Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  How was your weekend? Everyone in full summer mode yet?  Our friends “down under” bundle up for the long winter nights?

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No it’s not time to play whack a Bunny!  Nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!  (this is very quickly becoming our favorite time of the week by the way!  You guys have some AWESOME things to say!)

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  Stonecutter Event is winding down, what are your thoughts on the event as a whole?  Gil made a special appearance in our games last week.  Bringing a high priced Gold Mansion to our Springfields, but hey it’s a GOLD MANSION…did you expect it to be free?  World Cup is in full swing into the knock out round, did your country advance?  Who are you rooting for?  Yankees v Redsox is Sunday Night Baseball tonight…so you know where I’ll be at 8!

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, update fun and glitchs, World Cup Soccer,   MLB or anything else you can think of!   Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


56 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. Well now, where did you source that image? It shows Bart and Lisa playing Cricket – a near unheard of sport in the US of A…

    I’d love to have a cricket pitch in my springfield. I’d almost (almost) be prepared to spend a 100 donuts on the little white fences to make a boundary…

  2. Atticus (saiyanprinze678)

    This is incredibly fun, playing with other people as addicted to this as I am. With this Stonecutter event now ending early tomorrow morning, I (sadly) know that I won’t be able to finish Secret of the Cut Stone 9, since it wants me to go to LVL20, but I’m just almost LVL18, so I won’t be able to finish this event in total :/

    I hope to continue adding and making friends! Stay cool, everyone!

  3. I just had the most wonderful experience in my town and I suggest you all try this before the end of the event….please allow me to explain…..

    As most of my neighbors are aware, I usually am very diligent about keeping my town clear of handshakes and pyramids, but today, I had a plan (not an evil plan, but a plan non the less). I intentionally DIDN’T clear my town….I wanted it to fill up with pyramids. And my wonderful neighbor-eenos did just that….they tapped ALMOST everything. Then I cleared everything…spy pyramids and cash and slowly strolled through my town. It was soooo cool to see almost everything alive. Lights flashing, signs lite up, smoke coming out of all the chimneys….. puppies jumping and guinea pigs escaping…the boardwalk was extra magical…every business and restaurant vibrant and “open for business” . It just reminded me that although this game and EA can be frustrating at time…it’s moments like this, that remind me why I’m an ADDICT….and truly love this silly little game. 😉

  4. I guess the real power behind Springfield is not the Stonecutters or Fat Tony, but the conglomerate that owns Vulgari.
    That store never seems spy-able.

  5. I want to thank all my TSTO friends who visit me regularly. I have been fighting with EA to fix my game since the valentines update. I keep getting kicked out whenever I visit other towns. I spent four hours the other night logging back in after each friend visit!

    EA keeps promising me they will fix it…..but….

    Were it not for you great friends visiting me, I would nit get FP prizes or any of the Stonecutter items. Thank you.

    I am also fighting EA over a donut purchase. I paid for donuts 9 days ago and never got them! Sent the receipt…..but they still won’t give them to me.

    If it was not for the awesome friends here, I would have quit this game a while ago. Thank you. Thaddeustu569

    • Awwww I’m sorry 🙁

      • Well, to be fair, I did rcieve an email from someone who’ s name I don’ t know how to pronounce who offered me 15 free donut for my frustration, I explained that I ws not frustrared, but that I was pissed not being able to fully play my game for the past four months! I told him that 15 donuts was an insult and he could keep them….which he did…..he hasn’ t responded since, despite my several emails asking where my cratch card is or when my game will be fixed. So I am just out the money I spent on donuts….I’ll never try to buy any more! I guess he’s pissed too as he just won’t respond to my case any more.

  6. I got my first membership bonus a couple of days ago, but I got 3000 emblems today and I earned 3 donuts, but I didn’t actually get them! I went in and out of my town and nothing. Same thing happened to my husband last night. Has anyone else had this issue?

  7. I love the stonecutters event:
    -earned 36 donuts this event
    -earned all prizes (I’m currently at 40000 emblems)
    -I like level 42

    I hope that EA will have this:
    -4th of July (I think it will be released this Wednesday at the removal update for the stonecutters event.) But maybe we won’t get anything.
    -World Cup mini event. I would love to see the springfield soccerfield and bart in his soccer outfit

  8. Am I the only person annoyed that it STILL takes 3 days and $15,000 to build a single Squidport square?! I neglected my Squidport for a little while when completing quests etc but having run out of land I have turned my attention back to building here and it’s so frustrating!

  9. I just watched the Stonecutters episode of The Simpsons for the first time in a while. I really enjoyed it. It’s one of my favorite episodes. (Don’t get me started on the favorite episodes convo, I could talk about that all day!) I am sorry to see the Stonecutters event go. It’s been very enjoyable and has added something to the game.
    For the July 4th event, I hope they do something really big and fun, some kind of interesting storyline. I really want them to offer Abraham Lincoln and his cabin again. I was not playing the game when it was offered and being a big admirer of Mr Lincoln, I’d love to add him to my Springfield!

  10. EvilKitten812

    Sorry guys 🙁 little under the weather tonight. Just thought I would give a shout out & wish everyone a great week ahead. I finished getting my prizes yesterday & have been working towards donuts. Looks like I won’t be so lucky in my b-town though. Hubby only gives up his phone once a day lol. Gotta get some rest though- I still have 2 more days before my day off & I feel icky!! Love you guys!!

  11. For the web designers out there…
    The Simpson heads done in CSS:

  12. It looks like I might be able to get all the prizes 🙂 I got the stonecutter table today so one more to go. I was just sad when I couldnt rotate the table cuz I had the perfect spot picked out for it. Over all awesome event. A little hectic trying to do this one and the family guy one at the same time. The games are going to feel really slow and boring in a couple days when its all over after this month of crazyness maybe ill catch up on some sleep and get back to real life.

  13. 666XdarkkingX666

    So on my clock there is 2days and a couple hours… Think that is enough time to earn another 2850 emblems… I just finished the last number ones task till they rest again… So I know by this time two days from now I should earn a minimum of 2000… I just not sure if I’ll get more free sprinkles 🙂

  14. I just noticed something about the stonecutter event. You would think judge Snyder is a glutton because of his size, or a brainiac since he is a judge. But he is neither of them?!?!?!

  15. Another week of Tap, Tap, Tapping gone by the wayside. It’s been almost 5 days since my game was reset and I have a whopping 19000(+) emblems earned. Looking at some of my friends, this is more than some of them have, but still considerably less than I had before the reset (44000).

    I have an open ticket with EA, discussing the fact that not only has the roll-back not solved the original issue I had (Dr. Hibbert not prompting to build the hospital), but I have lost a lot of emblems that I will be behind by the end of the event. I have asked straight out for compensation, but have not received any kind of reply yet.

    As of typing this now, I am concurrently going through my friends, trying to finish up my lodge taps for today (22 more to go), then I will go about tapping all my other friends for money and xp.

    I still don’t have enough in-game money to build the daycare again, nor do I really have enough land spaces free to place it. I’m also struggling with getting Agnes Skinner and Herman back into my game so I don’t have to spend sprinklies to finish the Parchment tasks.

    I have yet to claim the sprinklies that I won from the Addicts awesome contest last week, mainly because I’m trying to amass enough credit to buy another boatload. This will make my 3rd boatload since starting the game.

    Oh, and I bought the Solid Gold Mansion from Gil. I couldn’t resist. I hated the idea of spending over 200 sprinklies for only a building, but I couldn’t miss out on a Gil deal as I had missed the previous deals having only started the game before the Easter event.

    How’s everyone else’s week been? Profitable? Exhausting? Let’s talk!

    • Definitely don’t let up on them. Keep at them til you are fully compensated for all you lost. If the rep helping you seems to not be that great, ask for a supervisor or manager.

      • Well, I do have some good news! While tapping today, Hibbert finally prompted to build Springfield General Hospital! Yayyyyyyyy.

        So, now I’m going to close the related ticket with EA and open another one based on the fact that I can’t earn enough emblems before the day ends tomorrow to get all the Stonecutter prizes. By the end of tomorrow, I’ll probably have about 24000 emblems, give or take a few hundred. That will give me the Stone of Triumph, but leave me just shy of the table, Lenny, Carl, and Jasper’s skins, and of course, Satan’s Anvil.

        I could probably live without the Anvil, as it is a decoration and doesn’t seem to do anything except conjure images in my mind of Satan presiding over Pride Rock from the Lion King. (which, admittedly is good for a mental chuckle if nothing else)

        But if I don’t get Lenny, Carl, and Jasper’s skins, I will be very upset. Especially after the joy I found in Jasper’s paddling task. That task alone made buying the Community Center with Jasper completely worth all of the pink sprinklies in my mind…

        Anyway, thanks for the words of encouragement. I’ve already made quite a bit of progress in less than a week, just by being as diligent as possible around my work schedule with Tap, Tap, Tapping.

  16. I hope this isnt too stupid , but can anyone explain the donuts to friends/money/Xp points/taps to me? I am prety sure I saw a post about it before, but I cant find it now to save my life. Oh and thanks to you guys – and girls – for this site, you realy do an awesome job, every week. Good luck everybody!

    • No problem. We’re happy to help. 😉

      Essentially once you max out the top level of Friend Points (get the KBBL Station as of newest update) you start earning triple $ & xp while neighbor tapping as well as random donuts here n there. A great way to earn free donuts. 😉

    • Hey there, neighboreeno! Hopefully Bunny’s response was the answer you needed. If not, I can maybe clarify anything you need to understand better. (I’m just glad to finally see one of my neighboreenos on one of the threads I read!

  17. Really enjoyed the stonecutter event. It reminded me of the early levels when I used to log in every few hours and not just once a day. We’ll done ea

  18. I really hope EA has a July 4th update planned, they’re cutting it awfully close if they do.

    • 666XdarkkingX666

      Very true… I. Hoping that it’s all new characters and everything… But that last years characters come back… I missed pretty much everything from the Christmas update and back… I started like a couple days after the 2013 Xmas event ended.

  19. I have loved this stonecutter event. Placed Satan’s anvil on Monday and have been working on bonus donuts ever since. I was even able to finish building Herman’s military antiques just in time to start his parchment task. All in all I got everything I wanted and then some. I even spent some doughnuts to get characters (Arnie Pye, Jasper) that I wasn’t planning on before the event started just because they added to the fun. (are you listening EA?) Thanks to my great neighbors who were always keeping me busy taking down their spying eyes and to addicts who kept me informed and entertained throughout this event.
    Here’s an idea for something of a mini event. It’s summer time (at least in the northern hemisphere) and with it comes garage sales. How ’bout if EA has a garage sale of it’s own and brings out some of the old limited time characters, buildings, etc. and offers them to those of us who weren’t playing the game yet or maybe now regret not getting that item last time. Even like a real garage sale the prices could slowly go down, but you never know when the item might be removed, just to add a little more interest. Personally I would jump at the chance to add Brandine to my Springfield.

    • 666XdarkkingX666

      This has to be the best idea…. I was thinking about posting something similar but the way you posted it was awesome… The one thing I would tweak about the not knowing when it’ll be gone again part, would have to be like a 12-24hr count down where the last day or less is counted down. **looks at EA** mainly for those people who want to buy a lot of donuts to collect what they have missed, but maybe have to wait till the last few hours before funds are available in the bank. Just saying if it’s donuts they want us to buy we should have some warning like they did with Gil this time around.

  20. I notice in some of my towns, Homer as 908 is wearing what seems like leader headwear. It’s what No. 1 wears. How do you get that?

  21. TSTO question – when visiting friends’ towns, how come I can only get 60 emblems in a 24 hr period?

  22. am i the only person to get the mansion?

  23. Hi all 🙂
    Quick note for my neighbours:
    I’m having a devil of a time visiting; my game keeps crashing. I know it’s end stages for the event and I’m trying to visit you all for those last frantic emblem collecting moments. Please don’t drop me! A-R goes relatively smoothly but after “R” it gets über glitchy.
    I’ll keep trying 😉 Have a wonderful night!

  24. 666XdarkkingX666

    More land, bring back past limited time characters and give away more donuts.. Those are my tsto wishes this year.. I know it’s not December but isn’t it supposed to be Christmas in July????

  25. World Cup I’m going for team USA just cuz Canada ain’t in. Anyone else wishing tsto give us more flags. I’d like to add a load of different flags in my stonecutters area give it a bit of a UN feel. I’m feeling the next update (probably Halloween) will feature dead characters. I’m seeing (yes I can see in the future) bleeding gums, Marvin Monroe, grimey and Mona Simpson. Here’s to next week. Canada day on Tuesday in Montreal and 4th of July in Plattsburgh.

  26. USA! Also had to share this great image a friend sent me.

  27. anakinskywalker

    land land land we need more land!!!`

  28. Not long ago finished watching the Costa Rica-Greece game. That was long what with extra time and penalties. Really tired now, not helped by being at my Godson’s 2nd birthday party all day and then staying around after he’d gone to bed. I’m staying on their sofa tonight and have a feeling I’ll be woken very early (6:30am UK time) by little man when he comes down with his mum.
    If I’m very lucky, he may settle down to watch a bit of Peppa Pig so I get a chance to wake up properly.

  29. Loving this event!!! I just hit 60k emblems today and have 24 donuts thus far. I even passed my three premium player neighbours who had jumped up to 35k emblems the first day. My only neighbour ahead of me is Freaknstein8. This event, he’s not just a freak, but to paraphrase Rick James, “he’s a super freak, super freak, he’s super-freaky now”.

    Also, my FIFA World Cup knockout bracket is still intact after four matches. Amongst my group of friends, I’m the only one who chose all four Brazil, Columbia, Netherlands, and Costa Rica.

    • FYI, since Canada is not in the World Cup, my team is France. However, my Final Four picks in my bracket are Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, and Argentina, with Netherlands defeating Germany for the Championship and Argentina finishing third over Brazil. Time will tell. Lets see what happens.

  30. I’m not happy with Gil. He wouldn’t haggle with me over the price.
    I’m ready for some Independence Day fun TSTO style.

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