Sacred Parchment Prizes: Sixth (and Final) Prize Ark of the Stonecovenant

Hey Howdy Hey Stonecutting Tappers!

The incredibly cool thing about the Stonecutter’s Event is not only do you earn prizes by collecting Emblems BUT you also earn more Stonecutter Skins in the Sacred Parchment Prizes.  While you can find out more about the Sacred Parchment here, basically what it is is a daily riddle you must solve and send a character on a task.  Once you sent so many characters on a task (1, 5, 10, 15, 20 & 24) a new prize will unlock for you.  It really adds an AWESOME dynamic to the game!

So once you’ve solved your twenty-fourth Sacred Parchment Puzzle you’ll unlock the 6th (and final) free personal prize….the Ark of the Stonecovenant!  An all new…decoration (although it doesn’t boost your vanity rating) for your Springfield!


Let’s take a closer look the Ark of the Stonecovenant and just what happens when you place it in YOUR Springfield..

WARNING…Dialogue and task spoilers below


After solving your twenty-fourth puzzle the Ark of the Stonecovenant will automatically be awarded to you.  Once you’ve unlocked it you’ll see this message popup:



This item will be placed in your inventory.  So you’ll have to retrieve it from your inventory.

Once you’ve unlocked it Number 1 will start a questline laying out just what the Stonecovenant is…and it will instruct you to place it.

The Ark of the Stonecovenant Pt. 2
Number 1 starts

Number 1: At last, the treasure of the Ark is within my grasp!
Homer: Wait, wait, wait, I thought the person who figured out the puzzle got the treasure.
Number 1: Yes, well, we’re all going to be richer once the Ark is opened.  Whether we simply share in the experience of opening it or whether we grab handfuls of things and run away.
Number 59: I’ll hang on your every word.
Place the Ark of the Stonecovenant
Tap on the Ark of the Stonecovenant
Again you’ll find it in your inventory.  It’s 2×3 in size.

After tapping on it….

Homer: There’s just a piece of paper in here.  We’ve been “One Tin Soldiered!”
Number 1: What?!  Let me see!  “True wealth is measured by the number of people who call you friend.”  That is bulls*&*t!!
Homer: The chest it came in is kind of nice.  Sturdy.
Number 1: Oh goodie!  We got a new box!

And with that the questline is complete!  It will reward you with 100 Emblems (the questline not the Ark).

As far as the Ark goes…that’s it.  It’s basically just a decoration for Springfield.  No money earning, no emblem earning, no bonus %…it just sits there.  An interesting choice for a final prize.  Still looks cool tho!

So there you have it my Stonecutting friends, the sixth and final prize of the Sacred Parchment!

Have YOU unlocked the Ark of the Stonecovenant yet?  What do you think of it?  Thoughts about this being the final prize?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

52 responses to “Sacred Parchment Prizes: Sixth (and Final) Prize Ark of the Stonecovenant

  1. do we get to keep the stonecutter costumes and their tasks after the event?

  2. They should at least use it as a fancy barbecue grill…

  3. I found this one anticlimactic. I hoped there would be something special with this one. Number 1 said it well: Oh goodie! We got a new box!

    quite useless, but it looks nice under Satan’s Anvil (which is also useless)

    It would be nicer if the Stonecutters would do something with it.

  4. I unlocked all prizes but the ark is not in my inventory! What do I do?!? Lame!

  5. i’m having an error where after finishing all 24 quests I got my Ark, placed it, but now every time I open the game it tells me I got the ark and it’s in my inventory (it’s not). I’ve tried putting it back in inventory, quitting and restaritng — nothing works 🙁

    Anyone else seeing this?

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    Here is my final (lol, ya right), setup for the stonecutter’s event.

  7. spoonfedkitty

    Anyone know what’s up with the post on the tsto Facebook page about another note being found – something about the chosen one?

  8. I have been playing since August 2012, this so far is one of my favorite events… I also liked the first Halloween event. Love when there is no wheel or odds or anything

  9. This would be great if I could actually get in my game.

  10. “One Tin Soldiered” made me laugh so hard this morning. The reference may be missed by some, but I thought it was hysterical!

    • 🙂 I had a good giggle at it

    • I liked the reference too, but also questioned who all would get it. I mean, I doubted anyone else my age getting it, and I’m in my 30s! It’s not exactly something they play on the oldies station, ya know.

  11. Dontknowathing

    The sausage fest robe prizes have done little for me, but I think I’ve racked up more free donuts during this month than any previous event.

  12. “One Tin Soldier’d” indeed. Love the reference, kind of a fitting one given the entire event so far.

    I am still relatively new to the game (Thanksgiving was my first one), but this is by far the best event yet.

  13. This made me feel just a tiny bit better about possibly not getting the last prize. I’m only at Fat Tony now. Don’t think I’m gonna make it. *sniffs*.

  14. I like it. Doesn’t feel like it’s over though. I’m going to hope for just one more surprise in the next week.

  15. I just got to level 20!! I’m tryin to finish the stinecutter quest line. It won’t let me build Town hall tho. I’ve notice it hasn’t even unlocked the retirement castle, or penitentiary from level 19. Am I doin something wrong?

  16. I put my ark near the Stonecutters table. I think the ark should include an action for the Stonecutters to toast marshmallows over it. 😉

  17. Clockworkmonkey

    Yeah, kind of an anti-climax for the final prize. I can’t help but wonder if maybe it’s still going to do something more at some later date.

  18. Why everytime we update I can not connect please help

  19. I just checked. The Ark adds to obedience.

  20. I think the box adds to the obedience rating. In it’s own way, it seems fitting.

  21. I’ve only been playing since the end of January. This has been, by far, the best event! I’ve enjoyed the story as well as the way we earned our prizes. No luck just hard (or fun) work. Stayed up many late nights waiting for #1’s task to start. The Ark was the frosting on the donut for me. 🙂 even without generating anything.

  22. Great Event over all, but for those of us who are addicted enough to finish the event on time (or early), i feel there should have been some kind of lasting reward like bonus %…still love EA though (They have spy’s everywhere)

  23. Was that all I got after spending soo much time to solve this? 100 extra emblems, what can I use them for?

  24. Really doesn’t earn emblems to give you that last boost of them to try and get to the next prize if you haven’t got them all.

  25. Mike ( not S )

    I’m weird. I love these kinds of decorations. What you do with them is where your creativity shines.

    • 666XdarkkingX666

      I agree completely but I wish it came with something….. Either bonus % to $ &XP or just a 10,20,or 50 $ worth of donuts…. We can dream can’t we 🙂

  26. Still have to wait 20 minutes but its a great deco to put in front of your lodge.

  27. It was kind of anti-climatic for such a great event. Oh well, there were plenty of other great prizes to be had.

  28. I just knew it was going go be a useless prize! Urg!

  29. Wicked cool event!!! Loving it! I think the Ark should have generated XP and $ % though.

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