Last Chance: Fireworks, Flags & Former Presidents

Update 7/16: Looks like 4th of July has been removed BUT George Washington is sticking around for a little while longer.  So if you didn’t yet make the purchase you’ll still have time to do so.  You can find George in your Premium Menu (at the end of it) & it does still have a limited-time label on it.  So it won’t be sticking around forever…but you’ll still have a little bit longer to make the purchase if you were leaning that way!

The cool thing is when you sign into TSTO today, if you didn’t already purchase Washington, a dialogue will pop up between Homer, Lisa & Lincoln about Washington sticking around.  For those of you that didn’t get to see it I’ve posted it at the VERY end of this post (so those who don’t like spoilers won’t have it ruined for them)  🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder…the 4th of July Event is set to end tomorrow (7/16) at 4am ET (8:00 GMT).  So if you’re planning on, or on the fence about, purchasing ANY of the premium or freemium have until 4AM EST (7/16/14) to make your decision and final purchase.  As that’s when 4th of July is scheduled to end.  Does that mean they’ll leave at exactly 4AM?  Not necessarily…but do you really want to take that chance?

Guiseppe avoid losing fingers 2    Tapped_Out_Crate_of_fireworks

Need a reminder about just what will leave our games in the wee hours of the morning?  We’ve got a shopping guide for you:

4th of July 2014:


giuseppesworkshop_menu Guiseppe new invention 3 Guiseppe & his Workshop.  $5,000.

(don’t worry if you haven’t finished his questline yet.  As long as you’ve unlocked/purchased him you’ll be able to continue even after the event ends)

lincolnmemorial_menu Lincoln Memorial, $100,000.

Tapped_Out_American_Flag American Flag, $5,600

100px-Tapped_Out_Liberty_bell Liberty Bell, $50,000

Premium Stuff:

unlock_georgewashington yeoldecherrytree_menu Washington & the Cherry Tree, 180 Donuts

Abraham-Lincoln lincolnscabin_menu Lincoln & his Cabin, 150 Donuts

Rex Banner Banana Kaboom Nighthawk Diner TSTO Rex & Nighthawk Diner, 90 donuts

all american apu All American Apu, 30 donuts

fireworksbarge_menu Fireworks Barge, 80 donuts

Tapped_Out_Crate_of_fireworks Box of Fireworks, 60 donuts

Tapped_Out_Pinwheel_firework Pinwheel Firework, 40 donuts

Tapped_Out_Lisa_statue Lisa Liberty, 75 donuts

On the fence about these premium items?  Not sure if you should invest the donuts?  Weigh the pros and cons with these posts:
George Washington
Rex & Lincoln
All American Apu
4th of July Festive Items (Lisa Liberty, Fireworks)
Fireworks Barge

Here’s our advice….stock on up all of the free (in game cash) items you can get.  Now the Liberty Bell & Lincoln Memorial are unique, only 1 per Springfield, but the flags are not.  If you have the cash try to get the Bell & Memorial, as well as at least 1 flag.  Because while some items do make a comeback you never know if you’ll see it again.  So as long as you add it to your town it’ll be yours forever!

Also, a REMINDER from our furry psychics…based on the history of TSTO we could very well see an update tomorrow (or the next day or even the next day) so be on alert for something to hit our games.  As a reminder don’t send your characters on 24hr tasks tonight (unless they premium characters, those you know won’t be needed to kick off an update)and try to have everyone free for the morning.  As always we’ll be here to take you step by step through the rundown of any new update.  🙂

Will YOU make the purchase?  Have you purchased any of the premium items?  Did you enjoy the 4th of July Event?  What do you think is on the horizon for TSTO?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Special July 16th Dialogue about George Washington:

Photo Jul 16, 8 42 02 AM-vert

46 responses to “Last Chance: Fireworks, Flags & Former Presidents

  1. Hi guys quick couple of questions for you all. What’s the total number decorations one can have in Springfield before it gives you the device is running slow message? Also what’s the total number in crustyland for decorations before you get the message? An are the two related or seperate totals all togather? Thanks for the help have fun tapping.

    • The error starts at 4500 for Springfield. I have never got one for Krustyland, but assume it is same. Warning though…I pushed that “limit” and just lost my B game from not storing the fences I was placing. No one could get back in my game.

      The two towns are separate, but both use YOUR device…so just be cautious.

      • Louis Trapani

        Is that just elements placed in your town or does that also include what’s in your inventory? Does the game warn you (there’s no way I can count how many items I have in my town myself)?

        • In the town, not inventory. If it counted inventory…I would be WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over. Like…tens of thousands over and then some. 😉

  2. Make sure “confirm donut spend” is on, even after this teensy update. I blew an unintended 4 on another chance at the racetrack this morning.

  3. Josephine Kick@$$

    What happens if we don’t complete the Rocket’s Red Glare Redux before the update? I just sent Apu to turn a profit. Is it worth speeding him up? This is the first time I haven’t been able to finish a quest. Also, I hope this update fixes the visiting problem. I’ve several, (more than is realistic even with all the factors), of my neighbors that haven’t visited in several weeks. These were consistent visitors before the event started, and I wonder if it’s even showing them when I visit. I also have at least 4 neighbors who never have a single thing to tap on, even though I’ve tried all different times of day to visit, and they are premium players who do have activity going on.

    Thanks guys,
    Gma D

    • You’re still good. No rush to complete the questlines (just make the purchases from the stores 🙂 )

    • And…on another note:

      G-mama!! Where have you been lady?!

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Just trying to maintain with this back garbage. I hadn’t even gotten on my computer for 3 days, & I do everything online (banking, etc). I’ve been lucky to get TSTO half-@$$ed maintained. That’s why I got behind on the quest. Went ahead & got the sit & rotate & managing to do all my visiting within a reasonable time each day. Trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but my batteries in my flashlight are about dead. Have to get ready for work now, but I just have to make it through Friday & I’m on vaca 2 weeks. Hopefully I can get the ablasion procedure before I waste my whole vacation laying in bed. I so want to get my life back to normal (whatever that is). I better go, can’t be late for work. Thanks for the help & concern Alissa, I appreciate it 🙂

        • 🙁 Aw i’m sorry to hear about all of that! I know, first hand, back troubles are NOT a good thing! I hope you get healed up soon & more importantly are able to actually enjoy your vacation! 🙂

          • Josephine Kick@$$

            Thanks Alissa, I’m still hanging in there, next Monday is the ablasion. I’m a little nervous. It hasn’t helped that we’ve had some unexpected out of town guests :/ Still trying to manage to visit everyone, even if it’s a bit late. Spending a lot of time rearranging my SF when hiding in my room bored once I’ve visited.

      • Speaking of ppl i have not seen in a very long time, i wonder whats with SeaPeach! Still checking your town neighbor! 🙂 Hope all is well!

    • GMama, i will not delete you and i will keep you in my prayers! I understand the back issues cause i have someone with degenerated disc and i know it is no fun! i would not wish back probs on my worst enemy! I pray the procedure is soon and quick to recover! 🙂

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thank you Runic, you’re a sweetheart. I’ve got until Monday to see how it goes on the procedure, then the rest of my vaca to heal. My friend said it doesn’t take long, I’m hoping I can at least spend the last few days before I have to go back to work playing with the kids in the pool 🙂

  4. donut muncher

    I’ve spent all my donuts now, mostly on vehicles, don’t ask why 🙁 so I’m going to send my characters on 24 hrs to earn XP to get 3 measly donuts. I’m falling further and further behind in this game. Trying madly to house farm to the max. BTW did anyone mention if you hit homer 10 times while he’s singing at the table, you get 10 donuts. I didn’t see that written anywhere on this site.

  5. The takedown dialogue just came up, a little thing about Abe Lincolin being one of the greatest all time presidents.
    Oh, and George Washington is still around!

  6. So with a new update possible..the Simpsons page on Facebook asked if we remember the salesman of the monorail. Maybe a little spoiler or just wishful thinking.

    • It’s a post on the page about the TV show…they often post random things asking people if they remember such and such character/scene/moment. I hope it means something…but in the past if EA was going to post something about it they’d do it on the App Page (like Chester and Stonecutters). 🙂

  7. too much premium content.. especially irritated that rex wasn’t free this year since i didn’t start until september last year. i went from multiple times a day daily player to barely logged in. as soon as i finished the quest i was done.

  8. Poor Abe…that’s all I have to say about his questline, lol. I’m glad I was able to get him, but I’m hoping that the next update solves the handshake problem and clears my EA ticket. A couple of hours ago I saw one set of friend taps for the first time in two days. :/ No rhyme or reason as to when I see taps as I’ve tried everything (including uninstall/reinstall). I’ve been tapping on my brown houses under the assumption that those will regenerate quicker and therefore give something for people to tap since I can’t tell what is and isn’t tapped most of the time, and I even have a note in my park about the fact I can’t see taps. Anyway, this post was about to get whiney and I think it’s too late, so whinge, whinge, whinge, tiniest violin playing for first world problems and such…I know I’ve whined here before about it so rest assured I’m done for now. :]

  9. Just grabbed a few more flags in each of my games. As for purchases this time around… well, I went for everything -but- the fireworks. Both Presidents, and Rex. And All American Apu. And Liberty Lisa (I can’t pass up anything associated with her, as she’s my hero). But only on my A-game. My B and C games remain freemium as ever.

  10. I love all events! Even the little ones! I got all the premium items except the box of fire works and liberty bell. Got those free last year. And also Rex and his Diner. Love him and his diner. Kinda happy that I got him free last year and now he’s premium. Does that make me a bad person? Got Washington! He’s awesome, but Lincoln has a special spot in my heart <3

  11. I bought Rex (started August of last year, so missed out) and now I have every playable character to date. Me happy. Me go eat wings, drink beer, and scratch balls in celebration. Celebratory ball scratching is ball scratching par excellence.

    ….. Maybe I’ll skip the beer.

  12. I couldn’t resist. I got 1 of everything. I bought something like 15 flags and stored most of them. Still can’t decide whether or not to buy more than 1 of each of the fireworks. Seems a tad pricey.

    Anyway, overall enjoyed the 4th of July event. Glad they gave me a chance to at least buy some of the stuff I never got a chance to buy before.

    Happy Tapping, y’all!

  13. Not enough for the barge but i snapped up ole George! 😉

  14. I only started this game on June 27th at the end of the Stonecutters event and found I totally LOVED this game! I was trying for an entirely freemium experience but then 4th of July came along and I just had to buy me some o’ dose deelish sprinklies to get a Lincoln and log cabin, George and the cherry tree, the pinwheel, box o’ fireworks, Rex and the diner, and all American Apu. They are all loads of fun and well worth the real-life cash! I am only on level 15 now and can’t afford to keep up with the Joneses for the big ticket game cash items like the bell and memorial ($50K and $100K seriously? Not worth it to me now to use real cash but maybe later when I become a free-cash bazillionnaire later on in the game). But of course I had to get Giuseppe and his workshop! I’ll just hope those other items come back next year. This game was the only fireworks I saw this year and they satisfied my craving for pyrotechnics nicely. Truly safe and sane! Or maybe a little insane ‘cuz I’m addicted now! I’m very happy with the play, these special events, and of course the TSTOAddicts’ hilarious and informative commentary. Thank you!

    • Lol. Well happy we are here amusing you with our silly lil blog. It is cool to see all those items, but yah…don’t stress yourself or spend REAL money for an item that is in game cash. For those in the game a while it is nothing…for new players, such as yourself…it is an eternity of savings. 😉

      You will get there soon enough.

    • I only started this “silly lil game” during the Easter event — now at level 38 (based on XP, slightly farther back in actual build level) and capped out the FP level.

      OK, you probably started too late to buy the cash items for this event but here’s how you can build up fast for future events. 1) You need lots of neighbors. The limit is 100 but even 25 or 30 would be helpful. There’s a link around here someplace for finding neighbors — send invites to everyone who has posted in the last few days and then cancel the invite of anyone who doesn’t accept within a few days (they either aren’t active enough to notice that you invited them or they have too many neighbors already.) Repeat each week. 2) To support lots of neighbors, you need lots of buildings. Brown houses are cheap, purple houses regenerate every three hours, and blue houses pay lots of money each time you click them. I like a mix of the three in order to ensure my neighbors have something to click on when they visit, and that I am maximizing possible cash when I log in and click things. If you are super-active, btw, set aside a small number of brown houses or other buildings that you will only click when a neighbor’s handshake appears above them — this will ensure that your neighbors have something to click on even when you are logged into the game. I have a neighbor who must have about 1000 blue houses. That neighbor must be collecting a lot of cash each eight hours, but it takes too much real estate for me to do the same. I like visiting that neighbor, however, because there are nearly always buildings to click on. 3) Visit all of your neighbors, every day!

      Follow this formula for awhile and you will quickly catch up with everybody else!

      P.S. Don’t plant corn just to get the cash — you will quickly be earning that much cash in a day — well before the first harvest. Also, buy Scratch-R game tickets every time they are offered because they always pay more cash than the ticket costs. Good luck!

      • “House farming” is one way, but you first have to earn back all the money spent to buy them…then start to collect. There are also some players that will NOT take neighbors with nothing but farms. I got money by sending characters on short tasks over n over n over.

        My suggestion is if you really want to have a house farm, make it look cool. Make neighborhoods with them. Trailer park looking areas. Campsites. Just SOMETHING other than miles n miles of stacked houses.

  15. I came here now to ask this very question… and it’s answered before I can ask it. Yep, I was wondering if it was all going away at the start of 16th or the end of the 16th or that GMT 8:00 (4am Eastern) thingy. I thought there would be an in-game reminder… a “last chance” notice, but that hasn’t happened. I have just hours now to get off the fence on a couple of the items (the barge & Washington) before the window closes. I have a feeling they will both be showing up in my Springfield before 4am.

  16. I went for it and got Abe and Rex. Last year I had just started playing and didn’t understand the concept of events and so I missed out on ALL the free stuff:( Lol. Such is life and I have two of my most coveted characters now 😀

  17. I got the Lisa Liberty today – I put her on a squidport tile surrounded by planters. I wish I was able to just surround her with flowers but that wasn’t “allowed”. Earlier I got a flag and the pinwheel and the Nighthawk/Rex. I’m at a point where I have plenty to do in the game even without events…but I do usually enjoy them. Thanks for all your great info!

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