Where Did THOSE Come From – New Krustyland Stuff

Oh Krustyland… how I love thee.  Is it your shabby likeness to my beloved House of Mouse or is it your fabulous connection to Universal Studios?  I don’t know that it even matters.  I am an admitted theme park enthusiast and having one in my favorite mobile game makes me incredibly happy.  Literally as I write this I can hear the 9:30 fireworks from the Happiest Place on Earth.  Theme parks rock except for losing my phone at Six Flags last week, that stunk lol.

A lot of tappers have mentioned they wanted KL to get more love and I am so thrilled that EA came through with this latest level.  4 new rides and another decoration plus a free character… Wowza.  For this post, we’re gonna take a look at just where all these new things come from.


Looking back on posts about Krustyland, I realize I’ve written quite a bit on it. I’ve had lots of ideas and seeing some of them come to reality is nothing short of amazing.  If you’re interested, I figured I’d link to previous posts.  Skip on by if you aren’t interested.  Also thought it’d be fun to reshow the old load screen for Krustyland.  Can’t help but notice Krusty’s wheel as well as the Octopus.

Krustyland Screen

21 Aug 2013 – What a Wookiee Wants… More Krustyland.  If you ever wondered just where EA thinks of all the stuff for KL, it’s really usually as easy as looking at the real map of Krustyland from The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios.

6 Jan 2014 – Diary of a Wookiee: Krustyland in Hollywood.  Just some pics of the Simpsons area of Universal Studios.

24 Mar 2014 – Krustyland and Potential Awesomeness.  Let’s just say I nailed two of the five items we got in this post.

11 Apr 2014 – Simpsons News: Awesomeness in California.  Had to add this to my list just because it shows some amazingness coming Spring 2015.  I will certainly keep reporting as things build up there.

29 May 2014 – Field Report from Springfield in Hollywood.  Think of this post as a part two to the previous two posts.

28 Jun 2014 – What a Wookiee Wants: More Krustyland Ideas.  And I check off a third item.  If no other post convinces me that EA reads my stuff, it’s this one. THANK YOU EA for my Beer Fountain.  That lovely is purely from the real KL map and was one of the things I really wanted.  I do wish it was for tickets but I gladly paid the 10 donuts to have at least one.

Beer Fountain Krustyland

But wait, there’s more.  One of the freemium items costing 4,000 tickets is Krusty’s Giant Wheel (“Not affiliated with “Ferris Wheel” brand amusement wheels”).   This item has acyually been in the show and was seen at the end of “The Food Wife” (S23:E5).  Our favorite family goes there to have fun and the wheel is right there for all to enjoy.

TSTO Krustyland visitors main

The wheel was also in “Winter of His Content” (S25:E14) but the wheel looked a little different when the bullies and Bart were hiding in it.

Krustyland Bullys 2

It also looked different earlier during the bully convention but oh well.

Krustyland Bullys

Here’s what it looks like on the real life KL map which jives perfectly with the first appearance on the show and our version in TSTO.

KL Map Ferris Wheel

Next up, the Tavern on the Scream restaurant for 1500 tickets.  Of all the newness, this one has me the most excited because it come from “Itchy & Scratchy Land” (S6:E4).  When the Simpson family goes to Itchy & Scratchy land, this beauty is the first place they visit.

Tavern on the Scream

This restaurant serves up menu items with incredibly violent names like a brainburger with extra pus, eyeball stew and baby guts.  We also found out other menu items in game: guts-pacho soup, spine-akopita, intestine spaghetti & spleenballs, and salmonella-tainted chicken.  Gross.  Could this new addition mean we’re due for more content from I&S land, Duff Gardens, etc?  We already had an addition that came from a county fair so who knows?  I’m definitely excited at the possibilities.

The other two new Krustyland items are just purely from The Simpsons Ride map of Krustyland at Universal.  I think this may be why they may have been premium but I will say their prices could have been way higher.

Unoriginal Log Ride (75 donuts) – our TSTO version looks a little different.

KL map Unoriginal Log Ride

Krusty’s One-Plate-Maximum Buffet (40 donuts)- this one looks exactly like it’s image.

KL Map Krusty Buffet

Can’t help but notice the two are next to each other on the map.  Maybe explains why they both made it into the game?  Well, there you have it my friends.  New items and where they come from.  I am so happy KL got some love and can’t wait for future goodness.  Y’all stay classy as usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

TSTO Krustyland

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  1. Someone Notice that the Happy Little Elves in Panda Land Game Looks Like The Screamatorium of Dr. Frightmarestine?

  2. MaudlinMandarin

    Wookie, you lost your phone at an amusement park?
    Did you lose it on a ride? If so… I’ve been there.
    It sucks!

    • The Green Lantern roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain demanded a sacrifice. C’est la vie. Phone is replaced and I got a free upgrade lol.

  3. I just wish you could put all the decorations from Springfield in KL

  4. CentralCali559

    Oh wow I love that splash screen! Was that ever on iOS because I don’t remember it and I’ve been playing daily since 2012.

  5. Did you know that the main reason I got into the Simpsons And TSTO was because Universal Studios was opening a Springfield? I go to theme parks in Orlando a lot and sometimes find myself being less active. 🙁
    And, Wookie, I know exactly how you feel, lol 🙂 .

  6. Any changes we get an update today?

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