: Thanks sweetie, I will.  Right after lunch.
Make Homer Try to Eat the Mansion of Solid– 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Soild Gold Pt. 3
Cletus starts

Cletus: Ooh, look at that fancy giant shack.  It glitters all yellowy, like the tooth we pulled from that hobo.
Brandine: That’s becuse it’s made of fake tooth stuff!  Pure gold, I hear told.
Cletus:  Gold?  Yellow oil?  California tea?
Brandine: Yep.  And it’s supposed to be state of the art.  They even got one of them indoor outhouses…with copper plumbing, I heard tell.
Cletus: COPPER?!
Make Cletus Strip Copper from Mansion of Solid Gold– 6hrs, Earns $350, 90xp

If you don’t buy the house this dialogue will pop up:

Gil: Okay by me.  The longer this house stays on the market, the longer Ol’ Gil has a place to secretly crash.

The the offer will be in your build menu, along with the countdown on when the offer expires:

2014-06-26 15.27.15

Well my friends that’s all the details on this little update!  Will YOU be taking Gil up on his offer?  Or do you think this is one you can refuse?  Are you happy they added the gold house?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

261 responses to “A Gil of a Deal! Add a Little Bling to Your Springfield (Updated and Complete)

  1. Is it just me or is the gold house deal gone? Gil seems to have just disappeared, even though the deal should still be on!
    This seems to be a really buggy deal this time!

    • Having already gotten it, I’m not sure. It should still be going. If it’s gone in your town and you want the item, definitely get in touch with EA.

  2. It seems that with this new update,not only they brought back the explosion option, but in krusty land, you have a chance to win donuts when poppimg the balloons. I just won 5 donuts.

  3. Does anyone else not have the Nuke Button? My town needs it bad 🙁

  4. I just bought it. Seeing how I’m going to end up coughing up more doughnuts just to get all the Stonecutter prizes the timing was awful but Chester is definitely on my list (as soon as I have secured Satan’s Anvil). And even though I feel like an ididiot spending so much on it (Lisa and Homer ‘s dialogue is so appropriate) I can now brag to my friends who won’t admit to their jealousy but I also have a good place to put my rocket car. It would have made more sense to me for Chester to come with the mansion and buy the car separately but whatever. By the way this brought back memories of the decision I struggled with when it came to the whale, still glad I got that even if just to quiet that little completist voice in my head.

    • I agree it would have made more sense for him to come with the house. C’est la vie. It does make my rocket car placement make more sense now. I just feel bad for folks who can’t afford that price tag.

      • I would be one of them. I just got paid and spent $50 on doughnuts. Now I’m trying to figure out if I can afford to go out for a beer and a pulled pork sandwich

  5. Not that I would have had 250 donuts in time anyway, but I do think this is a really cool addition, especially if you are an avid watcher of the show. Incidentally, Gil didn’t show up in my Springfield until late last night with update pt2, even though the first update was when you posted this. I guess it’s sometimes different for everyone.

  6. Can you guys contact EA and request more land? I have so many things and buildings in my inventory! I have to keep taking things out just to place the new items to do the quests. I know EA will do what they want, but I am sure I am not the only one who has this problem. I have to keep changing my town, due to no land, and it is not how I want it to look. Please help! Thanks. 😰

    • Ea knows all of us tappers want/need more land. We can only hope the future will bring more but I have no idea what it requires from a programming angle.

  7. I wasn’t going to buy more donuts for a while..caved and bought 900, bought Chester, gold Mansion, and let cracker factory…

    Curse you EA…

  8. Not sure where I should post this question, but, will number 1 stay in our town once the event is over? As always, you guys rock, thank you for all you guys do!!

  9. Ordinarily this sorta thing would be a no for me, but a. It’s so cool, b. somewhere for the rocket car (previously it’d been moving around my town aimlessly) and c. who can have Chester without it? :p

  10. As much as i want ole Lampwick and the rocket car, i know they will be there later and on that note i wonder if getting 6 donuts back will still be there later! As for the gold mansion, now that is limited time so i reckon i will cough up the 250 but it does make me wonder if 250 is a Gil deal, what would it be “retail”?

    • lol that might be the retail price tag. Ol’ Gil has fallen on hard times. Just look at how little he’s in Springfield these days…hard to find work apparently. Maybe EA’s price was really only 150 but Gil added a 100 “Gil tax” onto it so he could eat 😉

      • Did anyone notice this is the first time I’ve actually seen him in town as a charachter instead of just a pop up!

        Maybe it’s a sign they will release him as a playable charachter!

  11. Matthew b Lawler

    I currently have 73 free donuts that I’ve gotten while playing the game i’m trying to decide whether I should spend or save them and whether it’s better to use them to buy multipliers like the world broadcast tower and then News channel 6 a van or to get low-cost premium characters like the squeaky voiced teen

  12. Matthew b Lawler

    Why couldn’t they Gil deal have been on doughnuts I’m holding onto a $20 iTunes gift card I got for my birthday waiting for a special on donuts so that I can maximize the $20 and actually be able to afford something good with donuts the last time I spent donuts was for the Easter event and I was extremely disappointed I ended up using the last of my donuts to purchased thr crazy cat lady which is the only premium character I own

  13. Nope, way too expensive, I’ll pass.

    In fact, I’ll not spend any more donuts on TSTO before they get this constant crashing under control.

    It was running so smooth after the “20 donut apology” following the lagging disaster and level 42 brought back the crashes. I can’t seem to do a single collect-and-assign-tasks session without 5 crashes or visit my 100 neighbors without at least 10 crashes.

    I’m very unhappy right now despite the overall great Stonecutter event.

  14. After 12hrs Gil appeared and was tempted to buy donuts and bought the Golden house and Chester! I’m a happy camper 🙂

  15. So for those that bought the mansion….pretty cool or ?? 😉

    • It’s gold and twinkles… animation is just smoke form the chimney… I dig it but it’s from an episode I love. Certainly would not blame anyone for passing on it due to price.

  16. Nope

  17. Does it build instantly or do you have to wait some number of hours?

  18. maybe its just me but this is such a cool edition to my rich part of the neighborhood and it fits in perfectly, i feel like if people don’t get it they’re going to be visiting other peoples towns that have it and regretting it the day after the deal is over, i love this building probably one of the coolest building i have yet.

  19. I wonder if Gil will lower the price each day???

  20. Please help me my son did the blow up thing and now none of my characters move… 🙁 what do I do so I can have my city the way it was?? Thank you

    • You may need to place roads so your characters will walk on them. As for getting your previous town back, you’ll have to go to EA for that to see if they can rollback your town.

  21. Gil is okay with me not buying it. Now he has a place to crash while it’s on the market!

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