Stonecutter Removal Update Live in App Store

`Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick update to let you know the Stoncutter removal update is live in the App Store.  So check out your App Stores to download the Stonecutter removal…BUT if you’re not quite ready to update you can hold off as long as EA let’s you.  The 4th of July update still works with out the removal…for now.  So if you’re working at getting those last bit of emblems you still can!

Oh and for those who are wondering…yes Number 1 DOES have a full set of tasks.  Similar to the other Stonecutters.  🙂

Happy Tapping Friends!

92 responses to “Stonecutter Removal Update Live in App Store

  1. I just tried to reinstall and the same thing happened. The file is… Exploit.AndroidOS.CVE-2013-4787.gen

  2. I was just now forced to update which was fine because I was ready… however, during the update my security went off about one of the files in the update. I deleted it then ran a full scan. Tsto came up as a threat and I had to delete it. Im going to try and reinstall but if it comes up again I’m not sure what to do. Please help

    • Depends on your security settings. You have all that random “allow” items you have to approve and some people set their protection to not allow apps all that access.

      • Ive updated countless times before and this hasn’t happened. I guess it could be possible that they threw something new in there with this update but I need make sure because I read about hackers getting into yahoo a few month back through apps. I haven’t changed any settings recently. Im waiting for a reply from ea. But thanks anyway. I appreciate it!

  3. …aaaaaaand it’s gone. forced out on my iOS. remember the good ol’ days when the grace period used to be a week or two? But I’ll still take a day over the actual countdown from the family guy game (although they do warn you so you can’t complain about that either).

    Still that one day was enough for me to get the alien! Didn’t get the table I wanted (& the free donuts… poo) but that’s my own fault for finally beating unemployment & getting a job I guess.

  4. No! I was 300+/- emblems from Satan’s Anvil and now it says I must update to continue!

  5. i just got the forced update and i was only around 400 emblems away from the last prize! i was def playing on borrowed time for this long haha!

  6. It is finally forcing me to update the game now… But I did manage to get the stone cutters table and thus the 10 free donuts. 😀

  7. Out of 95 friends, I have 29 hold-outs on updating. I don’t know if they intentionally haven’t updated, or if they just haven’t done so yet, but I am grateful as I’m still trying to get as many of the Emblem prizes as I can before being forced into an update.

    I know this means several of my friends won’t get friend taps from me, but I’m just not ready to update yet.

    Good luck to all, and have fun tapping!

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