Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  Everyone enjoying their summer?  First full weekend in August, making every day count?

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No it’s not time to pick the Cheetos out of Wookiee’s fur…although someone really should get on that!  Nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!  (this is very quickly becoming our favorite time of the week by the way!  You guys have some AWESOME things to say!)

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  The Yard Sale (if you want to call it a sale) officially ends tomorrow at 8:00 GMT (4am EDT)…did YOU make your final purchases?  Level 43 has been in our games for almost 2 weeks now, have you completed it yet?  Working on any new town designs during the TSTO lull?  Preseason Football starts tonight…Giants Vs. Bills…are you excited for it to be back?  Sunday night baseball is Yankees Vs. Red Sox…will you be watching?  (you know I will!)

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, update fun, redesigns, NFL, MLB or any thing else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


93 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. I know it’s technically Wednesday on the east coast but where else do I post random comments? Wookie, as I’m not a big fan of country myself I’m not familiar with that song, BUT you have a great voice! Personally I feel that the emotion, passion and soul behind a voice is greater than technical abilities. You sir, show all of those assets. if there ever is an Addicts meet up, it better involve karaoke!
    Ps. The misfits. 🙂

    • I actually am a ginormous punk fan. The Misfits are epic. Most karaoke places don’t have a great selection so I do a large variety. You should have seen me rock Frankenfurter a week ago lol. As for an Addicts meet-up, it really should happen some day.

      • I respect a varied taste in music. there’s just so much good stuff out there. how can anyone let themselves be typecast? boring. Frankenfurter is a video I’d like to see!

        Addicts meet up 2015

        • hmmm…I wonder. If we did an Addicts trip to Universal Orlando (Simpson’s World) in 2015…how many would be interested in going? And how many would actually go? Something to think about…. 🙂

          Of course I could just have every one over my house for a BBQ too lol

      • Count me in!

  2. Anyone find it weird that this is one EA game that doesn’t have any achievements? I mean I find myself playing this game less and less…I mean I think that achievements might find it give the game more life…I just hope that they are able to see what you have done before. Also does anyone find it weird that no matter how often that you play it. It will only show up in Android Play Games, if you select installed games. It will not show up in Recently Played Games.

  3. For all you SoCal Simpsons fans out there:

    The Hollywood Bowl is having a 3 day Simpsons event.

    Conan O’Brian will be singing the Monorail Song. Also,
    “Voice actor Hank Azaria will host the “Simpsons” event, which will feature the show’s voice cast, including Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and guest performers Beverly D’Angelo, Jon Lovitz, “Weird Al” Yankovic and “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening.”

    “The Hollywood Bowl event, with a fireworks finale, will take place Sept. 12-14. The 26th season of “The Simpsons” will debut on Fox on Sept. 28.”

  4. It had to come sooner or later and yesterday was the day. I’ve put my freemium B game on hiatus. Taking proper care of it besides my expensive premium A game and the Family Guy game with its currently very demanding event is just too much. I’ve placed some hedges spelling out “on hiatus” to inform my neighbors. I’m wondering how many will be left when I eventually start it up again…

  5. I know its no longer sunday night, so this is not a Monday afternoon thread loll. I was wondering if there is any chance Springfield Falls will make a comeback in the game. I have seen so many awesome ideas and uses for it, and I have some of my own id like to try out. Its def something id use donuts on (providing it made it a premium decoration and boosted payouts) without much hesitation. Anyway I just wonder that from time to time, as I wander through neighbors towns lol.

  6. Is it just me who is getting a little tired of the lag and connection problems on android? .-.

    • Not just you…:(

    • Oh yes, sure do. I’m more fed up with all those random crashes, though. I’ve now kinda grown accustomed to the 5 second delay before I can tap retry on the Bart screen (on my A game, my B game requires a 10 second pause for some reason – regardless on which device I access it).

  7. Here’s something you are sure to relate to… building or rebuilding the town of Springfield from ‘The Simpsons’… but this town is tapped out with LEGO bricks (built by Matt De Lanoy). You’ll recognize the buildings. It even has the Stonecutter’s building. The detail is nothing short than incredible. He has to be TSTO player.

    • Completely agree especially because of the Blocko Store. Thanks for sharing, these images are amay-za-zing.

      • The Blocko store was a giveaway for me too. Though I wasn’t sure if it actually appeared in their “bricks” episode last season or not. I remember Homer finds himself in a store, but now I recall it was Comic Book Guy’s store in the episode.

    • That was A W E S O M E !!! 🙂 😛

      I especially like the video of the building of the cooling towers. If you watch it, be sure to watch it a second time and keep an eye on the lower left area of the screen where something interesting happens during the build….

      • Yes, I watched the videos as well. That one as well as the one Krusty Burger store doors opening. I did notice the activity going on in the lower part of the cooling towers video though.

  8. Is it just me? Sometimes now when I watch ‘The Simpsons’ I have to remind myself that the show is not based on TSTO, but rather visa versa.

  9. I caved. I bought donuts. 300 of them. I swore up and down that I’d never do it, and until now I like to think I admirably resisted doing so. I always figured that eventually I’d save up enough donuts for what I truly wanted, and the purchase would be that much sweeter – it’s how I have Otto and Lincoln in my town. However, I was building a number of Kwik-E-Marts to finally get that 5-star town, and got annoyed that the 6th one total didn’t do it. Meanwhile, Mr. Sparkle kept singing that catchy siren song…I tried to drown it out by saying “self, you have 61 donuts, this costs 30…wouldn’t you rather have a character?…there are much better buys for the donut, TSTOAddicts said so, even if it does increase consumerism…that ice god is a much better buy, even though it doesn’t look like anything right now…and that was originally free…yes, it would be appropriate in Sanjay’s backyard…but anyway, keep your finger off that- no- stop- take your finger off the cartoon donut- EA hasn’t even fixed your stupid handshake issue yet, please don’tclickconfirm, don’tclickconfirm, don’tclick-”
    Next thing I know I had the Mr. Sparkle billboard, the Ice God, and another tire swing courtesy of a Homer Buddha…and my town remains at 4.5 stars though I’m hoping the 7th or 8th store does the trick. Then I get to figure out where I’m going to hide the truly superfluous stores.

    I won’t use any more donuts for the yard sale though, I will save them. I am intrigued by the Cool Brown House and the skins for the other characters, but I didn’t see the episodes they came from so I’m going to pass. Yes, I could get Luann or even Barney if I wanted to. But I won’t. I will hold firm and resist the pink sprinklies.

    This is how it starts though, doesn’t it…

    • Indeed… definitely how it starts. Thanks you for the comment. I chuckled throughout it.

    • A few Sunday’s ago I asked for advice on hiding multiple Kwik-E-Marts. I got some good advice. I’ve got buildings hidden behind the hospital, the Spinster Apartments and the high school. And I just bought the Springfield sign. (My first big donut purchase) Only problem is you can still see the roof. Spinsters is the best though, you can only see a tiny sliver of the roof. Some other good advice I got was to place two stores together at an angel. Add a tree to hide the seem, and there you go. So far I only have 5 extra Kwik-E-Marts. I think I need another 11-12 to get that 5 star rating.

  10. I seriously hope the next level update comes with belle and the burlesque house

  11. Seriously considering nuking my Krustyland but am a little afraid. But it does need work. My big wish is that I could put water in it like we can in Srpingfield.

    I got Mayan Marge in the sale. I love her!!!! I created an altar with the stone calendar where she waits to be sacrificed or does her dance with Homer. So fun to watch!

  12. Hello Neighbor-eeno’s!! I have a problem with someone who comes to my town just to vandalize. This person is NOT in my friend list. Any ideas on how to block this person from my town? My neighbor list is full also. I thought that maybe the person changes their name somehow & they really are on my list. But I don’t know.
    Any help will be appreciated!!
    Some things I bought were Cool Brown House, Pet Shop, Apu’s Apartment,
    Observatory, Cracker Factory & Crazy Cat Lady House. I get a lot of doughnuts by tapping my friends towns!

    • What’s the name that shows up when you clear the vandalism from your buildings? I think I’ve seen the same thing before….

    • Have you linked it with your Facebook account if you have one? I keep getting Facebook friends visiting my Springfield but they don’t pop up on my friends list till I log in with Facebook on my origin account. Gained about 6-7 friends this way.

      • Thanks for your response Nessy. I checked to see if I have any friends from facebook and my list shows none. I don’t think I linked up to facebook. Have a great day Neighboreeno!!

  13. as random as this may seem, i just got a Nike Fuel SE… and i was wondering if anyone in the tapped out community had one so that we could encourage each other…. just a random thought

  14. Bunny, what was your number one favorite thing at Con?? It sounded really fun and crazy. What was the best costume you saw?

  15. New Simpsons episode in 45 minutes 😀 I think we’re running about 6 months behind!

    As for the game, I bought another scratcher and again didn’t receive it… at this rate, I’ll get to know all of EA’s support team, lol…

    • lol what’s the episode this week?

    • Good luck in ever getting your card! I bought one on June 22nd am am STILL trying to get it. EA keeps closing my case and I keep re-opening it.

      • Thanks! I had it happen before and they solved it during the chat, but this time the chat op said he had to forward the case and they would get back to me by email. I’ll give it until Wednesday, then pester them again…

  16. I have several neighbors I visit every day who not logged into their towns in almost 2 months. What drives me nuts is they have all sorts of cool things I was never able to get. I think if you are gone more than 6 weeks other people should be able to “squat” in your buildings and take them over.

    • lol not a bad concept!

    • same! I wonder if we have the same neighbors. creative beautiful towns and just not playing. Maybe they’re locked out. I don’t delete them because I just love to look around and hope they come back. Speaking of, has anyone seen seapeach around? I get worried when people stop playing and I haven’t seen any comments.

    • I have a friend who spent a ton on the game, and therefore has an awesome town. But, beacause he was spending so much, he forced himself to quit. If I could “squat” on all those premium characters, I would be as happy as a clam.*

      *Clams are happy?

  17. almost nuked my krustyland today, but not yet.. maybe tonight.. saving up a few more tickets 🙂

    Also, thanks for the reminder about the yard sale. I would’ve kicked myself if I missed out on the cool brown house. I was just waiting to see if they lowered prices at all… I guess not.. I shall be parting with a large chunk of my sprinklies, but it shall be worth it 😉

  18. Slogging my way to 10 million & a spinny restaurant. 8.2 in the bank 1.8 to go…seems like forever. Perhaps if I retrieve the orb for the collector ….I will get there faster. That is all….I am groot

  19. I think I have a problem. I was watching a Simpson’s episode with the family and Homer went to eat a donut. As it appeared on the TV I got all excited and reached out to click on it.

    Go Sox! You can stink this season as long as you stink slightly less than the Yankee’s do!

  20. What did everyone get from the yard sale?

    I got Father Sean, Cool Brown House and Mr Sparkle sign. I wanted the Mayan pack, but was too pricey for me.

  21. What’s up everybody? Wondering if anyone saw Guardians of the Galaxy? I haven’t yet but hope to this week. I did see Weezer live yesterday and they were fraking amazing! Hope every one had a great week.

    • WanderingCaveman

      Guardians of the Galaxy was fantastic. The movie manages to capture the spirit of the comic really well.

      • Nice… good to hear. You agree it’s the best Marvel movie made so far? That’s what I’ve heard.

      • WanderingCaveman

        I don’t know about the best Marvel movie, Avengers is pretty hard to top. But Guardians is definitely near the top of list. It’s a bit of a cross between Avengers and Firefly, with some Cowboy Bebop thrown into the mix.

    • it’s my favorite marvel film by far… loved it!! it was equal parts exciting, funny, emotional, and adorable.

    • Didnt see that yet but I did see Lucy. My husband is trying to get me to go see Guardians, I know nothing about the comic. What do you guys think? Should I go?
      Weezer is GREAT live! I haven’t seen them in ages but I did just see Soundgarden with Nine Inch Nails. Amazing show!

    • Exited to see it. I have actually met Cris Pratt once at an award show. He’s a nice guy in real life. Or so I think. I just shook his hand.

    • Just saw it, it was awesome I’m still torn between it and the winter soldier but was better than I expected and if you’re a real movie fan you know to stay to the end that’s when beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Happened and it was awesome btw did who likes Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman outfit ?

      • Well since I love The Winter Soldier, that tells me how good you thought it was. I love the endings sneak previews. Still wowed over Soldier’s sneak peeks. As for the new Wonder Woman… the most PC answer is wowza and the mental image of a looney tunes character liking something pretty.

    • I really want to see it, but I feel stupid going when I have never actually read the comic? Is that irrational? Whatever, I might go anyways…

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