New Addicts Contest: A Whole ‘Nother Level

This contest is now closed.  All entries must be in.  The Addicts Crew is currently going over ALL of your Amazing Entries.  We’ll have the finalists posted next week.  Thank you to everyone who entered!  You guys are AMAZING!!  🙂  

A lil note from Wookiee

Hey howdy hey Addictereenos!  How y’all doing?

TSTO Blogging isn’t all about the game.  One of the main reasons I love this gig so much is just that I love the Simpsons universe and always have since I started watching at the tender age of 8.  My fanboy flag waves high for the show and even when I’m not writing or moderating or doing something connected to TSTO Addicts, I’m watching the show because it makes me happy.  I like to laugh and jokes are never in short supply when it comes to Homer and company.

So, the other day, I was re-watching some of my favorite episodes and in the middle of S3:E20 “Colonel Homer”, I said to myself, “Self… this would make one heck of a level update in TSTO.”  SO many great ideas that could make a new level for my favorite game.  Even more, I wondered how many Addicts have watched an episode and thought the same thing.  Follow this with some discussion between Team Addicts and Voila!… we decided to find out with a NEW CONTEST!!!

Yes we said a BRAND NEW CONTEST!!!!  Here at Addicts HQ summer is in full swing and we’ve completely lost our minds, wait did we ever have them to begin with? 😉  We’re once again giving away FREE Donuts!!!  We’ve really & completely lost our minds!  So let’s talk about this Contest (before we change our minds)…..

Whole Nother Level Contest Pic

So here’s the skinny…..

The Addicts team wants YOU the readers to come up with a level idea.  Basically a building/character combo for both freemium and premium, decorations, etc.  Think back on previous levels and how they usually come.  Each level creation must include:
-Freemium Character/Building Combo with cost/build time
-Premium Character (or skin) with Cost.  This can have a decoration or building combo with it (like Lampwick and the Rocket Car) or it can just be the character (like Blue Haired Lawyer)
-At least 1 freemium or premium decoration with pricing.  Can have more than one if desired.
-Tasks with description, times and payouts for each task.
-Level Up Character, Message & Donuts awarded.
-A General Idea of what the questline would include.  Actual dialog not needed, but a basic description of what kind of trouble the characters would get into.  (If you want to do dialog…Feel free to make a few silly jabs at yourself, the Addicts, your neighboreenos… or even EA… just like they do)

Here’s How You Win:
All entries MUST be submitted by 11:59 pm on July 31st, 2014.  The TSTO Addicts team will then go through all entries and pick the top 10 that we think are the absolute best.  We will post the top 10 on our website the following week (sometime during the week of August 4th-8th)  and then open it up to the readers of to vote on which one they like the best.  Voting will open once they are posted and will close by August 10th 2014 at 11:59pm.  The top 5 vote getters will be our big winners.  Winners will be announced sometime during the week of August 11th – 15th.

Here’s what you can win:

-5th Place- a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-4th Place- a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-3rd Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-2nd Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-1st Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card

How to post your entry:
Post your level ideas in the comments below or by emailing us at  Yup it’s really that simple!  No screenshots to take, no town designing to do (unless you REALLY want to add some photographic examples with your entries…but it’s NOT required).

See the end of this post for the official rules…

Just think, not only do you get to use your creative juices but you might also do EA’s work for them and see your very own level idea in the Best. Game. Ever.

Because we know examples can be helpful, Wookiee did his own idea for the episode mentioned earlier.  And here’s the Wookiee to explain his Level….

 “Colonel Homer” really is one of my favorite episodes of this show.  Quite possibly due to Lurleen Lumpkin being one of my first cartoon crushes behind Jessica Rabbit (I’m a sucker for a southern girl).

Lurleen Lumpkin

She would of course be freemium and her tasks could vary from playing country to trying to seduce Homer or even attending rehab.  She could also have a task to sing with her father, pay her taxes or bowl with the Home-wreckers.  If anything, she’d add another female to our short list in TSTO.  Lurleen could also add a task to the Outdoor Stage.

The building I’d love to see her come with would be The Beer ‘N’ Brawl.

Colonel Homer Beer N Brawl

Of course some Simpsons nerd would remind me this is actually in Spittle County at least 100 miles away from Springfield but when has that ever mattered in TSTO?  Another cool building she could come with would be her trailer.

Lurleen Lumpkin Trailer

For a premium offering (although I’d rather have everything for game cash), we’d of course have to have a Colonel Homer skin.  Tasks could include avoiding Lurleen’s advances, getting gigs, attending recordings and just generally looking awesome.

Colonel Homer

This could come as just a skin or with a building.  There are a lot of great ones available just from this episode.

Colonel Homer Buildings

The Corpulent Cowboy is the one that truly gets my vote but I dig both recording studios also.  I included Flaming Pete’s just because that gag in the episode gets me every time and it’s obsure enough to be something EA would pick lol.

The building I truly want from this episode actually has nothing to do with the main plot other than Marge upsetting Homer at a movie.  I seriously would love the Springfield Googolplex to be the premium offering behind these other two.

Colonel Homer Googolplex

Other than it’s awesome math nerd name, it could add tasks for characters already in game.  The kids could become desensitized to violence and Homer could have a task to ruin movies/point out movie flaws.  Heck it could be a joint task for each family to all go together.

The last two items for examination are just a new decoration i thought of and a completely random NPC for giggles.  This level idea could also include a Lurleen bench and Yodeling Zeke.

Colonel Homer Dec or NPC

Lots of great things could be in a questline about Lurleen’s return.  The Rich Texan could get involved.  I’d love to see Sideshow Mel  take Krusty’s sister to the Copa and Homer and Lenny sing to their bowling balls.

Well, those are just my ideas and an example of what a contest submission could look like.  We are all super excited for this one and can’t wait to see all the awesome ideas you guys and gals come up with.

Good luck using your noodles and stay classy as usual.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

And now….
Here are the Official Rules:

Each contestant may only submit ONE entry! (no revisions once submitted.  If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted)
Valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry, this will be how we will contact you to let you know you’re one of the top 10. (email address provided in the comment form, they are not published on the blog and only viewable by the Addicts staff.)
Unfortunately, because of the nature of the Gift Cards, Gift Cards can only be awarded to Tappers in the US 18 and older.  To our friends outside of the US 18 and older you may enter the contest but an alternate prize may be awarded at Addicts discretion if a gift card for your country cannot be secured.
Void where prohibited
No purchase necessary
Addicts writers, and family members are not eligible to participate.
You must let us know within 1 week of winning which platform (iOS, Amazon/Kindle or Android) you’d prefer the GC on.
All entries must be received by 11:59PM on July 31st 2014
Voting ends at 11:59pm August 10th 2014
Vote totals will not be seen until after contest is over.
All entries will be reviewed by TSTO Addicts writers prior to posting.
Any entry deemed by the Addicts team as not PG or offensive, will not be posted and not be eligible to participate in the contest.
Prizes are as follows:
-5th Place- a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-4th Place- a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-3rd Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-2nd Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-1st Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
All gift cards will be awarded to winners electronically.
Previous contest winners are not eligible to win a prize, unless it’s been more than 6 months since they’ve won.  LEGO winners are exempt from this rule.
Gift cards will be awarded for the amounts indicated above.  TSTOAddicts is not responsible for any taxes and fess that may occur outside of the rates indicated in Tapped Out by EA (4th and 5th Place $10 each, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place $25 each).
Contest winner is responsible for all taxes and fees that may occur when purchasing.
This contest is not affiliated with Google, iTunes, Kindle, Amazon, EA, Fox, Gracie Films or anyone else in association with The Simpsons, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Google, Kindle, Amazon, and iTunes.
For a copy of the official rules email TSTO Addicts at
(keep in mind if you ask for the official rules we’re just going to resend you this list in a PDF format)

So that’s it Tappers.  Your ultimate What the Addicts Want!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

132 responses to “New Addicts Contest: A Whole ‘Nother Level

  1. The four steps of entering a creative contest:
    1. “Hey I have a pretty good idea.”
    2. “After polishing my idea is awesome, I am going to totally win.”
    3.”Rats! Just after submitting my entry I thought of something that would be perfect. Maybe I will still place.”
    4. “Wow! After reading everyone else’s idea I realize how much mine stinks. Maybe next time.”

    • Awwwwww. 🙁

      In any contest, being first is not always best idea. Wait it out…see what is out there…THEN submit. 😉

      • I posted for humor, not sympathy. 🙂

        Truthfully, the reason I sent in my entry early is that I would have talked myself out of doing it otherwise.

  2. The all-volunteer Springfield Fire Department (SPFD)

    Fire Station with fire truck: $5000/instant or very short time frame
    Comes with skins for Apu (fire chief), Wiggum, Krusty, Moe, Skinner, and of course Homer (quests to unlock the skins are explained below.)

    Premium skins for Otto, Barney, and Luann Van Houten: 12 donuts each

    Fire Chief car: 40 donuts
    – Same make and model as the police car, but with SPFD color and markings
    – 2.00% bonus money and XP to all jobs; also has same obedience benefit as the police car
    – (possible animation) lights flash when clicked

    Dalmatian (NPC): 60 donuts — tends to hang around the fire truck or fire station

    Forest Fire Bear: 150 donuts — has premium tasks described below

    Fire Hydrant: $385 money, +10 obedience

    There is a special sign that will cost $50,000 (instant build, unique item) that is explained below.


    Preferred level up character will be Ralph; 3 donuts because that’s how many Ralph would take; Message: We don’t call them “Fires” at my house, we call them “Oopsies”

    Since Ralph has been used recently, an alternate level up character would be Forest Fire Bear; 1 donut; Message: Only YOU can prevent forest fires!


    Apu triggers Part 1, which goes something like this:

    Apu: You have not forgotten that I am the fire chief, have you Homer?

    Homer: Er, no. Why?

    Apu: There is a fire! Be getting your stuff. (Adjust to fit his accent and speaking mannerisms)
    This will trigger Apu’s own fire chief skin to appear in inventory.

    A one-time task (45 seconds/nominal cash and Exp) opens for Homer to “Find SPFD gear” (location is his home) — when complete, Homer’s SPFD skin will be placed in inventory, completing part 1


    Part 2. Apu: For this fire, we need four more fire mans.

    Homer: Er, OK

    Four one-time tasks (outdoors, each 45 seconds with $35/1xp) open up for Homer to find Wiggum, Krusty, Moe, and Skinner to let them know there is a fire. Each task requires the person being found to be available. Premium skins for Otto, Barney, and Luann open up for purchase. (The purchase price of 12 donuts is based on the pricing used for Fink’s stonecutter robes.)

    Once any four of the seven possible volunteers (besides Apu and Homer) have their SPFD skins available, Apu asks Homer where the station is. (“Where is being the station now, Homer?”) Homer says he has it ready but doesn’t know where to put it. Someone (anyone really, or perhaps everyone together) tells Homer to just put it anywhere, to which Homer says he is running out of space. (The player is prompted to place the fire station.) Once the fire station is placed, it completes its build either instantly or in just a few seconds (like a brown house), the fire truck appears in inventory, and the player is prompted to place it. Once placed, Part 2 is complete.

    Part 3. Wiggum asks Apu: So where’s the fire?

    Apu: Shelbyville

    Homer: Shelbyville? How will we get there?

    Apu: Big red truck!

    Homer: No, I mean what road do we take? I haven’t made a road to Shelbyville yet.

    Apu: This one.

    Have Apu build/place sign showing way to Shelbyville. The unique sign costs $50,000 to build. It looks like a typical highway sign unless a different example can be found in the archives. Once placed, it can be moved and turned but cannot go back into inventory. When touched during future play, it will take the player to Shelbyville. The first time it is touched, it will go to a cut scene showing that the SPFD arrived too late to save Shelbyville, and now the town needs to be rebuilt from scratch. Part 3 completes leaving the player in Shelbyville with one square of land unlocked. Burnt debris litters the landscape. (The first Shelbyville task will include placing a sign with directions back to Springfield. The player will find the Springfield sign already in inventory at this point. Once placed, it cannot be put back into inventory.) Standard (non-unique) items can be placed in either town and game dollars and the storage box are shared between the two. Unique items can go to Shelbyville if they are not iconic to Springfield.


    Some additional parts to questline can be created around the following tasks. Please note that most tasks are called by Apu as joint tasks. Each task will require the specified number of volunteers to be available (wearing their SPFD skins), but additional volunteers will participate automatically in group activities if they are wearing their SPFD skins when Apu calls.

    Attempt to put out tire fire. (Outdoors, Requires tire fire and five more volunteers.)
    24 hours / $600 / 150xp per volunteer (premium characters pay 50% bonus for this and all tasks). Tire fire animation will cycle between burning and smoldering, but never completely go out.

    Respond to garbage can fire in Mr. Burns’ office. (Requires nuclear plant office building and three more volunteers)
    16 hours / $500 / 125xp per volunteer

    Inspect malfunctioning fire alarm system at Springfield Elementary (Requires Springfield Elementary and three more volunteers) (quest dialogue on this will mention “El Barto” graffiti found near fire alarm control box, after sending Bart on one-time 4-hour task to “reprogram” fire alarm system!)
    12 hours / $420 / 100xp per volunteer

    Walk around Springfield to promote “Fire Prevention Year” (Outdoors)
    8 hours / $275 / 75xp per volunteer (This task can be started by each individual character without a call from Apu.) The questline for this part will unlock Forest Fire Bear.

    False alarm (Requires three volunteers) (Giuseppe’s Workshop)
    6 hours / $225 / 55xp per volunteer

    Clean firehouse (at firehouse)
    4 hours / $175 / 45xp per volunteer (does not require call from Apu)

    Talk to children about fire safety (Springfield Elementary)
    2 hours / $110 / 27xp per volunteer (does not require call from Apu)

    Inspect fire hydrant (outside at any fire hydrant)
    1 hour / $70 / 17xp per volunteer (does not require call from Apu)
    Animation shows back of firefighter with water being turned on then off at the hydrant.

    Wait for call (fire house)
    10 min / $17 / 5xp per volunteer (does not require a call from Apu)

    Forest Fire Bear tasks:
    24 hours / Hibernate / $1000/225xp (outdoors, under a tree)
    12 hours / Hand out fire safety leaflets / $600/150xp (outdoors)
    8 hours / Promote “Fire Prevention Year” / $420/105xp (outdoors)
    4 hours / Attempt to stamp out campfire / $260/70xp (outdoors – requires campfire)
    2 hours / Create public service announcements / $175 / 40xp (Channel 6)
    1 hour / Scratch back on tree / $105/26xp (outdoors, at a tree)

    • Darn, tried to format the title with red but apparently that one is not allowed.

      • In my notes, but somehow left out of the entry, was a notation that the fire hydrant would be available to players who have completed the task to build the town hall. Also, the fire hydrant could be placed on the sidewalk instead of forcing the buildings to be farther back from the street.

    • Very cool. A lot of thought went into this one.

  3. mippleberry

    Level 43: Stay off the Westside

    FREEMIUM CHARACTER: Cookie Kwan and Red Blazer Realty Cost: $800,000
    Cookie Kwan Tasks:
    1hr: put on red blazer ($70) (red blazer realty building)
    4hr: attend book club ($175) (skinners house, along with Agnes, Marge, Louanne)
    8hr: work at red blazer realty ($275) (red blazer realty building)
    12hr: take out competition on west side ($420) (placing signs outside)
    24hr: sell a house ($600) (inside purple/brown house)

    PREMIUM CHARACTER: Lionel Hutz Cost: 60 donuts (50% bonus)
    1hr: attend a.a meeting ($70) (church, along with Barney and Bernice hibbert)
    4hr: entice potential clients ($175) (inside Springfield mall)
    8hr: work at red blazer realty($275) (building)
    12hr: defend court case poorly($420) (courthouse)
    24hr: work on new scam ($600) (Springfield mall)

    FREEMIUM DECO: Marge’s car Cost: $20,000
    Pool truck Cost: $90,000 (6hr task for all kids)

    PREMIUM DECO: Maggie’s nemesis Girard (unibrow baby) Cost: 50 donuts

    Quest-line: Marge and Cookie (attend book club) together, Marge gets insulted by cookie over reading chores magazine and decides to work at red blazer realty to out do cookie and show her she’s more than a house wife (work at red blazer realty/ opens new task for Marge.) cookie always tells Marge to stay off the west side so now she has to take out Marge (take out competition on west side) by (selling a house.)
    Meanwhile a heat wave hits Springfield and the kids are overheating! Good thing the pool truck came along to save the day.

    Level-up character: Milhouse, “level 43…in pog form!”

  4. Connor Addict

    I’m not planning on writing up a submission, but THE SIMPSONS MOVIE!!!

  5. Wow this looks like alot of work but oodles of fun. My gears are already turning. But geez they need oiled. Gotta think hard. Theres so many great addicts out there. Im sure were all gonna be workin to win this one. Good luck everyone!.

  6. Level 43: “There are Jocks & There are Nerds”

    Level Up Character:
    Anton Lubchenko “In old country, Anton dream of Level 43!”

    Freemium Character:
    Doug (Nerd from ‘Homer Goes to College- he is overweight and wears a pocket protector)

    1 hour – Wash Retainer (Springfield University)
    2 hour – Get a nosebleed (Outside, walking and holding face)
    4 hour –Mock Piccard Fans (Android’s Dungeon)
    8 hour – Visit the Wallet Inspector (Outside w/ Snake)
    12 hour – Cram for an Exam (Library)
    24 hour – Par-ty Down (Outside, nervous dancing)

    The quest line would involve Doug trying to be “cool” in the new Springfield, but constantly revealing himself to be a nerd. It would start with him and Comic Book Guy arguing over Star Trek captains when Homer comes over and yells “NERDS!!” Doug would then explain about that due to the physics of the town blowing up he is now a cool guy. Throughout the quest he would try to prove to Homer that he is no longer a nerd, but fail. He would try to talk to a woman (Get a Nosebleed), have big plans for the evening (Was Retainer), no longer fall for scams (Visit wallet inspector) and show Homer he is the life of the party (Par-ty Down).

    Freemium Building:
    Springfield University -“Raising Tuition Rates”
    $1,000,000 – 24 hr build time

    Freemium Decoration:
    Springfield U Homecoming Float

    Premium Character:
    Dean Peterson – 120 Donuts

    1 hour – Walk and Whistle (Outside)
    2 hour – Play the Bass (Outside)
    4 hour – Welcome Students (Springfield University)
    8 hour – Hackey Sack (Outside)
    12 hour – Socialize with Alumni (Moe’s Tavern)
    24 hour – Expel Students (Springfield University)

    Premium Building:
    Springfield Petting Zoo – 120 Donuts
    “Getting children’s hands dirty”

    Premium Decoration:
    Nuclear Inspection Vehicle – 60 Donuts
    Premium Decoration/NPC:
    Sir Oinks-a-Lot (Springfield A&M Pig Mascot) – 80 Donuts