Could future SPOILERS be in the Level 42 dialogue?

Howdy doo Addictereenos!

You know… every time I say howdy it makes me laugh.  First off because I’m not from Texas (although I have lived in San Antonio for almost a year collectively) and secondly because when I was in the military flying on planes, if you sat next to someone and said howdy, it meant you’d farted.  Way too funny to think of that in connection with a word.

Anywho… this post isn’t about Texas, the military or farts but I had to share. You know I’m random like that.  What this post IS about is some speculation I had recently about possible SPOILERS EA may or may not have told us about. If that’s your bag… go right on ahead an click continue reading.  Seems there was more to spy than some realized.

camera ned

Once upon a time (earlier this year), there was a small bit of dialogue that got fans of TSTO all excited, myself included.  Home was talking about things to come in the game and said “Like the Monorail, and the Stonecutters, and a proper version of Sideshow Bob…”.

This got a lot of us talking and even inspired me to write a whole post about the Monorail.  We all talked and talked about it and then EA brought us an entire event based on the Stonecutters.  Could this mean that bit of dialogue was actually a teaser/forecast/spoiler?

Well, that got me paying attention to what was said in dialogue and besides the mention of Janey Powell a couple of times, I didn’t see much.  Then we got Level 42.  This level brought us some really new cool items, some of which have been clamored over for a while by veteran tappers, but did it also give us hints of more to come?

I know a lot of folks may not have Chester Lampwick in their towns because of the price tag he came with but his questline had some really interesting things in it.  It started off with Homer making fun of Lampwick’s obscurity.  (you can find out more about him in this post)

Senor Ding Dong DialogueSenor Ding-Dong!  I know this reference might be really out there for some people but I talked about his store way back in a post I did about Gil Gunderson. As a bonus, he’s voiced by Dan Castellaneta so he could be voiced in game!  He has a store, he has a van AND he once employed Gil who also was once rumored to become a real character.

Senor Ding Dong

But Chester’s dialogue didn’t stop there.  He went on to rant about none other than Lil Vicki Valentine who some of us know as Lisa’s tap dancing instructor.

Vicki Valentine DialogueThe addition of Vicki and her Dance School would make my incessant use of tapa-tapa-tapa make a lot more sense to all of you.  I’d just love to see Lisa with the crazy Frink tap shoes all over Springfield.

Vicki ValentineLisa tries to convince Lampwick that Vicki isn’t the culprit but I’m not surprised he doesn’t give in since his 8 hour task is to rant about Vicki.

Dame Judith Underdunk Dialogue

Do you know who that is?  It’s Sideshow Bob’s Mommy!

Francesca 23

Of all the Chester dialogue, this one probably has me the most excited.  Could we finally be getting the proper version of Sideshow Bob with his Mom and quite possibly the rest of his family?  Wow and wowza, I need to calm down.

Francesca 28


Lots to be possibly excited about even if it is only just teasing on EA’s part.  The only reason I believe they could be clues is it might be EA’s way of rewarding players for the premium purchase.  Good news is I’m here to share with all my freemium peeps.  The last bit of dialogue I’ll point out was there for all tappers in Roger Myers Jr.’s questline.

Rabbi Krustofski DialogueKrusty’s very own Poppa.  If I’m not mistaken, this isn’t the first time he’s been mentioned either.  Maybe it’s possible that the Rabbi and Temple Beth Springfield could be planned for the future.  Might make sense since the interweb is abuzz with rumors of the Rabbi’s death next season.

Rabbi Krustofski

Well my friends, that’s all I had to share.  Whether this is all just wishful thinking or conjecture, I think it’s still fun to consider what might be ahead of us in the glorious game that is The Simpsons Tapped Out.  What do you think of all these ideas?  Which one would make you the happiest?  Did you even know who some of these people were?  Sound off below and keep on tapa-tapa-tapping like the classy readers I know you to be.

TTFN… Wookiee out!



39 responses to “Could future SPOILERS be in the Level 42 dialogue?

  1. Mr. Auto-Correct

    Stonecutters 2014 Event &
    Stonecutters Black Market Sale ✅

    Terwilligers 2015 Event ✅

    The Monorail ❎

    You know what’s left… THE MONORAIL!

  2. Cool!!!!

  3. Josephine Kick@$$

    SSB as a playable character is definitely a ‘gasm LOL!

    Seriously @ the howdy? Is that a Blazing Saddles reference? I’m glad I usually say “hey” :/

  4. I hope they put the monorail in and have it like the Krustyland bus where it can take you to a new town instead of adding land to the existing one.

    • This has been my guess for August, given the numerous Shelbyville references in the game dialogue.

  5. Let’s just hope that with such an amazing upcoming update that EA also lets us buy more land. It’s like a ridiculous version of Brooklyn in my Springfield. LAND, HO!

  6. As I’ve,said before Homer’s promises at Christmas have all come true….so far a monorail and SSB will all be here this year.

    I think stampy being onthe road is a test to place thw Monorail.

  7. pewpewshazaam

    There’s so much content… Troy McClure is long overdue though, I really hope I see him soon, I’d love to honor Phil H.

    RIP Phil.

  8. Good one wookster the force is strong with this one

  9. All of the above mentioned please!

    I hope we get a chance to get some of the fireworks from last year for the 4th. I wasn’t playing until this year. The diner would be a reissue that I’d like to see too.

  10. Just got the in game update!

  11. I’ve heard about Sit and Rotate being in the files for some time. Where did you hear it was $10m?

  12. Dang it nighthawk diner is premium

  13. Wow, ton of items for the update. GLad to see the Nighthawk Diner is back! I was playing yet the last time this was offered. I see Lincoln’s Cabin and Lisa Statue of Liberty as well.

  14. Rabbi…. Rabbi…. Rabbi…. I am fixated on wanting this character and a synagogue. I wants it Baggins.

  15. It took me 4 crashes just to get through Abe’s dialogue. 🙁

  16. The 4th of July update is here!

  17. “Lots to be possibly excited about…”
    Gotta love you Wookiee, it’s like a conspiracy with the giggles. It is really fun to play “what if” but you bring it to a whole new level. I hope EA reads this blog, and if they do I hope they get as much amusement as I do. Possibly more since they know whether you are right or crazy. 😉
    Or, quite possibly… both.

  18. SIt and Rotate building for $10 million?!?!?! WTH!?!?!?

    • Talk about aspirations!

    • Lol, for long time players, it’s nice to have something to do with our millions. I’m sitting at 30 right now. (and no house farm, imagine how much they have!) I just need some land to place it on…

      • You know you could convert that to donuts by purchasing and then selling blood mobiles with the resulting XP filling up bonus levels, before when weather stations and volleyball courts were the best option for getting XP for bonus levels I had millions as well but with the addition of the blood mobile it became much less tedious.

        • Hi Tom, I actually did consider that. But I’m holding out hope for more land and I have a feeling it’s going to be very expensive, lol. Thank you for being so helpful; that’s what I love about this community 🙂

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Definitely! Here, I thought I had **plenty** of in game $, & I can’t even afford it!

  19. Independance Day update just hit!

  20. Well I like every idea that you had.!hope EA does them all,and then maybe at the end of July there will be the big one -MONORAIL:-)
    Now if you excuse me I have to squeeze 3more doughnuts out of this update:-)

  21. I’m pretty sure at the start of the year they said a proper Sideshow Bob is on the way this year. I’d love to have Bob, Cecil and the rest of the Terwilligers in my Springfield!

  22. That are alot of rumors/spoilers

  23. Dammit Wookiee! Why you gotta go and get me all excited, lol. Seriously though, I think it’s high time for Sideshow Bob to be a playable character. Most peoples’ towns are so big, that finding him can take forever. Imagine the possibilities…

    • I want him in mine. 😉

      • He at least needs to be voiced, and it should have him taunt the player when he appears in town, giving vague clues as to where he is.

        I do like that sometimes when visiting neighbors, it will zoom in where he is, making him much easier to find, especially in some of my level 42 neighboreeno’s towns.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        If you leave their town, then go right back in, it will go straight to him. I’ve been doing it for a while 🙂

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