Help Me! Hibbert & Hospital

Bunny here to help out with a technical issue a lot of players are running into. Trying to get the Hospital into your game.


So you have passed by Level 24, but for whatever reason you just can’t get the Hospital to trigger. What do you do?

Check to see if ALL previous level tasks are done prior to the Hospital. We have a really cool Walkthrough Section in our Tips & Tricks Menu that has every walkthrough broken down. So you can easily see who triggers what and who is needed to complete task. Just take a peek and see if you left something undone and need to go back.

Store Buildings/Characters associated with the tasks. Sometimes when these tasks get “stuck”, you need to kind of give the game a lil kick to get it going again. A method to do this it take a buiding that characters involved in the tasks or used in the task and place them in your storage. You can find a helpful list HERE for them. Did Brockman finish all of his tasks?

cooling towers

Try a few tricks. Now I know that for Level 23 to Level 25, it seems as though EVERYTHING is unlocking all at once and you just can’t remember who was doing what at that time. I have found, oddly, that the Hospital for some did not unlock or trigger until you finish Executive Lackey for Smithers to at least Part 4. So see if that helps. Since Smithers loves to get stuck in the Power Plant, some have triggered it by storing and replacing the Cooling Towers and it started the dialog again.

Chesterdupree work on shed 2

Try not to have TOO many things going on at once. I know it is fun to get all the “stuff” in the game, but don’t try to KRAM it all together in one move. Spread it out. I have found that if you purchase Chester Dupree before building the Hospital, it causes the game to come to a halt as too much is going on with the same buildings causing a conflict. So wait, or store Chester away until you are done with Hospital, then start his dialog.

Nuclear Option Vid SS

Nuclear Option Vid SS

Start from scratch. The end all try to see if it helps, is to use the Nuclear Option and store the entire town. Then, just replace those items that are involved in the level. This is more a last resort effort to get this resolved.

Beyond all the basic troubleshooting and the methods above, the next step is to alert EA. This IS a known issue. Not sure of when it will be resolved, but if you are experiencing it add your name to the list on the forums to help keep it as a hot item until they get it fixed.


Let me know if any of these steps helped YOU to resolve it? Have YOU contacted EA? Have YOU found a method that worked to trigger it? Share your thoughts/comments/concerns below.

Til Next Time


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36 responses to “Help Me! Hibbert & Hospital

  1. Thank Jebus. For this site. I got stuck on the Executive Lackey quest line, but it was weeks ago that I completed part 4, so I didn’t realize I never finished the quest line until I got a quest for Apu to go to the hospital, but I didn’t have the hospital unlocked yet. I had to go the nuclear option though.

  2. Im level 103 just built the googolplex and still no hospital I’ve done everything on the forums and called ea nothing has helped.

  3. drunkmothableeeep

    Over level 100 with no Hospital. I tried all of the solutions on here and nothing. I finally noticed that the How I Met Your Grandmother quest needed me to send Homer to drink at Moe’s but the only option for Homer was drink at Moe’s Brewing Co. I put Moe’s Brewing Co in Storage, went to Krustyland, came back, sent homer to drink at Moe’s and BOOM! FlavorMax quest started up and now I have the Hospital.

  4. Hi! I just solve my issue with the hospital quest chain. I am level 110 and done with the rest of the quest. I tried to do all the suggested answers in here but to no avail nothing happen. Then i started to finish my aint no mountain high enough! Quest, as soon as i finished it, it trigger the hospital quest and the succeeding quest to it. I almost quit the game but i just love playing it. Lol
    Just in case this might help out some people having the same problem.

  5. I got all the way to level 62, leaving Apu to wait for his job to go to hospital for two days (poor Apu) when I happened to store Mr Burns for some other reason. Then when I pulled him out, wa-la! Off and running again. I should have read these comments better, it was right there – store the characters and pull them out again. Anyhoo, moving on with life, thanks for the tips 👍🏼

  6. I’m stuck at the Flavormax task. I’m going to try to finish up all quests before starting another. Right now I have Lvl 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 Quests going. 22 has just 3 tasks left, 28 the Businessman’s Social Club will be built in a few more hours. I’m going to stop there on Lvl 28 and finish up the others before moving on. Next build is the Post Office. I’ve heard that might trigger the Hospital build. I have Homer doing “Play at the Ring Toss Game (x3)” right now. The Maggie quest is at “Make Mr. Burns Recruit Babies to Work”. So yeah finish those up and I’ll report back.

    • Does anyone know which character triggers the dialog for the Flavormax task? I believe it’s Homer. So I’m trying to make sure he doesn’t have any other upcoming tasks. Have him finishing the ring toss Krustyland task right now.

  7. Another one here run into this. I’m at level 44, and all quests previous to the hospital have been done. I thought I’d wait during the tapball event but going back to the ordinary quests, still nothing. Have put buildings in and out of storage, restarted etc.

    Previous contact with EA about other issues has been hopeless so really hoping it doesn’t come to that for thisbuildings in and out of storage, restarted etc.

  8. I am level 42 and the prompts just triggered for me.
    I remember doing the flavormax stuff and then nothing happened, which was odd.
    I tried to get it to trigger again by having homer, comic book guy, and wiggum eat at krustys and then get check ups, but nothing helped.
    I have not done the lackey stuff smithers needs to do.
    What happened today was I decided to visit my krustyland. I put Cletus to work at the ring toss and homer got the exclamation mark. When I clicked, it made me go back to springfield and start the flavormax stuff again. So after the 30 minute eat at krustys, then the 10 minute check up, I FINALLY got Hibbert to make me build the hospital.

    Sorry for the long comment, but hope this helps someone! 🙂

  9. i am trying to help my fiance get the hospital and hes doing everything he has to do for it but its not working

    • It is one of those things that all we can do is offer the suggestions like here. Outside of that, contacting EA is really the only other option.

  10. I’m at xp level 44 and have finished almost all the quests up to level 34, and I finally unlocked the hospital today!

    I had tried storing buildings, keeping all the characters involved in the Hibbert questline free, all to no avail. Inspired by some of the suggestions on this page (especially mkweselak’s regarding building the Writer’s building), I held out on starting new quests and attempted to finish everything pending in my task book. There were 2 things I’d been avoiding due to their cost / duration: 1) The Writers building & questline 2) The ‘How I Met Your Grandmother Pt. 1’ quest (associated with Piggly’s Super-Smorg).

    Finishing the Writer’s building & tasks didn’t trigger anything, but when I completed ‘How I Met Your Grandmother Pt. 1’ (which involves Grandpa Abe), the Hibbert questline started back up at ‘My Pills’ (which also involved grandpa). I thought I made it farther than that in the Hibbert questline, but I can’t be 100% sure. As a sidenote, I bought the Super-Smorg before I unlocked Grandpa, so I’m wondering if the game prioritized this task for him over the Hibbert task?

    Sorry if this is long winded, but I wanted to provide a detailed account of how the hospital unlocked for me.

    And a big THANK YOU to this site and everyone who commented on this page! I’m so glad I didn’t have to nuke my town to get the hospital.

  11. I was avoiding building the writers building. As soon as I built it the hospital quest line started back up again.

  12. Woo hoo! Level 38 and my hospital FINALLY triggered out of no where!!!!

  13. I had to keep putting buildings in storage, Channel 6, the Truffle, Burns Mansion, the weather tower, nuclear plant, Manju’s Apts, Krusty Burger, etc. I was putting them all back too. It finally triggered when I put Sanjay’s house in! I had already nuked my town before too!

  14. i had to nuke my town three times and rebuild the first buildings up to the general practice, but it worked eventually. i got stuck after every new mission was completed, and then i’d have to nuke it again… totally worth it

  15. I’m at level 41 and the hospital still won’t trigger. Like barbeml, nuking the town is not an option for me

    • What was the last building/questline you completed? Sometimes the hospital just gets stubborn and won’t trigger until other things are complete.

  16. At level 40 and no hospital, I finally caved and nuked the entire town, and put each building back in town in the exact order that the quests required. It actually worked! I may have used many donuts to speed through the quests to get there, but I’m very happy!

  17. All of my quests have been taking a while to start. But I think it has to do with how fast I’ve been leveling up. I started playing a few weeks before the Easter event. I’m a level 40 right now, but I’m doing quests for levels 34, 35, 36 and 37. I’m kinda spread all over the place. I don’t have any problems (thankfully) with certain quests not generating. Well except during the Easter event. I remember being frustrated because Moe’s quest wouldn’t start. And I needed him to finish the Easter quest line. But at the end I got Moe and got all the Easter stuff. Except for Sherri Bobbins, curse you Sherri!

  18. Thanks for the helpful tip! 😉

  19. When the hospital wouldn’t unlock for me, it was because I had accidentally placed the original Krusty Burger back in inventory, not realizing there was a difference between it and a ‘franchise’ Krusty Burger.

  20. Thantalteresco

    I was having this issue, and I tried a lot of tricks, but nothing worked.
    The hospital tasks became available once I built the Burns Manor.

    Add me by the way 🙂

  21. Beyond level 42, the only quests undone require the hospital, which has never triggered. I’ve tried every other fix I’ve seen here and other places, but I’m not willing to nuke my town, so I guess I will wait until EA fixes this.

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