Random Changes: Yard Sale July 2014

Hey there all you summer slackers! 😉

EA decided to do that usual Summertime thing everyone loves to do… a Yard Sale. With it they brought back some items from the past. Really cool stuff I think. Now, we all know that new updates usually bring changes…so here we go…


First thing I noticed, as well as many of our awesome readers, is the change in size of some items that many of us had already. It was especially noticeable if you had an area planned out.

Helter ShelterHelter Shelter: Originally it was blocked out on a 5×8 area. It is now on a 4×6. The original I had didn’t have the grid, but you can see from the sidewalk alone the size change. Also due to it is purchasable now with donuts, the payout on it is also premium. $500 & 45XP Every 24 hours.

Helter Shelter Old and New



Mr Sparkle BillboardMr. Sparkle Billboard: It still sits on a 1×4 area, the difference is in the Billboard itself. The height of it ran 5 squares diagonally up and length 5 across. Now it is 4 up and 4 across. So kind of condensed slightly.

Mr Sparkle Old & New



ultrahouse 4000gooUltrahouse 2: Some readers had stated they thought the size changed, I checked and verified pics of original from Halloween 2013 and now side by side. Still on an 8×9 area. Height unchanged as well as length (unlike Mr. Sparkle where both condensed). Due to it is purchasable now with donuts, the payout on it is also premium. $200 & 22XP Every 8 hours.

Ultrahouse Old and New



Cool Brown HousePayout on Cool Brown House has also changed. It pays $6 and 1XP every 5 minutes.


Characters Tasks Paying Premium Now: What was once free or earned is now donuts, so that means donut level payouts on tasks. Here are the new prices.

fathersean_motorbikeFather Sean

Task Task Length Payout Location
Play Drums in a Priest Band 1 hr $105/ 26XP Moe’s
Make Catholicism Cool 4 hrs $260/ 70XP Springfield Elementary
Quote Contemporary Rappers in a Sermon 8 hrs $420/ 105XP Outside
Be Cool on his Motorcycle 12 hrs $600/ 150XP Outside on his Motorcycle
Regret Meeting Homer Simpson 24 hrs $1000/ 225XP Brown House


Mayan Homer Ulama 2Mayan Homer

Task Task Length Payout Location
Go on a Maize Binge 1 hr $105/ 26XP Outside
Reenact the Mayan Collapse 4 hrs $260/ 70XP Outside on Mayan Calendar
Ulama Practice 8 hrs $420/ 105XP Outside
Human Sacrifice in the Brown House 12 hrs $600/ 150XP Brown House
Worship Gukumatz the Creator 24 hrs $1000/ 225XP First Church of Springfield


Cool Brown Homer act superiourCool Homer

Task Task Length Payout Location
Style Goatee 1 hr $105/ 26XP Outside
Peruse Graphic Novels 2 hrs $175/ 40XP Android Dungeon
Walk Around Acting Superior 4 hrs $260/ 70XP Outside
Show Off His Fixie 6 hrs $350/ 90XP Outside on Bike
Enjoy a Duff Blue Ribbon 8 hrs $420/ 105XP Outside drinking Beer
Listen to Indie Rock 10 hrs $525/ 135XP Outside listening to iPod
Screen Mumblecore Films 12 hrs $600/ 150XP Cool Brown House
Cram Body into Skinny Jeans 24 hrs $1000/ 225XP Simpson House

Bare Chested Willie 6 pack abs washboardBare Chested Willie

Task Task Length Payout Location
Wrestle a Snake 1 hr $105/ 26XP Outside
Attend Angry Janitors Anonymous 4 hrs $260/ 70XP Springfield Elementary
Enjoy a Wee Shot of Highland Moonshine 8 hrs $420/ 105XP Willie’s Shack
One Finger Push Ups 12 hrs $600/ 150XP Outside Willie’s Shack
Use Wash Board Abs 24 hrs $1000/ 225XP Outside Willie’s Shack

Gorgeous Grampa Powder PoofGorgeous Grampa

Task Task Length Payout Location
Powder Puff 1 hr $105/ 26XP Outside
Admire Himself 4 hrs $260/ 70XP Outside
Go to Show and Tell 8 hrs $420/ 105XP Springfield Elementary
Prance and Preen 12 hrs $600/ 150XP Outside
Get his Wig Styled 24 hrs $1000/ 225XP Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace



You know what comes next. 🙂

With so many people having technical issues with their games. Uninstall/Reinstall, Clear Cache & Data, etc… do NOT forget to check the Confirm Donut Spend. It will reset. For the rest, just make sure all your settings are still where you want them to be. (Items Menu, tap the lil Italic “i” in top left corner of menu next to vid camera). Those pink sprinklies are precious and it sucks when you lose them.



Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume



Confirm Donut Spend



Got the typical “ROLLBACK” glitch that occurs with some updates. Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. What do you think of the new to YOU stuff? Buy any yet? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


Til Next Time…



58 responses to “Random Changes: Yard Sale July 2014

  1. Lately my game has been freezing/crashing every time I place or move a blue house. Is this a common glitch?

  2. I just checked my conformity bonus (by tapping on the stars) for the first time in a long while. Surprise! It now gives my total bonus including conformity and decorations. I got so excited that I gave the Stonecutters some nuclear warheads just to see the figure change!

  3. 2 things,

    1) I am sure this was covered somewhere recently but a change I noticed – not sure when it happened but it’s been bugging me – I can’t seem to help my neighbors “clean up” graffiti anymore. I to tend to graffiti towns ocassionaly (and have even been rewarded with a donut or two or three for doing it). But I feel sorta bad doing it when I can’t also clean up others. I see the graffiti just no mop hovering above it.

    2) and most importantly I want to think the team at addicts for all your hard work keeping us informed and up to date. I am fairly new to Addicts, even though I have been playing TSTO for over 2 years. I really appreciate what u do for us and u do it in a caring and team filled spirit. (And yes I tap on the Buddhist temple every chance I get).

    Oh – and 3rd – I think I may have to buy m-marge. I have all the other Myan stuff and the “must be complete” Sheldon part of my brain is probably going to win.

  4. Hi addicts,

    Quick question. How can I find out how many decorations I have at the moment. I seem to have quite a bit and wouldn’t want to go over the allowed 4500. Thanks

    • The only way is to nuke your town and count in your inventory (not recommended) or count everything (not fun). I wish there was a better way, but you will get a warning message when you start to get close to it.

  5. I’m definitely in the same boat as most TSTO players from the sound of it, about not loving the new Helter Shelter’s size as I was pretty happy with my placement before the update. It is too small for a building and looks a bit more like a decoration now. As for other changes such as Father Sean now having a premium payout even for us players who already owned him, I am not going to complain about that. There have been a few freemium characters/skins in the last few months such as Maude, All American Apu, Rex Banner and Father Sean that now have premium payouts and that’s good news for those of us who were lucky to get them freemium.

  6. I want the old helter shelter back, it’s too small now 🙁 does any one else feel the same way or is it just me?

  7. Boat Load of Donuts jumped from $100 to $129.99!!
    Store Full of Donuts jumped from $50 to $64.99!!…and so on. Does anyone else think this is a rediculous price hike? Not sure even Gil can get us out of this one. Rediculous!!

  8. Have golden scratchers always been $1.29?

  9. 135 donuts for Fr Sean. Ugh…and I thought Jimbo was pricey. I hate the fact I played my @$$ off in Easter, tapping my neighbors like crazy, trading blue eggs for pink, to try and get him and to no avail.. Now? He’s the most expensive single character ever in TSTO history. Seems lame for such a minor character…like if he is that recent, and with so many people winning him (about halh according to your poll), you’d figure he’d be LESS…like 30 or 40 donuts….a bit disappointed in this. I would have snapped him up for under 50…but 135?? 135!!!

  10. Happy to see many of the characters I got for free, except for Father Sean (had to ditch out some donuts), now have premium payouts.

  11. it’s kind of a bummer that the cool brown house costs so much and has the same payout as the regular brown house. Not that that stops me from getting it !-)

  12. PLEASE HELP……I was on the game yesterday, then it said I did not have enough room on my phone to play… I deleted SO much on my phone and it didn’t work… I deleted the app then re-installed it and now it won’t let me log-in to Origin… so it made me a whole new Springfield…. NOOOO… I want mine back! What do I do????

  13. Who you calling a summer slacker?! I slack all year long. 😉

    I HATE what they did to the Helter Shelter! Smaller than most houses now, it just doesn’t make any sense! Oh SMRT one and cray cray Bunny lady, help me make sense of it all.

    • Well Mr. Slacker of the year it is then. 😛

      I think it was done in error. The billboard I can understand as it did seem a lil large to me, but the Shelter? I think an update putting it back may come. 😉

  14. Not a fan of the diminished Helter Shelter…

  15. Hi Addicts, good afternoon!
    Just a quick note: way back in the day when Mayan Homer was released, his task: reenact the Mayan Collapse could happen ANYWHERE along the sidewalks. Now it seems EA has directed the animation to happen ON the calendar itself.
    To the best of my recollection (and dayum I’ve been playing this game a long time now: I remember the days of 5 minute loads on the splash screen, endlessly spinning donuts of death, the game getting pulled from the App Store for ages…) the calendar was just a prop and nothing happened around it. I have it in a corner of my spooky forest and covered by skeleton trees which I’ll have to now move to appreciate Homer’s task.
    Anyways hope everyone has a wonderful Friday (woohoo!) 🙂

    Oh quick question: anything in the files that maybe hint to letting us have more than 4500 decorations? Pretty pretty pretty please? Thanks!

    • I think they really wanted to put it to use due to the fact it is now a donut price. So people felt they got something out of it since there is no bonuses linked to the decoration. So in a way, they made it useful.

      You CAN go over 4500…you just have to be cautious once you pass it. I teetered at 5100 for a while. It was only recently when I pushed it to add a bunch of Stonecutter Fences that may game just could not handle it and I was permanently locked out. No one can get it to load. So, EA is making me a new one. (Not an easy task due to the TENS OF THOUSANDS of items in my inventory for 2D/3D art. Someone over there is having a great laugh at me and shaking their heads.)

      Short story long, be very very careful once you pass it. It is a game issue that once past there is just TOO much going on and the game and your device just can’t keep up. So it will glitch all the time, run REALLY slow, have numerous problems, or…lock you out.

      • Thanks for the info Bunny! As always super informative:)
        I hope you can get your game back soon. Ahh the agony of tsto withdrawals! Shhhh don’t tell but I’m using my brand new work iPad to play at home 😉 otherwise my old phone would melt into a sticky plastic heap trying to load all my 3D decorations. I’ll push it to 4800 or so…nervous! Crossing fingers, I don’t want to deal with customer support over at EA (twice now completely locked out but eventually fixed after flurries of super polite but firm emails).
        Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

      • How do you know how many you have? Does the game warn you?

        • When you hit 4500 and every 150 after that. Really wanna know, try to store it all and see just how many of each item you have. Lol

          • Okay. Thanks. I think I still have a way to go. There are things I can consolidate now though. When I first started playing, my in-game money was scarce, I was purchasing many of the small shrubs instead of larger ones to save money. Now (that I have more in-game money) I can go back and replace those smaller ones with larger shrubs (that count less against that 4500 ceiling).

            • That is what I did too. 😉

              Less is more.

              • Louis Trapani

                Tonight I collected 41 of those small shrubs and put them in my inventory. I replaced them with larger shrubs (now that I can afford them). There still may be more which I’ll get to in time. I guess it’s good to do some housekeeping in our towns from time to time.

              • It is funny, especially if you hide items, to later realize just what stuff you have in your town. You don’t know until you remodel. Lol. (Or is that just me?) 😉

  16. So if you already have the Mr sparkle billboard like I do, is it now smaller?
    Or can I now have two of them at different sizes if I buy another one that’s on Sale?

    Has Bunny had any luck getting her account working, from my end I can only get into her Krustyland.

    • No…same billboard. The pics in the post are both of MY same billboard. First when purchased, and now.

      My B game is gone. They just can’t get it to respond. New one should be in my hands next week (The things I was giggled at when they saw just how much “stuff” was in my storage for my art designs. “You need HOW many of this item??!! Is that necessary to have 3000 of it?” )

      Lol. I will be away on business when it is completed, so once I am back…I will start to work on putting it back together. It will start out nuked to keep same issue from happening again. So…BIG redesigns in the future. Lol 😉

      • Akk! 3000, you should have told them that you actualy need 5000 of it!

        So will your town have the same name?
        will you have to buy everything all over again?
        I will keep your town on my list as a place holder so I can add you back again when you get your town running again.

        • I am gonna switch up the name as it will be new anyway. Same items, just all stored away to prevent lock out again. Lol. Most my inventory storage in there. 😉

  17. I may have missed it, do we know when the Yard Sale ends?

  18. Thank you. It seems I’m still where I need to be. BTW, what’s Push Notifications?

    • If you have your sound up for your device, this not only sends you a notification of when something is done in your town or needs attention, but you will also hear Homer tell you it’s done by him saying something silly.

      Short story long, you will get a lil tiny icon sent to your device that looks like the shadow of Homer running. When you view it, it will tell you why it notified you. “Tomacco is done growing.” “Lisa completed task”. Info like that. It will also alert you when someone visits your town.

      Does that help?

      • I never get visitor alerts, but I do get task completions. Not sure why some others do get them but I don’t. (Android device)

        • See if it is abled not only in the game, but your device too. Just locate the app itself in your app manager and see if it is on for the device. Sometimes that may impact it.

  19. As a completist who has played for a long time there wasn’t much for me in the yard sale. Mayan Marge and the Mr. Sparkle billboard(which I already had). Of course I immediately bought Mayan Marge. I really need more land. Is there any thing in the files that indicates this might be forthcoming?

    • Nothing showing more land at the moment. But EA is very sneaky with what they do, so just because it’s not in there right now doesn’t mean it might not be in the next update. 🙂

  20. nosferatu3342

    I wonder if any other items changed size? I think it would be impossible to check everything, especially if you do not have original references. Maybe this is EA’s way of answering the need for more space without having to code for more land. I am no expert but I think changing the size of something would be less complicated code than expanding the entire game grid/playable area.

    • It may just be a mistake. Not too sure on it. We will see what the next update brings.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps this is their way of dealing with the lack of land issue that some have now… Instead of making the land larger, they may be making the items you place on it smaller.

  21. Mayan Marge did not show up in my Garage Sale. Am I the only one?

  22. Thanks for compiling this. It’s very appreciated to have this reference.

    Although I find the price for the Cool Brown House a bit steep, I truly enjoy the fact that Fr. Sean, Willie and Grampa are now turning premium even though I got them for free. Makes it a bit easier to justify buying the house which was free to others before. Due to Mr. Plow already providing a premium earning costume for Homer (also won for free during Christmas), a second premium costume for him is nice.

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