Level 43 is Here and It’s A Paddlin’

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Dropping in to let you know a little update just hit our games…LEVEL 43!!


More details as we go through them but for now know that Homer kicks it off and you have to send him to KRUSTYLAND!!!

Note: Some players are reporting Krusty starts it off for them.  It will vary game to game.  Both Krusty and Homer start questlines for the level.  In both of my games Homer started it, but then Krusty picked it back up after.  

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As always…for those that don’t like spoilers Update information below the fold…so WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD

As mentioned above Homer kicks things off in Krustyland with some dialogue between him and Bart.  Your first task will be to Build Tavern on the Scream….it costs 1,500 Tickets and takes 24hrs to build.

Next up is the main questline for the Level and that starts off with Krusty and Blue Haired Lawyer (no you don’t have to have BLH in order to do the quest)…

This will prompt you to build Krusty’s Giant Wheel….it costs 4,000 Tickets and takes 24hrs to build.  This unlocks Princess Penelope.

Update: Some of you are reporting that you’re below Level 43 and getting the prompt to build the Tavern on the Scream from Homer & Bart.  This is a task that starts before Level 43, but introduced with this update.  So if you’re at a lower level you’ll still get in on the update fun!
Note: There is a minimum requirement for this.  You have to currently be at Level 30 and you have to have completed up to part 9 in the Krustyland questline (Krustyest Place on Earth)
Krusty/Penelope questline is the main questline for Level 43… 🙂

So that’s the intro basics…now for the rundown of what the update contains…

Freemium Stuff:


tavernonthescream_menu  Tavern on the Scream– 1500 Tickets , 6×9 24hr build. Note: There is a minimum requirement for this.  You have to currently be at Level 30 and you have to have completed up to part 9 in the Krustyland questline (Krustyest Place on Earth)

krustysgiantwheel_menu Krusty’s Giant Wheel– 4,000 Tickets (Earns 90 Tickets, 30xp/24hrs), 6×3, 24hr build.  Comes with Princess Penelope.


unlock_princesspenelope Princess Penelope– Comes with Krusty’s Giant Wheel


thanksgivingballoonscratchy_menu Scratchy Balloon- 1,250 tickets, Improves Kitsch

poochieparadeballoon_menuPoochie Balloon- 1,000 tickets, Improves Kitsch

Premium Stuff:


unoriginallogride_menu Unoriginal Log Ride– 75 Donuts.  Earns 36tickets, 15xp/ 4hrs.  20×10. Instant Build

opmbuffet_menu Krusty’s One Plate Maximum Buffet– 40 Donuts.  Earns 90 tickets/30xp/ 12hrs.  10×8.  Instant Build
*Note: This building when purchased has a quest for Eddie & Lou.   Eddie & Lou will appear in Springfield AFTER you’ve completed the first part of the main questline.  Basically after you’ve built the wheel and placed balloons.


duffbeerfountain_menu Duff Beer Fountain– 10 donuts.  Impacts Nausea rating.  4×4.

thanksgivingballoonitchy_menu Itchy Balloon– 30 Donuts.  Improves Kitsch in Krustyland.  Adds 2% bonus in K-Land

itchyscratchybillboard_menu Itchy & Scratchy Billboard- 40 donuts.  1% bonus to all cash and xp in Springfield, improves Kitsch in Krustyland

Update Fun:  Easter Decorations (Fences, Gates, Trees) can NOW go in Krustyland!!!

That’s everything with Level 43 my friends!

What do YOU think of the Level update?  Your thoughts on how they added new content for Krustyland?  What do you think of Princess Penelope?  No premium character this time, are you good with that?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

372 responses to “Level 43 is Here and It’s A Paddlin’

  1. crashing my game.

    probably an unusual situation, but i got to level 43 without building krustyland and now, when i tap on krusty for this quest line, my game crashes.

  2. I reached level 43 and I’ve been waiting to build krustys giant wheel so I can start the princess and the pea brain quest. I have been on this level forever and am about to be on level 44. When will I be able to place the wheel in order to start the quest??

  3. I got to the point today where in Krustyland Penelope was telling Krusty about their son being 25 (and she being only 27). The excuse for this was that he played a lot of freemium games. Then she says if I were to tweet to a certain twitter address with another idea that, if they thought it was funny, there may be some special prizes, like a “gazillion donuts.” I can’t remember the twitter account to tweet. Does anyone know what it is (google has turned out to be a dud on this)? Is there any truth to Penelope’s special prize comment?

  4. Feel bad for the guy named Hutch who wrote in saying that he’s been kicked out since the update and is “waiting with bated breath” to hear back from EA. Good luck with that! I’ve been waiting since JUNE 3rd!!! and still haven’t heard anything. I’ve tried resuming chats with them and emailing them but everytime I get a rude person who tells me to stop emailing them and resuming chats because they say someone is working on it and I will hear from them in a week but I never hear from anyone. If I hadn’t of spent hundreds of dollars on this game over the years I would have quit by now because EA does NOT care about its customers.

    • Wowza… that is a long time. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they don’t care but I sympathize with the frustration. While I’ve never waited that long, I have gone as long as 3 weeks. I know Bunny waited for months for a device specific issue. I’ve seen EA come through for lots of folks. Biggest way to ensure this is to keep contacting them. I would definitely put in a work ticket with exactly how long you’ve been waiting detailing all contact you have had. The initial folks may be frustrating but once you have a specialist actually on your issue, they are uber helpful and get the job done. I’ve never used chat and stick to work tickets. I sincerely hope they get you fixed soon and Hutch. Best of luck and know we understand tappers getting ticked at long waits. I wish there was more we could do from our end.

  5. I just finished Krusty recovering from heart attack. It said I unlocked something, but it appeared just as I was clicking on something else and it disappeared before I could read it. Does anyone know what I unlocked? Thanks

  6. Am I the only person who considered paying donuts to make this storyline go away?

  7. Is anyone having trouble with the Penelope quest not recognizing when you place the 2 balloons? I purchased them before she appeared, so I went ahead and purchased two more after she arrived…nothing. It still says 0/2. I even deleted and reinstalled the app…nothing. So I’m kinda stuck.

  8. There is a simpsons family guy crossover episode GTFOH

  9. I’ve had a while to think and this is what I’ve come up with: EA gave us a Krustyland level so that those of us with their finger on the button, could go ahead and turn Springfield into a crater-plus-mushroom-cloud without having to worry about disturbing a character/s on a task. Quite ingenious, EA. You win this round…

  10. Also it seems a lot of people think when visiting your town if you click on the buildings that pay more that they will get more $ and stear away form not clicking on the brown houses or Simpson’s house, etc. If thet actually took the time to count the $ given when clicked on a building it gives all the same amount of $ no matter what you click on. So far anyhow….

    • It does all pay the same but also resets the timer for those high paying/longer rent time buildings for your neighboreenos.

      • In the past I tried to find the longer timer buildings in my neighbors towns exactly for this reason. But eventually (with increasing neighbor count) I stopped that and aimed for the first three non-spraycan buildings available.

  11. 2 updates later and you think they would have the fix for can’t connect to the server error and you have to click on retry and then it lets you connect. On the android version. Really how hard is it to place in the coding a correct link to the correct server the 1st time you login? I emailed them and they seem to not care as long as a person is able to get on but should a person really have to do it when it can be fixed? Well I guess it cb worse and it crashing all the time or running slow again, in which I noticed it a little bit with the new level update but not enough to get me frustrated about it.

    • I believe that isn’t an incorrect coded server name but rather something that programmers call a “race condition” (synchronization timing issue) between the game starting and Origin connecting to the account.

    • I have the same retry issue then connecting but i am on IPhone, not Android! I just let it wash over me bc i know that EA has priorities and as long as a tapper can play, then it prolly us not in their top 3!

  12. Welcome back Wookiee!!! 🙂

  13. Hi all! Wishing everyone a wonderful Sat nite! I decided not to Nuke yet! Still have a Lil Spuckler coming in 2 wks! Hate to have to start Brandine over! With this 1st Gen IPhone, i am grateful, even tho its old, not to have these issues that fellow tappers are having and i sincerely hope that those issues can be fixed soon!

  14. ApplesAndOranges

    If I buy another gift shop in KL, will it give me tickets as well? Or serve as a decoration? Thanks!

  15. Unable to play since this update hit. Get to the homer splash screen with spinning donut and it kicks me out. Forced close, reboot, uninstall and reinstall provide no joy. Submitted ticket to ea. Hoping its not my old Motorola Xoom causing the problem…waiting for EA with bated breath.

  16. It’s not letting me kick start the Ferris wheel. I already have two balloons and reached level 43 Scream restaurant also placed. What else am I missing?

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