Donut Cost of Emblem Prizes

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncin on by to give you a lil info I see many asking for. How much would it cost to outright “buy” all the Emblem Prizes?

Stonecutter Emblem3 donuts Stonecutter Emblem

For those of you limited on time, just joining, or just want to know what to keep in mind for the end of the event… here’s the breakdown of the Donut cost for each one.

Sacred ParchmentSacred Parchment: 100 Donuts
#36 Krusty#36 Krusty: 100 Donuts
Chest of Sacred ArtifactsChest of Sacred Artifacts: 125 Donuts
#85 Willie #600 Skinner#85 (Willie) & #600 (Skinner): 200 Donuts
Money Pool #29 BurnsMoney Pool & #29 (Mr Burns): 225 Donuts
#50 Wiggum #79 Disco Stu#50 (Wiggum) & #79 (Disco Stu): 250 Donuts
Stone of TriumphStone of Triumph: 300 Donuts
#5 Jasper #14 Carl #12 Lenny#5 (Jasper) #12 (Carl) #14 (Lenny): 350 Donuts
Stonecutter tableStonecutters Table: 425 Donuts
Satan's AnvilSatan’s Anvil: 375 Donuts



That is a grand total of 2,450 Donuts or about a Boatload of Donuts to outright get ALL the Emblem Prizes.


My suggestion though is to wait. Do NOT spend those sweet sprinklies on anything you can obtain for free through game play. There are still a few hours left in this event and ways to earn those Emblems. Just check out my MATH post for some ideas.  Don’t forget to get them at the end though.

Did this help YOU out? Do YOU have all the prizes? Cutting it close? Keep in mind, once the event ends you are running on borrowed time and EA can force the update at anytime after that timer runs out. So just play wisely. Keep tapping those neighbors even if the 60 Emblems are gone. Help each other out so as many players as possible can get the items for free. 😉

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21 responses to “Donut Cost of Emblem Prizes

  1. To be fair, the costs of the prizes are about 1 donut for 10 emblems; which means if you need 1000 emblems, it will cost you 100 donuts. However, if you gain a few emblems and you only need 900 for your next prize, it will only cost you 90 donuts.

    I still didn’t get the last prize, at first the cost was 375 donuts, but i did end up getting a few emblems. Now the cost is at 250 donuts. If i can get another 1000 emblems by the end of the day, the last prize will only cost me about 150 donuts.

  2. should I buy the seeing eye templeI have 100 donuts? Please reply fast. You for get Dr. Hubert 60 donuts also.

  3. In all honesty do you think I can make it? I bought enough doughnuts to secure the last two prizes and I was sure I could get Lenny, Carl and Jasper but I’m still 3000+ emblems short and I’m also $30 short on the doughnuts necessary to buy all three (believe me I’m a true addict I wouldn’t hesitate) it’s a choice of food or Satan’s Anvil.

    • The update is in the servers to remove it. I would say don’t update and hold off as long as you can while you try to gain as many emblems as possible.

  4. I got satans anvil with 2 hrs left in the event talk about cutting it close!

  5. Thank you so much for this post! I was just going through yr old posts trying to look it up and this helped a lot! God I love you guys! It’s going to cost me 800 sprinkles but I was just tapping out my neighbors add found myself literally staring at Satan’s Anvil with an insane amount of jealousy. That and I love the animation around the table. Great quest! Just wish I hadn’t had such a run of bad luck at the beginning otherwise I’d be done by now

  6. Do I sense that you know of a little something coming at the end of the event possibly? 🙂

  7. Is there an actual time that the event ends? That way I know whether or not I should use donuts because there is no way to get the emblems needed before the end.

    • The set end time for the event is 8:00 GMT (4am EST). There may be a little grace time after that but that has ranged from a day or two to a couple hours so no guarantees beyond that time.

  8. Still a few days? Try 11h 😜

  9. I thought today was the last day of the event?
    I got all the stuff already,
    But shouldn’t you be saying to those that don’t have enough emblems to wait till the last minute before spending doughnuts?

  10. Nice break down. With the success of this event, I’d be surprised if these were not brought back in the future. I’m at 56,000 emblems and still collecting for the sprinklies! Cheers.

  11. Any word on an extension?

  12. To add to the chorus–yes keep tapping your neighbors! I did get all the prizes, but the difference between my end of alphabet game and beginning of alphabet game is about 1500 emblems and I’m playing them exactly the same! I don’t the same neighbor list, so it could partly be due to a less active neighbor group in general, but that neighbor bit–tapping each other’s buildings made a difference!

  13. i’m nowhere near close to the 35,000 emblems. should i just pay the donuts to get everything?

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