Free 4th Of July Sprinkles!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy 4th of July!  To some of you this may just be another day, but here in America it’s the day we celebrate our Independence..and what better way to celebrate than FREE DONUTS!!  (at least according to EA)

EA also wants to help you celebrate by giving you some fun stuff to blow up! (Check out this post for a Should I Buy Guide):

2014-07-04 11.55.27

When you log into Springfield today you’ll see this dialogue between Lisa and Homer pop up:


2014-07-04 11.55-vert


And that’s it.  Nothing will pop out, no additional popups will appear…the donuts will just be added to your donut total in the bottom left of your screen.

What do YOU think of the free gift this year?  Who doesn’t love free donuts right?  Anything in particular you’re saving up for?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Happy Tapping my friends and Happy 4th of July to my Fellow Americans!

32 responses to “Free 4th Of July Sprinkles!

  1. I didn’t get anything…is there is nothing I need to do to trigger it?

  2. To bad America bashing is the best humor on our great nations birthday that tsto came up with

    • It’s just them being silly. It’s the Simpsons. No one is safe from being poked fun at. Including themselves.

    • Cynical and ironic humor have been staples of The Simpsons since Tracy Ullman. Read Matt Groening ‘s “Life Is Hell” comic strips from the 80’s. Slathered in this style of humor

      • Did I just show my age?

      • Louis Trapani

        Ha! Ryan, I was a fan of the ‘Life in Hell’ comic series before there ever was ‘The Simpsons’… I still have a bunch I had cut out and saved over the years. So I guess we are all showing our age now. I would love to see some references to it in TSTO at some point (if it hasn’t already happened).

  3. I received 2 more donuts after homer’s task at the plant!!

  4. Coooool… And I’m solo glad my game is back!!! Oh happy days…

  5. Shouldn’t Lisa be the one nagging about how much America sucks? Classy, EA – the least you could do is TRY to be funny.

    Bleh. Anyway, looking forward to Nighthawk Diner and Lincoln.

  6. Greattt… But today i had a other surprise! I just enter my game and then…bummmm.. Where are my 5 donuts?? I won yesterday but today it is missinggg!! It is just me????

  7. Happy 4th to all you Americans! Loved the free sprinklies, here’s hoping it gives me enough for the nighthawk diner later!

  8. It was a very nice surprise to see that I got free donuts! I like how EA is being a little more “generous” than usual! 😛

  9. Happy 4th to all my fellow tappers! Gawd bless ‘merica!! And used my free donuts(from this n stonecutters event) to get arnie pye…can u get more American than baseball, hotdogs n arnie pye!!

  10. I now have 124 donuts. I’m saving for Barney and then Otto. I’m not a fan of spending real money on a game so I have to do this really slowly.

    • I’m doing the same! But i started with otto. I didn’t know it was so doable to save up that amount of donuts. But i got otto at the end of easter and now have 192 donuts on my way to barney. Gogogo, and good luck on getting sprinklies!

  11. JamesBrewski69

    I was down to about five donuts after Easter wrapped up and now have 155 without buying any. I have really dug the past month or so!

  12. The free donuts were a pleasant surprise when I logged on. I need to start saving them now, get some premium items so I can earn more money and XP. I’m kicking myself for getting rid of some stuff I got early in the game, I won a gazebo and had a burning pile of brush within my first couple days playing, before I knew all the ins and outs, so stupid me just sold them lol

  13. I’m not American, but I’ll take free donuts whenever I can get them. 🙂

  14. simon Bradley

    I’m most pleased to receive any free doughnuts – so these are most welcome indeed – especially after shelling out most last week of my stash on No. 51. Now considering what to shell out on other items as I left it too late to get the last Stonecutter items!
    Wishing all my American neighboureenos across the pond a mightily awesome 4th of July – thanks for stopping by & enjoy your day!

  15. The 5 free sprinkled treats are a nice surprise from EA, but I’m still planning on raiding the kids piggybanks once they’re asleep so I can buy some more as I’ve got my eye on some good stuff from the premium shop.
    Does that make me a bad dad?? 🙂

  16. I love free donuts! I have been wanting Lincoln since I started playing last Fall. Between the free donuts and I hit jackpot on a golden scratcher I can finally afford to buy my favorite President! I can’t wait until the 11th.

  17. I’m loving EA this morning. Today was mystery box day for me so I woke up to 30 free doughnuts Woo-Hoo! (Sure beats a tree or fences or another mailbox). Then followed by 5 more! Sweetest doughnuts I’ve ever tasted!

  18. Lovely surprise!

    • Well, iT was a surprise of sorts because I have the dreaded spinning donut and the game won’t load :(. I tried all the usual fixes, nothing. Just sits and spins and spins. Happy 4th everybody! Stay Safe!

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