A Whole ‘Nother Level: And the Finalists Are…..

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

About a month ago we challenged you guys to design the next level of TSTO with our Whole ‘Nother Level Contest and WOW did you guys respond!  We were COMPLETELY blown away by your submissions!  I swear you guys do a better job of designing this game than EA does!

Over the past week Bunny, Wookiee and I have been reading each and every one of your entries over and over, trying hard to narrow it down to the finalists.  One thing we discovered is you guys have some AMAZING ideas!  It was a real struggle to narrow down the field to just 10 finalists…in fact in the end we couldn’t just pick 10.  So we decided to go with 15 finalists and let you guys decide who should win from there!  Trust me….no easy task!

So with out further ado…let me introduce to you the 15 Finalists for the Whole ‘Nother Level Contest!

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So here’s the deal with these entries.  We’re going to give you a quick breakdown here on this post of the contestant, their basic idea, their freemium character & their premium character.  Then we’ll have a link to read more…TRUST ME you’ll want to read more!  Many have full quest dialogues and images as well as the buildings and decorations for the levels.  So make sure you read all the details BEFORE voting for your favorites! 🙂

In no particular order….well just alphabetical 😉

Reader: Alterrock
Level Idea: Based off the Episode Cape Fear
Freemium Character: Sideshow Bob
Premium Character: WRP Agents
Click Here to Read More

Reader: AshleyB
Level Idea:
It’s all relative 
Freemium Character:
Mona Simpson
Premium Character:
Herbert Powell, Jacqueline Bouvier 
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Reader: David L
Level Idea: Based off Lisa’s Wedding
Freemium Character: Skin for Lisa (older Lisa), Hugh Parkfield
Premium Character: Skin for Bart (Older Bart), Skin for Martin (older Martin), Uncle Eldred
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Reader: Etamni
Level Idea: Springfield Fire Department
Freemium Character: Skins for Apu, Wiggum, Krusty, Moe, Skinner & Homer
Premium Character: Dalmatian (NPC), Skins for Otto, Barney & Luann, Forest Fire Bear (NPC)
Includes Shelbyville expansion
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Reader: HokieHopkins
Level Idea: Based off Movementarian
Freemium Character: Movementarian Skins for the Simpsons
Premium Character: The Leader
Click Here to Read More

Reader: Maxmcmxii
Level Idea: Based off the Episode Homer the Vigilante
Freemium Character: Malloy
Premium Character: Vigilante Skin for Homer
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Reader: MichaelA
Level Idea: Based off the Episode A Star is Burns
Freemium Character: Jay Sherman
Premium Character: Senor Spielbergo, Rocky Horror Picture Show Skin for Dr. Hibbert, Burns for All Seasons Skin for Mr. Burns
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Reader: MoooneyFamily
Level Idea: Based off the Simpson Files
Freemium Character: Fox Mulder
Premium Character: Dana Scully, Glowing “alien” Burns Skin
Click Here to Read More

Reader: Paul D
Level Idea: Religious Level
Freemium Character: Rabbi Krustofski, Helen Lovejoy
Premium Character: Old Jewish Man
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Reader: Puspals316
Level Idea: The Many Loves of Ned Flanders
Freemium Character: Ghost of Maude (if not already owned), Ginger Flanders, Rachel Jordan, Sara Sloane,
Premium Character: Human Maude Skin
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Reader: Robert M
Level Idea: Futrama in Springfield
Freemium Character: Phillip J Fry, Professor Farnsworth,
Premium Character: Bender, Leela, Ethan Tate, Nibbler, Hermes Conrad, Amy Wong, Roberto, Zapp Brannigan, Kif Kroker, Scruffy, Doctor Zoidberg, Robot Devil, Lrrr, Mom
Includes a NYC Expansion for TSTO
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Reader: Trillspots
Level Idea: Radioactive Man
Freemium Character: Radioactive Man Skin for Wolfcastle
Premium Character: Fallout boy skin for Milhouse, Chihuahua (NPC), Eleveted Shoe boy Skin for Bart, Bartman Skin for Bart
Click Here to Read More

Reader: TyeeL
Level Idea: Based off the Greatest Story Ever D’ohed
Freemium Character: Jakob
Premium Character: Dorit (Jakob’s Niece)
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Reader: W12M
Level Idea: Based off the Episode Homer Goes to College
Freemium Character: Dean Peterson
Premium Character: Doug, Gary & Benjamin (the nerds)
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Reader: Will P
Level Idea: Sideshow Bob’s Family
Freemium Character: Cecil and Bob Terwilliger
Premium Character: Francesca and Gino Terwilliger
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And there you have it my Tapping friends…the 15 Finalists for our Whole ‘Nother Level Contest!

So now comes the fun part…you get to vote for your favorite and pick the winners of the free donuts! Voting is open until 11:59pm EST on 8/10/14 and you may cast 1 vote every 6 hrs for your favorite.

Voting is now closed.  We’ll be announcing the winner this week! 🙂

And just a reminder of what’s at stake….
5th Place- a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-4th Place- a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-3rd Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-2nd Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card
-1st Place- a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card

Official Rules Can be Found Here

Good Luck to ALL of the finalists!!!  You guys completely blew us away with your entries…and for those of you who didn’t make the top 15, don’t worry we plan on sharing your AWESOME ideas with everyone as well (once the contest voting is closed).  Who knows maybe we’ll inspire EA to make some great updates!

What do YOU think of the finalists?  Was it an easy choice for you, or did you struggle deciding who should win?  Did you enter the contest? What ideas would you love to see EA incorporate in an update?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


50 responses to “A Whole ‘Nother Level: And the Finalists Are…..

  1. You should do another one of these

  2. Hey guys! I’m a bit late to this party, but I’m so happy to have made it as finalist! I had a lot of fun designing the Futurama level idea and whether I win or not, I’m just glad other people had the chance to read it and hopefully enjoy it! Thank you for considering my entry!

    I have actually been on vacation in Baltimore for Otakon since Thursday and had no idea I was nominated until just now! I’m very pleasantly surprised and honored. I did notice that my three images I submitted with my text entry was not included with my description, so I have included them below (for the few hours of voting that remain, oh well!) If the images were not meant to be included, then please ignore them. Thanks again!




  3. Wow! Now I am disappointed that these ideas aren’t actually in the game. I couldn’t help by vote for the X-FILES idea. That is my all-time favorite episode. The Simpsons and The X-files are my 2 favorite shows. Too see Mulder and Scully in the game would complete my entire life. 🙂 Amazing job MoooneyFamily, couldn’t have don’t it better myself.

  4. So I’m not gonna lie, kinda bummed someone also used the episode I chose, only they added pictures and basically described the episode. Though I guess that’s bound to happen with the really popular episodes. AshleyB’s submission is really great, near perfect in my opinion and I’d love to see a level like that in the game. I liked Trillspots’ idea too but I think there are too many premium things and hardly any freemium, if any from what I read. I would be a little disapointed if the freemium level character was a new skin. A lot of great ideas/episodes used and I would also love to see Alien Burns from the X Files episode like MoooneyFamily mentioned. Lastly, I just thought of a really good idea for a possible level and I know this contest has yet to even end, but do you guys think you would like to hold this kind of contest some time again in the future? I thought it was a really great idea.

    • I think we will…so many great ideas out there! You guys are all really talented and made it REALLY hard to for us to narrow it down. We do plan on posting everyone’s ideas though once the contest is over…really want to show off everyone’s talents! 🙂

  5. That user that talked about the simpson and futurama level is aucually gonna happen because they announced at comic con last year that their was gonna be a simpsons/futurama and simpsons/family guy crossover episode coming out this year. The simpsons/futurama crossover will be either a episode type update or a special event update like the stonecutters update or treehouse of horror

  6. I finally read through them all, and I think I’m going to have to pop back into this thread every so often so that I can vote for more than one entry. All of these had great ideas, characters and/or concepts and it was really hard to choose the first to get my vote. Ultimately my votes are going with the entries that are the most realistic in terms of what I can see hitting the game as far as tasks, prices, characters, etc. and also a good size for a level update (as opposed to an event or a different game altogether).

  7. Well, my goodness! So excited and honored to even be in the running. I loved reading all the suggestions as they came up in the comments, and I don’t envy you guys having to narrow down the list at all. Thank you for the tip of the hat, as it were.

    Now let us hope that EA really is listening. Even if they don’t do a full-on adaptation of any of these ideas, this is a gold mine! A Milhouse skin as Fall Out Boy? A volunteer Fire Department event with skins? A field of rakes (which could be used to “trap” Bob, even if they don’t make him a playable character – YET)? A Movementarian event? A whole new collection – of nerds – or cafeteria workers? A glowing Burns? (sorry, couldn’t help it. =) )

    I know most of us feel the same way about this, but there are some truly wonderful things that they could do with what has been provided. (And maybe even make some more in-game cash items so that the higher levels don’t seem so donut-heavy. Although those who have seen my Springfield know that I am currently tied up with trying to buy up all the land currently available and probably shouldn’t be too worried about having other distractions right now. 😉 )

    Thanks again, and best of luck to all! Now I just have to figure out how to narrow down my own choices…

  8. YAAAAYYY! I’m in 😀

    What I don’t like is the custom level up picture of mine with the big 43, I edited it to be transparent, it shouldn’t of have been this white.

    Anyway, what it is meant to say is
    “What’s this now, I’m in a game?
    Why is there a giant finger squishing my face?”

  9. William Bergheimer

    So happy my entry was picked for one of the 15. Listen up ea, good suggestions here! -Trillspots

  10. I’m thinkin bout buying the 132 donuts from gill. I checked what I could get with em. Only thing I’m interested in is ottos school bus. If I used them all on homer buddahs, what’d be the chances I’d get some cool stuff that way?

  11. wow… I’m so going to get my butt kicked 🙂 too many good ideas here!

    btw, it’s PUPSpals316 not PUSpals (ew…)

    I’ve made that typo before too don’t worry.

    • Lol….thing is…THAT is how you sent it to us. We didn’t alter the original. You corrected it in other areas of the dialog, but it was spelled that way when it arrived to us. 😉

  12. The person who went to all the effort of making graphics, but left the words ‘That’s all I can think of for now’ in the middle must be gutted lol. They get my vote anyway, save for the fact that my own entry is in there lol… There is another entry I think I cannot beat (or more lol). Good luck to all anyway. I want to add all other 14 entrants as neighbours lol.

  13. WOW! I am impressed! So many great ideas but I am partial to Lisa’s Wedding. It was one of my all time favorite episodes and I think this event would be so much fun. I hope EA is reading this blog!

  14. EA needs to implement all the regular characters still before doing any more one ep ppl. I still want to see lunch lady Doris, Troy McClure, Rabbi, kookie Kwan, mrs lovejoy, old Jewish man, sarcastic guy, Lionel hunts, Üder, Jessica lovejoy, Mona Simpson, Marges mom, etc etc

  15. Oh I am so sad 🙁 I knew I should have taken more time on mine, but I didnt want anyone doing my idea while I fleshed it out more. Oh well…

  16. Max, Matt, Maz? Make your mind up ;p

  17. EA needs to hire these brilliant people!! So many great ones, but had to vote for Futurama.

  18. I know I have an obvious bias for my own entry, but it still needs to be said: My level featuring Bleeding Gums Murphy should be on this list. Plenty of these levels are creative and I would love to see them in game but Bleeding Gums Murphy was probably the most iconic character shown on that list outside of Sideshow Bob. Leon (Michael Jackson impersonator) was a great character to pair with Bleeding Gums Murphy too. Even if the idea wasn’t mine (I was pumped to see it hadn’t been used yet), I would have voted for it to win. This is a glaring omission.

    • lol we had nearly 100 entries…SO many good ones. So many AMAZING ideas. There was NO WAY we could have had all of them as finalists. We had to really cut the list down for the finalists. And really…there were only supposed to be 10 finalists, but we couldn’t all agree on which ones from these 15 to cut off. So we left it at 15.
      Unfortunately some ideas had be left off..but don’t worry we’ll display EVERYONE’S ideas once the contest is over 🙂

  19. I WANT GLOWING ALIEN SKIN FOR BURNS!!! Sorry for yelling. I saw that so I really want it. Also want Mulder and Scully. One of my favourite episodes. Can they still do Mulder and Scully in the game even though they aren’t technically Simpson characters?
    Will you be doing another contest, like maybe for event ideas? I didn’t see this contest so I didn’t enter. I like coming up with ideas.

    • Maybe down the road…right now trying to finish out this one 🙂

    • Me, too! 😉 This is one of my favorite episodes – really speaks to the nerd in me. Glad to see that I am not alone in thinking that a glowing Burns would be a great addition to our towns.

      (And I wasn’t sure if EA really could use the X-Files characters, but they did appear in the series, so I figured they could be “fair game” in their Simpson-ized versions. Either way – still some characters I would love to be able to control!)

      Thanks for the shout-out, David! 🙂

  20. Wauwww talking about tough competition. What great ideas all of them…Thx for including me and good luck to everyone 😀

  21. Got to have the Fire Station! ☺

  22. Thank you for including my submission in the finals! 🙂 You guys rock!

    Hmmm, shouldn’t the words “Includes a Shelbyville expansion for TSTO” have been included in the brief synopsis for the Springfield Fire Department?

  23. it was hard between the fire department and radioactive man….
    they both seem great!!! 🙂

  24. So is this the blog where we can. whinge about the game and the cost of doughnuts for events that don’t actually exist yet?

    I am so glad I didn’t enter and emabarras my self great ideas and seriously thought through

    Me I voted for WM12Homer goes to College

    This task is sublime
    Practice Monty Python routines – 24 hours – $1000, 225 XP, (outside, bob up and down like the knights who say ‘ni’) Character unlock message: If there’s one thing we know, it’s science… and math… and the words to every Monty Python routine!’

    And all these nerds would send bunny in to a tizzz

  25. Fantastic ideas. My particular favourites are MichaelA because of the Rocky Horror tie in, Alterock because I love the idea of Sideshow Bob in a field of rakes and Trillspot because I want Bartman. Special mention to Mooney for the Xfiles and RobertM for Futurama.

  26. Wow just reading the basics makes you almost visualize this happening in the actual game. When I have more time (i.e. actually get some sleep) I plan on reading all of them to get the full true experience. Those ideas are amazing. No wonder you had such a hard time narrowing it down. If EA picked up even half of them we could have a good years worth of game surplus.

    Maybe this is just me but none of those top 15 had the monorail in it. Perhaps everyone is just expecting it to hit soon (crosses fingers) and didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

    for all those in the top 15.

  27. Ya I voted for the futurama one as well. There sea to be alot of post recently about wanting land an or a expansion an the idea is great. Hopefully that will happen soon when we get the futurama cross over this season. Keeping eyes crossed for good luck °}_{° LOL

  28. 🙁 Thought I had a shot. Oh well. Need to read these over carefully when I am not exhausted. May the Force be with everyone.

  29. There are some ideas I had in mind here. I like the futurama one but I don’t see why bender and leela are premium

    • Hey! That was my idea, glad you like it! Those 2 are considered “premium” but only in spirit. They only cost a few donuts, and you earn enough Robo-Donuts from previous quests to unlock them immediately.

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