A Lil Hint About Things To Come?

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just bouncin on buy to get your lil brains thinking and speculating. Why? Cause it’s fun of course.

Caught a glimpse of this late tonight and I figured I would put it out there for our readers to dissect and pull apart.

Here is what I am referring to.

Matt Selman Tweet


Then here is his response to questions asking for more and/or clarification.

Matt Selman Tweet 1

First of all, I wondered if this indeed WAS the real Matt Selman from the Simpsons. If so, it is pretty cool he is dropping little hints on the game. (Which could mean possible TV tie ins too.) Something possible coming this September.

I have my ideas on it, now I want YOURS! Start your typing engines an spill your thoughts in the comments below. Have fun!


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  1. Wow some of you are reading wayyyy to far into this. The word “drop” is used all the time for big releases, like albums or movies, and likely has no implications on what is coming. Now looking at what’s is store for the Simpsons this September could lead to realistic hints. It’s most likely an episode tie in so it will either relate to the character that’s supposed to die or to the Family Guy cross over special. I’m hoping for Family Guy because that would be interesting and big a pretty awesome update!

  2. I read on Gizmodo that come Oct 1, all Simpson eps will be available online through FXNow app. To promote, FXX is running a marathon of every ep from #1 to #552 starting Aug 21st. THAT sounds like a big tie in http://gizmodo.com/simpsons-world-every-simpsons-episode-ever-online-for-1608504266

  3. In September hey?, hmm big never to be seen again hey? So Peter Grifin and the gang are going to visit our Springfield’s then, as an event episode tie-in….

    But the “drop” does bring the some to mind. Curious and curiouser. Something hopefully happens before then, cause it’s getting boring.

  4. I believe I have the two posts figured out. There are two clues per tweet. The main tweet’s clues are “crazy bananas” and “given days”. The second’s being the obvious “drop” but also “September”.
    What happens in September? The season premiere on the 28th.
    What do we known happens in Tapped Out? Tie-ins.
    What do we known about or what happens in the season premiere? The title is called “Clown in the Dumps”, Krusty plans to retire, and a prominent character will die.
    What do we known about this prominent character? The character won’t be a main cast member and the person voicing the character has won an Emmy.

    So my conclusion is that Sideshow Mel will live out his “given days” and “drop” in “September” because of some Krusty Show “crazy bananas” antics. I have a feeling that Mr. Teeny may have a role in Sideshow Mel’s untimely death. This death could be the catalyst for Krusty to want to retire. I feel it’s not Krusty or his father because Krusty is too iconic to the show and Krusty’s dad hasn’t been in enough episodes to resonate like Sideshow Mel’s passing would. This theory of mine fits into months old clues about the Simpson’s having their version of the Game of Thrones Red Wedding with a “Yellow Wedding”. Perhaps Mr. Teeny turns and goes “crazy” over “bananas”. Also with the recent popularity of the Planet of the Apes franchise, having Mr. Teeny turn would also fit into contemporary pop culture.

    I say this because the death of a show character is definite grounds for some tie-in and another spoiler of a drawing depicting Sideshow Mel’s sister and brother-in-law with their kids could lead to characters coming into our game. Due to the episode being about a death I feel this tie-in may be more of a mini-event with all things related to Krusty, Mel, and their show. I just hope this means more plans for Krustyland.

    My closing thoughts are I agree a monorail would be a nice addition to the game. With thought about how best to implement it I feel that it should go not in Springfield but in Krustyland. I say this because Springfield is busy enough with most of our Krustyland’s needing more attention from the game designers. One cool element could be allowing you to visit your neighbor’s Krustyland via the Monorail. Sometimes I want to go neighbor tapping but would prefer to stick to Krustyland’s for tickets instead of cash. This feature could be a great way to make the Monorail functional in the game by allowing direct transport between neighbors.

    So What does everyone think?

    • I think you have given this more thought than a lot of folks lol. Definitely some interesting theories. I am hoping it has to do with him co-writing The Simpsons Movie. No matter what I am stoked because he played a big part in The Simpsons: Road Rage, The Simpsons Hit and Run and The Simpsons Game. It’s proven he knows how to write for a game.

    • It’s been announced that the actor of the character who will die won an Emmy. Therefore, if one of the sideshows is going to die, it will be Bob. If it’s not Sideshow Bob, it makes sense for it to be Rabbi Krustofski.

  5. A request from my grandson (41/2) can we please see inside the buildings.

  6. Even if we get a monorail, it’s not going to move (even if we put tracks down) – too much CPU.

    BUT, what if it took us to the 3rd expansion (Squidport, Krustyland) and CAPITAL CITY!

    • It could move a wee. It couldn’t it?……anyway it would just collapse as in the show……..I’m not sure I want shelbyville or capital city in the game……..

  7. I would love to see a possible time machine that would take you into the future of the Simpsons. I love the future episodes, the hologram trees, constant Futurama cameos, and older Simpson characters. It could be a device like the Krustyland shuttle.

  8. Maybe I’m cynical, but I don’t think there are any hints in the post. I think there are quotes around “drop” because it’s more a term that you would use for an album or a book release, not an app update. That being said……….. I think it’s the monorail!!

  9. (LMBO and being silly) I’m not very fond of spoilers but this particular subject matter is kinda making me go all “A Beautiful Mind” here 🙂

    Seeing ‘signs’ in certain key words…

    I recall Homer singing a medley that ends with “Yes, we have no bananas” in the episode “Bart’s Girlfriend” (1994 S6 E7). Could this portend Jessica Lovejoy? Those of y’all who know me understand why Jessica is #1 on my wish-list of characters that I want to see show up in the game. BTW&FTR, #2 is any character from Futurama. If I had to name them in order of preference – Bender, Fry & Leela (they’d have to be paired for love’s sake), Professor Farnsworth, The Planet Express Ship. Heck, I’d be happy with anything at all from that show.

    This makes me remember the Christmas 2013 event where we ‘dropped’ presents in our neighbor-eenos’ towns. I really enjoyed that activity as it required some skill to get those presents to land where you wanted them to.

    KK, this is getting a bit long-winded for a comment – so I’ll just cross my fingers and end my farfetched ramblings 😛

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