Turbo Tappin’ Level 43: The Princess and the Pea-Brain

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, Level 43 has dropped in our little tapping devices and with it comes a much needed update to Krustyland!  It’s about time Springfield’s favorite (and only) theme park got some much needed love!

Speaking of love….this update contains a fun little love interest questline for our resident clown, Krusty!  Yes, that makes back-to-back updates that are focused on Krusty…what can I say some people just need to be the center of attention!

So now that there’s a new Level in our tapping devices, you know what that means right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin!  So with that let’s jump right in and Turbo Tap the Main Questline (Freemium) of Level 43!

As we mentioned in the Level 43 rundown post Krusty gets things rolling for the main questline of Level 43 and that kicks off the need to build Krusty’s Giant Wheel, which takes 24hrs.  So now….let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!

turbotappin level43

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 1
Krusty starts

Place Balloons– Place 2 Balloons in Krustyland (Scratchy and Poochie are freemium, Itchy is premium)
Reach Level 43 and Build Krusty’s Giant Wheel– 4,000 Tickets, 24hr build. 

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 2
Krusty starts

Send Park Goers to Ride Krusty’s Giant Wheel– 2hrs, x10.  Earns 33tickets and 27xp for freemium and 50 tickets and 40xp for Premium .  Send 10 characters to ride Krusty’s Wheel in Krustyland…
Here’s a list of who you can send:
Bart, Carl, Skinner, Nelson, Eddie, Lou, Squeaky Voiced Teen, Martin, Comic Book Guy, Milhouse, Homer, Lisa, Otto, Sideshow Mel, Marge, Wiggum, Lenny, Moleman, Kearney, Cletus, Princess Penelope & Sherri & Terri

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 3
Princess Penelope starts

Plant some Krustyland Flowers- x10.  Plant 10 flowers around Krustyland.
Make Princess Penelope Play A Princess Song- 8hrs, Earns 82 tickets, 70xp

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 4
Princess Penelope starts

Make Penelope and Krusty Take a Ride on Krusty’s Giant Wheel- 12hrs, Earns 252 Tickets, 200xp.  

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 5
Krusty starts

Make Krusty Recover from a small Heart Attack– 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 6
Krusty starts

Make Krusty Recover from a small Heart Attack– 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 7
Krusty starts

Build the Duff Pavilion
Make Krusty and Princess Penelope Play Poker- 12hrs, Earns 252 tickets, 200xp

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 8
Lisa starts

Make Marge and Lisa Go to a Princess Penelope Concert– 12hrs, Earns 252 Tickets, 200xp
Make Princess Penelope Perform a Concert- 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp
Make Sherri and Terri Go to a Princess Penelope Concert- 12hrs, Earns 180 tickets, 150xp (only if you have Sherri and Terri will this come up)

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 9
Marge starts

Make Marge Cover Lisa’s Eyes- 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp
Make Lisa Struggle to Peek- 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 10
Krusty starts

Make Krusty Recover from a small Heart Attack– 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp

And with that, Level 43 is complete!

If you run it from start to finish, without using donuts, it should take you just shy of 5 days to complete (4 days, 22hrs)!

What do YOU think of the new update?  Are you happy to have some new items for Krustyland?  Are you enjoying the questline?  What are your thoughts on Princess Penelope being the new character this time?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

104 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Level 43: The Princess and the Pea-Brain

  1. The newest update blown up Krustyland and I can’t finish the last heartattack for Krusty. Kept on saying need Krustyland entrance. Which I put in my land. Cannot complete last action in this quest.

  2. I don’t even remember where I left off :/

  3. Sabrina Bratton

    Is there going to be more added to krustyland? I’ve completed all the princess quest and ready for more would like to see more things for purchase too rides ECT. Loving the game this far

  4. Lovely. Nice addition to game. Is that the end of Krustyland?

  5. Is there anything new in KL? I don’t see any rides to purchase or quests to be had. I just send my non essential characters in to earn tickets. Already earned 90k which I exchanged for cash. Never spent the donuts on the buffet. Didn’t have 40 and still don’t think it’s worth it. I have princess and I think all of the items I can get with tickets. Thoughts?

  6. How do I complete Part 8 of Marge can’t go into Krustyland? Seems like a pretty impossible quest.

  7. I am level 51 and it has never prompted me to start princess penelope’s mission

    • Are you looking at your XP Level at the bottom of the left corner of your game screen? Or are you going off of the actually Game Play Level ie Walkthroughs/Questlines completed that direct you through each of the Game Levels in TSTO?

  8. Maudlin Monarch

    krustyland was put on the shelf until necessary. Without the princess & pea part 1, I cannot get Database, right? … 😕
    So the amusement park has reluctantly been started. As for the balloons, can I use 2 Poochie balloons or do they have to be different ones to count for task completion? I just want to get that part over with asap (& without donuts).

  9. I can’t get the “Build the Duff Pavilion” quest to unlock. After Krusty recovered from his second heart attack… nothing happened.

    By the way, thanks for the awesome site! It’s been a great help

  10. I just reached level 43, bought the balloons and I’m not being prompted to start the quest.. Why?

  11. I recall the dialog mentioning that the Princess was doubling visitors to Krustand. When does this occur?

    • It should start as soon as she’s unlocked. Visitors are also based on your Krust-o-Meter ranking…but you should notice more visitors in your park

  12. Pissed you have to have the log ride and sherri and terri
    To finish the full quest in krusty land

    • hmm well there’s no premium character with this level so the extra quests with the log ride & sherri & terri are like the premium quests of this level. Similar to Lampwick’s questline with level 42. Don’t need them to finish the main questline, just adds to the level fun 🙂

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